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My Beautiful Wife


My wife Lori and I were on a flight from Atlanta Georgia to LA one September day, I was a great flight and we were resting quietly in our seats. I saw that she kept looking at this handsome tall black male flight attendant.

I looked at her and said "Would you like some of that?"

She smiled and said, "Shut up, He is just a good looking man that's all"

Now Lori is 47 years old, five foot seven and very trim with short curly blond hair, and an 38DD bust line.

She is one hell of an attractive woman, smooth well shaped legs and a wonderful rounded behind.

She could probably have any man she wanted but for some reason she choose me, We have been married for 18 yrs and its been a good life.

When we arrived in LA, I told Lori that I had to use the rest room and stepped away from her for a moment, I went up to the black flight attendant, and explained to him that my wife thought he was attractive and would like to play with him.

I told him were we would be staying and gave him my cell phone number.

Later we picked up our rental car a Chrysler 300C a very sweet vehicle. We went to the Sargent Hotel. It was indeed a nice place, 2 pools, 2 jacuzzi' s and nice big plush rooms.

We checked in and went to our room, we put our things away freshen' d up and went to get something to eat, we were both starving.

We went to the Rhino's Horn Bar and Grill,

Lori got a chicken sandwich and I got a double hamburger, We also ordered two Fosters Beers.

While we ate and drank I noticed my wife people watching, she was funny to watch the way she peered at people.

There was a well built young guy with a star tat on his arm,

"So would you"? I asked her, "Sure would" she answered with a smile.

And we chuckled,

I have shared her with my best friend from college before and she adored it, But we haven't done much since that.

Terry and I dp'd here a few years ago, and I have always told her that I wanted to watch as she fucked a black man, and she agreed to it, as long he was young and good looking and slightly controlling. We had finished our food and ordered another beer, My Lori get's pretty lose after a few drinks and it just makes thing easier.

After an hour or so, My cell phone rang,

I stepped out of the Bar to take the call because it was fairly loud in there,

I stood out side speaking to Anthony (The Flight Attendant" He told me he would actually be in town tonight.

He asked what I wanted, I instructed him that I wanted him to fuck the living shit out of my sexy milf wife, and titty fuck her, gag her with his cock, and to then cum all over her.

He told me that sounded like fun, He liked white women.

We agreed to meet at the Hotel Bar for a drink.

When I walked back in my wife was looking away as I approached the well built tatted up white guy at the bar, and told him my wife found him attractive, and that we were leaving and going to the Bar at the Hotel, if he was interested.

He needed me to point out Lori, Once he looked and saw her, sitting calmly in her short shirt and low cut top he said "OK" to meeting us there.

We finished our drinks and left, I told my wife where we were going, I got excited as I drove back to the Hotel, Lori knew nothing about this, I parked the vehicle and we went to get my wife a couple of more drinks.

We were there for over an hour before either man showed up,

My sexy wife had drank two extra stiff vodka's and coke,

Just as I asked the young bartender to make them. Lori was already starting to slur her words.

Anthony showed up and sat with us, Lori gave me a look and smiled.

We got him a drink and moved to the back of the bar, to be more private.

They young black man sat next to Lori, He told her what a beautiful woman she was. She thanked him and blushed. Later Marty the guy from the grill, sat with us and introduced his self to Lori.

Her face had a glow that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Anthony soon had her out dancing, He held her close and she smiled.

Marty asked if he and the other guy would take turns on Lori, I told him yes absolutely.

Soon my wife returned and she went dancing with Marty, He held her beautiful rear as he slow danced with her.

Anthony told me just how lucky I was to have such an attractive wife, and How he was eager to touch her big fleshy chest.

Marty and Lori returned and sat down, "Man you guy's I need a drink" She said.

I ordered another round for all of us, After a couple more dances and drinks the guys each sat on either side of her,

Soon Marty had his hand on the inside of her right leg, she made no attempt to move it, She had a look on her face that was simply unforgettable, Like the cat that ate the cannery, I was becoming aroused just looking at her, I witnessed Marty's hand moved down her inner thigh, I was certain that he was touching her panty clad shaved pussy, My wife spread her legs, and

soon I saw Antony's hand move to her leg, I watched as Lori's eyes rolled back into her head slightly. She made her silly laugh that she always makes when she is getting aroused, Soon Anthony hand moved and cupped her blouse and bra covered left breast, He face flushed and she didn't move, She drank from her drink looking into my eyes.

"These men are going to fuck you" I mouthed to her.

"Oh My God" she quietly said.

I ordered us another round of drinks, Marty took her right hand and placed it onto his hard dick inside his pants,

"OH GOD" she squealed. She must have felt the large cock she would get soon, Soon Anthony did the same taking her left hand.

I soon paid the check and tipped the waitress and we walked to our second floor room.

"You guys are so attractive" Lori said insistently.

"Thanks Honey you are a great looking babe" Marty told her

"Your husband is one lucky man" Anthony told her.

"YES He is" Lori said

Once we arrived back to our room, I opened the door and we all walked in.

It didn't take long before Lori my sexy wife was taking turns kissing the two young men. They took turns groping her mature lovely well shaped firm ass.

"You just watch right"? Marty asked

"Yes" I answered.

"Can I get rough with her he asked me"

"Certainly with in reason" I told him

Soon he pulled her to him and kissed her indeed passionately, soon pulling her top over her head, Anthony soon worked her bra from her big tits and began to maul them with his big black hands and suck them roughly.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH"!!!! I heard my wife Lori moan loudly.

Marty pulled her skirt down and helped her step out of it, and he slapped her rear and soon had her on her knee's with his big nine inch thick cock in her pretty mature mouth, she groaned loudly as she sucked him, He was larger then me by quite much, Anthony removed her little panties and he licked her ass and cunt with his big toung, Her ass quivered with much fury, He loud moans filled our room.

Marty roughly pulled her face into his large cock

"AAACCKKKAA" she choked.

"Trade Places man I wanna bang that pussy" Marty said to Anthony.

Soon Lori had the young black mans ten inch monster inside her mouth.

Marty rammed his hard nine inch cock into my wife's slippery cunt with one hard shove of his hips.

"AAAAAHHHH"!!! I heard Lori moan. I know she has never had a big cock like that inside her, Marty reached around her waist and tugged her breasts back into her as he rammed her.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHH"!!! She moaned loudly. I enjoyed this so much, My own cock was rigid as all hell.

Then Marty pulled out of my wife's pussy, and spat on his hand and rubbed her tight asshole , Oh my lord I was so excited, He was going o fuck her ass, I said nothing.

He moved forward and began working the swelled head of his cock into her anus,

"OOOHH GGGOOODD"!! she squealed out loud, She was choking on Black cock, as Marty plowed her tight ass deeply,

"AAAAAHHHHH"!!!! she cried loudly.

His rhythm got more in tune with her body, I could see her quivering as this guy fucked her roughly in her ass, He held her wide hips forcefully as he tore into her small entrance,

"Get over here, I want to shoot my load upon her tits" Marty told his partner, Anthony pulled out of her mouth, he was rock hard, my gosh his massive cock looked huge, Soon Marty jerked his self off upon Lori's face and breasts, she was loaded with cum, He shot multiple loads from his shaft.

It wasn't Long before

Anthony had my wife upon her back, and her legs raised up with his huge cock entering her used pussy, She rubbed Marty's cum around on her big fleshy chest. "OOHH OOHH MMYY GGOOD OOHH GGOOD" Lori moaned with extravagant excitement as young well built Anthony fucked her.

Marty said thanks and dressed and left our room.

I watched this black man work over my wife, He used her body for his own pleasure.

He told Lori that he was going to fuck her big white titty's as he fucked her pussy.

She groaned "AL RIGHT"

He told her that he would cover her face in his hot cream, Oh God I thought I would explode listening to him dirty talk my slut.

"AL RIGHT" she moaned

He told her that he was going to call his buddy's a couple of black prison thugs and watch them fuck her white pussy and ass hard.

"AL Right Fuck me" Lori groaned out.

I was shocked to hear hear reply to his rough talk.

He fucked her harder she moaned loudly His cock buried balls deep into my wife, His balls smacked my wife's shaved wet oozing cunt. She screamed out in orgasm

"OOOOHHH GGGOOOODD"!!! Her entire body quivered as he used her.

Soon he pulled out and told my little slut to hold her breasts tight and he began to fuck her big white fleshy tits.

"Oh Honey fuck my big titties" she told him

His hips pushed forward forcefully and her big white mounds jiggled as he rammed into them,

"OOHH OOHH BBAABBYY" she moaned as he fucked her breasts.

Soon he covered her face with his big molten cum loads, it was like he hadn't cum in a mouth with the amount that he gave her. She sucked his huge black dick to get it all

"OOO FUCK OOO FUCK"!!! He yelled out un controllable.

I couldn't control myself, I removed my pants and fucked her ripe pussy until I came inside her "AAAAAHHHH" I yelled as I spilled my load into her.

My slutty Lori lay life less breathing hard. Anthony told me thanks so much, and said to call him when we were back in town.

Then he left.

I picked my wife up and put her into bed.

This LA trip was very exciting and fulfilling for us. We had two more days here before we had to return home, Who knows what might happen.

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