tagIncest/TabooMy Amish Mom Ch. 02

My Amish Mom Ch. 02


I carefully got off the carriage, mother wasn't looking me in eyes she locked her face down, and she looked embarrassed. During the day I tried to hold a conversation with her like we use to, but she wouldn't respond.

She totally ignored me throughout the day, I felt sick and guilty and I know she felt the same. I couldn't believe that we let this go that far, but that been said it has already been done. We have reached a point of no return.

After farm work we prepared ourselves to go home, mother refuse to sit on my lap, she sat in the front row sit and lapped one of my sisters so I had to lap one of my brothers.

As soon as we arrived at the house I went straight to the shower and after that I went to my room to think things through, but I was so tired I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on, I sat on my bed and thought about the sex I had with mother in the carriage.

I didn't feel any regret in fact I wanted it to happen again. I am tired of holding up and not able to willingly expressing my feelings freely to mother because of the restriction that the society has place on us or her unwillingness to get involve with me sexually.

I checked the time and it was 11pm and my brothers were fast asleep. Everybody was sleeping and the house was quite, I tried to fall asleep but couldn't, all I could think of was mother the thrill of fucking her one more time, and how bad I wanted her, I wanted to fuck mother so bad.

I went to the bathroom and masturbated but I wasn't satisfied. I decided to go outside to get some fresh air but as I was about to open the backdoor I heard some noises from the kitchen so I decided to check what's up.

I open the door to the kitchen and saw my mom sitting on a kitchen stool in the dark. She bent her head down as if she was crying. I came in and she looked up and saw me.

I asked her "what she was doing in the dark" and she stood up and told me to "pack my bags and move back to San Francisco tomorrow morning".

I said that "I am not moving anywhere and that I have done nothing wrong", and she said that "we have committed a sin against God and humanity" then turned around to get out the kitchen before I said "you weren't complaining when we was doing it" she turn around and immediately slapped me.

I was so angry and responded by grabbing and slamming her against the wall with rage. I was angry and filled with evil intent, so I turned her around against the wall with her back facing me and pulled her gown up, she struggled to get away from my grip but I was too much for her.

She tried to scream but I covered her mouth with my right perm. Everybody was asleep and I wasn't going to let her wake them up and catch me trying to rape mother. I wanted to fuck my own mother by force. I pulled her gown up and ripped her panties down.

I was covering her mouth but I could hear her cry and muttering demands that I let her go or I will be dead, all I could think of is getting my dick into her fat ass and working my way to her pussy.

I ripped her panties down and her fat ass throw itself at me like a balloon , I pulled my pajamas down and brought out my penis, held it with my left hand and it was hard as steel. With my right hand covering mother's mouth and my penis on my left hand I bent my knees so I can align my dick directly to mothers butt crack, I forced it between mother naked crack and hit the jackpot, and all this time she was trying to bite my hand and struggling to get away but I force her harder to the wall with my chest and push my hip forward.

My dick went right through her ass crack and into her pussy, I force every inch of my 8' cook inside her, she cried and moaned as I slammed her pussy mercilessly. I was so carried away that I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong. At that point I convince myself that she wanted it, but wouldn't admit it, to justify my sinful actions.

Mother's pussy is so soft; even though she was struggling to free herself her pussy was doing the opposite. She was so wet and tight her pussy muscle tightens with each penetration as I fuck mother as fast as I could. I licked and kiss her sweaty neck as I slammed her fat ass.

After about ten minutes of struggling and resisting, she stopped crying and calmed down, she began to morn with pleasure as I continues to slam her from behind. I removed my right hand from her mouth since she wasn't screaming or struggling anymore, and put both of my arms on her hips so I can move her hip back and forth on my dick. I fuck mother as hard as I could making sure that she felt every piece of me, I push my dick deep inside her till I could feel my dick in her stomach. I ran my tongue all over her neck, I ripped her dress from the back exposing her naked back and I bent my head down to lick the sweat running down her back. I turned her around and dragged her to the floor so I can get her in a missionary position but she turned around and got on her knees, she wanted me to hit her from behind.

we were both sweating and panting like wild dogs she was in doggy style position as i penetrated her from behind, I grabbed both sides of her hip and slammed in and out of her pussy like a bitch and she responded by pushing her hip back to march my thrust.

I could feel her body shake and her cunt muscle tighten; her pussy felt so wet and was squirting liquid like a fountain. She was morning so loud that I was afraid somebody would wake up and catch us; it was so dark that I could barely see clearly.

I was slamming mother like that was the last time I would fuck her and to be honest I don't know if it would happen again. Mother was pushing herself back and fucking me like she wants to break my dick off, she wanted every piece of my dick. Her pussy was so tight and hot so much that I felt like she was drawing heat energy from my dick.

Mother was twisting her back like a serpent and slamming back at me like she was posses. It was like fucking an experience porn star I swear to god. I was about to come inside mothers pussy before I heard a door open, apparently somebody has been awoken by our sexual escapade.

I and mother scramble for cover. I pulled my pajamas up and scrubbed to fit on my long sleeves shirt while mother tried to fit in her shredded panties as fast as she could her dress was all toured up to rags so she tried to patch them together on her body. Somebody seemed to be coming down the stairs so I hide under the kitchen table. Mother opened the kitchen door and step out, she started talking to somebody and it sounded like my dad. He said to mother "I heard some loud noises and came out to see what's going on down here" she said "nothing, the kitchen stove fell and I was trying to put it back", my mom blatantly lied to my dad, and they both went up stairs. I got out of my hiding place and went straight to bed 'that was a close call'.

The next morning I woke up really late about 10 am or so I went outside and saw my mom and dad working in the barn at the backyard, I went over there to help them out. I said "good morning" and my mom looked at me and smiled, my dad said "good morning did you sleep well" and I said yes. My dad said "hey Moses I will like you to help me out here, I am suppose to fix something with a farm trader by 10.30 am " I said ok and took over what father was doing.

We have two horses, and our horse stable wall has a 5 and half feet tall wall, so it perfectly hides those working in the stable. My dad left and it was just I and mother working. I tried to pick up a conversation with mother to break the silence, I asked her when we would be going to the farm even though I knew that the farming season ended yesterday. She said that the farm season was over.

I looked over at mother and she was wearing her gown as usual, the moment I looked at her I knew I wanted some of her. But I don't know how to approach her, I couldn't just say 'mother I would like to fuck again?', or maybe I could. Now she was sweeping the barn with a small broom so she was kind of binding down and sweeping, I went behind her slowly, and softly grabbed her ass. She kept sweeping the floor and acted as if I wasn't behind her, I move up her dress and slowly pulled her white panties apart unzipped my pants and slipped my dick into her pussy.

Her pussy was waited for my dick; it was like a magnet to an iron. Mothers pussy welcome my dick by lubricating it with juice, I stated fucking her from behind slowly as she surprisingly kept on sweeping. I could feel her pubic her touching my dick as my dick slowly penetrating in and out of mother.

She then stop sweeping and calmly bent her knees and got in a doggy position, then I gradually accelerate my speed fucking mother with love and passion, I forced my entire dick deep into her pussy till my torso could feel her public heir brushing against mine with every penetration.

I could hear her morn with pleasure as she muttered the word "faster Moses and harder" and I gladly obliged, I fucked her as hard as I could, she was shaking her body and twisting it at the same time. It was like she was having a seizure I mean she was Cumming every minute.

Her pussy was gushing out liquid like nothing I have ever seen. My mother was a squirter. She jumped on me, took control push me to the floor, jump on top of me squatted and sat on my dick then started riding me like a horse. I couldn't hold it any longer my nerves were exploding with excitement. mother was rubbing and twisting on top of me, I couldn't believe that a woman could move her body that way, every inch of my dick was buried inside mothers pussy I could feel her bush rubbing against mine and her fat floppy stomach stumping on mine.

mother was ridding me to heaven, her pussy was milking my dick like it wanted my seed, I grabbed mother by the hip and thrust upward to catch her in mid air, I thrust harder and harder as my body boils with energy, mother let out a scream and cam all over my dick almost simultaneously I reached my climax and flushed my seed inside my mother's stomach.

She got up and my dick slipped out of her pussy with thick white cum mixed with her juice dripped out from her pussy and falling to my stomach, as she tried to clean herself up with a clean cloth. She stood up and went into the house.

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by Anonymous04/12/18

reminds of my mom

The woman in this story sound similar to my mom with wide hips that stuck out. It was impossible to fuck her from behind because of her heavy ass cheeks covered her pussy, and the only way to get my cockmore...

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Incest at its best

Please, when is the other one?

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by Anonymous07/10/17


There's multiple mentioning of chapter three, could someone give me a as i can't seem to find it myself.

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