tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 56

Ms. Marca Ch. 56

byMs. Marca©

Most of you guys know me, but those who don’t my name is Marca, I’ m tall .... 5,10 and slim with rather large breast, would you believe a pair of 40‘s. Some say they are perfect and my legs, will they go on forever. I had one guy tell me, “your legs go from the floor to heaven!” What he didn’t know was that all men are dieing to get into heaven. My figure is 40 x 23 x 38. I do a lot of set-ups to keep that 23.

This past summer we had a lot of work done on the house. A new bathrooms, kitchen, paint, floors, and anything else that needed to be remodeled. Just like a woman, can’t have it look the same for too long. The house and our hair should have a redo from time to time. Had a lot of workers in and out of the place and only one guy made the cut. Believe me I checked everyone of them out! The guy that did make the cut, will if you must know the details.

Ms. Marca Ch. 56

I had been out shopping, got to spend his money, and was due home for one of the workers to do the crown and baseboards As I pulled up I saw a pick-up setting in front of the house. Must be the guy, I pull into the drive and around back, unloaded the car and came though the kitchen to answered the front door and there was standing before me the best physically shaped man I had seen in weeks. This man was only 5' 10" tall, if that, but built like a bull. He was dressed in just shorts and a t-shirt that showed every muscle on his chest. His shoulders were so wide and his large chest had just a ridge of black hair running down the middle. His waist was small and his hips just a little wider. With me in my 5” heels I look down on him. His best part was his crotch. A large bulge of whatever he had down there stood out from the juncture of his thighs. I stared at his crotch and he stared at my large tits, just held in by the thin blouse I had on. "Excuse me, my name is Ray", he said, "I am here to do the baseboards" as he walked into the living room. "This way, please."

I led him down the narrow hallway. As I walked, I couldn't resist adding a provocative sway to my steps. I sensed the stud's eyes were glued to my ass, and that pleased me. I glanced over my shoulder, instantly gratified to see that I had been right. He was, indeed, looking at my round ass globes, which were on display for him under my short pleated skirt. "I’m sorry what did you say your name was?" I asked casually. He cleared his throat as he tore his gaze from my buns. "Ray, ma'am," he stuttered. "Well, Ray; call me Marca,"

You can begin upstairs, in the bedrooms," and I gave the man a real performance as I led him up the stairs. I wiggled my butt, telling myself it was only harmless fun to turn on that big bulge, just a flirty game, I told herself, even as I realized I wouldn't mind seeing how much bigger that bulge in the front of his shorts could get. I got to the top of the stairs and turned to see his eyes fixed on my ass and I know he saw my tan cheeks. I smiled at him as if to tell him I know what you were doing. I led him to the master bedroom and stood aside as he quickly began sizing up the room as he began moving the furniture out into the hallway. I studied the ripple of his hard body, eyeing his strong muscles as he bent and maneuvered the sturdy pieces of furniture. Soon his back, shoulders and arms were shiny with sheen of perspiration and I felt an arousing stirring in my pussy. My nipples stiffened against the silk material of my blouse, and I knew the twin, pink darts were visible to the distracted hunk “I’ll move my pick-up to the side drive and use the kitchen door to come and go.” He looked at my hard nipples as he told me what and how he was going to put the baseboards in.

I had my eyes on his bulge and (I wanted him to tell me how he was going to put that big thing in.) The bulge in his shorts seemed to have grown and I guessed that the garment hid a penis of excellent proportions. “I better go get setup and get my tools up here!” (Damn you got the biggest tool I think any guy could have,) and I watched him leave, looking at his crotch until all I could see was his small ass walking away from me. I was determined to have him today. The day went slowly, to slowly. All I did was listen to some music and check on Ray working in the different rooms of the house. He was truly magnificent. His body glistened and shined as he had taken off his shirt while he worked out side cutting the boards to the different size and making sure the fit to the corners were at the proper fit. He had a dark tan and his skin color helped make him glow a golden tan.

Around 11 about an hour before lunch, I decided that I would put him to work on something else than the house, me. I made a pitcher of Iced Tea, and walked out by the work area he had set up in the backyard. "Ray, "I made some Iced Tea for us, come and join me". As he rose and turned towards me, I turned and bent down to put the tray on a short table, exposing my ass under the short skirt this time he saw no thong, I had removed it to give him a better view and a signal that I was ready. He couldn't help notice the crack in my ass and no panties; I felt the wind blow up my hem. At least I was hoping he would. “Thank you, but I better not I got to get this done today!” "There's no rush," I cooed, spreading my legs so he could see up my dark tan legs, as I continued to gaze at him. "Of course, you probably have some hot little girlfriend to run off to when you finish here. Is that right, Ray?"

With his eyes fixed on my uncrossed legs he began to look off as if in daze. "Well, no ma'am, not exactly," he said uneasily. "Now, that's hard to believe, Ray," I said, as I pulled my legs up under my ass. "A handsome, strong built man like you surely has his pick of girls." "Well, I was dating a girl last month, but we broke up," he admitted shyly. “She lost, I gain!” I put up a finger and waved it toward me, “come set here honey!” Ray walked towards the tray and me and I couldn't help notice that his crotch was growing bigger than it was before. Ray's crotch was the biggest that I had seen in a while. He had a bulge in his shorts that I wanted to taste. It was so big, all I could imagine was, what was inside his shorts.

I reaching up to casually undo the top two buttons of my blouse. "Wouldn't you know it had to be a warm day, I should have my bikini on getting some sun.” I enjoyed the bewildered, almost dazed expression that covered Ray's face. His eyes darted down quickly to my tits. I tingled with growing excitement. Instantly, I loved the power I had over the guy. He was mesmerized by my presence, his gaze riveted to the exposed portion of my large tits. He was practically drooling. Ray sat down next to me on the chaise lounge. This beautiful man was next to me and I wanted him.

I glanced down at his fly. His cock inside his tight shorts was throbbing like a trapped snake, desperate for escape, and I could tell by the cock's outline that it was huge! Turning him on so much, so fast, pleased me to the fullest my body and my general sex appeal was having this kind of effect on the horny young stud seemed to glorify my womanhood. I felt complimented as well as aroused. I continued the lusty game of tormenting Ray, coyly revealing more of my luscious tits to his hungry gaze.

"Ray, ah, Ray" "Yes", he said as I handed him a glass of Tea and moved my hand up his arm over his shoulder, running my nails along his muscles. My hand dropped to his thigh. "Ray, you are a very remarkable young man, do you know that?" "Your girlfriend was crazy," I whispered as I pulled his body close to me and felt his upper thigh. "A stud like you is a real woman's dream." He opened his mouth to speak, but could not find the words. Wild tremors shook through him as my hand was still tracing the side of his thigh and headed for the crouch and his cock was growing bigger and coming through his now tight shorts. It felt as if it was still growing larger and had not gotten very hard yet. His whole body shuddered when my fingers grazed his cock. My fingers started moving over his crotch. "How do you mean, a real woman's dream" he said as my fingers danced around his crouch/cock. It was huge.

It was still soft and must have been at least 6 or 7 inches long. It was so fat my fingers hardly had room to move over it. I stroked his thigh/crouch through his shorts. "Ray, this is a woman’s dream!“ Ray's cock filled my hand and his leg brushed against mine. "Please, your husband might come home!“ I gave him a sweet smile and a sexy smirk. “I just talked to my husband no more than an hour ago, he is getting in Friday, late Friday afternoon. He is in Central American and I’m all alone for the next 2 and a half days give or take a few hours.“ I got up and let my blouse fall open even more and looked down at the big guy. “Marca you are special, I mean your tits God they are so big I want to kiss them! I mean, I'm not," he stammered, yet reached toward my open blouse. "I've never seen breasts this big, this beautiful." Go ahead, Ray, touch them. I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild."

I cocked my head back. "Sometimes I do real special things for my husband when he plays with my big tits just right." He slipped both hands under the folds of my blouse and touched my tits. He moaned as he felt my satiny, firm flesh, and I gasped at the unexpected pleasure his expert manipulations caused me, as my nipples tingled against his exploring hands and lips. "Go ahead, kiss them," I urged. "Kiss my tits now! I want you to suck them!" He didn't hesitate and leaned forward to fasten his lips on my dollar size nipples. He sucked and licked the rubbery buds, eagerly feasting on first one, then the other. Then he opened his mouth wide and took almost half of one tit into his mouth.

I stood up and pulled away from the lips of my newfound lover and took Ray's hand and led him into the house up the stairs and into the master bedroom and toward the bed. I sat him on the edge of it directly in front of him. Seductively, I stripped off my blouse, and last and in a very sexy way my skirt. Thrilled by his wide-eyed stare, I pressed my naked pussy to his face. "Now, doesn't this beat doing the baseboards!”

"Kiss my pussy, Ray!" I commanded, interlocking my fingers on the back of his head and pulling him closer. "Kiss it, you big cock sex machine!" Ray's lips pressed against my, damp cunt and he started to kiss and suck it instinctively. His tongue flicked against my clit, tickling the tender flesh. It was all so nasty. It gave me a feelings of power over this bull of a man! Gently, I took him by the ears and began guiding him with up and down motions of his head, wiping his face against my pussy.

I stop him step back and told him to get up, as he did I took his place on the bed. I fell back and spread my legs out and rested on my elbows. My nipples were rock hard and pointed at him. "Ray, I want to ask you something I usually don't ask. Usually I just do what I want to, but you are a special young man. Your cock, you’re, it’s seem to be very special. It is so big, so large and full. Ray undress show me your cock!” Ray quickly pushed his shorts down and his cock burst out before me. It was enormous. I gasped “OH MY GOD!” He was huge, I mean he made guys in porno flicks look small. It looked like he had another arm. I couldn't believe it, no way I could handle that thing.

But I had to try, had to have it! I want to make love to it. I want to hold it, caress it, stroke it, and kiss it. I want to run my tongue over it and taste it! It was olive colored like his skin and the head was a light brown. It was curved and hung down in an arc, probably from the sheer weight. It filled my hands and was heavy. The monster was finally getting hard and the size was too much to even estimate. I stroked with one hand slowly along the length. My other hand held his testicles as I stroked faster with the other. It appeared as if his cock was looking at me with one eye. I bent forward and kissed the tip. A bit of pre-cum touched my lips and hung in a small trail as I moved back. Bending forward again I kissed the head and then opened my lips, taking him inside my mouth.

Ray held my head and guided me down over his cock until it reached the beginning of my throat. Opening my closed eyes I could see at least 7 or 8 inches of large fat cock left that hadn't entered my lips and mouth yet and he was at the beginning of my throat. Ray moved my head back and forth slowly, never pushing his cock into my throat. He would reach the back of my tongue and then move me back over it so it would just rest behind my lips. Ray was slowly fucking my face and I loved it all. I wanted still more.

Deftly, I swirled my tongue up and down the sides of his cock and covered the tip of it with my lips and then sucked. I increased the pressure of my sucking, sucking his cock head into my mouth. I sealed my lips around the fleshy pole and began to suck harder. When I had taken as much as I could, I glanced up at Ray’s lust-contorted face. "Oh, that's fantastic!" he gasped, dropping his hands down to my long tangled hair, his fingers intertwining in the silky curls as warmth began to ripple along his belly. My lips glided on his cock, and with every stroke I increased the tempo of my sucking. I massaged and fondled his balls as I sucked. I toyed with the heavy sac, enjoying the feel of his nuts in my hand. Next, I soaked his prick with hot saliva and continued to suck him.

I wanted this beautiful penis down my throat. I have taken or maybe I should say had more than my share of men’s cock down my throat before and never gagged but this one was different. I was afraid it would block off the air and make me choke. Taking a long breath through my nose I pulled at Ray’s hips and pulled him into my long neck and down my throat. Moving fast to reach the base of his cock I took him all, but moved back just as swiftly to avoid losing my breath. Once I had a rhythm going so that I could breath and still take him deeply, I sucked him back and forth from my mouth and down my throat and back again.

I felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of my throat. I jumped involuntarily, but the desperate hold he had on the back of my head kept me locked firmly in place, forcing me to receive every drop of his salty cum. The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes. I gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch my breath. I could not believe how much cum he had (I forgot it had probably been awhile for him). I desperately tried to swallow it all, but there was too much. It started to push out of the sides of my mouth. Then I saw his seaman all over my hand pulling him out of my mouth and licking his hot sticky cock he erupted again and came with a stream over my face. His cum shot up to my forehead and over my nose and ran down my cheek. I continued to lick and suck cum from his cock. I squeezed his balls, then his cock root. I wanted to make sure I had completely drained him before freeing his prick from my mouth.

No man can remains hard after a blow job like this, but his was still curved and stiff. I wanted him inside my pussy. "Fuck me, Ray. Fuck me, now. Fuck me hard and make it last. Just fuck me." I screamed. I lay sprawled beneath him, my large tits splayed out wantonly as my breath rasped in my chest. My long legs stretched out wide in my anticipation of his cock slamming into my dripping pussy. "I'm going to fuck you, lady," he said hoarsely. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you!" "Yes!" I shouted in response. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard. Do it!" He lowered himself onto me. I humped my hips upward as I tried to reach to grab his pulsing, engorged prick. He told me to put my hands on his back and hang on. He guided his third arm to the entrance of my cunt and positioned the fat head of his cock just out side my hot wet soft pussy.

His cock was so big and wide it appeared it would not fit. I prayed it would. My legs spread further apart to give him more access. I pulled them back and up and held them open. He applied more pressure and as I held my pussy lips open and spread, his cock burst inside me, just the head and that was enough to fill me. He held it at that point to let me get use to the size. I looked up at him and in a whisper said, ‘It is so good!“ He pulled out a little and then slowly pushed his cock back in. Just a little in, just a little out! With each thrust of his body, his cock would sink in a little deeper. I was mesmerized, and squealing.

Slowly and with small strokes he made it last and he teased me but he got all his cock to penetrated me. The sheer pleasure of this enormous cock inside of me masked the pain of being penetrated deeper than any time I could remember before or ever will. Ray filled me and I came immediately. I screamed and couldn't hear my voice. Ray slowly pushed as deep into me as he could and slowly withdrew. "Oh, yes, Ray! This is how I love to be fucked! Don't stop. Make me cum! Make my hot pussy explode. Fuck me hard and deep!" He didn't need the encouragement, though. The young stud pumped his cock in and out of my smoldering tunnel in just a few strokes he had become expert at fucking. He pulled my long legs up around him and really started to fuck me. His hard body whipped up and down, back and forth, in and out. Our sweaty bodies rubbed, their flesh smacking together as we fucked in a frenzy of pure lusty passion.

The feel of his cock in me was expanding the walls of my love canal and causing a vacuum that causes air to build up. PUSSY FARTS! Only a thick cock makes me have air build up like that. God this guy was going to do it if anyone could. His hairy balls were now slapping my ass. He kept pulling his prick almost out of my cunt until just part of the head was in and then run it back in very slowly. About every third or fourth stroke he would ram it hard making me cry out telling him and the world how good it was. “Yes, Oh God Yes!” I was now thrusting with him and really enjoying a superior fucking. I grunted and came with a load moan. It was obvious I was having the first real orgasm since the last big cock was in me. (It seem as if that was a lifetime ago or a few months, OK maybe a few week or so ago. I know one thing I never acted or sounded like this when I have my husbands little worm in me.)

I can’t think about him at this time, it makes me feel guilt. God here I got a young kid half my husbands age making me see stars and doing what my husband can’t and never has done, but Tim tries just that the poor guy was not given the tool to make a woman see stars. Oh God it feels good oh this sweet meat, this rod ramming into me giving me pleasure that only a big cock can.

I was now cumming continually. As Ray pushed into me, I came and as he withdrew, I also came. Each stroke of his wonderful cock brought an orgasm. (Well it seems that I was having them that fast.) My pussy had never felt so full! I have found that when I have a big man, one who is thick, I can control my orgasms by changing position / angle of the contact he makes in me when he is humping. By pulling up one leg back over my head and keeping the other straight, this causes him to touch a different spot and rub one side of my wall harder. Sometimes I locked a leg over his ass and kick out the other up in the air this would give me a different feeling of his monster snake. It seem with this cock hound I could get my legs in any position and have a climax.

The feel of him withdrawing and the walls being expanded as the head of his beautiful cock came down my tunnel caused me to twitch and try and clamp on to the head to keep it in. When he started in I would open up try and make my pussy expand for him. My poor husband could never make my walls expand, most of the time I never could feel how deep he was, if you call that deep. God made him a hunk with good looks tall built like a linebacker and the man is smart. Was a nerd in school as he tells it, and his friends back it up. The man has everything any woman could ask for. Well he just doesn’t have enough of the one thing that this stud was giving me. Yes size does make a difference. When you had one that fills your tank and makes your world glow. A short stroke, a slow moving worm just want get the job done. My husbands little Pee, Pee is just that, only thing it is good for is to take a Pee with. Some how I’ll get by! “Oh Ray you’re so good don’t stop baby, make me cum for you!”

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