tagIncest/TabooMy Adventure Ch. 06

My Adventure Ch. 06


I hope you're enjoying the journey. As events unfold, I try to choose the best category. As I've said a few times, to know all of the players, you probably should start at the beginning.

January told me that I was showing some signs of wear, and that was unacceptable. I was to be clean and fresh to use all of the time. After walking me to a chain store where she had me buy soaps, shampoo, douche and any other items I might need, she found a store that had employee showers.

For the cost of another blow job, I was allowed to shower and clean up. I came out refreshed, only to be met with my nipples being twisted for taking too long. She made me drink a large coffee to get my stamina back up, and gave me mints that almost got some of the cum taste out of my mouth.

Even after showering and brushing my teeth, I could smell and taste sex on me. I wondered if it was me or my clothes. Either way, I decided I liked it. As we made our way back to the car, I got some looks.

I still think about that day, and I'm never sure about the looks. Part of me thinks people saw me struggle with multiple packages while a teenager chatted away with me, carrying nothing. Another part thinks that people knew. They could see and smell the sex on me, a pheromone scent coming right out of my pores.

The thought makes me wet. I was being conditioned to be a cum slut, humiliated and dominated, willing to drop my skirt and open my mouth to any that wanted to use me. I wasn't fully there yet though. I was flushed by embarrassment as well as desire.

I scanned faces as I went along, hoping that every face would belong to a stranger. I did not want anyone to see me like this. I was braless, without underwear in a skirt far too short for me. The other part was a raging desire. I had been fucked and fondled but had yet to get the release of an orgasm, and something inside told me that my new mistress would only allow that release if I fully pleased her.

As I carefully packed January's treasures in the car, I was amazed at the results. She had music and movies, clothes, lingerie, purses and shoes, high end spa shampoos and conditioners, makeup and even a few jewelry boxes. I knew there was more that I couldn't see from the tops of the bags.

She had me drive her to a small strip mall. There was a adult store on one end and a pizza shop and a family video store on the other end. The stores between were empty, one being remodeled and the other 2 with 'for rent' signs in the window.

"Take off your skirt," January said. Even with a few days of training, I still hadn't overcome my hesitation. I looked at her, mumbled a pathetic, "yes, mistress," and pulled the skirt off. "Get out," she ordered.

Once again, my hesitation came back. My teen daughter was telling me to get out of the car, naked from my boobs down, in broad daylight.

"Cunt," she said, "Get the fuck out of the car."

Her tone was menacing. I got out, trying to keep the car between me and the road, hoping that no cars would drive by and look over to see a woman with no pants on. January was fishing through her purse. "Turn around," she ordered, "Hands behind your back."

She snapped a pair of handcuffs over my wrists. I wanted to protest, but thought better of it. January turned me around and snapped a leash on my dog collar. She pulled on the leash and walked me into the pizza shop. She walked up to the counter with me in tow. She ordered a large lunch while the clerk tried to focus, his eyes wide, staring at my naked pussy.

The clerk told her the total, and she handed him the leash. "Here is your payment," she said. "She wants your cum and his, too." She pointed toward the cook in the back. "Just don't fuck up my lunch. Do anything you want, just have her back when I'm finished."

The clerk gulped, not sure what to do. The cook came out and looked me over. "Really?", he asked. "Oh yeah. She wants you to use her," January said. "Tell them, slut."

"Yes mistress," I managed.

"No," she said, and twisted my nipple again. "Tell them."

"This slut wants to suck your cocks and wants you to fuck her until you cum."

I was getting into the role. "Please use me any way it pleases you, master."

The cook took the leash and led me around the counter. In a small office in back, I sucked him off. He pulled down his zipper and just shoved his dick in my face. I never saw his balls, and I was drinking his cum even before I had adjusted to being on my knees again.

Then the clerk fucked me. For a younger guy, he knew what he liked. He bent me over the desk and my ass was in position for me to be used, but he pushed me all the way up so he could have all of my ass to spank.

After 5 or 6 hard slaps to each cheek, turning my ass a lovely shade of crimson, he got on with it, jamming his dick into me with one stroke. He grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head up, slamming his cock into me hard and fast.

I broke the rules right there. Pulling my hair always gets me excited, and I was cumming before I realized what was happening. I cried out, trying to stop it, but the gates were open. I cried out as the clerk filled my pussy with hot cum.

I looked back at him as I tried to compose myself and stop my legs from shaking. My pussy lips were sucking at air, and he had a stupid smile on his face like he had just been crowned stud of the year. He thought I was crying out for him. I was crying out because I knew I was in trouble.

The cook came back and fucked me. He lasted longer this time, and I appreciated the effort, but my heart wasn't in it. After all of my best efforts to stay in control and be the perfect little slave, I had failed.

The cook didn't know and didn't care. He got a little creative, fucking me on my back on the desk and on my knees doggy. I don't think he even realized he was sloshing around in the clerk's and my mess. A few minutes later, he added to it. A delivery driver came back from a run and I sucked him off.

January was a natural. A true dominant, she was in total control, and I couldn't help wonder that if this was her beginning, where would her talents take her? I was sitting on the floor, halter pushed up so my tits could be fondled, 2 fresh loads of cum in my pussy and 2 in my belly.

I could taste the cum in my mouth. I had no way to clean myself up with my hands cuffed behind me, so I sat for a few minutes, feeling cum drain out of me. I struggled to my feet and walked toward the front of the store, my leash and tits swinging free. I dreaded the punishment to come for having an unauthorized orgasm. I secretly was thrilled at the knowledge that a punishment was coming. I decided that if she didn't know, I would tell her.

She knew. January was sitting at a table, 3 large pizza boxes and a large bag in front of her. She had negotiated for the cook to take seconds and to service the delivery boy. She looked me up and down and saw the signs immediately. I could still feel the flush on my cheeks and across my chest.

"Did you have fun, slut?", she asked, uncuffing me. "Yes, mistress," I managed, realizing as she was going out the door that she had only taken off the cuffs so that I could carry her bounty. I pulled down my halter and gathered up the boxes and bag. "Come back any time," the cook called out to us as I went out the door.

I moved fast, trying to cover the ground between the door and the car with as little exposure as possible. I stacked everything in the back seat, which by now was full. I slid into the driver's seat. "What the fuck are you doing?," January snapped. "Get your ass out of the car. We aren't finished yet." I got out with no argument. She was obviously not finished humiliating me. I got a few other surprises as well.

She snapped my leash back on and marched me down the sidewalk to the adult store. No one in the store gave me a second look, as though a naked woman on a leash were the most natural thing in the world. January was carded, and without hesitation pulled id from her wallet confirming that she was of legal age. She marched me through the store.

Our first stop was butt plugs. She pulled out a rather large one and handed it to me. January seemed fascinated by the strap on section. She picked out a harness, with a dildo and clit vibrator on the inside and a very large black cock on the outside. I thought the inside was nice, and I'd certainly like to try that, but I realized that my end was the one that had a horse cock, 12" long and as big around as a beer can.

She handed me lube and a few nice vibrators, nipple clamps and clips you attached to your clit. Next came whips, and she chose a leather cat o nine tails and a riding crop. She tried out the riding crop and a loud slap fell across the room. It really stung my ass, and January seemed quite pleased by the red striped welt it left across my buttocks.

She then proceeded to the bondage section and got a set of leather wrist and ankle restraints. She picked out a blindfold and a ball gag. I put about $1,500 on my credit card when we were done, and I was scared and excited about the items chosen. She hid some of the items from me as she shopped, so I had no idea what surprises might be in store for me.

The clerk packed the bags, smiling as she went. She gave me a knowing smile and winked at January. "May I?", she asked. January smiled and nodded. The clerk pulled me behind the counter by my leash, kissing me and sucking on my nipples while she played with my pussy lips.

After long minutes, she handed the leash over. She smiled and dropped a dvd into one of the bags and handed them over. I took them and stuffed them in the car.

I knew I was going to be abused with all of this stuff, and my pussy was wet and tingling in anticipation. January must have gotten turned on also. She spread her legs in the passenger's seat and her fingers were inside her tiny thong, rubbing hard and fast.

I tried to keep my eyes on the road and watch the action. She rubbed her clit to a powerful orgasm. She groaned out a rush of air and shook as she released. She dipped 2 fingers deep in her pussy and held them up to my mouth. I sucked on her fingers, savoring the taste of my daughter until her fingers were clean.

She told me to drive her to her school. Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore shocked or humiliated by her actions, she was taking me to her high school. I was also confused, since school was closed for the summer. She told me to wait, and went inside.

I sat squirming for a long time, hoping no one would see me and wondering what was coming next. Finally, I saw her come out, followed by a man that never took his eyes off of her ass as she walked.

"Mom, this is Mr. Grainger," she said. She looked at him and spoke evenly. "This is my slut mother. I want you to change my history grade from last year to an 'A'. Do that and she will come in right now and fuck you or suck your dick."

Mr. Grainger's eyes went all over me, and it was obvious he liked the view. "Take your shirt off and show him your tits." I slipped the halter off.

Mr. Grainger was obviously a good negotiator. "Tell you what I'll do," he said. "I'm stuck teaching summer school. You send her in once a week to take care of me and I'll change the grade." He smiled at January.

"But", he continued, "You might not realize you have me next year also. Come inside and let me fuck you both and I'll give you an 'A' next year too. So I don't forget, she comes in once a month."

"Done," January stuck out her hand. Grainger shook it and told us to wait a few minutes. A few people straggled out over the next 10 minutes. Grainger appeared in a second floor window and waved us in.

I was led, leashed and naked, across the parking lot and into the school. We made our way to the second floor, me praying silently that the building was empty.

Grainger pulled the door shades and locked the doors once we were inside. "What did you have in mind?", January asked. Grainger answered by taking January in his arms and kissing her deeply. He undressed her, sucking her undersized breasts with their oversized nipples, and fingering her pussy. Eventually, he had her lay across his desk.

He took my leash and positioned me in front of January. "Lick her pussy," Grainger said to me. I didn't need any more motivation and slurped away at her clit as Grainger was shedding his clothes. He was 50ish, probably closer to 60, with skinny arms and legs, but a big paunch. When he took off his underwear, we both had to look twice. His dick was huge.

Grainger spent the next 20 minutes working his cock in and out of January's pussy. January grunted every time he put that big cock in her. He was enjoying fucking January's bald pussy. Every time he entered her, he let out a contented sigh. "Don't cum in me," January told him. She pointed at me. "That is your cum dump."

January jumped off of the desk and grabbed me by the hair. She took me to Grainger and pushed me to my knees in front of his cock. I sucked January's juices off of his cock.

He laid me across his desk and I spread my legs wide for him. This dick filled me up, and If I hadn't been broken in over the past few days, I'd have never been able to take it. He was excited from fucking the teenager, but he still had some stamina.

He fucked me with long deep strokes. He watched his cock slide in and out of me like he was watching a movie. He reached up, pulling at my nipples, squeezing my boobs and sliding his fingers in my mouth. I sucked his fingers like a good little slut. He was deep in me when he started to shoot his sperm.

"Nice dick," January said when he stepped back. "I may have to use that myself every now and then." Grainger smiled. He stared at my wide open pussy, now leaking cum on his desk. January sat playing lightly with her pussy. She was at a desk in the front row, naked, legs spread wide. "Finish up and get cleaned up. There is a girl's room down the hall."

Grainger looked confused until I slid off the desk and took his cock in my mouth. January spread her pussy lips, giving him a great view as I sucked him clean. "You should fuck her ass the next time," January told him. I finished my task and went down the hall, half running in case someone else was in the building. I breathed a sigh of relief when I ducked inside.

My sigh caught in my throat when I turned the corner. A large black man in overalls was standing in the middle of the room, a utility cart, mop and bucket in front of him.

"I been waiting on you, girl," he said. "That sweet little girl of yours said I could use anything that came in here in the next hour." He smiled. "I been waiting 20 minutes for someone to show."

"Get on the floor," he ordered. I dropped to my knees, ready to do the deed yet again. "No," he said. "Hands and knees. I don't mind sloppy seconds."

'Sloppy 5ths or 6ths', I thought. I had lost count. I felt yet another cock enter me and pound away. My body was getting sore and tired but my pussy was holding up well. I could still feel the cock fucking me.

The custodian fucked me hard and fast and didn't last long. He blew his load in me, and stood up. "May I sit, master?" He looked confused. I went into the nearest stall and sat on the toilet, pulling him in with me. I sat and felt the cum run out of me. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked him clean, and he took my hand. "She said if you did a good job I could give you a treat."

I just wanted to clean up and escape, but he walked me down the hall. My embarrassment came back as my surroundings hit me. I was in the middle of a high school, naked, walking with a big black man that had just fucked me.

My hand in his, he guided me down the steps and into the gym. We crossed the floor and he led me into the locker room. He pointed at the shower and handed me a towel, then he was gone. The shower felt good and I soaped and shampooed twice before I came out on shaky legs.

My sandals were still squishy, and I left them off, carrying them with me. I kept next to the wall and scurried across the hall and up the stairs. I rounded the corner, looking behind me and ran into something. The janitor was coming down to get me and I ran right into him. I fell back, landing hard on my ass. He smiled and pulled down his coveralls, freeing his cock again.

I thought, 'back to work', and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock and he held my head and fucked my face. I gagged a few times as he pushed his cock down my throat. He was so far in that his first shot of cum went directly into my belly. I didn't even taste it. He then pulled back enough to coat my tongue, and I swallowed that too.

I sucked him for a few more minutes until he released me. I looked up and thanked him. As soon as the words left my mouth, I wondered how a nice suburban housewife winds up naked on a school floor sucking a janitor's cock. Well, not quite naked. I was reminded that I was wearing a collar and leash as the janitor took the end and marched me back down the hall to Grainger's classroom.

He delivered me, nodding to the teacher and January, and left. Grainger and January were standing close. He had one hand on her breast and the other on her ass. The hand on her ass moved around and felt her wet pussy. "I hope you'll come around after school some time," he said to her.

He kissed us both goodbye as he and January dressed. "Nice doing business with you," she said. "What do you know about Mr. Walsh?" They chatted for a few minutes and I got the impression I would be earning her a top grade in English next term. January obviously had second thoughts as she got dressed. She reached under her skirt and peeled off her thong. She dropped it on Grainger's desk. "A souvenir," she said.

When we got back to the car, January pulled up her skirt and sat sideways in the car seat. I was on my knees in the school parking lot licking her clit until she had an orgasm. "Fucking asshole," she said. "I was about to cum when he pulled out and stuck his dick in you. Another minute and I would've had it." I said nothing, and kept servicing my daughter until she pushed me away.

We had been out for hours. I had a lot of sex, with my only satisfaction being the cum dumped into me, and one brief stolen orgasm. I wanted to cum, but I knew not to ask. I started for home.

On the way home, January enlightened me about a few things. A few months ago, she was bitching about something, and Jack had overheard. They started talking, and realized that I had been slipping.

I wasn't keeping up with some things as well as I had in the past. Things piled up until I got to them. Things that I had done myself were being shifted off.

This is, I believe, a normal part of parenting. When children reach a certain age, they get some chores and responsibilities. As January talked, I realized that I had shifted nearly every responsibility I had to others.

I not only never cooked, cleaned or did laundry any longer, I also wasn't taking care of my husband. I thought that nothing had changed, but as she talked, it hit me that everything had changed, and it changed so slowly, over time, that I never saw it. I was flushing red as she spoke.

As the girls were more able to take care of themselves, my parenting had faded away to nothing. I left it to the older girls to teach their younger sisters. While talking to Jack, January said she broke down. She knew nothing about dating, boys or sex.

I had put her off every time she asked. Her attempts were weak at best, and a boy had fumbled around in her bush and slobbered over her breasts, but she didn't get it. Doing this didn't feel natural to her.

If this was sex, she said, tears in her eyes, she didn't want any more of it. Jack pulled her onto his lap and held her, telling her it would all work out. It was a part of growing up.

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