tagInterracial LoveMy Adventure Ch. 03

My Adventure Ch. 03


As I've said before, the story is a long one, and I put them in the category I think fits best. The story isn't about one type of activity.

I think you need to read from the beginning to know the players. If you think you know where this story is going, you probably don't.

The 2 open doors, my bedroom and now this one made me wonder. I went to the other bedrooms and found them open as well. I wondered if this was something I just hadn't noticed before or if this was something new.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to leave the doors open. At the next bedroom, January, like April, was asleep on top of her covers. She was on her side, and she wore a sleep shirt.

It might have been long enough to cover her sex when she was standing, or even sitting, but in bed, it was bunched nearly to her waist. Her ass faced the door where I stood, and I could see enough from the hall light to make out the lips of her pussy. It looked like she was shaved as well, and I wondered if she had been shaving all along.

September was covered and looking at a magazine. She looked up and smiled. I wished her good night and told her I was going to take a bath.

She pulled her covers to the side and slipped out of bed, naked. She came over and gave me a hug and kiss and told me to enjoy my bath. Hugging a naked girl again, even if I was related to her, added to my feelings to again be with a woman. I felt like I wanted to be used as a slut slave again, being forced to lick and suck the girls until they were satisfied.

I retreated to my bath. For nearly an hour, I washed and shampooed and played with my pussy. I mostly played with my pussy. Nobody can make me cum like I can make me cum, and even when guys or girls made me cum, I would give myself another.

The orgasms I got from other people were different than the ones I gave myself. Not better, since every orgasm feels great, but different. I'd been playing my own violin since I was young, and I'm very good at it.

Finally, I was satisfied, mentally, emotionally and physically. I took my time drying off and using my favorite lotion all over my body. I made it back to the bedroom and stopped in front of my dresser. I was about to get something to wear to bed when it hit me that everyone in the house was naked. I closed the drawer and slipped into bed.

When I woke up, it was after 8, and I found the house empty. I wandered through the house in just a robe, sipping coffee and gathering up any clothes I found on the floors of the various rooms. I found a few notes from the family wishing me a good morning and explaining the various destinations. After I finished my second cup I jumped in the shower.

It was a quick one after my long bath just hours earlier, and I was toweling off as I thought about what to wear. The thought of Sam came over me and I realized that I never got the chance to talk to Jack. I wasn't sure if Sam would show up today, and I wasn't sure if I could or wanted to stop him from using me if he did.

I found a short skirt and slipped it on. I got one of Jack's t shirts and slipped it on. I tied a knot in the front of the shirt, between my breasts and naval.

I noticed that I jiggled as I walked past the mirror and stopped to check myself out. My dark nipples were clearly visible through the thin sleeveless shirt. The skirt was black and kind of stretchy. It came to just above the middle of my thighs.

For a taller girl, like September, it would barely cover her pussy, but it was perfect for me. My sandals were flat, and I realized that some part of me was preparing for a small woman to get stuffed by a big dick. I felt that familiar tingle between my legs.

I was doing normal things, washing a few dishes, wiping counters, sorting laundry and cleaning the bathroom. I went downstairs to the kitchen to refill my cup and found 2 black men sitting in the kitchen, helping themselves to coffee. One was Sam; the other introduced himself as James. Sam slid his chair back and unzipped his fly.

I stood for a minute, amazed at his boldness, especially in front of a stranger I didn't know. "Bitch, are you deaf?" Sam's voice had a tone to it that sent a shot of fear up my spine. "Get on your knees and suck my dick."

I was going to protest, I really was. I was going to say I couldn't do this, I was married, I had kids and we needed to forget yesterday.

Instead, I found myself numbly crossing the room and getting on my knees. "Take your shirt off and pull your skirt up. I want James to see your tits and ass."

I stood, pulling off the shirt. Sam felt up my tits and turned me for James to get a good look. James squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples. I pulled up on my skirt, exposing my ass to Sam and my pussy to James.

Sam turned me around and pushed me to my knees. "This white slut knows how to suck cock," Sam laughed. "She doesn't quite know her place yet, but I'll get her trained right."

I licked his balls and sucked his cock like a good little slut. Part of me again was thinking to just finish the job. Get Sam to cum and he would leave and I could get back to my life.

I had forgotten about James. A movement to the side made me look over to where James stood with a video camera. I released Sam and started to protest when Sam pushed my mouth back down on his dick.

"Keep sucking," he growled. "I have pictures on my phone of you sucking and fucking me, and I'm sure James has a good video of you sucking my cock for the last 5 minutes." He laughed again.

Sam pulled me to my feet and turned me around. He pushed and pulled me at the same time, bending me forward and lining my pussy up to his wet cock. He pulled me down on his cock. He drove his cock all the way into me with one stroke. I was filled up, impaled on a big black cock for the second time in 2 days. I sat unmoving as my pussy got used to the invasion. Then I saw James.

I hadn't realized how big he was. James was huge, Taller than Sam and at least 50 pounds heavier. My shock continued as he pulled off his pants. Bent forward, I was facing the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was semi hard and about 9 inches long. It was thick, much bigger than Jack or Sam. It scared me that he was going to try to put that huge thing in my little body.

I reached out and tried to wrap my hand around the shaft. It was too thick to get my hand around, and it was still growing. I was getting excited in my fear, wanting to see how big this thing was going to get. I knew what he wanted, and I licked the head and tried to get my lips around it. I finally was able to stuff the head in my mouth, and James rocked forward, trying to fuck my face.

Sam had started to lift me and slam my pussy back down on his cock. I again felt like a rag doll as he lifted me again and again. My pussy lips gripped and sucked at his cock. My pussy was on fire, hot and wet.

My mouth was getting sore trying to suck James, and I moved my attention to his balls. His balls matched his cock. Huge balls, bigger than golf balls hung down and I couldn't get both in my mouth at the same time.

As I sucked, licked and jacked James' cock and balls, Sam continued to pound his cock into my pussy. Suddenly, he lifted me off and turned me around. He had my hair in one hand and his cock in the other. I was again on my knees between his legs. He pulled my hair to force my head back as he jacked the first jet of cum on my face.

I felt that first shot from my forehead to my chin, and I opened my mouth for the second shot. My face was in his control, and he jacked his cock to hit my eye and forehead. He finally placed the head of his cock on my tongue and held my face in place by my hair. James took several pictures of my cum covered face with a big black dick in my mouth looking right into the camera. So much for declaring my innocence.

James sat down and Sam released me, turning me to face that huge cock sticking up from his lap. I went to my knees, intending to jack and suck James to orgasm. After a few minutes, I could tell that wasn't his plan. He pulled me up and drew me forward to straddle his thighs, opening my legs wide. I had to get on tiptoes, and I still couldn't get myself high enough to be over the head of his cock.

James lifted me and placed the head of his cock at my entrance. I began to protest that he was too big when I felt a pop. James had me by the hips, and his pressure had finally popped the head of his cock between my lips. None of his shaft was inside me, yet I felt more stretched and filled than I ever had. He moved my hips up and down, and after several minutes, he could move the head in and out of me.

Every short stroke put a little more of his dick into me, but he was still just 3 inches in, with a good 7 to go when he started cumming inside me. The extra wetness shoved another half inch in before he released me. I was impaled on his cock, feet not touching the floor, my hands on his chest. My weight made me sink down another half inch, and both of us groaned.

James rubbed my clit. As I started to cum, he told me he would fuck me every day until his whole cock would fit inside me. Then, he said, he was going to work on stuffing it in my ass. This commentary, coupled with his fingers strumming my clit and the previous sex, brought me to a screaming climax. I crushed my tits against his chest and held my arms around him.

I kissed his neck as my body shook. Even though James was getting soft, I was still impaled, and I felt my feet finally touch the floor as the last wave of orgasm hit me. I held on to James for a long time, trying to catch my breath and get my pounding heart to slow down.

Finally, his soft cock slipped out of my pussy. Cum flowed from my splayed lips, and I sank to my knees to wash his cock and balls with my tongue. When I was done, both men got dressed. I got a hug, my ass slapped and both took a minute to play with my tits before they left.

I sat alone and again feeling kind of dazed at being used as a sex toy. They had used me and I realized 2 things.

First; I liked it, and not because these men were black. I liked it because something inside was burning for me to be treated like this. Used for pleasure and nothing more. It took me back to the days when sex was just sex.

There was no love. There was no commitment. I was a vessel, just a place to dump their cum. The thought made me shiver. In that moment I had no husband and no family, but I worried about my husband and family.

Second; I realized that I had taken longer sitting there, thinking about all of this than the sex had taken. They used me for half an hour. I sat for almost 45 minutes, cum leaking from my pussy, thinking. My coffee was ice cold. I went upstairs to take a shower.

An hour later, I was on the road. I thought about my situation. I was thrilled, excited beyond words to be a sexual toy again. This thought made me pause, and I pulled into a parking lot.

By habit, I realized, I had gotten fully dressed. I wondered if Sam would be at my home when I got back, and more important, what he would say or do if he found I was wearing a bra and panties. The thought of physical punishment made me wet.

The thought of other punishments were frightening, but also held a level of excitement. There were pictures and a video that clearly showed my face, willingly sucking cock, cum all over my face, and probably video of me fucking Sam or James or both.

Would Jack, people I work with, teachers at January's school, neighbors or even my parents see the evidence? Would I be posted on the internet for anyone to see? How would this affair affect my marriage and family? More important, why didn't or couldn't I just say no and stop this?

That last was simple. I didn't stop Sam because I really didn't want to. I wanted sex without love. Just to be used as a sex toy was thrilling, and something I felt I not only wanted, but that I needed.

I reached down and pulled up the hem of my sundress. I hooked my thumbs into the thong and slipped it off. I unhooked my bra and pulled it out through the sleeves.

Being naked under a sundress gave me a thrill. I was well aware that nearly any angle of sunlight would make it easy for people to see my body beneath the dress. The small furry v patch or my nipples would be clearly visible. I put the car back in drive and held one hand on the wheel and the other under my dress as I drove to my next stop.

My pussy was wet, and I ran my fingers over my lips, feeling the smooth skin. I inserted one, then two fingers deep into the wetness. I licked my fingers clean and wondering if Sam would have me servicing any women. This thought thrilled me to a new level. I gave my clit one last good rub and began my chores.

I found myself flashing a few appreciative people. When I saw people checking out my nakedness beneath the thin material of my sundress, I began to bend over, forward and backward. From the back, I was pretty sure my ass and pussy might have been exposed. From the front, even I could see my boobs swaying. I crouched in front of a stock boy, opening my legs as I turned to give him a great view up my thighs.

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