My Alien Fantasy


I was proud to last as long as I did but in the end, once more, I just couldn't keep going as long as I'd have liked. I could feel her blue butt filling up with my cum as I spunked happily into her tightness.

I slipped out and collapsed on the bed in lazy satisfaction, allowing Two to lick me clean whilst One gingerly stood up.

"The collection was successful," she announced unemotionally. "Where would you like to come next, Craig?" she asked. "My vagina is available," she suggested.

"Or my mouth or perhaps my anus?" Two offered.

Decisions, decisions, I thought to myself.

When my alarm woke me the next morning I felt perfectly refreshed. I turned it off and lay still, remembering every detail of my dream.

Or had it been real?

I looked around. I was alone.

Certainly as the night had progressed I had felt more and more sure that it was real. And even now I could remember every tiny detail in a way that made me certain that it couldn't have really been a dream.

I lifted my fingers to my nose and smelt the unmistakable aroma of sweet pussy. It had been real!

But then again I didn't feel like I'd been awake most of the night.

I'd eventually dropped off around four o'clock in the morning, the two girls snuggled in my arms, having finally come in each three times. Despite the drugs, they'd found it harder to get me erect after every orgasm and they'd had to get more and more inventive to stiffen me. Luckily they'd learnt about every possible perversion that the internet had to offer so creativity hadn't been a problem. I really had to do some surfing to work out if some of the more imaginative activities had names.

I looked around me to see if there was any other evidence of their presence. Beyond some crumpled sheets that might have been caused by my tossing and turning, there was nothing.

Maybe I was imagining the smell on my hand. I would have asked my wife but I couldn't think of a delicate way of bringing up the subject.

In any case after I'd showered I couldn't smell it any more. And, after some delicate enquiries, I learnt that no-one in the house had heard anything unusual.

Over time the memory faded. The dreams that I remembered were just your normal half-remembered every day dreams, about being late or having exams or juggling beetroot or whatever.

It didn't take long for me to believe that it hadn't been real at all.

But every time from then on, when I slept in that room, I didn't masturbate watching porn. Instead I closed my eyes and remembered that amazing night: those amazing blue breasts and bums, the slick hot tightness of their pussies and arses, those amazingly sinuous tongues. I'd always come quickly when I did.

It was maybe a year after that night and once more I was asleep in the spare room when I was awakened by someone kissing me on the cheek.

It was dark but I could still see One leaning over me.

"Craig, we need your help again," she said.

"It will be a lot of fun for you," Two breathed in my other ear.

Maybe it had been real. Unless I was dreaming again.

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