tagFirst TimeMy Affair With My Substitute Teach.

My Affair With My Substitute Teach.

byTraci Spencer©

I was in my English class waiting for class to start when suddenly a man who didn't even look like a teacher came. It wasn't my regular English teacher, Mrs. Barkley, it was a man named Mr. Starbes. Mr. Starbes was pretty hot. He had short auburn hair, brown eyes that were saying "I need sex", and he was about 6 feet tall and pretty muscular. He looked really hot with his dress clothes. I decided I'd try and flirt my way into his heart.

"Excuse me, Mr. Starbes, I seem to have forgot my literature book, may I have a pass to go to my car and get it?" I asked and I licked my lips and started to feel the wetness between my legs.

"Sure, no problem, but what's your name first? I'm taking attendance." Mr. Starbes replied.

"It's Hannah. Hannah Fox." I said.

"Alrighty then. I'll write you out a pass, Miss. Foxylady...err I mean Miss. Fox." He grinned as he scribbled onto a piece of paper.

I took the pass from his hand and went to my car. I decided I would change my outfit. I was wearing a sweater with blue jeans, and I thought I'd change into my cheerleading outfit, which is pretty skimpy because most of the cheerleaders on the team were sluts and they wanted a uniform that revealed their bodies. I then fixed my make up and hair and put on my tennis shoes. I then got out of my car and walked back up to the room.

"I'm back!" I said loudly making my presence known to the class.

"Hannah, we don't have cheerleading practice tonight." said my friend Amelia, who was also a fellow cheerleader.

"Shh!" I said, "I'm trying to get Mr. Starbes to notice me. Isn't he a fox???" I said with a grin.

"I guess so, if you like older guys." Amelia replied.

Amelia had a boyfriend and I didn't. Her boyfriend and her are the perfect couple so of course she only has eyes for him and no one else.

"I'm gonna score with him..." I said and looked devilishly at Amelia.

"Yeah, he does have cute butt though."

We both giggled.

Mr. Starbes came over and talked to me about our school's football team.

"You know, when I used to go here, our football team sucked. The cheerleaders never even came to practice!"

"Really?" I said, acting like I was interested.

Mr. Starbes got talking about a recent football game that I didn't even care about. I kind of tuned him out and just gazed at his smile and eyes.

"Would you like to stay after school, Miss Hannah?" Mr. Starbes said with a smile.

"I don't mind." I said with a smile back.

"Ok. It's a date." Mr. Starbes said smiling back.

The bell rang and I stayed in my desk while everyone ran out of the class. Once everyone got out of the classroom, Mr. Starbes closed the door.

"So Hannah, how old are you?"

"I'm 18. How old are you? Do I still have to call you Mr. Starbes?"

"26. Are you by any chance related to a Brittany Fox?"

"Yes, that's my sister."

"Really? I went to school with her!"

"Oh wow, what's your name?"


"I'll ask her if she remembers you."

Kevin, a.k.a. Mr. Starbes, took my hand and kissed me deeply.

"Wow, what was that for?" I asked him.

"I want you Hannah. You have such a hot body. Your tits look so delicious and I bet you have a tiny twat."

"Well yes I do, I'm a virgin."

"Mmmm...stand up on this table here and let me sit and have you give me a table dance."

I got up and Kevin helped me stand up on the table. I started to shake my ass and do a couple of splits as well as lift my skirt up a little. Kevin started whistling and rubbing himself. I then crawled on the table to him and reached down to Kevin's crotch and started rubbing his manhood through his pants.

"Mmm...baby that feels nice. Want me to whip it out for you?" Kevin moaned as he licked his lips.

I nodded my head yes and stretched out on the table and Kevin lowered himself into my mouth as I began sucking on his cock. My tongue started swirling around his shaft as my freehand rubbed his balls. Kevin closed his eyes and smiled. I then took more of his cock and squeezed his balls a little hard and Kevin was about to cum from it.

"I wanna fuck you, may I fuck you?" Kevin asked me breathlessly.

"Yes, fuck me! I want to lose my virginity to you!" I moaned.

Kevin then got on top of me and lowered his throbbing cock into my tight cunt.


"It'll hurt but it's worth it baby." Kevin said as continued to push his way into me.

"Ohhhhh yesssss....yessss....do it again, do it again." I continued to moan.

Kevin started to thrust deep in and out of me. He then started fucking me faster and harder just ripping my inside.

"YESSS KEVIN! OHHHH KEVIN!!!" I kept moaning.

"I'm gonna shoot my load, slut." He said. He then slapped my face and came into my pussy.

"Ohhhh yessssssssss." I moaned as I came too.

Kevin collapsed on me and we fell asleep in each others arms only to be awaken by Mrs. Barkley! She threw us both out and reported Mr. Starbes to the district and told him he should be fired for having an affair with a student.

So Mr. Starbes got fired and we never heard or seen from him again.

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