tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 63

Ms. Marca Ch. 63

byMs. Marca©

My name is Marca. I am mid 30’s, 5'10", thick dark hair and a very womanly figure, with 40D breasts (for those of you who need to know, big round nipples silver dollar size) and 38, but very firm, athletic hips. I have been told that I have a perfect complexion. Large dark nipples cap my very creamy gold brown breasts and I have a shaved pubic area. I have a very sexy look and I usually dress accordingly, in a very professional but sexy manner. My husband, Tim, is a tall, handsome man built like a linebacker in the NFL.

Tim was not very experienced sexually when I married him. I married Tim when I was 28 he was 48. He had been married to his first wife when they were still in college. They were both virgins on their wedding night His first wife was killed along with their little 3-year old girl 6 years after they were married. He had one other sex encounter about two years after his wife died and nothing till I came along. The sex was, evidently, rather vanilla. It wasn't that he was interested in a more varied or unusual sex life, it's just that he had always been rather withdrawn, living his life in his work. I guess in some people's eyes Tim would be considered a nerd. I think that's where a lot of his insecurity comes from. He could never quite understand what a beautiful girl like me wanted with a man like him. Tim had built a rather large real estate business and had other business interest that made him a prize for any woman. I worked my charms as to where he would do anything in his power to make me happy.

We all have had a bad day once in a while and that can lead to a bad evening and just turn everything we do into shit. My Tim had such a day and he want be having many more, ......let me give you more details. I had been out shopping one Saturday afternoon and returned home to find my husband in his den talking to a subcontractor about some work the guy had done on the house. I just heard part of the conversation and went on about my business in the kitchen. After 15 / 20 minutes I went to see what was going on with Tim and the contractor.

As I walked into the room I didn’t see the guy setting in one of the chairs in the corner and started talking to Tim as I entered the room.

“Tim ... Sweetie, we got to talk about the dinner party you want to have next week!“ My husband looked up over the paper he had in his hand from the leather wingback he was setting in. The chair was one of the new ones I had bought for his den/reading room. A room that I had left for him as a reminder of his days as a bachelor – a way to let him know he had some symbol of his independence left, but not much. It didn’t really match my idea for the rest of the house new theme, but I understood his need to reclaim his world, so it didn’t really bother me, as long as he kept this room closed up from the rest of the house. But, I did want him to get up out of it and help me with the guest list and menu for that tonight.

Tim looked up to find me standing in front of him with my hands on my hips in that delicious way that came natural to a tall, 5’ 10” strong women who was bound and determined to get my way. As usual I was dressed in something sexy and my exposed body was made for men to see. That’s not hard to accomplish, with a figure of 40 x 23 x 38, even a simple dress could not hide my build. God, it felt powerful when I stood over him like this!

"Marca can’t you see I’m reading, I don’t want to bother with that!“

“Come on baby, be a good boy and help, after all it is your company group dinner! I'll make it worth your while, my little boy“

That was when I heard the guy in the chair laugh and I knew we were not alone.

“Goddamn it Marca I said no, I’d do it when I’m ready!“

I turned on my heels and out the door I went. That boy has pushed me too far. Tim sometimes forgot the ground rules that I had set down over the years. I run the show around this house. Time to enforce and remind him about the rules. This is the night I might as will teach him who is running this show, tonight he will wish to God he had never spoke to me like some hired hand. I drove to the nearest adult shop that I knew about and made a few quick purchases.

I came back to the house about 45 minutes later and walked in the front door and with my shopping bag in hand I started up stairs. Tim was coming into the hallway to say something when I put my hand up to let him know not to speak.

“How dare you humiliate me in this fashion," I said. "That was your first mistake, your second mistake was letting me leave this house tonight! But I can assure you I’m not the one who will suffer. I don’t want to hear a fucking word out of you! Lock up ... get up stairs to our bedroom, ... and get ready for bed. Don’t just stand their, do it!”

I knew he was watching my ass as most men do, following my swing as I climbed the staircase. I heard him locking up downstairs and turning off the lights and followed me up stairs. I went to the bedroom to my bath and slammed the door behind me locking myself in so as not to be disturbed. I loved using my sexual power to make him do my bidding. It was such a turn on. When I came out of the bath I had a small airline carry on bag and he was on the bed in just his underwear on.

“Tim take your panties off, little boy and come stand at the foot of the bed!”

He didn’t make a sound, did as he was told stood and pulled down his little briefs and came to a spot I was pointing to and stood. I looked down at his pee/pee and smiled he lowered his head and tried to cover the little thing.

"That looks like a little boy’s penis, but I suppose you heard it before." He just shook his head yes and kept looking at the floor.

“Marca you never said anything about it in all these years, why bring it up to night?“

"Well, for all these years I’ve seen it I never wanted to humiliate you! After tonight you will be reminded about it a lot more and how it reminds me of a little boy’s pee/pee! Remember you started this I was the one you humiliated.”

I pushed him on his back and told him to lean over and put your hands behind your back. I pulled out of my bag a pair of cuffs and had them on him before he knew what had happen. He jumped.

"Shit, Marca don't do this, take them off me this minute! Don’t ever do this to me again! I don’t like that you understand!"

I reached down and took hold and stroked his little pee/pee, feeling it grow stiff in my hand. "What was that, sweetie? Is my little pee/pee going to act like a big boy and demand things from me!"

"You heard me and I’m not going to say it again!" He tried to turn back to look at me, but I pulled at his cock up and away, making him stand on his tiptoes leaning him over the edge of the bed.

"Don't ever, don’t ever! I’ll teach you about don’t ever!

"Ouch, honey please ease up - you're hurting me, Marca."

"I'll pull the fucking thing off. That cock belongs to me now and I'll decide what it can and can not do. Even when it gets to spurt its little load.” I threatened.

With one hand on his little cock and the other on the cuffs I pushed him into his bathroom and had him on his knees bending over the bathtub resting on his chest. He kept telling me not to do this are that, to let him up. (Just keep it up and you will get me pissed off big time.) I got an enema bag and hose and filled it with warm soapy water and hung the bag on the shower tub door. I took a jar of Vaseline and dipped the tip of the nozzle of the hose and stuck it up his ass about 6 inches. He jumped when I ran the nozzle up his tight rosebud. I smiled to myself and gave him a short butt fucking with the tip of the nozzle. His little cock stiffed and he moaned as I rocked the tip deeper into his little asshole.

I used my free hand to rub his ass cheeks and run my fingers over his tine ball sac. I slowly opened up the nozzle up and let the water flow into his ass. This took about 5 minutes to get one bag of water into him. All the time I was give his balls a nice fingering and telling him in low whisper how good this cleaning out of his insides would make him feel. That mommy would make sure he was clean both in and out from this night on. I than insert a butt-plug to make sure what went in was not coming out until I wanted it out.

I rolled him on to the floor and had him lay on his side and went to my bath to change and get my toys ready for the long night ahead. I could hear him moaning and calling for me pleading with me to not do this, to help him. After 15 minutes I came back in took out the plug and helped him to the toilet. He let the water expelled and the look on his face told it all. This was a man who had just had relief.

“Thank you Marca!” Honey I don’t like that!”

“Most little boys don’t but mommy knows what is best for her little boy!”

I had him stand and I took his place on the john with the lid down and took hold of his arm and pulled him over my lap. He began to protest and tried to get up, but two hard slaps to his ass put a stop to that. I took toilet paper and wiped his shit hole and this just took him over the edge.

“Marca I can do that please don’t, don’t do this to me!”

“I’ve got to make sure my little boy has a clean bobo! With your hands where they are, just best I do it, you might get your pooh-pooh all over your legs and mess up the bathroom!”

I pinched his ass cheeks and told him how my good little boy was going to have his monthly enema starting to night, and mommy was going to give them to him to make sure he had a good one. With that said I helped him back down on his knees and over the tub and the hose was back in his ass and we did it all over again. This time I made him get in the shower stall and lay on his back with his feet up on the shower wall. I than took Nair (hair remover) and used half the bottle on him putting it on his legs and crouch and ass area. Off I went to take my shower. I had my shower used my razor and did a touch up on my makeup, something I never did before bed, afterwards I slipped on a robe.

Back to his bath where I found him crying begging me to help him. The Nair does have a slight burning effect to it. I pulled his butt plug out for a second time and let the wastewater flow out into the shower stall and turned on the shower to wash him and his lower body hair off. I told him I could see we were getting there, but he still needed to be cleaned just a little more. Back on his knees and more hose up his ass and two more bags full, this time salt water only. Back in the shower with plug in and the other half of the Nair to get what hair was left. I left him begging me to not do this to him he was crying like the little boy that I was turning him into.

I went back to my bath and to the back of my closet and put on a black garter belt with fish net stockings, next came a pair of black thigh high 6” heeled boots. I top off my nightwear with a leather push up bra that made my breast ride high and my 40DD breasts just peaked over the top of the cups. Just the top of the nipples were showing. I came out of the bathroom, checked myself in the mirror. God I was hot! He was still moaning when I pulled out the plug and turned on the shower one last time. I got him up on his feet wiped his ass, toweled him off and walked him out and put him on the bed. His long, muscular tanned legs looked so sexy with that dusting of gray hair. I trailed a finger down to my pussy. I was as hot and wet as a whore in church on Sunday was. (Something my grandfather would always say about the weather.)

After a few minutes he got his second wind and looked up at me and his eyes took in all of my 5’ 10” frame. His jaw dropped when he saw my outfit, and how I was suggestively leaning on one leg and slapping the side of my thigh with my left palm. Tim just looked at me he had never seen me in something like this and when he saw me with a vibrator in my hand his eyes became bigger and the puzzled look turned to that of shock. He looked so cute with just his little boy cock poking up like a finger on his front.

However, my attention fell to the strap-on at the bottom of the bag. It was a part of my purchases I had made at the sex shop less than 2 hours ago. It had never been used and his ass was going to test it out! Why else would I have cleaned his shit hole.

“Tim tonight our world will change, I‘m going to be the one to call the shots and have my way with you! I‘ll be the one to penetrate instead of the one who gets penetrated, so to speak. You masculinity is going out the window, from this time on your my bitch, my sissy bitch, my little boy and in this room your my pussy!“

I attached the latex cock to my crotch. I walked to the full-length mirror and looked at my reflection. I wrapped my fist around the shiny black cock and posed, propping my leg up on a chair. The thick dark length matched well with my outfit. I imagined how delicious the contrast would be against Timmy’s pale skin. Damn, I looked powerful! Authority and strength radiated from my body. Then my thoughts turned to little pussy boy. I looked at him and jerked it and ran my hand over it.

“Oh Tim it is so big, like a big man’s cock the salesman said it was 8 inches and that it would give me a lot of pleasure! Get up here and stand by the side of the bed! Bend over more little man! Starting to night you will get a lot of pleasure from it! Look to the front and don‘t move or turn around!“

My left hand traveled down to his ass, massaging his cheeks possessively. "Now, who is in charge in this household?" I asked, while my finger pressed between his cheeks against his tightly clenched ass to emphasize my point!

"Come on honey stop this you have made your point! I’m sorry let's go to bed, I don't like this game," Tim whined.

“You might be the big man down at the company, but you’re shit sandwich in this house and you better never forget it again!“

“Yes, anything you say!”

“I'm not that perfect lady all your friends think I’m. I'm your worst nightmare when you get me pissed off. I’ll have you over my lap and one of my paddles in my hand faster than you can think!” I squeezed his little cock harder, making him go weak in the knees.

"You got that?"

"Yes . . .I got it, oh please Marca you‘re killing me, I‘ll be good. I'll do as you say!" I felt his body tremble against my hand.

"Good, I reach over and get a bottle of baby oil out of my bag. I poured some of it into my hand and placed it over my fake cock. Tim jumped when he discovered my fingers rubbing oil on his hole opening. He was little surprise and tried to pull away, but I held him fast.

"Please, don't," he said, while I guided my hand up and down the fake cock, coating it with the oil. He was trembling with emotion; Tim was a big man, much stronger than I was. I could tell that he had relaxed helplessly against me allowing me to dominate him.

I was getting into my new role more and more. I had never felt so strong before. So powerful! I knew this would be one more step to getting him permanently changed into the little boy I wanted for my personal use, behind closed bedroom doors. Our relationship was my call; I had always wanted to be a 100% in charge. I just hadn’t been sure that he would fall to my charms so soon, so easily.

“Now my sweet, I’m going to plug you again!” As he was bending over I could hear him whimpering under his breath, awaiting whatever followed. He soon found out. I started pushing a butt plug into his ass, and very soon he had swallowed all but its base. Not too bad I thought to myself. Then I knew he felt it… It was growing! This was an expandable one! I giggled out loud and he was shocked at my coldness. I stood back to admire my handiwork and was pleased at what I saw. He needed some color though! I reached into the bag and pulled out one of my paddles. He saw me take the paddle and called out.

“You can’t spank me?"

"Oh and who the fuck is going to stop me? That is exactly what I mean to do. You have humiliated me, now I shall continue to humiliate you! Your fucking lucky I didn‘t invite your staff in to see you get it across your ass from me!”

Without a seconds hesitation I brought it down across his naked ass. He howled with pain, just made me slam his butt that much harder. He flinched away, but that seemed to drive the huge butt plug in further. There was no way out for my new little bitch and I was making him my sissy bitch, had him well and true on the road to the Land of Marca. I stop and saw that he had relaxed and without a second thought I caught him unawares and let him have it all over again. He screamed again pleading for me to stop.

“Quiet slut boy! Or I’ll use my shiny new gag on you too!” I warned. He knew by now I wasn’t joking. So he bit down into the bedspread as the next few strokes popped his ass like a firecracker. I knew his ass was throbbing painfully as he tried to fall deeper against the bed. The butt plug was being removed now; he looked back and said oh please no more. Then he felt his ring being opened again, but he felt the warmth of human contact too. His ass began to open again and I spoke.

“Feel my strap on Honey? It’s 8 inches long and I’m going to fuck your ass so hard with it. But first I want to hear you beg for it. Tell me how the little queer boy wants his ass fucked.”

As I placed the head of the cock against his ass, I felt the moisture gushing from my hot pussy like a fountain. I pushed forward, he groaned and the cheeks of his ass clenched tightly. I stroked his ass cheeks until he relaxed enough for the life like cock head to slip in. I gave him a minute to get his breath and than I continued pushing harder and harder. I could feel it slowly sinking into his orifice as his sphincter slowly expands to except the violation of my fake penis. I could feel that he got some relief as his sphincter closed around the slightly smaller shaft.

I took my hands off the strap-on and grasped his hips and begin to pull him back toward me as I pushed more of my fuck toy cock into him. I heard him groan as I pulled out slightly then forced more back into, repeating the process until I felt the fake cock all the way in. I released his hips and slapped his ass, alternating from right to left several times. . " Tell me how it feels."

"God no Marca, ... honey. Please, I can't do this anymore."

I pushed his arm up further. "I'm not your honey, bitch. I know just what a little horny bitch like you wants." He sighed and relaxed once more. He had obviously decided to let me use his ass for my pleasure. I took him with short tiny strokes, ever so slowly moving deeper and deeper into his ass. I could feel his resistance fading with every stroke. Was it my imagination or was he pushing back against me? This little whore liked getting his ass fucked!

"That's it bitch. Didn't I say I knew what a slut like you wanted? That's it sweetie, just relax and give it up to me." He was groaning now every time I bottomed out.

I slammed him harder. My thighs were slapping loudly as they collided with his on every stroke. "Don't I know what you want? Don't I, bitch?"

"Mmmm - yessss," he admitted. He was broken, I was the head fucker in this house and he knew it.

My pussy twitched. I was getting ready to cum, but I still wanted a little more.

"Come on slut. Pick your leg up and put it on the bed. That's good. Pull your knee to your face, but don't you dare look at me. If you look at me, I'm going to have to start all over you bitch, cause I'm not leaving this room until you know when I say something it’s the law."

I watched as he submissively got into the position that I wanted him in. I could see my thick black dildo cock violating his tiny pink anus. He looked so vulnerable. I began to cum with the first stroke. I took his ass with long hard strokes. I'm cumming," I cried. "Oh God, you're making me cum, you hot little PP boy!"

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