tagMatureMs. Marca Ch. 27

Ms. Marca Ch. 27

byMs. Marca©

Colin (Whopper) Jones, is my best girl friends father. Colin (Whopper) Jones, a man 67 years old lost his wife a few years ago and has lived alone since. He got the nickname Whopper when he was younger and that he would eat a whopper burger for lunch. When his daughter and I were about 8 he would take us on Saturday to get one and I would hear his friends call him that.

I had called Mr. Jones to see if he was going to be home, because I wanted to drop a gift off at his place so that his daughter could pick it up after work. The gift was for a friend of ours who was having a baby shower and I was going to be out of town when the shower took place. He told me to come by anytime he would be home all day. I made sure that I was dress to kill, because I was going to be at a local watering hole later in the day and you just never know who you need to look nice for.

My hair was immaculate, eye-shadow and lipstick a bit heavier laid-on than usual, and I wore a figure-hugging gray two-piece suit with a slit skirt and a white blouse that not only showed my lacy bra beneath but the tops of my heavy, 40DD breasts. I wore no panties but had on a garter belt and hose, with my 5" heels. I looked like a $500 whore and felt like one.

When I got to his house he was dressed in a pair of slacks and a pull over sweater. He is a man who is tall 6' 5" and must be 275#, just a big man. He looked me over and told me how great I looked and that I was still his other daughter. His look was fixed on my breast and when I sat down the slit let a lot of leg show and the look in his eye told me he liked what he saw.

"Marca come sat on the couch, here girl set next to old Colin!" When I sat down next to him he reaches over and pulled close and I was right up next to the old guy. We chatted about everything under the sun and about his daughter and I growing up. He reminded me of the wild things we girls did when we were teens.

Than he ask me something that I knew that he was trying to lead the conversation to sex. "So how is that husband of yours doing?" I told him things were great and we were very happy. "Marca I have a question, does the guys have enough to take care of my little girl?" "Oh Mr. Jones your bad, my husband and I have a great thing going, I'm very happy!" So he don't have a big cock, does he! Will what is a big cock I said with a sly grin on my face. He laughs and reached over and kissed me on the cheek and put his hand on my leg and just left it there.

I looked up and returned the smile and the next thing I knew he was rubbing my upper leg and telling me that a woman can't be happy unless that man can maker her happy in bed! "Marca I know about my brother and you!" Mr. Jones that was before I was married and a long time ago, Iv not seen your brother in years. "Was he any good did he make you see stars with that big cock of his!"

"Mr. Jones you should not ask question like that, honey he told me you were a fine lay best he had!" All I could do was smile and closed my legs a little and squeeze his hand between them. How many times did you go out with him? Just 4 times and we didn't go out I just went to his place after the first time.

He still had his hand on my leg and was rubbing me slow and getting up near my pussy. He than bent down and kiss me on the lips and he put his other arm around me and felt my tits as he kissed me. As he rubbed my breast I open my mouth and let him tongue me and we were kissing with open mouths as if I was quite desperate to get right into it while Colin unbuttoned my blouse. She helped him push her blouse and bra aside, and Colin brought out her nice big tan creamy tits, cupping them and sucking each nipple. She made her back arch to thrust them into his face, and her hand went down to his crotch to squeeze the obvious bulge there.

"That's what keeps them coming back for more," he boasted. I had never felt such a beauty, even with my eyes closed I could not remember one this size. Limp in his pants it must be a full eight or nine inches, and rounded thick as a large banana. When erect, my husbands cock is smaller and no where as thick as his was limp. I was very envious and had to admit it was a champion piece of equipment. He was twice my age but god his cock was twice the size of what I was hoping for.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to touch it!" Ever proud of his equipment, Colin immediately stopped nuzzling my breasts, stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear. Out popped his prick.

Marca grasps in wonder and shock. The magnificent tool hung down what seem like half way down his leg, it was like a flagpole, and God that plum-sized head. It looked absolutely magnificent. "Twelve inches long and six inches around," Colin said arrogantly. "It's been measured quite a few times." I didn't doubt him, and if you get a ruler and see just what a size Twelve inches is, well, its some length!

"OH MY GOD YOUR COCK IS UNBELIEVABLE ON GOD OH MY GOD!" That was all I could say and my eyes were fix to it. That big snake looked me in the eye and his head was a reddest/purple. His balls were as big as golf balls; all I could say to myself, as I looked at them you're so damn big. Marca said as if in a stupor. "It's so big,"

I just sat looking with my mouth open and taking in the full size and seeing every part of this WHOPPER. "Mr. Jones I know why they call you WHOPPER and it's not because of that hamburger!" "Don't worry love," Colin promised her. "It will all go in, and you'll love every inch. I'll make sure you do." You got to tell me is that husband of your anywhere near this size?

"OH SHIT I DON'T THINK ANY MAN IS THAT SIZE!" With that he smiled and began to stroke that big tool, when he pulled it up I could see his balls just hanging lose in that over sized sack and the weight of them made his sack hang 4 or 5 inches down. My pussy was dripping and it was all I could do not to reach out and touch him, let alone want to suck it.

He lowered her back on the couch, intending no doubt to shaft her there and then. "No, not here. Let's go to the bedroom," she said, almost in a hoarse whisper. They rose and went to his bedroom. There they stood apart only long enough to throw off their clothes. Marca practically ripped off her clothes, uncovering her naked body without a qualm to this guy who she'd knew as a young girl and was her girl friends father.

She flopped back on the bed, legs apart and breasts lolling, shamelessly offering up her shaved cunt to Colin. He was obviously no novice. For long moments he kissed her mouth, fondled her big tits, and fingered her cunt, all the while making her writhe below him, her hand grasped about his great weapon. "Put it in, put it in," she begged. "Fuck me, shove it right up me." She actually tried to pull him onto her, grasping his prick and guiding it to her cunt-lips. "Not so fast little girl," Colin cooling stated.

"Have you ever had a cock this big inside you?" "Will not in the last 48 hours" she responded impatiently, knowing full will that she had fucked a lot of guys with 12" and a few that had a little more, but not much more!

"Well, than you know you just can't shove it in if you're not use to its size and that little cock your married to is not going to fit in this pussy of your when I get though with you today. You have to take your time and prepare your pussy so it will stretch out. He got down on his knees and crawled between her legs and started to lick her pussy. It was already soaking wet from Marca's natural juices.

Colin started to roll over on top of her, and he placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and leaned into her. The plum-sized head nudges her cunt and enters enough to force the lips apart. She in turn groaned as if eternally grateful and locked her legs behind his back, raising her hips. "Just relax, baby," Colin suggested. "You've just got the head of it in. There's lot more to go."

His cock head was so wide that is was a struggle just to keep it in. Colin just lay on top of her resting on his elbows, waiting for her pussy to adjust. Pretty soon, a little more sank in and then a little more. "That's it, baby, there's two inches in there. Only ten more to go," coached Colin. All the while, Marca was gasping for air and tightening her leg muscles around Colin's back. "Oh god, oh god," I was sucking this snake into my love hole with just the pussy muscles I had developed over the years, as if I were sucking a cock into my mouth. I whimpered over and over again.

Colin began a slow back-and-forth movement, allowing only an inch or so at a time to penetrate her, teasing her by taking advantage of her desperate condition. Then he would withdraw again right to the knob, making her groan and cry out "OH FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME," clutching at his buttocks and heaving herself up to get more prick, which had her delirious. "Oh, shove it in me, please, please," she whined. "Fill my cunt. Do it, do it!"

A few more inches worked their way inside her. Colin calmly gave his progress report, "There's only five more inches to go. I'm in deeper than your little prick husband has ever been. How does it feel?" "Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going," Marca demanded. "Is this virgin territory?" Colin teased.


Not many guys have ever been that deep in me! Colin, please, please, shove it all in!" She was almost sobbing for his full length, groping him to get more up her cunt. "Darling," she called him, urging him on. "Fuck me harder. Come on. Fuck me." Then growing desperate she changed her tune, cursing his teasing ways. "Shove it in me, you big cock bastard!"

"Fuck my whore cunt with that big prick of yours. Put it all in my pussy, damn you!" "Take it all damn you fuck me you big cock bastard!" Colin came back with " that is the slut whore I've been told you are" and with that he was in her to his balls.

She gasped as if marvelously fulfilled, spreading her thighs open until they were flat on the bed and adjusting her hips in a shuffling movement, as if getting herself adjusted with that huge prick imprisoned up her. Colin hardly moved, while below him Marca writhed slowly with that monster cock deep inside her. Her cheeks puff, she gasped and her eyes rolled as she had an orgasm that stretched her legs and curled her toes.

Still Colin barely moved his hips, looking down upon her with huge satisfaction as she continued to writhe below him. While letting her relax for a little bit. "You're a natural born fuck, I always though you liked cock, but man you do like to fuck"! You can't get enough of a real man's cock, can you? "Oh Colin I'll come back and fuck any time you like." Just don't stop, please fuck me!"

She looked up at him and said, "Maybe we can work out some kind of arrangement. I think I can fit you into my schedule." The way she was talking letting him know that this was nothing new for her and hinted that she enjoyed providing service for other big cocks without her husband knowing. She in turn just lay below him positively luxuriating in the big prick embedded in her cunt.

"Oh yes, I love you cock. It's so big," Marca sighed and moaned softly. Marca lolled back with every inch soaking inside her. Colin slowly withdrew from her cunt, his prick coming out with an easy sliding movement, still iron- hard and glistening from cunt-juice, red and looking angry. Marca's dilated pussy gaped open like a cave, the lips shaped to Colin's girth. "See, all cunts adjust to my size," Colin answered. "I've never found a women who couldn't." Just then Marca opened her eyes and looked at him with bewilderment. "Did you come already?" she asked.

"I only come when I want to," Colin said. "So, don't you worry about that. I was just letting you see the difference between your little prick husband and what you need to have/feel between your legs.

Just look at what you had up you." "Never mind about him," she snapped testily. "Put it back in. I was just getting used to the feel of it." Obligingly Colin slid his prick back in her as easily as it had come out and again she sighed and wrapped her long legs around his back.

"Once you get and try a big cock, you're never satisfied with a smaller one." From the book of Marca: Chapter 56 verse 24.

This time Colin giving her what she wanted by thrusting rhythmically into her. Marca reached around and her hands gripped his ass cheeks to pull him to her and lift her body off the bed to meet his thrusts. This time he didn't tease her and the pair of them humped energetically, both of them groaning and gasping with pleasure.

Marca seemed to come time after time in a series of great shudders. Several times Colin's balls and ass cheeks tightened up, and I thought for sure that he was going to cum in me, but he never did. After what seemed like an hour, Colin allowed himself to climax. God, this old guy had amazing self-control! Colin fell on top of Marca. They both lay limp and gasping for air, almost steaming with the exertion. Colin's cock was still embedded in her pussy. He looks down at her and said "I take the little blue pill, this snake should be hard for a while!"

He started to move in and out. As he did, I could feel drops of his sperm being forced from my pussy and dripping down the crack of my ass. His cock never went limp; he had a full erection all the time we fucked.

Colin grabbed Marca and rolled over on his back bringing her with him. Marca mounted over him with her tits dropping in his face, squatting over his prick and moving about on it, or rather squirming with it up her and showing signs of great pleasure. I can only describe it as like a hen settling herself over a nest of eggs, as least that was the thought that came to me as I took that big cock in my pussy. It seemed that every time she lowered herself onto his Dick, more sperm leaked out and ran down his cock and balls.

Marca was crying out how good it was how his cock felt like a fence post in my pussy. For almost the next hour they continued to fuck, changing positions several times. I lost count of how many times I got off. When Colin came in her again, they just laid side by side with his cock still inside her, where it had been for about two hours straight.

They kissed and chatting away about how great their session was. Colin started to rise from the bed, but Marca grabbed him and asked him if he would like to do this every Thursday? Colin told me that he had 2 old friends who would love for me to visit them when I could. I ask him how old they were and he smiled and said 70+ but you could sure make them happy!

I told him if they had the cock he had are anywhere near it I would give them a try. It was obvious I wanted to fuck him again and again. So there is a true account of how an oversized prick can affect a woman. I think I will be a regular visitor to his house and keep my pussy satisfied in a way that only a big cock could do.

There's been a lot of debate on the merits of big cocks versus average sized ones. Just as most men chase after women with huge tits, a lot of women search out men with huge pricks. Some women claim to prefer average size cock because the big ones hurt too much, while other women absolutely adore being fucked by oversized cocks.

I've heard people of both sexes make statements like "it's not the length of the wand, but the motion of the magician." While this might have some truth to it, I wonder whether these people have considered the situation in which the oversized prick comes with an experienced lover attached to it?

Based on my personal experience, I'd say the outcome is pure glowing satisfaction after sampling such a whopper, as well as a well-fucked, rather tender and puffy looking pussy!

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