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My Adventure


This is a long story. It started as a seduction and turned into much more. I'm living a life of surprises every day. This is how it all began.

I'm a small woman. I never quite reached 5', I seemed to stop when I hit 4', 11". I'm 39, but look more like 29. My boobs are still firm, no sag to them, and I'm told I have a nice figure.

I don't think I was ever over 100 pounds except when I was pregnant. I got married right out of high school, young enough to need my parent's permission. I met Jack in my senior year, we dated for about 6 months and got married.

We had our 1st daughter, September, almost exactly 10 months later. Then came April, and our surprise girl, January, not long after.

Jack has a great job, and we do well financially. We have had a great family life, and it keeps getting better, especially since recent events.

September is now 20, with long blonde hair. She is tall and has a great body. She was a cheerleader, so you can imagine the long legs, great ass and a nice rack.

April is 19, with chestnut hair. She isn't as tall as her sister, but has a similar build. She is tight and tan, having played tennis on the school team and competing in a few track and field events.

Both of the older girls had boyfriends in high school, although both are currently unattached, and I am certain neither was a virgin when they graduated. A mother just knows.

January is 18 and the baby. Yes, I've always liked the monthly names for girls, and Jack has joked that if we had more girls, I'd have an April, May and June. He is probably right.

January is the one that looks a bit different. She has dark hair, well muscled legs and ass, but a very small chest. She has boobs, but they never sprouted beyond A cups.

I have seen all 3 girls naked from the time they were born, and I know now Jack has too. January always seemed to be the shyest one, and that isn't saying much. She wears denim mini skirts and a thong most times.

Being a teenager, she isn't always careful about lounging around the house, and either doesn't know or doesn't care that anyone below gets a great view when she is coming or going via the stairs.

All 3 girls dressed in their rooms, and there was never a time when the girls weren't up and down the hallway in nothing but a towel.

I'm pretty sure January had done some fooling around with boys. I think she also had some experiences with girls. I didn't think she was very experienced, probably just a broken cherry and some finger action before recent events.

I had a few boyfriends and adventures before Jack, and had no problem opening my legs or mouth for him right from the beginning.

Jack and I have done various things over the years to keep our sex life going strong.

He is 5', 9", with about 7" of thick cock. I've taken it in all 3 orifices willingly, and we've played with bondage, some s & m, toys, dirty talk, master/slave and other fetishes.

At 39 and 40, we're quite active and he likes to spice things up.

I had a week off work this past summer, and decided to work in the garden. Jack went off to work and I took my coffee outside, scanning the yard for projects. January breezed through the yard, on her way to some friend activity.

April called out something about being late for her video store job and broke into a run at the end of the yard.

September was laughing at both sisters as she stopped for a second to give me a peck on the cheek. Then she was off to her job at the restaurant.

When I checked my watch, I realized that what seemed like a few minutes had been more like an hour and a half. I decided to get to work.

The morning was already getting warm, so I went in to change. I shrugged out of my jeans and t shirt, and slipped on a halter and pair of shorts.

I was startled when I went back outside. A large black man leaning on the back fence looking at me. He smiled and looked me over, and I blushed.

He introduced himself as Sam, a neighbor from up the street. We chatted as I began my work. Before long, we were working together.

He helped, moving things, chairs, tables and planters. We washed off the lawn furniture, turned some dirt in the garden and trimmed some bushes. We were soon working side by side, and I felt him brush against me.

I got more than a few tingles when his forearm brushed my breast, when his hand grazed my ass and when I could feel his breath on my neck. I was thanking him for his help, and I offered to help him in return.

"I'll take you up on that."

I felt a pang in my belly and realized it was past noon and I hadn't eaten. As I stood, Sam was right there. I stumbled toward him and he wrapped a strong arm around me, resting his large hand on my ass.

I regained my composure and Sam released me. I wasn't sure if he was catching me or making a pass, but I found myself asking if he'd like to come in for some lunch.

Once inside, Sam asked for the bathroom. I pointed him down the hall and stripped off my gardening gloves.

I was washing my hands when Sam came up behind me. He pressed his groin up to my ass and reached around to feel my breasts.

I grabbed a towel and turned away from his grasp. He stepped back and began to take his pants off. I started to say something as his semi hard cock came into view.

I was off center, and kept starting and stopping, about being married, about loving my husband and about not intending for this to happen.

Sam smiled at my lack of composure and simply pointed to his cock.

"Suck my dick."

He stepped closer and put his hands on my shoulders.

"This has nothing to do with your husband. I'm not looking for a wife or girlfriend. This is just sex," he said flatly.

He pressed down, to get me on my knees.

"Besides," he said, "You offered to help me whenever I wanted. I'd say this needs some attention."

I found myself going to my knees, and I was face to cock, inches from a long thick black dick for the first time in my life. I shrugged to myself and started to reach out for it. This wouldn't be the first cock I'd sucked.

I was feeling mixed emotions. What would I say to Jack? Should I be doing this? How did I get in this situation?

I resigned myself that I would get it over with, explain it to Jack tactfully, and not allow myself to get into this position again.

My hand began to make contact when He spoke in a deeper commanding voice.

"If I wanted a hand job I'd jack it myself. I said suck me."

I lowered my hand and opened my mouth to take him in. I could feel him grow as I sucked on the head. I was moving my mouth over the head, swirling my tongue around. As he hardened, I began to move up and down.

My hands wanted to move up, but something about the way he spoke made me feel powerless. I held my hands behind my back. He seemed pleased at this.

He was bigger than Jack, but not much bigger. My mouth was getting used to the size and his rocking motion. I pulled back and worked my face under his cock to lick and suck on his balls.

His head was back and he moaned as I sucked each ball into my mouth. I returned to his cock, bobbing my head up and down. His cock was wet and I was taking most of his cock in on every stroke.

I felt the first shot of cum in my mouth as he let out a long groan. There was a second and third shot, and I reached up to grab his shaft.

I swallowed his cum and squeezed his cock, pulling forward to get the rest of the cum in his shaft. I pulled back on his foreskin and wrapped my lips around his head, sucking off whatever remained. He pushed me back, his cock coming out of my mouth with a pop.

"Now I'm ready for some lunch."

He settled back into a chair. He didn't put his pants back on, he sat with just a shirt on. I remember looking at his feet, wondering when he had removed his shoes and socks.

I turned and made some lunch, still tasting his cum until I had a drink of iced tea. I served him a sandwich and chips, with a glass of tea. I sat across from him. He still hadn't put his pants back on.

I wasn't sure what to say, and I wondered if he had more in mind. I began to eat when he spoke.

"Take off your clothes. I'm not going to be the only one here naked."

I looked up, startled at the words. It wasn't a request. It was a command.

"I'm going to fuck you after lunch."

My mind wanted to protest, but I reasoned myself out of it. I had gone this far.

I stood and slipped out of my halter. I held it in front of me, and Sam gestured me to him. He took the halter from me and dropped it.

He pulled my hands down to my sides and put a large hand on each breast. His thumb and forefinger tweaked and rolled my nipples. They stood out hard and I held my hands in place as though he had tied them to my waist.

Several minutes passed as he manipulated my boobs. He pinched my nipples, and it hurt and felt good at the same time. He drew me to him and sucked each nipple into his mouth. After getting a good taste of both nipples, he released me and leaned back.

"Now the shorts," he demanded.

I peeled the shorts down my legs. I was again nervous about doing this, thinking of Jack and the girls, but seeing no way out. I stepped out of my shorts and stood in front of him in my bikini underwear.

He reached out and ran his middle finger between my legs. He looked at me and gestured. I looked down, suddenly embarrassed at the idea of being naked in front of this man.

I resigned myself to get this part over with; just as I had with the blow job I'd just delivered. I peeled off my panties.

He looked me over and turned his attention to his plate. I felt strange standing naked as he began to eat, and I finally went to my chair opposite him.

He made some small talk as though this were the most natural thing in the world. We ate, talking about the neighborhood, jobs, news and family. Sam seemed interested in my family, especially the girls. I never thought about this until later.

Lunch over, I tossed the paper plates and went to the sink with my glass. Sam was again behind me, this time with his hands on my ass.

It isn't clear to me if I was getting turned on or just wanting to get it over with, but I opened my legs and arched my ass back toward him. I felt his fingers parting my lips from behind, and his other hand snaked around to again tweak and pinch my nipples.

His fingers played with my slit for a few minutes, and I felt his finger entering me. I shave my lips, and his hand felt smooth against my skin. I leave some hair just above my slit, trimmed in a neat v.

I felt his finger push in until I felt he was all the way in. I must have been wet, because I felt no resistance. My pussy welcomed his finger, and I felt a shudder run through me.

I pressed back against his finger as he swirled it inside me. He began to slowly move his finger in and out. I could feel how wet my pussy was getting, and his fingers pulling on my nipples was sending shock waves to my clit.

As though he was reading my mind, his fingers found my clit, rubbing up and down. I could feel how wet his fingers were as he stroked the sensitive nub.

He turned me away from the sink and bent me over the table. He spread my legs wide apart. He was again moving his finger in and out of me. His fingers were gone, and I felt them at my mouth.

He slipped his fingers between my lips and I tasted my own juices on his fingers. After I sucked them clean, he stepped back, looking at my open, wet pussy.

"Maybe next time I'll fuck your ass too."

My mind swarmed over the idea that this wasn't going to be a one time thing. My thoughts were broken by the feel of his hard cock rubbing up and down my slit. I felt him at my entrance, then felt the head of his cock pop into my pussy. He pressed forward, and I felt a few inches going in.

He was bigger than Jack, I realized, not much longer, but certainly a bit thicker. I groaned as he backed out and pushed forward again to get another inch in my small pussy. Even after having kids, my pussy was small and tight.

It opened to accommodate him, but I could feel every bit of him. He was easily a foot taller than me, and well built.

For a moment, I thought about someone coming in and viewing the scene. A large black man working a large cock into a small white pussy.

After a long time, he was fully inside me. I could feel his pubic hair against my ass, and he seemed to rest for a minute after the workout of stuffing my hole.

My pussy felt filled, and I had just gotten used to the feeling when he pulled back and stroked forward. He moved slowly, pulling nearly all the way out before sliding all the way back in.

My tits were smashed flat against the table, and I realized my hands were on the opposite edge, gripping the table as he opened my pussy over and over.

I could feel my pussy gripping his cock at each stroke. To accommodate my small frame, his knees were bent, and after a few more strokes he withdrew.

"Now it's time for some good fucking."

He flipped me over. He moved me like a rag doll, placing my ass at the edge of the table. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide. I could feel his cock again at my entrance, and he pushed fully forward without stopping. I felt his pubic hair again, this time on my clit.

"Mmmmm," he moaned, "Nice tight cunt."

I can't remember saying anything since we finished eating. Now I heard myself, moaning as he slid deep inside me and pulled nearly out before pounding his cock back into my pussy.

Something about the way he was fucking me and talking to me turned me on. He called me his little white slut, and it seemed to turn him on as well.

He was breathing hard and picking up speed, slamming his cock into my tiny cunt. I never used that word before, but it just seemed to fit the situation.

Although I never said it out loud, I was thinking; 'Yes, slam that big cock in my little cunt. Use me."

I raised my head as he held my legs open and out with his forearms. I watched his cock enter me. and was amazed that my small pussy was not just accepting this big black dick, it seemed to be sucking it in.

I was on fire and turned on by this guy fucking me. He was going faster and faster, and he let out a groan as he came inside me. I hadn't even thought about his cum in my pussy, but my body was accepting it as natural.

I was on birth control, so I had no worries about getting pregnant. I thought more about Jack's reaction to someone else's cum in his pussy. I was everything Sam said I was; a little hot white slut cunt.

After emptying his balls in me, he stroked in and out a few more times. He finally withdrew. He stood back, hands on his hips, looking down at me.

He was watching his cum seeping out between my splayed pussy lips.

I saw his cock, shiny with cum, and my own heaving tits. I was catching my breath when he gestured down.

"Suck me clean," he ordered.

I never hesitated, going to my knees and taking him in my mouth. Like a good girl, I held my hands behind my back.

I used my mouth and tongue to clean his entire cock until it was no longer coated with cum, but with my saliva. I again worked my mouth under his cock to use my tongue to clean any drops off of his balls.

"Good girl," he said, and I actually felt proud.

My pussy was dripping his cum down my legs and I realized I hadn't cum. It seemed natural that I was there to satisfy him, not the other way around, and something about this idea excited me.

I wanted to go into the bathroom and rub his cum over my clit until I came. He looked down at me and I suddenly realized he was holding a cell phone, taking pictures of me with his cock in my mouth.

He smiled at me and flipped the phone closed. He explained that he was going to fuck me wherever and whenever he wanted.

He told me there were rules, and told me I was not to wear panties around the house. When I was home, I would wear a skirt, or lingerie or nothing. I was to wear no bra and no panties.

I found myself getting excited as he told me I was his toy, and he would share me with his friends whenever he wanted. I was his little cum dump, and he told me in great detail what he had planned for me.

All thoughts of privacy left me, and I found myself with my fingers buried in my pussy. Still on my knees, I listened, rubbing my clit until I had an earth shattering orgasm.

Sam was watching the whole episode and laughed as my orgasm took over my body, making me gasp and shake.

"Suck your fingers clean," he commanded, and I could taste his cum and my cum mixed, a sweet taste in my mouth.

I heard but was only half listening, and only after Sam left did I think about my family. 'Anytime, anywhere' began to take on a whole meaning as I thought about Jack and the girls.

I decided to come clean with Jack and break it off with Sam as I got dressed. I must have been thinking about the rules unconsciously, since I slipped on my shorts, but not my panties.

I thought about wearing shorts rather than a skirt, and I felt kind of loopy even as my pussy throbbed after being pounded.

My thoughts went from one world to another. I wondered which world I belonged in. Was I the devoted wife and mother or the black cock slut?

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