tagLoving WivesMy Best Friend? Ch. 02

My Best Friend? Ch. 02


The next morning I woke up to the alarm buzzing in my ear. I rolled over to find Jen still asleep. I crawled out of bed and sat on the edge of it trying to wake up enough to head to the bathroom. The sun was pouring into the bedroom through the French doors in our room.

I finally got the energy to head to the shower.

After showering and shaving, I went back into the bedroom and Jen was not in bed. I was already running late for work so I got dressed and headed to the kitchen.

Jen was in the kitchen and I was slightly shocked at what she was wearing.

She had on a tank top shirt that she normally only wore when I was in the house. The wide cut arms did little to hide her breasts and it was so worn out and sheer that her areola and nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

"Good morning Honey." She said and then kissed me.

"Good morning." I responded.

She then reached up to get a bowl for me to eat some cereal before going to work and when she did her t-shirt rode up and revealed she was wearing a little white thong. Her ass was clearly visible.

"Uh, Honey I don't want to complain but with company in the house don't you think maybe you should have on a few more clothes?" I asked.

"Oh you worry too much. Seth won't be up for awhile and I will put something else on before he gets up." She responded.

I knew that Seth had already seen every inch of her body but did not want her to know that just yet.

I finished my cereal and got up to leave for work or so Jen thought.

"I better get going and you better go change clothes." I said.

She kissed me and said, "Aye, Aye Sir."

As I headed for the door, Seth came down the hallway.

"Oooops." I heard Jen say.

"Headed to work so early?" Seth asked.

"Big day today. I have an important client coming in and it may be a late day." I responded.

"What are you doing today?" I asked Seth.

He finally woke up enough to notice Jen and was staring at her body as I asked the question.

He then looked back at me and said, "I'll probably catch up with some of the old buddies again today. Maybe go play a few holes."

"Well have fun. I'll see both of you later." I said as I walked out the door.

I walked out knowing that Seth was ogling my half-naked wife and was probably getting a hard on right now.

I started the car and backed out the drive. I headed down the road and pulled out my cell to call my secretary.

"Sue, this is Dave. I will be out of the office all day today. I'm meeting a potential new client." I told her.

I then parked the car around the corner and sat there waiting. I was going to wait for a few minutes then walk back to the house and hide in the bushes in the backyard. I sat there knowing that Seth was probably already banging Jen. I had visions of her bent over the kitchen counter as Seth fucked her from behind. It was not that hard for me to imagine since I had just seen him doing exactly that last night but over the couch.

Fifteen minutes had past so I got out of the car and went back to the house. I slid in the back gate and snuck behind the bushes so that I could see what was happening in the house or at least the kitchen and family room.

I had apparently missed the first fuck of the day as I saw Jen naked and kissing Seth. He was also naked. She then disappeared around the corner I presume to go clean his cum off that was running down her leg.

Seth just stayed naked as he got a cup of coffee and came out to the deck to drink it.

"Shit. Just make yourself at home Seth." I mumbled to myself.

Soon Jen also came out onto the deck naked and sat down in one of the loungers.

They were chatting back and forth and I could not fully hear all of the conversation.

I could not help but to notice what a sexy woman Jen was, as she laid there with her tits jutting up and her nipples hard. Her long legs ran smoothly up to her shaven pussy where it turned into a firm flat stomach.

The afternoon sun was getting warm and both of them pulled the loungers out into the sun so they could tan their bodies.

Seth laid down on his lounger and I did hear Jen say, "Would you like some lotion so you don't burn?"

"Sure" He responded.

Jen got up and grabbed the lotion beginning with his chest, and then his legs and then she squirted a glob of lotion on her hand and placed it on his cock.

As she was rubbing in the lotion Seth's cock began to stiffen.

"We have to be sure to get your balls too so they don't burn." I heard her say as she dipped her hand between his legs and was massaging the lotion into his balls.

She then went back to his cock and was rubbing in the lotion, "I got way too much on here so it is going to take a bit to get it all rubbed in.," she giggled as she said it.

"Take as long as you want." Seth replied as he laid there letting my wife rub the lotion into his cock.

My cock began bulging in my slacks because I had been on the receiving end of too much lotion on my cock before and knew where it was headed.

It was a long and slow stroking back and forth on his cock. He was enjoying each soft stroke as he laid back, eyes closed.

After about ten minutes of slow strokes, Seth began to tighten up. I knew where he was. This always brought on an intense slow building orgasm that instead of your cum racing through your cock it sort of swelled up and exploded.

Jen picked up the pace just a little knowing he was nearing an orgasm.

"OH Fuck." Seth moaned and Jen then began rapidly stroking his cock.

His body jerked and he raised his hips off the lounger and then he shot so hard I could see the globs of cum shooting from his cock head as they splashed onto his chest.

Jen then slowed down again and milked his cock until it softened.

"I think I got it all rubbed in." She laughed as she said it.

Seth then got up and headed to the pool. He jumped in washing the cum off his body.

Jen had gone back to her lounger and was lying on her stomach. Her tight, firm little bubble butt was looking very tempting.

Seth crawled out of the pool and asked, "Would you also like some lotion on your back?"

"Please." She responded.

Seth sat on the edge of the lounger and squirted lotion onto his hand. He began at her shoulders and worked the lotion to the small of her back. He then jumped to her legs making sure he rubbed every inch of her sexy legs. He then got some more lotion and began applying it to her ass.

His hand was sliding between her cheeks as he rubbed. He also made sure he covered the skin between her thighs and I was sure he was teasing her pussy with his hand as he did.

Jen was lying there facing away from me. Her body was motionless as she enjoyed the massage.

Seth had finished rubbing in the lotion and Jen flipped over and said, "Don't forget the front."

Seth dribbled lotion onto her legs and then up her flat stomach to her tits. She giggled when it hit her nipples.

Seth began rubbing it in at her legs and worked up to her stomach and then to her tits.

He was giving them extra special attention with a deep tissue type massage. He was rolling them in his hands and then would trace circles around her nipples causing them to stand at attention.

He stopped and I had pulled my cock from my slacks and was stroking it.

"I have a special massage and lotion for your pussy." He said to Jen.

He got up and walked to the end of the lounger where he spread her legs and then got on his knees. He grabbed her hips, pulled her to the end of the lounger, and then buried his face between her legs.

Jen grabbed the back of his head and was running her fingers through his hair and pulling his tongue as deep as she could into her pussy.

She then moaned so loudly I was afraid the neighbors would hear her.

Seth rose up from between her legs and asked, "Like that finger in your ass don't you?"

"Mmmhum." She shook her head looking down at him.

Jen had never wanted anything in her ass but apparently Seth surprised her with that move and now she was really squirming as he ate her pussy and fingered her puckered little ass.

While they were preoccupied, I decided to sneak back out and go inside. I was going to get the vantage point that I had yesterday and besides it was cooler in the house. I quietly came in the front door and back to our bedroom. I had no more taken my position when I heard the back gate open and some more old school buddies came strolling into the yard.

This time it was Steve, Pat and Mule. Actually, Mule's real name was Tim but we called him Mule because of the size of his cock. In the locker room, it was hard not to notice this large cock dangling against his thigh. We all had figured that his cock was eight inches long soft. Nobody could even imagine what it was hard. Tim was very popular with the girls in school though.

Jen did not see them walk in because she had her eyes closed and was almost in a constant moan now. Seth did not hear them because he had his face buried in Jen's pussy, his finger in her ass and she had her thighs wrapped tightly around his head.

All three of them walked to the side of the lounger and stood there watching. When one of them moved and blocked the sun in Jen's eyes, she opened them and screamed.

Seth pulled up from between her legs and looked at the guys standing around him.

"Hey guys how have you been?" Seth said as he stood up.

"Good, but don't let us interrupt anything." Steve said with a laugh.

"Oh hell no. That is why you guys are here because I cannot satisfy her alone. She has nearly drained all my bodily fluids in the last few days." Seth responded.

Jen was still lying on the lounger with her legs now closed and her arms and hands were attempting to cover up her tits.

Seth then said, "This sun is blistering today why don't we go inside."

Seth held out his hand to Jen who reached up and took it. He then led her to the backdoor as the guys followed.

"Damn Mule look at that ass." Pat exclaimed.

"I have always wanted to fuck Jen." Mule replied.

Seth looked back at them and said, "Mule today is the day you get your fantasy realized.

I moved to the closet until I knew where they were headed. I was peering through the slats in the door when I saw Seth walk in still holding Jen's hand.

"Son of a bitch was going to gang bang my wife on my bed." I thought inside my head.

He turned Jen around and sat her on the bed.

"Now where were we? Oh Yah." Seth said as he got on his knees by the bed and gently pushed Jen back onto the bed. Once Jen was laid back, he again began licking her pussy.

Mule then asked, "Where is Dave?"

Seth pulled off Jen's pussy long enough to answer, "At work."

He then said, "Steve get down here I know you like eating pussy and Jen has one of the most fantastic pussies you will ever lay your lips on."

Seth got up and Steve got on his knees and put his face between her legs.

Seth then crawled onto the bed next to Jen and placed his cock at her lips and she sucked him into her mouth.

"Steve, stick your finger in her ass. She loves it." Seth told him.

Jen moaned as Steve slid his finger up her ass.

"Mule get that cock of yours out here. Jen has been wanting a big cock. She told me that she had never had anyone so deep. My eight inches is nothing compared to your meat." Seth told him.

Mule pulled his shirt over his head and then unbuttoned his jeans. He was not wearing underwear so he slid his pants down and his huge cock came bounding out for all to see.

"Son of a bitch!" Pat exclaimed at seeing Mule's semi rigid cock.

"Come up here Mule and let Jen get a look at your cock. Mule climbed on the bed and let his cock hang in Jen's face. He was not even against her head and his cock covered her forehead all the way to her chin.

Jen let go of Seth's cock and tried wrapping her hand around Tim's cock. Her small hand did not even go half way around it.

Jen then spoke for the first time since they arrived, "I had heard about it but never believed the stories." She said.

Steve spoke up, "You can believe them now."

She swung a leg over Steve's head and got on all fours on the bed so that she could get a better grip on Mule's cock.

Pat had also stripped and was stroking his cock. When Jen got on all fours he quickly stepped into place and guided his average cock to her pussy saying, "I'm going to get some of this before Mule gets in here."

He leaned forward as Jen opened wide and put Mule's cock to her mouth. She could barely get just the head of it in her mouth.

I had pulled my cock out and was stroking it.

Seth was massaging one of Jen's tits as they hung down below her body. Pat was now pounding in and out of my wife's pussy as she sucked what she could of Mule's cock. Her tits were swinging back and forth beneath her and she was moaning on Tim's cock.

Steve who had been moved out of the way now was naked and crawled onto the bed. He placed himself beside Jen on his knees and then spit on her ass. He then placed his finger on her ass and let it slid into her.

"Oh Fuck!" Jen exclaimed as she felt his finger penetrate her ass.

She stopped sucking on Mule long enough to adjust to the feeling. Pat kept fucking her pussy while Steve now fingered her ass.

She then began rocking back and forth to the sensation and opened her mouth to suck on Tim's cock again.

Seth got off the bed, went to the bathroom, and came back out with some lotion. He let it dribble onto Jen's ass hole to lubricate things a little better.

He then said, "Pat fuck her ass."

Jen stopped sucking and said, "No not my ass."

"Relax sweetheart you'll love it." Seth said.

Pat stood up on the edge of the bed so he could get a better angle on her ass.

Jen began to move and Seth stopped her by wrapping his hands around her waist.

"Go ahead Pat." He ordered.

Pat leaned forward slowly and pushed his cock into her asshole.

"OOOOOHHHHHH FUCK!" Jen nearly screamed as Pat's cock entered her body.

"I think she is an anal virgin." Pat sort of laughed as he leaned even further into her.

"OOOHHHHHH GAWD!" Jen screamed.

"Stop and let her get used to the feeling." Seth said.

I was stroking my hard cock fast and furious standing in the closet watching my wife being ass fucked for the first time. I had always wanted to try it but she would have nothing to do with it.

Jen soon began rocking back and forth and Pat pushed in further.

"OH GAWD FUCK MY ASSSSSSSS!" Jen suddenly blurted out.

Pat then sank his cock fully into her ass and began pumping her.

"See baby I told you." Seth said to her.

Jen was grunting like a wild animal as she then went back to Mule's cock.

Steve then crawled under her and began sucking on her swinging tits.

Seth sat back onto the bed watching his buddies fuck my wife.

It did not take long for Pat to moan and rolled his head back as he shot his load deep into Jen's ass.

"That should lube her up for the next guy." Pat said as he crawled off the bed.

Jen quickly flipped over and pulled on Mule's cock saying, "Tim fuck me with that big cock of yours."

Tim knee walked to between her legs. His cock was now fully erect and must have been a foot long and six inches in circumference.

He wrapped his hand around the base of it and guided it toward my wife's pussy. He leaned forward and just let her have a little of it.

"OH MY GAWD!" Jen groaned.

He pushed a little deeper and Jen laid motionless as she felt her pussy expanding to points that it had never been.

The other guys were just watching and Steve said, "Holy shit, I don't think she can take all of that."

Mule leaned a little more going slowly.

"Fuck me Tim, fuck me." Jen said all wild eyed.

Mule then pushed forward and withdrew, he then pushed back in and Jen wrapped her legs around his waist.

"FUCK ME MULE, FUCK ME!" Jen was nearly screaming.

Mule then began rocking back and forth. He then grabbed Jen's legs and put them on his shoulders. I was glad for this because I could now see his huge cock nearly ripping my wife's pussy apart.

With each stroke out it looked as if some of the skin inside her pussy was rolling out with his cock. It was almost as if her pussy was trying to keep him from pulling out.

Tim then leaned all the way into her until his full length was buried inside her. He stopped there and she was rotating her hips on his cock.

"OOOOOH FUCK! That is so fucking good." Jen moaned.

Tim then withdrew his full length and pushed back in.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHH MY GAWD! I'm CUMMMMMMING!" Jen groaned as she jerked and convulsed on Mule's cock.

As she was coming, Mule began really fucking her.

I had never heard Jen so vocal while fucking as she was at that moment. It seemed that every breath she took was a moan or an expletive of how good it felt. She actually had tears running down the side of her face.

It was at that moment that I suddenly felt the cum racing to my cock and I shot my load onto the inside of the closet door. I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. My knees buckled and I nearly fell down from the force and intensity of my orgasm.

Mule was pounding his full length in and out of Jen when she screamed, "OOHHH FUCK I'm CUMMMMING AGAIN!"

This time she came with such force that her pussy was actually coating Tim's huge cock.

Tim then moaned and pulled his cock out of her pussy and began stroking it.

"OHHH FUCK!" He moaned as the first shot of his cum shot all the way to Jen's head and actually hit her on the lips.

I had never seen so much cum. He shot again and again coating Jen's chest and stomach.

The other guys were in complete amazement watching as I was.

Jen was lying there like a limp rag when Steve grabbed her and spun her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her feet were on the floor.

He grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against her ass.

"How about some more in the ass Jen?" As he pushed forward letting his cock head penetrate her ass.

Jen even in her state of orgasmic euphoria moaned as he entered her.

Steve was beginning to get a rhythm going when Jen crawled on up the bed and was on all fours again.

Pat came around in front of her and put his cock at her lips. She eagerly opened up and sucked him into her mouth.

Jen was rocking onto Steve's cock sliding in and out of her ass and back and forth on Pat's cock in her mouth.

There was still some of Tim's cum dripping from her as she sucked and fucked Pat and Steve.

Steve did not last long and groaned, "OOHHH GAWD!" He then added his cum to my wife's ass.

Jen then flipped over on her back and pulled Pat's cock to her mouth while she reached out for Seth's cock. He had been like me just watching and stroking his hard cock. Jen was sucking Pat and stroking Seth.

Tim's foot long cock was hard again and he took up his position between her legs.

Jen pulled Pat's cock from her mouth and said, "Yes Tim fuck my pussy."

She groaned on Pat's cock as Tim slid his meat back inside her. Jen's legs wrapped Tim as she pulled him deep inside her.

Mule began pumping in and out of her again and with each thrust, she was taking Pat's cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She was also groaning with each stroke, which had Pat ready to explode. Seth had gotten on his knees beside Jen and she was not missing a stroke on his cock.

Pat moaned, "AHHHHHH."

Jen pulled him out of her mouth and said, "Come on my face Pat."

Seth was also ready. Jen stroked both of them while Mule fucked her pussy.

Pat moaned again and his cum burst from his cock and landed on Jen's face and hair. Seth also rolled his head back, moaned, and added his cum to Pat's. There was cum running down my wife's cheeks and neck.

After they had finished coming she turned her concentration on Mule.

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