tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 49

Ms. Marca Ch. 49

byMs. Marca©

Well gentlemen, I'm back and have I been up to no good! For those of you who know me I want answer that question. For you guys who don't know me I'm Marca, 34 years old, married with no children. At 5' 10", 140# with a body of 40DD X 23 X 38 and I was a model before I was a Mrs. (see ch. 1) and I'm the biggest flirt and tease to ever walk the malls. I was put on earth for one reason. Spend my husband's money. Mr. Bush said we all should do our part to fight in this war, so I'm helping the war front by spending.

I must tell you about this past week and what I did to spread some happiness. I had been putting in a hard day in my fight in this war by going to the mall. I stop to have lunch at one of the side walks café just across from Penny's. I had stop at this little sidewalk café before and they always had a nice light lunch. I had on a long leather black coat with a fur collar, 4" Black heels, no pantyhose and a very, very short mine one piece dress. When I sat down I had to remember to cross my legs, other wise my thong would show and the sweet spot was open for all to see because the dress was just to short.

I found myself facing two other tables and a gentleman in a business suite was at each of the table and both were facing in my direction. I looked across at the two tables and noticed each of the men glanced over at me and stopped what they were doing when they saw me remove my coat and hang it over the back of my chair. I made sure that I took my time and did it very slowly when I crossed my long legs and the short skit hiked up almost to my thighs. I grinned to myself as I made sure they were watching and slowly uncrossed my legs, leaving them open just long enough for them to see what they were looking for. With the thong on they could not see anything, but men still want to look and dream about what if! No one could see what I was doing unless they were setting at either of those two tables.

The table cloth on my table hung down on the sides so that my legs were not seen by anyone passing to my side. But the end where the two guys were looking at me the cloth had slipped up and allowed a perfect view of my lower body that was facing in their direction. They tried to look away but their eyes kept coming back for a peek and every time I uncrossed my legs two sets of eyes were glued to my crotch, as I eased my legs open a little bit more. Then I reached down under the table with my hand and rubbed my leg with my hand and brought my hand smoothly up higher on my leg right up to the crouch area of my panties.

Each of the guys was staring unashamed now, and I noticed that each began to pull and push their cocks around in order to get more comfortable and try and keep it from showing by using the napkin to cover the huge bulge in their pants. I had been looking down at the menu and would glance out toward the busy mall only to get a quick peek at them. This time when I lowered my head back to the menu I ran my hand all the way up to my crouch and rubbed it with two of my fingers. I could look to my left and see the reflection in the café glass of the two guys looking at me and I could watch them as I played with my pussy and they never knew I was watching them in the reflection of the glass.

Just before the waiter brought my lunch I pulled the silk thong panties to one side and slowly sank one finger deep into my sopping wet pussy. Then pulled it out and slowly oh so slowly brought it up to my mouth and licked, and sucked the moist finger. One guy drop his glass of water when he was trying to take a drink and the other one almost choked on what he was eating. Everyone in the place looked at them and looked to see what had happen and all I could do was try to keep from laughing as I covered my mouth with my napkin.

I guess I better not do that again or might have to put my arms around the guy with my tits in his back and give one of them the OLE fist in the belly when he chokes. I could set on his face and tell him to take a deep breath, if that don't make the boy spit up nothing will. After everything got back to normal, I noticed that they were watching me as I adjusted my skirt, and covered my legs with my napkin. When my meal came I enjoyed a quite lunch and just to keep thing interesting I would slip my finger down to my legs and I knew they could see my thong/pussy and let them see a little bit of heaven or as some guys call it wild pussy. This was making me so hot and so wet that a lot of juice was running down the crack of my ass and I knew I was going to have a wet spot on the chair. Damn I was as turned on just knowing what I was doing to them and how I had effected the passion in these two men.

I tried to make lunch last as long as I could with my legs crossing and uncrossing whenever I could, without it looking to obvious as to what I was doing. I don't think they cared, they were enjoying the show. Then I noticed that one of the men said something to the other and they began to chat. It was obvious that they did not know each other but both had the same thing in common and that was me! I made lunch last as long as I could so I waved for the waiter to bring me the check. He came over to tell me that the two men across from me had picked up the tab and wanted me to join them for a drink in the bar at the hotel mall. Oh me…Marca you can get in some big trouble…deep do do this way. I have always been a tiger in bed, never seeming to get enough fucking. Lately, it's all I can do to get enough. It seems like the more cock I get, the more I want.

I looked up and smiled and nodded and gathered my things up and headed toward their table. They were nice looking older guys my husband age and you could see they were gentlemen. I was going to play this for all it was worth. The stood as I got to the table and introductions were made. Barry and Ed, both from some place a 1,000 miles from here and just in town for business and were going home in the morning. We went to the bar at the hotel and I had one more glass of wine while they went for the hard stuff, must be taking the rest of the day off. I sat with these two guys at a small corner table where no one could see us. Last thing I needed was to have a friend or a business associate of my husband see me with them. They seemed attractive enough, and certainly paid me a lot of attention, which I liked.

After about 45 minutes and one glass of wine as luck would have it I saw a guy come in who is a member of our club. You could see he was looking for someone and I quickly picked up one of my packages and tried to hide my face behind it. "Someone you know Marca?" "Yes friend of my husband, and I guess I better go the next guy might see me and I don't need to be trying to explain who you guys are and why I was here."

Barry put his hand on my leg and said lets go up to my room and we can have a party all afternoon, what do you say Ed? Ed looked at me and said I'll get her a good bottle of wine across the mall and meet you at your room in a few minutes what is the room number.

"You guys are going to continue to be gentleman, aren't you?"

They just smiled and Ed said I think we will be anything you want us to be! OK… gentlemen… I'll see you at the room in 15 minutes. I wanted to stop at Walgreens and get a few thing that I knew I might need and I always like to have enough with me. When I knocked on the door to the room Barry open it and he smiled and I knew he could smell the new perfume I had just put on. "You smell wonderful!"

"I smell good in just the right places!"

I thought he was going to have a heart attack as soon as I said that. I guess he could pretty well tell that I had sex on my mind, or I wouldn't have been up here with them. Ed had gotten a nice bottle of wine for me and a glass was presented to me and we/they toasted my beauty. I sat on the bed and stretched out my legs while the guys sat on the two chairs across from me. We chatted for a while about this and that, and as we talked, I made sure my skirt rode up just enough to show my legs and that thong , that very damp thong. Ed got around to saying something about my dress and how hot I looked or something like that, and I blushed and said,

"Do you like my thong, I know you guy have been peeking at it since about 11 something this morning?"

I just smiled at them. Damn Marca you know we do, yes, we would like it better if it were not on you! I stood and walked over to the little bar in the room and put down my wineglass. I turned and faced them and ran my hands up under my skirt along the side of my long dark tan legs and slipped my thumbs up under the thong and hooked the dental floss like string that was holding it on me. I slowly inched my thong down over my butt wiggling my ass and moving from side to side as I pulled it down. It pop out of my wet pussy and it was like a suction cup holding the damp material in. I continue to slide it down to my knees and looked over at Barry and ask with puckered lips and a whispering voice, can you help me with this!

I stood up and he took the black lace thong in his hands and lowered it down my legs as I rested one hand on his shoulder to hold my balance. As I stepped out of them he looked up and said they are lovely. If you like them that much you can keep them! Well, one thing let to another and in about 5 minutes both guys were lying next to me on the bed, kissing on me and feeling me up big time. I love the feeling of four hands on my body, or two sets of lips kissing me everywhere. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling, as their hands roamed all over my body.

After a few minutes I could see these guys were just a little too much of a gentlemen and something had to be done. I sat up and looked at each of them and said I think you might need you to help me with this and we can move this along. I stood and with my back to them I took off my dress and let it fall to the floor. I walked over got a second glass of wine and made sure I wiggled my ass, in the heels that was not a problem, and put on a show for them just like the old days on the runway. All I had on was just my heels and a smile. My nipples were rock hard and I ran my hand over my breast as they looked up at me.

I walked back to the bed and still standing I put one knee up on the bed and smiled down at them. I ran a finger around the rim of the wineglass and than took the same finger and ran it down to my pussy and rubbed 3 or 4 circles around my fold. I took the same finger put it up to my lips and licked it and said the wine taste almost as good as I'm I got back between them and laid back on my elbows and sipped on my wine. I think they were both a little tentative although Barry was rubbing my thighs up near my pussy. I spread my legs a little farther apart to encourage him to go higher.

Ed leaned over and kissed my left nipple and gave it a little suck . Marca you are one fine woman! I looked at both of them and told them your turn. I made the guys get undressed for me they removed their shirt and pants, and was about to take off their shorts, I stopped them. Let me pull them off! I had each of them come stand in front of me and I did the slow pull down and watched as each cock sprang up when the material fell away. Their rock hard cocks were much bigger than my husband. Hell everyone is bigger than him! I think they could see I was obviously pleased with the specimen each man had.

I went right to work licking the shaft of both cocks up and down. I licked and caressed balls and kissed both their ass holes, I tongued them from stem to stern. They both had fairly nice bodies, although Barry was a little too chubby for me. It didn't take long for one of them to be between my legs eating pussy! I think it was my pussy! Then for the next half-hour or so, they took turns eating me, as I sucked on them keeping it hard but not getting them off.

"Gentlemen I got to be ready for a dinner party and meet my husband at 6:30 at the club, so I need to get out here early so let's get this show on the road!"

You two take turns that way it will last longer, will it does for me! Ed lets go, Berry you set over there and rest, but be ready. Then for the next half-hour or so, Ed was all over me. I held his cock in one hand as I licked up the side of his shaft and around the head. I couldn't believe how long his cock was. With both of my hands wrapped around the base of his prick, at least half was visible above my fingers. I took the head of his cock and sucked him in deeper and deeper. With each dip of my head, a little more of his cock disappeared into my mouth. While my lips would have completely engulfed my husbands cock at that point, Ed had many inches still to go. He moaned and said, "You are a fabulous cock sucker." I looked up at him and gave him that look of you haven't seen anything…yet,

"Ed you have a fabulous cock to suck! Are you ready to put that big thing in my sweet tasting pussy let that big boy do his thing?"

I got up on the bed on all 4's and looked back at him on his knees walking up next to my ass. Hold it, let take care of business and with that I got up went to one of my packages and got the Walgeens bag out and took out a box of condoms.

" I got a box of 12, think this is enough?" They both dropped there jaw and just froze dumb founded, "I'm kidding you ass holes! We only have a couple of hours it would take me at least 6 hours to go though a box of 12!"

I got back up and placed the protection on Ed and got my ass back in front of his covered equipment. Now fuck me! The stranger spread my legs apart open my butt cheeks so he could get his cock up to my pussy lips, my clit. He then placed his massive shaft at the edge of my pussy, thrusting his hips forward, and entered me in short small strokes. I had a small orgasm, "You feel sooo fucking good." He answered, "You sure do love my cock, don't you"? I replied, "You know it. Now stop teasing me and fuck me hard." I began to moan and groan, Ed really started to pound into me. I called out like I was being tortured, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me harder!"

I looked back between my legs and could see his balls slamming in between my spread legs, oh the feel of his cock just sent me over the edge. The sight of it was only made better by my screams of pleasure. I begged him, "Give it to me! Harder! Fuck me! Don't stop!" We pumped and humped each other for almost 20 minutes he was good and I could tell this guy had done some mean fucken before. He gave me 3 or 4 hard orgasms during that time and I was ready to help the boy get his nut off. I reached back between my legs and rubbed his balls and that was it, Ed shot his load up my hot love hole , it was warm and the squirts just kept coming I could feet his cream filling my play pen.

He fell back on his butt and rolled off the bed on to the floor and lay there trying to get his breath. Barry I jumped up to see if the guy was having a heart attack. He looked up and just smiled and said that was goooooooood! I looked at Ed, you son-of-a-bitch, I just knew I had killed you! Barry laugh and said "Looks like Ed just made a touchdown! Will Barry it's your ball and it's 1st. and 10 want to see if you can score?"

I told Barry to get on the bed on his back and I applied a new condom. Positioning myself on top of him, I lowered myself down onto his waiting erection. I took the head of his cock into my hole. Gently I took small little humps, inch by inch till the entire 9 inches in. I was fucking him and myself slowly and deeply, getting into it taking my time I wanted this to last, wanted that feel good to keep on feeling goooood, .when my cell phone went off. I exploded in a earth shaking orgasm. It took me a minute to get my breath!

"Ed hand me my phone, it's in my purse and don't you guys say a word, keep it zipped! Hello…Oh I hi honey….I'm at the mall looking for something to wear tonight to the dinner!"

I looked at both of them and mouthed (MY HUSBAND) and put one of my finger up to my lips as to tell them to be quite. I went back to a slow rocking motion on Barry and rested one hand on the pillow he had his head on and leaned over to let him kiss my nipples. Wanted to keep his attention while I took care of business, didn't want the boy to go limp on me!

"Honey do you want me to wear something long or knee length or…..oh your bad …that short and I guess you just want me to have on a thong and my heels…I know you and what you like!"

I pulled the phone away from my mouth and held it off to one side and whispered in Berry's ear, baby don't bite so hard just suck them and I kissed his cheek. I put the phone back up to my ear!

"I saw a cute out fit that you would like I'll get that and see you at the club at 6:30! About $300, maybe 350 is that all right? Your so good to me you know how to spoil me….I love you baby…Oh honey your better watch what you say someone might walk in on our phone conversation…..Baby I'm always ready to have you rock my world….We better get home early and you can't drink to much…OK you got a date I love you…be sweet! Bye."

Sorry Mr. Barry but had to take care of things where were we oh yes you can bite them if you want and I went back to rocking that cock in my dripping hole. I rode him and I got back into the motion I took my cell phone and hit one of the buttons and got the call though.

"Let me speak to Sue….Sue this is Marca I was in your place about 11 this morning!…yes I liked that one you still have it? Put that in a bag along with a pair if the lace black panties…yes the thong…. And the 4" black pumps you have in the window…yes they are the ones...you got my size…good put them on my account and have them sent over to the hotel at the mall. I'll have some one pick them up there about 5! Thanks.. you're a dear…bye. Gentlemen we can fuck till 5:30!"

Barry mashed the firm globes together so he could suck both nipples at the same time. Marca your nipples…oh your nipples… my God your beautiful!" I moved my hips up and down and around, relishing the feeling of being stuffed by his huge cock. Ed had got up out of the chair and moved up behind me on his knees and placed his middle finger at my ass. He pushed my upper body over and Barry pulled my breast down sucked them hard and wrapped his arms around my ass cheeks. Ed began to play with my brown rose bud, I looked back at him and I know I had that look of yes please put it in on my face. He/they were making me climax in multiple spasms. He than thrust forward, driving his finger a little at a time till it was all the way up my ass.

"God damn your finger is like a cock!" His finger was thick and it felt about like my husband little cock. I realized they were both moving in and out of my cunt and ass with ease and my body started to respond. I began lifting my hips to meet the thrusts of Ed finger and when I came down I felt my ass expand and I could feel that he had two fingers up my ass and then slammed back down to take all of Barry's cock. I moaned as a climax rushed through my body. Now I was getting into it, really starting to enjoy it. The double penetration felt fantastic and I wanted it to continue for as long as possible.

Barry slammed his cock up into my cunt as deeply as he could and it expanded just before his boiling cum exploded out to fill me. I could feel one more climax start. As I reached the height of my orgasm that Barry brought on, Ed kept his two middle fingers in my ass working them to help me suck the cock in my cunt and make my ass suck his fingers…God what a flow I had of my own juices. Barry's cock began to go limp as he and I both came down from that sexual high. I raised one leg up so Barry could roll off the bed and I stayed on all 4's and looked back at Ed.

"Do you want to fuck my ass hole with that big wet thing? Is that thing hard enough?"

"Oh yeah" he replied shaking it a bit. "Then shove that big thing in my ass, but go slow lets make this feel good for both of us!"

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