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Muslim Bisexuality: It's My Life


I like to be dominated by women, occasionally I hook up with guys and I am actually a Muslim man born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Does that surprise you? My name is Mohammed Abdul-Hafiz and I moved from my hometown of Jeddah City to metropolitan Ottawa, Ontario in the summer of 2011. I've been living in the Canadian capital ever since, and started to think of it as home. I can't go back to Saudi Arabia, especially after my father Karim Abdul-Hafiz found out about certain vices I indulged in while living in the West and decided to cut me out of my inheritance. That's good news for my younger brother Ali, I guess. The bastard finally has me out of the way and will inherit our family's millions when dad dies. Oh, well.

When one door closes, another one opens, that's how the popular saying goes, right? I've built an interesting life for myself here in Canada. I'm studying business administration at Carleton University, and I've made a lot of friends there. I surprised a lot of people by joining the group African Students United instead of the Islamic Students Association because, as a citizen of Saudi Arabia, I was expected to involved with all things Islamic. Since moving to Canada, I have changed so much. I still believe in Allah the one True God and follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, but I find myself questioning a lot of things that go on in Muslim communities.

Living in Canada has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things which I never questioned before. I'm from a place where women cannot drive, where a man has power of life and death over his wife and household, and where no female can leave the house without a burka on or being accompanied by a male relative as her escort. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes places like Jordan and Qatar look like the United States of America by comparison. We're the most conservative nation in the world. For most of my life, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was my home. I was born on February 7, 1989 in a villa on the outskirts of Jeddah City to Karim Abdul-Hafiz, a multimillionaire Saudi businessman and Fatima Kader, a Somali servant.

A lot of wealthy Saudi men sire offspring with the Filipino, Somali and Indian female servants attached to their households. My father was different in that he was quite generous with my mother and myself. He acknowledged me as his son, granted me Saudi citizenship and even put me in his will. My father's love for my mother, a black woman from Somalia, was uncommon in Saudi society back in those days. The Arabs are the most racist people in the world. They hate blacks and look down on them, even though lots of Africans follow Islam. My father had another son, my younger brother Ali, whom he begat from Ceylin, a Turkish woman whom he married. Under Saudi law, the eldest male offspring stands to inherit the bulk of a man's wealth. Ali's mother Ceylin was incensed when I was born a few months before him, or so I've been told by various people in my father's house.

Can you imagine? My father Kasim is one of the most powerful Clerics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and he's also a good friend of the Great King Abdullah himself. For him to name a half black, half Arab lad like myself the heir to his fortune was unprecedented. All the other women in the Abdul-Hafiz household were jealous of my mother, especially Ceylin and her son Ali. When I turned eighteen, my father asked me what I wanted to do with my life. The sky's the limit, he promised me. I considered that before giving him answer. I had always been fascinated with western society, like most Saudis I know, and I told him I wanted to study abroad.

My father thought I wanted to study in the United States of America since it's the place most Muslims find both scary and fascinating. Nope, not me. I wanted to study in Canada. Why Canada? Simply because it's close to America, it's got a lot to offer, and it's also a peaceful country. America and Russia have fought numerous wars against Muslims and against each other. Canada doesn't invade other countries. Canada is the land of tolerance and peace. What's not to like? When I explained this to my father, he embraced me and thanked Allah for granting me such wisdom. It was decided that I would study at a university in the Capital region of Canada.

That's how I ended up at Carleton University, one of Canada's leading universities and also the place where I would discover my true self. While walking through the university library one afternoon, I met a beautiful young woman named Jacqueline Thompson. She was tall, curvy and dark-skinned, with a big round butt. Jacqueline recently moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from her hometown of Bethel in Jamaica. Like me, she was an international student. Now, on the surface, Jacqueline and I basically had nothing in common. I was raised Muslim, though I don't consider myself very religious. I pray in private and don't attend Masjid anymore. Also, I'm seen as too liberal and too westernized by various Muslim students I know at school, so I keep to myself. Oh, and I'm a bisexual male with an interest in BDSM and female domination. Yeah, I'm different. Jacqueline is a proud Christian and a staunch Catholic. She wears a cross around her neck, and she's also involved with the Christian students group at school. Oh, and she believes in waiting for marriage before having sex. All those things she shared with me during our first meeting in the library that afternoon. How about that?

The thing that most Westerners don't realize about us Muslims is our attitude toward human sexuality. In Islamic societies, men spend a lot of time around men and women spend a lot of time around other women. While public displays of homosexuality or lesbianism can and will get you killed, we firmly believe that what goes on behind closed doors is nobody's business. If a woman has sex with other women, that's okay. Most Muslims will say it's Haram but only because they've been taught to say it. Believe me, most Muslim guys have fucked at least one guy and most Muslim girls have fucked at least one other female. Situational bisexuality runs rampant in the Islamic faith. You didn't hear this from me, of course.

At Carleton University, I met a young man named Stephen Cormier. Like he was biracial, born to a French Canadian mother and Haitian father. He grew up in the City of Montreal, Quebec, and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, for school. Stephen and I met at the gym. He was working out with his girlfriend Astrid O'Neill, a tall, red-haired and green-eyed Caucasian gal of Irish descent, I believe. Stephen and Astrid had been dating for six months and while he did enjoy sex with her, he also had a craving for guys. That's where I came in. The first time I laid eyes on Stephen, I knew he was at least bisexual. Now, he's tall and masculine, he dresses like a regular guy and doesn't act weird or girly or anything but I could sense he and I were the same. We talked, and later on, we got together.

Stephen Cormier wanted to explore his bisexuality but was worried about people at school finding out. I told him he didn't have to worry about that with me. I am pretty discrete. Also, I'm a regular guy who likes sex with both women and men. I am bisexual, yes, but I am still a Saudi man. The idea of walking around holding hands with a guy, acting girly or waving a rainbow flag? Such things are disgusting to me. I believe that men should be able to fuck both men and women. And women should be able to fuck women and men. People should marry the opposite sex, have families, and lead normal lives while having same-sex fun in private. That's how we do it in Islamic societies. No need for that gay marriage shit. You don't need to put all your business in people's faces. Not because of fear or shame but because public morality is something important to me as a Muslim. If you're a slut, be one behind closed doors. If you're gay or bisexual, do it behind closed doors. If you're into BDSM or like orgies, do it behind closed doors. In public, dress, look, act and speak normal, alright? Cool.

Stephen and I got together and had our fun in his off-campus apartment in the east end of Ottawa, a place called Vanier. The sexy biracial Haitian stud from Montreal had a banging body and knew how to use it. He put me on all fours and fucked me deep in my ass after making me suck his dick. We switched positions and I climbed on top of him, impaling my ass on his big Haitian cock. I rode him hard and we had some good fun for a couple of hours, then I showered and left the premises. Stephen and I made this a regular event, getting together like this once a week for some fun. At school, I started hanging out with Jacqueline Thompson and one day, I asked her out. The sexy Jamaican chick surprised me by saying yes, and before I knew it, we were a couple.

I really enjoyed going out with Jacqueline. She was cute and sexy, and she also proved to be great company. I liked walking around school, the mall or downtown with her, hand in hand. She told me she found me surprising. When I asked her what she meant by that, Jacqueline laughed, then told me. And part of me was amused by her answers, while another part of me was saddened. Jacqueline thought all men from Saudi Arabia were control freaks who abused women and treated them like shit. She also thought I hated other religions, especially Christianity. Oh, and she also feared I might start pressuring her to join Islam. I laughed when she said those things. It's true a lot of Muslim guys treat women like shit, but we're not all like that. Also, I haven't been to a mosque in ages. My classmate and fellow Saudi citizen Ibrahim keeps asking me to come to Masjid but I keep turning him down. I don't think the Imams and Clerics of the Masjid would approve of my lifestyle. I assured Jacqueline that I respected her and her faith, and she seemed pleased with my answer.

Dating Jacqueline opened my eyes to many things. I've often felt lonely in Ottawa, especially since I didn't have any friends and I kept to myself. The only times I saw Stephen was for sex. I wanted a relationship, a real one, with someone who could love me for me. Sex with Stephen was fun, but as a bisexual man, I kind of missed the female touch. I looked in the back pages of an Ottawa newspaper and found an escort service. I called it, and they sent a female to my place. I specified blonde with blue eyes, and a nice ass. The gal who showed up for the outcall was around five-foot-nine, curvy, with blonde hair and green eyes. She was in her late twenties. Not a problem for me, and we definitely had a nice time together. She introduced herself as Candy. Such a stripper/escort name, for sure.

Candy and I got our freak on in my dormitory. Luckily I had no pesky roommates to worry about. I lay on my bed as this sexy blonde-haired white chick sucked my dick, and then she climbed on top of me to ride me. I fondled her tits and smacked her big white butt as I thrust my dick into her pussy. Candy squealed in delight, or at least made a good show of it as I slammed my cock into her cunt. We went at it for a good forty five minutes, then I came, and she rolled off me. Next, we tried something which I personally found a lot more exciting than regular dick-to-pussy sex. I handed Candy a strap-on dildo I bought at the adult video store near the Rideau Shopping Center and she smiled as she strapped it on. I handed her a bottle of Aloe cream to be used as lube and she made good use of it.

I got on all fours, face down and ass up. Candy lubricated my ass then pressed the strap-on dildo against my asshole. Candy seemed hesitant about the whole thing, so I encouraged her. I told her to give it to me good and hard. Candy gripped my hips tightly and worked the dildo up my ass. I groaned as she began fucking me hard and deep, thrusting the dildo deep inside of me. It didn't take Candy long to switch from bored escort to eager dominant diva. She fucked me real good, slamming that dildo inside of me and making me scream. I absolutely loved it. We went at it like this for a good while, then Candy pulled out of me. I took a moment to catch my breath, then thanked her for a wonderful time. I allowed her to take a shower before she left. Candy got dressed and again I thanked her for her time. Best one hundred and eighty dollars I ever spent. After Candy left, I had a smoke, then showered and went to class. I ran into my erstwhile girlfriend Jacqueline Thompson, and we sat together.

That's how my life is these days. I date Jacqueline, I sleep with Stephen and I also get pussy from female escorts I find in the back pages of our friendly daily newspaper. I keep my business private, or so I thought. Somehow, one of the Muslim students found out I was messing around with Stephen, and went around telling people. There were some incriminating photos of me and him getting busy. Jacqueline Thompson found out and slapped me hard across the face before dumping me. Stephen's girlfriend Astrid dumped him too. To save face, Stephen left Ottawa and returned to Montreal. My life at school hasn't been the same since I got forced out of the closet. Everyone on campus knows about me now, even though campus security found out that my fellow Muslim Ibrahim Osman was the one behind the leak. Ibrahim got expelled, and as for me, life went on. Somehow, Ibrahim sent the incriminating photos to my dad, and all hell broke loose. That's how I lost my inheritance.

Oh, well. Life goes on. I am a bisexual man of Saudi Arabian and Somali descent living in Ottawa, Ontario. I love BDSM, and I am eager to explore it these days. I like dominant women and masculine men. I can't stand weak women or guys who look, dress or act girly. I am what I am and I do what I do, that's all. I get a lot of funny looks from students at Carleton University because a lot of them know about me and Stephen, thanks to Ibrahim's treachery. I've been invited to join the campus LGBT association and turned them down. I've had gay and bisexual male students approach me for casual fun and for dating and I turned them down. I'm not looking for romance or casual with anyone from school, male or female. Thanks to Jacqueline Thompson and Stephen Cormier, I learned my lesson well. If I want some fun, I'll just look in the back pages of a certain Ottawa newspaper. Male, female and transsexual, they got everything I might desire. Life is simpler that way. Peace be unto you.

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