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Mummy and Me


Everyone in this story is over eighteen.

Until I was old enough to grow tits, my Dad was too busy beating the shit out of my poor Mum, who had given birth to me when they were both still at school, to even notice me. But when he turned his attention to me, that was one step too far for her, and she called the police. He was arrested, a Court Order was issued, and the last – hopefully – we saw of him, was when we saw him with a mousy blonde in the shopping precinct one Saturday, way over at the other side of the city.

Through college, I suppose my father's leering brutality cast a shadow over my occasional attempts at relationships with boys, and they never prospered, beyond a kiss and a furtive grope in the back row of the cinema.

My Mum, still, I thought, quite beautiful, with long sleek auburn hair and big dark eyes, and still slim, didn't seem to go in for dating either, so it was a surprise when, one evening when I returned from the estate agent's office I worked in, I found her sharing a glass of wine on the sofa with a well-dressed guy of around forty, whom she presented as Phil. I was even more surprised when they went out together, leaving me a meal ready to microwave. Mum came back after I had gone to bed, and I thought I heard sounds, and at first wondered if she had brought Phil back with her.

The sounds went on, and curiosity got the better of me. I went to the bathroom, the wall of which adjoined Mum's room, and it was then I realised that the sounds were not love-making. My Mum was sobbing her heart out.

Hesitantly, I knocked on her door. 'You alright, Mum?'

After a while, still crying, she managed to blurt out, 'Yes, Tanya, darling, go back to bed, I'll be OK.'

'You sure, Mum? Nothing I can get you?'

'No, love, good night.'

Still hesitant, I went back to bed, but couldn't get to sleep for some time, wondering what on earth had happened to the only person I loved in the whole world.

Next morning, Mum's eyes were red-rimmed, but she smiled wanly as she took coffee with me, and we both went off to work without me being any the wiser.

When I got home that evening, she was sat at the kitchen table, smoking a rare cigarette – she said she'd given them up months before. She looked ready to talk.

'Well?' I asked, 'What was that all about? You and Phil...........'

'Didn't work out, of course,' she said, with less bitterness than acceptance, I thought.

'I know, Mum,' I said, with feeling, then with the sudden flash of an idea: 'Why don't we go out for a night on the town – just the two of us?'

'You don't want to be lumbered with an old bag like me,' she said.

'Oh, Mum, you're.....what, thirty-six? And you scrub up well. Christ, we'd pass for sisters if you make the effort.'

'Scrub up well, eh?' she said, and at last that managed to get a laugh out of her, 'Okay, then, we'll do it, you condescending cow!'

I took a bit of time getting ready, slipping on a spangly short silver dress to show off my best feature, my legs, then brushed my long, straight black hair until it shone, before working on my make-up. By this time, my Mum was all ready and waiting.

'You can't seriously think of going out in trousers, Mum!' I said, when I saw that she had put on a pair of black tailored trousers and a cream silk blouse, 'It's nice and warm, do yourself a favour and change into a nice little skirt.'

'I haven't got anything,' she said lamely, so I found her a pleated navy miniskirt from my own wardrobe.

'But......I can't wear a miniskirt!'

'Why on earth not – you've got great legs.' Reluctantly she changed into it, and, both wearing strappy stilettos, we called a taxi to take us to the part of the city where all the clubs and night-spots are.

'Let's go and have a pizza first,' I suggested, 'I'm hungry.'

'But it's late.'

'Mum, it's only just after ten, and nothing gets going for a while yet.' My Mum was out of her depth, but relaxed visibly as we drank a bottle of Lambrusco with our pizza, and said, 'Look, Tanya, let's drop the "Mum," eh? Can I be plain "Jan" from now on? As you said, we could be sisters.'

'It'll take a bit of getting used to, Jan, but Okay.'

We went on to a club I had been to many times before, and no sooner had we got there than we had a couple of fairly obnoxious guys hitting on us.

'I don't know about your's, M..Jan,' I whispered, 'But mine's got halitosis.'

'Mine's got hands like a fucking octopus,' said my Mum, who never swore, 'Let's move on, shall we?'

As we stepped outside I suddenly spotted a friend from the office, Madeleine, dressed in a tight black dress she must have been poured into.

'Hello, darling,' she said, 'Who's your lovely friend?'

I introduced her simply as Jan, and Madeleine suggested we might like to go with her to a club she knew. 'Very exclusive,' she said, 'But I can get you in, for sure.'

We called a cab, and I saw my Mum looking curiously at Madeleine as we were disgorged at a posh-looking entrance.

'Is she Okay?' she whispered to me. I wasn't sure what she meant, but before I had time to consider a reply, we were ushered through a reception area, where Madeleine seemed to know the two girls on duty, down some steps and onto a vibrant dance floor.

She led us to a crowded bar, and there introduced us, with hugs and kisses to a slim girl with short, platinum-blond hair, wearing a microscopic miniskirt and peasant blouse, as Niki. She had a lovely smile, which revealed – just – a silver stud in her darting tongue. Fascinatingly, she also had a glinting stone set into one of her front teeth.

We all soon had short drinks, then I had the chance to look around, and it was only then that I realised that everyone present was female. All the couples dancing, even some who were intimately close, despite the rapid beat of the music, were girls – of all ages. I nudged my Mum, and whispered, 'Do you realise we're in a Dyke Club?'

She turned to me and whispered back, 'I don't think your friends would like that word, do you?' I felt instantly ashamed. But Madeleine was asking my Mum to dance, and I was surprised when she readily agreed. Niki took my arm and, without a word, guided me out onto the floor, where we gyrated to the beat.

Quite suddenly, the lights were dimmed, and the music changed to a slow, sensuous bolero. I found myself in a tight embrace with Niki – for the first time in my life, I was being held by another woman in a manner I could only describe as sexual. She pushed a long, bare leg in between mine, and her hands ran down my back, sending a shiver through my body that had nothing to do with the temperature. Then she was cupping my arse-cheeks with both hands, and the perfume of her soft hair was fragrant against my cheek, as she slowly, slowly, turned to kiss me. Before I knew it, we were kissing, kissing deeply, her wonderful, studded tongue searching way into my mouth as I returned her kiss with fervour. I felt a wetness seeping into my panties, that I had never before experienced, and just then I was dimly aware of my Mum and Madeleine, also tightly locked in a loving embrace, right beside us.

I heard Madeleine's deep voice quietly saying, 'Oh, Jan, I'd really like to fuck you.'

My mother's reply was lost to me as they moved away.

My mind, to say the least of it, was in a whirl. Here I was, in a Lesbian Club and with my mother! Shit! But above and beyond that, I was enjoying myself. I really was – Niki's body was moulded to mine in a way that I could never have imagined, and now she was nibbling my ear-lobe, pushing that amazing studded tongue into my ear.

She breathed into my ear, 'You want me, love, don't you? Don't be afraid to admit it, I can tell.' My own breathing had now quickened, and I had difficulty in saying anything at all, so I just nodded.

Niki moved away and took my hand in hers, led me through the dancers to a dark corner of the hall, where two couples could just about be seen, locked in embraces on low couches, but another divan was free, and Niki sank down onto it, and pulled me gently down with her. Immediately, her hands were busy, stroking my thighs, higher and higher, making me gasp, until she encountered my silk panties. I tried to resist as she hooked her fingers over the waistband, but it was token resistance at best, and she wwas soon easing them down, down over my hips, down to my knees. Her questing fingers then found my neatly-trimmed bush, and I gasped again as she pulled gently at my outer labia.

'No, no!' I said, 'Please!' But she knew I wanted her touch more than anything in the world right then, and her exert fingers went on, probing, finding my clit, and drawing a sharp moan from me, then sinking into the hot, wet depths of my eager cunt.

'Oh Niki, Niki!' I gasped, 'Yes, yes!' As I came, I was suddenly aware that I needed to return the favour – for both our sakes. When I ran my hand up her slender thigh, I found that she wore no panties, and, what was more, she was completely shaven. I was entranced, and, as she obligingly parted her legs, I sank three fingers deep into her sopping wet vagina.

'Go down on me, darling!' she said, 'I want your tongue in me!' I bent down, oblivious of any spectators there may have been – it was pretty dark - and plunged my tongue hard into her sweet-tasting cunt. In seconds, she shuddered violently, and I knew she had cum.

When we had both recovered, we both needed another drink, so we went to the bar, where Madeleine was standing.

'Ah, Tanya, Jan is looking for you – I think she's gone to the Ladies' room,' she said.

I went and found her. 'Well?' I asked.

'Unbelievable, just unbelievable!' was all she would say, and kept repeating it after we had said our goodbyes, and all the way home in the taxi.

Next day was Saturday – no work, and a chance to have a late morning. I came down for breakfast at about ten-thirty, and my Mum was making coffee. I sat in a kitchen chair.

'Well?' I queried.

'Well, what?' she grinned, but wore a strange expression I couldn't read.

'You know. How did it go, with Madeleine?'

'Let's say I learned things about myself that I never suspected. But I saw you with what's her name?......Niki?'

It was my turn to be embarrassed. 'What.............on the couch?'

'Yes, my dear, on the couch. And I....I....'

'You what, Mum?'

'I don't really know – I think I was jealous!'

'Oh, Mum – Jan, can I still call you that, it feels right.'

'Of course, darling.' She was standing right behind me now, still-firm breasts loose under a filmy negligee, against my neck, her hands stroking the silky softness of my hair.

I hardly knew what to say. 'Kiss me, Jan,' I said, and when she did, it wasn't a motherly kiss - she pulled my head around, taking it in both hands, and, her mouth open, planted her lips firmly on mine, mouth open, tongue working overtime, mine responding with interest as we sought to show each others' pent-up passion. Then my hands kneaded her lovely breasts, and she pulled away for long enough to say, 'Tanya, darling, this is supposed to be wrong, isn't it?'

'Yes, Jan, it's supposed to be, but if we want each other.............'

She smiled, still standing just apart from me. 'I don't know about you, but I just love anticipation. Let's go shopping, spend a nice day together, and think about what we might do later – what do you say?'

'Kiss me, and I'll tell you.'

She did. 'I think that would be lovely, Jan. I feel like I've got a brand new life.'

We both put on light summer dresses – mine a short sundress with a halter-top, so that all I wore under it was a pair of white silk panties, whilst Jan had on a pretty cotton print button-through. We both wore stiletto-heeled sandals, and, at my suggestion, identical gold anklets. I said it sort of 'bound us together' to wear similar items like that.

We shopped together, had lunch in a wine-bar, shopped some more, and stopped for a cup of tea, but all the time, I was anticipating – just like my Mum said. I watched her, the way she crossed her slim legs when she sat down, the way she tossed back her mane of auburn hair, and tucked strands behind her ears when she ate. I loved her, and wanted her desperately. Seeing the way she looked at me, I knew she felt the same way.

She laid her hand on mine. 'Oh, Tanya, I don't care what society thinks...................,' she began. I put my finger to her lips, 'You don't even have to say anything, Jan, darling.' I felt so easy now, using her name – a barrier had been crossed, we both knew.

Under the table of the coffee bar where we were taking our afternoon tea, Jan's hand slid up my naked thigh, causing a delicious tingle to spread into my crotch.

'Let's go home,' I said, 'I don't think I can wait much longer.'

But well before we got home in the car, my nerves were on edge. I was going to have sex – with my mother! But then I looked across at her, driving, her skirt riding up on smooth bare legs, and she glanced back at me, a shy little smile playing on her lips, then her hand moved from the gearstick to my knee, always, for some reason, a sensitive place, and I knew it was going to be alright.

As soon as we got in the door, I found myself in her arms, and we kissed for a long time, our tongues exploring, probing, her hands pulling my buttocks hard in towards her, until my breath was coming in short gasps.

'Come on, let's go to bed,' Jan said, her voice half an octave lower than usual, and pulled away, taking me by the hand, and leading me upstairs.

She had put black satin sheets I never knew she had on the bed, and a heady perfume pervaded her room, as she told me towait while she went to the bathroom.

When she came back, seconds later, she was wearing a short baby-doll nightie, virginal white, with a fake fur trim around the hem and neckline. She wore no panties, and I saw that she had shaved – or been depilated – completely.

'God, Jan,' I breathed, 'You look good enough to eat.'

'Eat me, darling,' she rejoined, and pulled me down onto the bed, both hands up my short skirt almost before I was on the silky-smooth sheet. She pulled down my panties, and I made no attempt to resist as she fingered my labia, feeling the wetness that had been building up for some time.

My own hands went up under her whisper-thin baby-doll, stroking the length of her smooth body, then moulding her round, firm breasts, their nipples now hard and excited under my touch. She kissed me fervently, her tongue working around my mouth, as I flipped open the bow which held up my halter-neck sundress, then slid it down and threw it off the bed. I lay back, then, and opened my legs wide, parting my labia with the ingers of both hands, so that Jan could see right into the hot, wet pinkness of my eager cunt. Immediately, she fell upon it, her face buried between my legs, and I felt the instant thrill course through me as her knowing teeth bit down gently on my growing clitoris. Then her tongue found its inevitable way into the wet depths of my cunt, and she began to lap me, as I teased her nipples to perfect erection.

But that wasn't enough for either of us, of course, and I said, hoarsely, 'Turn around for me, Jan, I want your sweet pussy.'

'She came up for air, long enough to answer me, 'Oh yes, darling!' And we were in a '69' position, my tongue sampling the sweet stickiness of my mother's warm vagina, that from which I once came, which somehow didn't seem wrong at all. Her smooth, clean-shaven pubes were just so lovely, and, like me, she had a clit that swelled and grew as her excitement mounted. But most of all I enjoyed the sheer joy of thrusting my tongue deep inside her, and feeling the contraction of her cunt-muscles as I did so, simultaneously hearing her moan and feeling her whole body quiver with passion.

Finally she yelled, 'Oh, oh,yes, yes! I'm cumming, yes,yes!' And with a great heave, more creamy juices flowed from somewhere deep within her than I would have thjought possible.

I had made my mother cum! Christ, that was a wonderful feeling, but she wasn't finished with me, not yet. She moved away. I sensed that she was rummaging around in a drawer, and then she was back, and I felt something that was remarkably like a male prick slowly being inserted into my vagina. I looked and saw that it was just the tip of a huge, ribbed, pink dildo, which Jan was working slowly, so slowly, into my cunt, which I thought would be torn apart by its huge dimensions. But then she turned on a switch

at its base and I realised that it wasn't a simple vibrator – it was a gyrating machine with, seemingly, a life of its own, its business end working around inide me, causing me to drive towards a very rapid climax. When I came, Jan was kissing me, but my whole body shuddered as if in the grips of a great tornado.

'Was that good?' I asked, knowing the answer.

'It was absolutely great, as you well know, and I think we finally got you there too, didn't we?'


'Of course,' she went on, 'There are lots more things we can do together, darling, as I'm sure you know.'

I didn't want to admit that I didn't really know what else we could do, so I kept quiet, then I had a sudden thought.

'That wasn't your first time with a woman, was it?'

'Well, you know about Madeleine.'

'But before that,' I persisted.

'A long time ago,' she said, 'Yes, there was someone.' She obviously didn't want to tell me any more. 'We'd better have a rest now, or we're not going to be able to do much more at all today,' she grinned.

Before I knew it, I was fast asleep, and didn't wake up until almost eight o'clock, by which time I could hear my mum clanking around in the kitchen, getting dinner ready.

We ate in silence, somehow hardly daring to speak to one another, after what had happened, but then it was my mother who finally broke the ice.

'Shall we go out again?' she said.

'If you want,' I said, 'We don't have to go to work tomorrow, after all.'

'On the other hand.................'

We decided to stay in, and my Mum produced a video I never suspected she had kept in a drawer in her room. 'Would you like it if we watched this together?' she asked.

'Why not?' I replied, and she loaded it into the machine, then we made ourselves comfortable on the sofa. Two stunningly beautiful blondes stripped each other, one leaving on a very tight-looking black corset and stockings, while the other was naked save for a heavy gilt waist-chain. I noticed that, when she kissed the corsetted girl, she also, like Niki, had a tongue-stud. There was more metalwork in her shaven slit, with a silver dumbell sort of decoration adorning her clitoris. There was much moaning, probably exaggerated, but then the girl with the studded tongue swept her long blond hair out of the way of the camera, as her friend knelt and spread her buttocks with both hands, revealing a distended arsehole that looked as if it had been well-used.

As the studded tongue started to probe the dark depths of her friend's anus, my mother's hand slid up under my skirt, and I felt her breathing quicken.

I squirmed with pleasure as her fingers pushed aside my panties and found my crack, our eyes rivetted onto the lewd happenings on screen, as first the girl's tongue, then a long, silver dildo went deep into the other girl's anus, drawing great groans of ecstasy from her. The dildo was rammed in and out, and then, quite suddenly, its recipient screamed and squirted a massive quantity of creamy fluid all over her friend's face and hands.

'Oh Christ!' said my mother, turning off the video, and I knew then that we were both far too aroused to leave it at that. Her hand was still toying with my pussy, and I was kneading her breasts. We kissed each other lovingly for a long time.

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