tagIncest/TabooMy Aunt Sally Ch. 01

My Aunt Sally Ch. 01


First attempt at a story like this... All feedback most welcome, whether on the site or by email. I think there are a fair few more chapters to come if people are keen!


"It'll do you good. You need to get a taste of the world of work -- it'll start making a man of you," my Mum had said.

The tone of her voice told me she would brook no argument. Instead of spending the summer after my eighteenth birthday before going off to university lazing at home -- a prospect I had been savouring, making plans with friends -- I would be spending it on a farm. Stuck out in the countryside, miles from the bright lights, far away from the parties my friends would be throwing. Unbelievably, there wouldn't even be the Internet to fall back on -- apparently mobile phone reception and broadband haven't made it that far into the shires. No Facebook, no messaging, no nothing -- and especially appallingly, no porn. No porn!

And I would have only my Aunt Sally for company. I had nothing against her -- she had always been my favourite aunt and was the life and soul of the party at family get-togethers -- but it was made clear to me that I was going to spend my days getting up early and working long days in the field. Not, if I'm honest, how I'd seen the summer going.

So that was how I found myself one early June morning sitting on a train, still seething inwardly at the sheer unfairness of having my summer stolen from me. The jerky clanking of the train as it hauled itself over the points seemed to mirror my unwilling frame of mind.

Still, I whiled away the trip with my iPod, and finally we pulled into a small country station. I manhandled my bags off the train and onto the platform and was struck by how hot the sun was and how blue the sky -- helping to lift my mood.

And there was Aunt Sally, standing just by the ticket office and waving to me, and then walking quickly over to me to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"My, you've grown tall Rob," she said. "I have to stand on tiptoes these days! It's so good to see you."

My reply must have given away something of my bad attitude to the idea of farmwork.

"Now, we'll have less of that," she said in mock temper. "You'll work hard, yes, but I hope you'll enjoy your stay too." And with that she gave me a big smile and another hug, and I could feel the frown on my face -- some of which I was putting on -- easing away. Aunt Sally has always been able to cheer me up. Her big smile is matched by everything else about her -- big personality, big heart, and, yes, monumentally big tits and arse.

I must confess I've always had a thing about big girls. And that maybe -- just maybe -- growing up with Aunt Sally visiting might have had something to do with that.

And now as she hugged me I could feel those big tits pressing against me... and I couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement and a big smile appearing on my face too.

"Come on. Grab your bags and let's get going," she said.

The farmhouse itself was about 15 miles from the station, and on the way there I alternately drank in the scenery -- rolling green hills, softly wooded and beautiful under a cloudless sky -- and stole glimpses at my Aunt Sally next to me, admiring her figure. I thought once she noticed me looking ... but she didn't say anything. But she did smile again.

Once we arrived, Aunt Sally showed me to my room -- which had previously been my cousin Steven's, now gone to university -- and told me to settle in. I unpacked my few belongings and hurried downstairs to find out what we'd be doing.

Aunt Sally made a quick sandwich lunch for both of us -- with homemade bread cut into doorstop slices and ham from one of the other farms down the road -- and then took me out to see the farm and show me where I'd be working the next day.

That turned out to be the orchard, where I'd be on fruit-picking duty. I was amazed -- the place was enormous, filled with regimented rows of trees, each laden with apples. I turned to my aunt to ask how long it took to harvest the entire crop, and she told me it was a solid week's work at least.

"And hard work at that. You'll be worn out by the time you get home in the evening," she said. "But I'll make sure to have something tasty in the oven and I promise to look after you." And she smiled, slightly mysteriously it seemed to me.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a whirl as we toured the other areas of the farm, and it was soon time for dinner. Aunt Sally excelled herself by producing steak and chips -- something to welcome me, she said. And we shared a glass of wine -- but only the one.

I volunteered to do the washing up, feeling I should thank my aunt for her wonderful cooking. I carried the dishes through to the kitchen and was up to my arms in soapsuds when I heard my aunt approaching. Thinking I'd forgotten something I turned to her and was surprised to find her giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek to thank me for having such good manners. "There's a lovely lad," she said, and I blushed.

I was surprisingly tired after what had become a long day and said I was heading off to bed. And although I thought I would toss and turn in an unfamiliar bed, in reality I was out like a light and asleep before I knew it.

But I dreamed... I dreamed of my Aunt Sally, kneeling in front of me and slowly undoing my jeans, still smiling that big smile at me. She crossed her arms and pulled off her top, revealing the most magnificent pair of tits I've ever set eyes on, and then reached back inside my jeans, pulling my rapidly hardening cock out.

"There's a lovely lad," she said, and started to wank me, slowly at first and then harder and faster, building pace. I could feel my knees going weak and wanted to say something but apparently in this dream I was mute, only there to be pleasured. Her hands were soft but firm around my shaft and I was in ecstasy, a beautiful woman kneeling before me and looking up at me with a decidedly naughty glint in her eye. And then I could take no more and erupted over her tits, covering them with splatters of cum. "There's a lovely, lovely lad for Aunt Sally," she said.

When I awoke, of course, it was to find that the sheets and duvet were covered with cum... I tried to think of what I could do to conceal what had happened and looked in various cupboards in the room, but to no avail. In the end I just had to give up and hope that perhaps Aunt Sally wouldn't notice.

The next morning I took a shower, preparing for a hard day's work in the fields and heard my aunt call through the bathroom door to me that she was going out but that she was sure I knew what to do -- and that she'd look forward to seeing how many apples I could pick in a day.

I went back to my room to get dressed -- but found a surprise. The bed had been freshly made with clean bedclothes, and on them was a small note:

"I'd forgotten what it's like having a young man in the house! Have a look in the bedside table... Sally x"

Intrigued, I opened the drawer in the bedside table and was astounded to find a stash of old porn mags, again accompanied by a note.

"These used to belong to Steven. Enjoy! Sally x"

I couldn't quite believe my eyes. I sat down on the bed and started to think -- maybe this summer with Aunt Sally wouldn't be quite as dull as I had feared...

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