tagIncest/TabooMum. The Woman.

Mum. The Woman.


Author's Note

To begin with let me say that I have been told that some of my stories are far too long and with far too much detail. In some cases I would have to agree. So as an experiment I am going to try and keep this one short and to the point. Your feedback would be appreciated as to whether or not the content was sufficient to do the story justice and to keep you the reader engaged and 'happy'.


I wasn't sober enough to know whether I had been dreaming or not. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock which shone 2.30am. There it was again, a noise downstairs. Then I heard mums laugh and wondered what was going on. As I had been drunk as a skunk when I came to bed this all seemed a bit foggy but I staggered out of my room and heard voices. My mum for sure and a man who's voice I didn't recognise. My senses seemed to heighten and for my mums safety I thought I better have a quick look, or so I convinced myself. I silently went half way down stairs and looked toward the lounge where I thought the sounds were coming from.

To my utter surprise I saw a naked woman kneeling in front of a naked man, a young man at that and she was guiding his, what seemed to me, huge erection into her mouth. At first it didn't even register that this was my mum, after all I had never seen her naked and it was only a couple of seconds later that it dawned on me that the body I was admiring and which was giving me a hard on was my mums. I opened my mouth to say something but my voice just refused to respond, unlike my cock which was by now throbbing with a will all its own. My boxers were sticking out like a bloody huge tent and still I was getting bigger.

The man put his hand on mums head and pulled her up to his face; he kissed her and then lifted her bodily and sat her on the settee. Without any pre amble he pulled her legs up and threw them over his shoulder and buried his face in my mum's pussy. The moan that escaped her lips were of pure lusting pleasure; she grabbed his head and pulled him into her even deeper.

"Eat me you bastard, eat my cunt. Make me come, I wanna come, it's been too fucking long."

I couldn't believe this was my mum. She never used that language. I had never heard her swear before. I don't know what effect it had on the man but my boxers were on the floor and my cock was in my hand in an instant. The site of this guy burying his face in my mum's pussy was just such a fuckin turn on. I had never ever thought of my mum in that way, but as I watched the action I didn't really have any choice and she was going like a piston into his face, all the time moaning loudly and driving him on.

"Oh fuck me, yes your there do it, do it. Ohhhhhhhh yes oh yes ohhhhhhh god."

She screamed as her orgasm rocked her, she burst into tears and thrust up so hard I thought his face would smash to bits. She was threshing around like a headless chicken and as she began to slow down, and her screams turn to moans he lowered himself slightly and then literally rammed his erection into her. The force and, I assume, the depth of his penetration made her scream all over again. Her vocal response was even worse than before. This woman was a slut, begging for what seemed to me to be the impossible, how could he possibly do it any harder than he was. Whatever he did she was bucking wildly like she was insane.

My orgasm hit me before I even realised it was on the way, it seemed to go on forever, splashing up the door and on the carpet, and still I couldn't stop wanking it as hard as I could. My knees buckled slightly and I was afraid that she would hear, but I was stuck to the spot.

"Yeah do it, fuck it, fuck it all, anything you want just keep fucking my holes, oh god I can't stop it I can't stop coming."

While he was ramming his cock into my mum's pussy his hand slipped between the gap and I was sure he was fingering her bum hole.

"Oh yes, oh yes another one fill that up as well, fill all of it."

Her shouts confirmed my thoughts. Again as her cries for more subsided, he turned her around and made her kneel on the settee with her head and tits over the back. His erection rubbed at her bum hole and slowly it slid inside. Her face was ecstatic, a huge smile crossed her hair covered face; the tears of pleasure making the hair stick even more than the sweat. Her huge breasts swinging with each thrust he made into her most eager bum hole. Now that I could see her face I could see the sheer lust in it. I don't know how long it had been since she had been fucked. I only knew that my dad had been gone for nearly two years now and this was the first time she had been out since then. She had gone to an office party and I had to admit she looked good when she went out, but not half as good as she looked now, bent over the settee with a stud fucking her in every hole. She was still moaning with pleasure and she was getting louder.

"Fill me up, come in my arse fill it with your spunk. Fuck it and fill it, oh yes, oh fuck you got me again, I'm gonna come again, ohhhhhhh yes now now do it, fill me, and fuck me hard fill me......"

The guy was now thrusting for all he was worth, then his head went back, his hand reached out and grabbed a handful of mum's hair and he let out a long hard moan of his own.

As mum hit the peak of her orgasm her eyes flew open. She looked straight at me just as I shot my second load of sperm onto the carpet. She was too far gone to be able to stop and as she started to come down, it seemed to dawn on her that I was watching.

Before either of us could react the guy had moved in front of mum and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"Clean it bitch, and make it good."

The sound of his voice for the first time shook me out of my dream state. I grabbed my boxers which were now on the floor and as quietly as I could went to my room. I buried my face in my pillow and shouted.

"Fuck fuck fuck."

What the fuck was I going to do? She must have seen me even in her totally aroused state it couldn't have been a blur. She must know I had seen her. And what the fuck would I say?

"Oh yeah mum loved it. You really made me come mum, great."

What the fuck was I thinking? I should have just come back to bed and left them to it. At this point of course the picture of her body which, if it hadn't been my mums, I would have said was stunning for a woman her age, jumped into my mind, and like it or not my cock stirred.

"Fuck off." I said into the pillow, "You've caused enough trouble for one night."

But try as I may I could not get that gorgeous body being humped by a young stud out of my head. It got worse very quickly as the young stud was now me.

A little while later I heard the shower running. I didn't know if mum was on her own or with him still and I wasn't about to go and check. My cock was still pointing to the heavens and my mind still filled with that rampant woman being fucked good and hard. No matter what I did I could not get rid of that image.

A minute later I heard a knock on my bedroom door and as it opened I tried to pretend I was asleep.

"Are you awake?"

Pretending half sleep I moaned, "Yes, just. Are you ok?" Idiot. Now she would come in and talk.

"Do you really want me to answer that? Or are you concerned for my safety?" She said.

She walked in the room smiling at me. I think she was either on a high or still a little drunk. I heard the chink of glass and as I opened my eyes she handed me a glass of scotch.

"I think we need to talk. And yes I feel wonderful. For the most part anyway. How long were you there?"

"Not....well....not long." I lied

"Judging by the wet patch by the door you were there for quite some time."

I could smell her clean body and even though she had put a nightdress on I could see her firm tits in my head as she filled my glass again.

"I'm sorry mum; really I didn't know it was you. I just heard a noise and then I saw you in the lounge and I couldn't help it."

"Shhh. Don't worry. It's my fault. I should not have invited him in." She said. "But....well, he was nice, I had been drinking and it's been soooo long. I am truly sorry though that you saw me like....well, like that. You must think I'm a right slut the way I was acting."

"No! No it was...." I stopped too late, realising what I was about to say. I emptied the glass again cursing my big mouth, and my very vivid memories.

"A turn on?" Seeing your mum getting a good fucking. God knows I needed it."

The drink seemed to be getting to her as well. I shifted uncomfortably as my erection was now pushing against the sheets. As I had just dived into bed my boxers were on the floor and I was naked. Mum put the glass and the bottle down.

"Are you hard? Is your cock throbbing for attention under that sheet?"


"Did you really like what you saw? Do you think I have a good body for an old woman?"

My natural defences jumped into action at that, "You're not old and you have a great body...." Shit. Me and my fucking big mouth.

"You really like it then. I though my tits were a little droopy. What do you think?"

"I don't know." I said stupidly, confused. Boys didn't make comments about their mother's tits. Boys didn't get a hard on when their mother sat on their bed either, but here was me with a fucking great stonker that threatened to announce itself any minute.

Mums next move left me both breathless and stunned. She stood up and slowly pulled her nightdress up and over her head. Naked she sat back down, no more than a foot away from me.

"What do you think? Jog your memory at all?"

"Oh fuck mum." I moaned, my eyes running all over her body like a scanning machine. To see it yards away was one thing but to see it so close was almost unbearable. The feeling was strange. This body did not belong to my mum. My head said it did. My body and my instincts said this was the body of a gorgeous woman who was sitting naked on my bed.

She smiled. "You know you want to touch me. I want you to touch me. When I saw you standing there I was so shocked. Then I saw you wanking yourself and I was so turned on. I know you feel the same. I hoped you would want me and that erection your so desperately trying to hide say's that you do. Touch me, run your hands over me. Do what was going through you mind when you saw me downstairs."

She took my hand a slowly pulled it to her firm breast. My mind fought like hell but by the time I touched that wonderful firm breast I had done it without guidance. Mum slipped into bed beside me and pulled my head to feed on her erect nipple, her hand running down my body to my erection. As she touched it I moaned aloud. As she moved over my body, kissing as she went, confusion started to battle in my mind. As her velvet mouth encircled my knob head the confusion was gone forever.

Don't get me wrong, I was no virgin and had been with several girls. Even a good blow job was nothing new. This was something else. This was an expert blow job, delivered by my mum. The more she sucked the prouder I seemed to get that my mum could bring so much pleasure. Before I knew it I was nearing yet another orgasm.

"Oh fuck mum your gonna make me come. Ohh god that's so good."

I had half expected her to slow down, move her mouth away even but no. She sped up, longer harder strokes till I exploded into her mouth. For some totally inexplicable reason I was crying, tears running down my face as I thrust gently into mum s mouth, my hand running through her hair.

As she surface she straddled me. "I would never have thought I could enjoy sucking a cock so much in all my life. Now I want to feel you inside me before we sleep."

I was still semi hard and she was wet enough to slide me in without any trouble As I felt the walls of her vagina grip my cock I again felt some weird sense of pride that my mothers pussy could feel so good. She started to ride me slowly, leaning over me, her breasts above my face. She smiled as I ran my hands over them and moaned softly as I took them into my mouth, sucking on one then the other. She moaned as I returned her thrusts with my own. I was determined to please her as best I could and set my mind to hold off my own pleasure as long as possible.

I sucked on one nipple and pinched the other between my thumb and finger, she moaned as I slightly increased the pressure and pushed down a little harder. I took her nipple between my teeth and put slight pressure on. She pushed down harder and moaned. I alternated between pinching one nipple and biting the other and the more I did it the faster she went until we were both thrusting and ramming as fast as we could.

"Ohh yes son. Do it to me. Do it to mummy, please me fuck me. Do it hard. Oh yes yes, now oh god yes."

She was thrusting up and down on me like a battering ram, her head lost in a frenzy of shaking, and I too was pushing into her as hard as I could. My orgasm exploding into mums juicy horny fuck hole like I had never exploded before.

"Oh mum, oh fuck me mum, oh fuck yes, oh fuck fuck fuck. Ahhhh."

Slowly, very slowly we came to a halt. Mum lay on top of me for a moment then slid in bed beside me. I put my arm around her and pulled her to me. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was the feeling of her warm breast brushing against my side. I was in heaven.


Well that's what I call a short story. Any follow up will depend on the feedback. This took about an hour to write from start to finish so it is certainly short. I usually spend a couple of days writing a story. Enjoy.

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