tagGroup SexMusical Chairs in a Hot Tub

Musical Chairs in a Hot Tub


There were four of us couples that had been friends for a long time. Sometimes only two or three of the couples would get together, if someone had something else they had to do. But mostly, it was the eight of us getting together to have fun. Dancing, picnics at the beach, barbeque, dinner out, just what ever we thought might be fun, and maybe different.

We were all sitting around one evening after a barbeque at Chuck and Christy's, trying to plan a long weekend some where out of town. We always had a good time together, where ever we went and whatever we did.

Tom spoke up, "I saw an ad for an off season condo rental up at the ski area. Being summer, I guess they're having trouble renting it out, 'cause the rate was real cheap."

Tammy chimed in, "Tom showed it to me when he saw it in the paper. We thought maybe we could all chip in and go for the upcoming holiday weekend."

John asked, "What do you mean by cheap? Our budget is pretty badly bent!"

Tom replied, "It sounds like an unusual layout. It has a big great room with four double sized futon beds and a fireplace. Not that we would want a fire in this nice weather. It has a kitchen with an eating area, and two bathrooms. There's a deck with a gas grill, and a huge HOT TUB!"

Tammy added, "When we called to ask about it, they said it was fully furnished with dishes and linens. That all we would need to bring would be clothes, food, and whatever we wanted to drink. Oh, and that they would have the hot tub full and hot! Anyone interested?"

Janice asked, "Like John said, we're pretty broke. How much do they want for the three day weekend?"

Tom answered, "We can have it from Friday night thru the three day weekend, and up until Tuesday morning for $400.00. That's only a hundred bucks a couple for the whole weekend!"

Willie and Wanda had just been sitting and listening to the conversation.

Wanda spoke up, "If the sleeping accommodations are just the four big futons, its not going to give anyone much privacy."

Willie added, "You all know how shy Wanda is."

Chuck quickly said, "Maybe this would help her get over being Little Miss Shy!"

That bought some laughs, snickers, and chuckles from everyone except Wanda.

In her defense Wanda said, "But I'm not built sexy like you other girls are."

Willie pitched in, "Honey, you may not be as well built as some of the others, but you are a better kisser and a better ---"

Wanda cut him off, "Willie, you just Shush!"

All was quiet for a minute.

To break the silence Tom asked, "Well, what do you think? Tammy and I think we would all enjoy a weekend up in the mountains. That's why we called to find out about it."

There was a little buzz of conversations between each of the couples.

After just a couple of minutes, Chuck said, "Count Christy and I in. We think it would be a blast!"

Janice was next, "John and I will go if everyone else goes. We can manage the hundred, but not any more than that."

Everyone looked at Willie and Wanda. They looked at each other, and finally Wanda spoke, "Okay, we'll go, but everyone has to bring a bathing suit and pajamas!"

Everyone laughed, including Willie.

Tom said, "Okay, I'll rent the condo, but each of you guys owe me a hundred bucks. Us guys will bring some booze, you girls get together and work out who is bringing the food."

Tom met with the owner, gave him a check, and picked up the keys and a map on how to get there. The girls got together during the week and figured out who was bringing what, in the way of food. The guys all knew what they and their wife liked to drink, so that was easy.

They all met at Tom and Tammy's house after work on Thursday. Tom would drive his SUV and John would take his big suburban. They loaded ice chests, grocery bags, suitcases and themselves into the two vehicles. They were on their way for a relaxing long weekend with friends. Life was good.

The trip up to the ski area was a couple of hours drive. Everyone was talking about how much fun this was going to be. The only one who was nervous was Wanda. She still wasn't sure about four couples all sleeping in one big room.

When they got there, they all hurried inside to check it out. It was really nice, just like the owner had told Tom. Tom walked over to a big sliding glass door, opened the drapes, and there on the deck was a huge hot tub. It was made out of redwood, like on old wine vat. It was about eight feet across and three feet high. He opened the door and walked out. Everyone followed him.

Tom folded the insulated cover back halfway. The steam came rolling out.

Tammy stuck her hand in, "Nice, very nice!"

Tom closed the cover and said, "I'm hungry, what did you girls bring to eat?"

Janice said, "Each of us girls are doing dinner for one night. Tonight's my turn. Remember, John and I told you that our budget was badly bent. Tonight you're going to have to settle for grilled burgers, pork and beans, chips and dip, and I've got a big jug of cold iced tea."

John lit the grill so it could start getting hot. The girls all got busy in the kitchen, and got paper plates and plastic silverware out of one of the grocery bags they had brought. They were NOT doing a lot of dishes this weekend!

Everyone enjoyed the burgers and beans, chips and tea. After they finished eating, cleaning up was a breeze! They all moved over to the futons, to let dinner settle and enjoy each other's conversation. After a while, John said, "I'm going to get my money's worth for my hundred bucks. I don't know about the rest of you, but Janice and I are going to the hot tub."

They both got up, grabbed their suits and towels out of their suitcase, and went in one of the bathrooms to change. A couple of minutes later, they came out and said, "Who's going to join us?"

Tom and Tammy got up, grabbed their suits and towels, and went in one bathroom. Chuck and Christy headed for the other bathroom. Six of them were ready for the hot tub. The guys in baggy trunks, but the three girls were all in bikinis.

Wanda complained to Willie, "See? This is what I was talking about."

Willie said, "You guys go on out, we'll be there in a bit."

The three couples all went out on the deck. It was a warm summer evening, with lots of stars shining. Tom and Chuck took the cover off the hot tub.

"Ladies first!" Said John.

There were redwood steps at one side, up to the top of the tub, and there was a little deck a couple of feet wide around the back half of the tub. Tammy was the first one in. She went up the steps and could see that there were steps inside the tub, too. There was a bench seat that went all the way around.

She paused at the top of the steps, curtsied to three guys who were watching her intently, and stepped down into the hot water. She paraded all the way around to the other side of the tub, walking on the bench, before she sat down. The water came up just over her shoulders.

Christy went up the steps as the guys watched. She got to the top of the steps and walked all the way around the little deck before getting in. Janice just went up the steps, stepped down into the hot water and sat down.

Tom, Chuck and John all got in and went to set next to their wife.

After about ten minutes, Willie and Wanda came walking out. All three girls whistled at Willie. He was wearing a little speedo suit.

Wanda was wearing a full coverage one piece, plain black suit. She went up the steps and down in the water as quickly as she could. Willie went up the steps, made a couple of body builder poses for the girls, and then got in, sitting down next to Wanda.

After about an hour in the hot water, everyone was getting pruny and feeling very relaxed. The conversation had been great as always. The stars were gorgeous. Everyone was happy. Even Wanda.

Tom said, "I'm soaked out."

Everyone agreed. They all got out, one by one, with Wanda being the last one out. They all picked up their towels and dried off. Everyone went in the condo, and took turns using the bathrooms to change into whatever they were going to sleep in.

Tom and John were both just in pajama pants. Chuck was in a pair of loose fitting shorts. Willie came out in just a pair of men's bikini underwear.

"I'm covered. It's more than I usually sleep in!" Was Willie's retort to all the stares he was getting.

Tammy and Janice came out in pajama's. Yes, tops and bottoms! Christy came out of the bathroom to whistles and applause. She was wearing a skimpy little baby doll top and tiny panty bottoms.

She struck a sexy pose and said, "Chuck bought this for me and insisted that I wear it. So here I am!"

As usual, Wanda was the last one out. She was wearing a full length cotton night gown. It hung on her like a sack.

The guys each crawled into one of the futon beds with their wife as Tom turned out the lights. It had been light out on the deck, with a couple of small lights and all the stars. But in here it was dark. It was pitch black. Everyone was tired, so it was quiet as they all went to sleep.

Morning found everyone rested and ready for the new day. The sun was shining, so they had a quick breakfast and headed out to look around the area. The condo was one of a four-plex. The next condos or houses were quite a ways away. The only cars they saw was their two.

They hiked around a little exploring the area. They were the only ones there. Guess that's why the rent for the weekend was cheap. It was summer time and everyone else wanted to go to the beach or something.

They got back to the condo about noon. The girls fixed lunch, and everyone sat out on the deck, enjoying their surroundings. Blue sky, lots of trees, birds singing. And no traffic noises. No sirens. It was a marvelous quiet.

After they ate, everyone loaded up in the two vehicles and they went to see if maybe one of the lifts was running. Maybe giving scenic rides to the top of the mountain and back down. No such luck. Bummer!

They found a little stream to get out and explore. Everyone agreed that it was great just to be out of the city. Then it was back to the condo. They spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging around on the deck.

As evening came, Chrisy said, "I cheated. I've got lasagna that I cooked at home and a big salad that I fixed. Let me go put the lasagna and the French bread I baked in the oven to heat. We can eat in about 20 minutes."

She headed for the kitchen. She came back out in a few minutes and said, "Paper plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware. I like doing it this way!"

Dinner was a big hit with everyone. When they were finished, Chuck said, "Since Christy fixed dinner, I guess it's my turn to clean up. That's how we do it at home."

He started picking up everyones empty plates and cups, putting them in the trash. He said, "It must have been good. There aren't any leftovers! I'll wash up the salad bowl, the bread pan, and the lasagna dish and be all done."

John said, "We like to play board games. I brought our Monopoly game. Anyone want to play?"

Everyone thought it sounded like fun. They sat the game up on the dining table, with the four benches each seating two people, and they would play as partners. This condo was set up just right for eight people.

The game went on for about three hours. John and Janice had won. They owned all four railroads, the utilities, and most of the high dollar properties, each with several hotels.

John said, "I wish it was this easy to get rich in the real world!"

Janice chimed in, "Yeah, then I wouldn't have to work!"

Everyone was laughing and joking as they put the game away.

Wanda went in one of the bathrooms. She was in there for just a few minutes, when the door opened. Everyone was SHOCKED! Especially Willie! She walked out as naked as the day she was born!

A hush fell on the room. No one said a word. They were all just standing there, speechless.

Wanda broke the silince, "The lining of my suit was wet, cold and clammy. It's just us friends here. Let's get this party started!"

She walked across the room to the kitchen and picked up the wind up timer off the counter. She announced, "We're going to play a new game in the hot tub. And you guys all thought you knew me!"

She went out the sliding glass door that Willie had opened. Everyone sort of looked at each other, with questioning looks on their faces, and all of them just stripped where they were standing. Out the door they trooped.

Wanda was struggling with the cover on the hot tub.

John and Chuck said right together, "Let me help you, Miss Wicked Wanda!"

A burst of laughter filled the night air. Everyone got in the tub and sat down next to their spouse.

Wanda said, "The game goes like this. You guys all have to get up and move over to the next wife. I'm going to set the timer for 20 minutes. When it goes off you guys have to move over to the next wife. I'll set the timer for another 20 minutes. Until you guys finally get to spend 20 minutes with your own wife. Anything goes! We are all going to act like horny teenagers! But you have to stay in the hot tub. Have fun!"

She wound the timer up for 20 minutes and sat down with Tom. She leaned over to Tom and said, "I guess we'll have to show them all how it's done." She planted a long kiss on Tom's lips.

At first no one else moved. Then the wives all got into the act and started kissing who ever they were sitting with. The guys responded with "Russian Hands and Roman Fingers!" Water was splashing everywhere, as hands got busy under the water. It seemed too soon to everyone when the timer rang.

Wanda instructed, "Okay guys, switch! Just like musical chairs except no one gets left out!"

All four guys got up and moved over to the next wife. The longer the game went on, the more giggles, shreiks, and laughter there was. It was only quiet when lots of kissing was going on.

Finally, the 20 minutes with each couple enjoying their own spouse was up.

Wanda said, "You wives all come over here to this side of the hot tub and you husbands all scoot over there."

They all moved so it was a group of wives and a group of husbands.

The guys were whispering to each other.

"What do think happens now?"

"What do you think might happen?"

"Do you think this might go farther?"

The wives were having their own little pow-wow.

Wanda was whispering to the other wives, but the guys couldn't make out what she was saying. After a few minutes the wives all stood up.

Wanda said, "Okay, guys, stand up over there. Four across in a line."

The guys broke their huddle and lined up.

The wives shuffled the order they had been standing in. Now, no one was opposite their own spouse.

Wanda said, "We wives have decided this is fun and we're not done! We've all agreed to these rules. NO RULES! Anything goes! We're all going inside. Each couple gets a futon, We're going to continue this game of musical chairs. Only this time, I'm going to set the timer for an hour each time. We hope you guys can handle us!"

The guys each took which ever wife was standing opposite them in the hot tub by the hand, and helped them out. The guys were all grinning!

After they dried off, everyone went into the great room. Wanda turned all the bright lights off, but left a couple of small lights on, so everyone could see what the others were doing. She set the timer for 60 minutes.

Tom was with Christy, Chuck was with Wanda, Willie was with Janice, and John was with Tammy. The wives all walked to their futon, bringing their new partner along by the hand.

Christy laid down on her side, with Tom laying down facing her. They started to kiss and explore each other's body, a lot more intimately than they had done out on the hot tub.

Chuck didn't know what to expect, since he was with Wicked Wanda! She told him to lay down on his back, then sat down on his chest, with her feet on each side of his head.

Wicked Wanda ordered him, "Chucky, baby, you'd better lick me good, or I just might have to spank you!"

Chuck started eating her pussy, like he was starving. He sure as hell wasn't going to take any chances, of her spanking him with who knows what. Maybe only her hand, but maybe with his own belt!

Janice was extra excited. She had whistled the loudest when Willie came out in his little speedo suit. It had been quite obvious that Willie was well hung.

She got down on her hands and knees, and told him, "I need that big cock of yours, buried deep in this hot, wet pussy!"

Willie got down on his knees behind her, and started teasing her, just putting the head in, then running it up and down her slit.

Janice yelled at him, "Damn it, Willie, I said I need a good fucking, now do me... hard!"

Tammy said to John, "On your back, Big Boy, and spread your knees, I love 69!" She climbed on top of him, pushed her pussy down to his waiting mouth and tongue, and started in on his hard cock with her tongue and soft lips.

All too soon, the timer went off. Two of the couples were already finished, and were just cuddling. Two of the couples, had to take a few extra minutes, to finish what they were in the middle of. No way in hell were they going to stop, just because the timer rang!

Wicked Wanda said, "I think everyone can go one more round, so guys, get up and move to the next wife."

All the husbands moved over to the next wife. No one was with their own spouse.

She said, "After this round, I suggest we all just cuddle up and go to sleep with which ever person you are with. That means, you don't need to be reserved, and save anything for the next round. We'll do it whenever I wake up... later."

Wanda set the timer. She was now with Tom. She said to him, "Okay, Tom, I've heard Tammy talk about how good you are. It's time to show me. I want you to just wear me out!"

Chuck and Janice were going at it with him on top, plain old fashioned missionary position, but extremely energetically.

Willie was now with Tammy. She told him, "I've been checking out that bulge in your pants when we've been at other functions."

"Now you aren't wearing any pants, and I get to check out that big dick of yours, up close and personal. She put her head in his lap, and started on his massive hard-on.

The last couple was John and Christy. John said, "Christy, you have no idea how many times I have fantasized about having you. I hope you're ready for me to live out that fantasy, and give you the fucking of your life!"

She answered, "Go ahead and ravage me, wild and wanton. Chuck's pretty good, but, he's pretty mild about it. Make me go crazy!"

That was all John needed to hear. "Okay Christy, you wild woman, lay down over this pillow, on your back. I'm going to pound your pussy like a jack-hammer." He thrust his hard cock into her wet, waiting cunt.

He was quite a bit bigger than Chuck, so Christy let out a soft moan. "Oh, my God, No wonder Janice is always smiling! It feels wonderful, to be stretched. Pound me, John!" And he did!

After round two, everyone just snuggled up and went to sleep. They were all really tired. Wanda woke up about 5:00AM. She wound the timer up, then turned it back, making it ring.

"Okay, all you horny husbands, move over to the next wife. We wives are rested enough to go again."

It seemed like all of the husbands woke up with a morning woodie. No one was going to let a good erection go to waste, so they all just went at it.

Round four, found everyone back with their own spouse. All of the couples agreed. Three rounds in one night was enough. There was always tomorrow, to continue Wicked Wanda's wonderful game. Everyone just snuggled down, and went back to sleep.

The rest of the weekend was wild. Everyone would be going back to work on Tuesday to recover from their holiday weekend. Good friends shared a fuckfest weekend!

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