tagFirst TimeMy Best Friend Stacie Ch. 05

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 05



**Everyone in this story is 18 or older**


I lean my back against a brick wall inside of the school. I am in the space between lockers so no one can see me unless someone walks directly passed me. But seeing as how class started five minutes ago. I doubt anybody is going to be taking a walk through the halls.

I lean my back against the cold bricks and breath heavy. Stacie is on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth. Her hair bounces around as her head bops back and forth on my cock.

I let out a moan and bend my knees. I almost fall over from the pleasure but I press my hands against the lockers for stability. Stacie looks up at me with so much fire in her eyes. She bops her head even faster and massages my cock with her tongue at a steady pace.

"Fuck! Stacie! Fuck!" I moan low as I grab onto the back of her head pushing her in. Loud gagging noises come from her mouth but she doesn't try to stop me.

I unload all my cum directly down her throat. Stacie's face is bright red and cum is spewing out of her mouth. She continues to massage my cock with her tongue as I fuck her mouth coaxing more cum out of me.

Finally I release her head and she backs off of my cock coughing. Cum falls out of her mouth and onto the floor and all over her chin and cheeks. I worry that I went too far and hurt her but she just looks up at me and smiles. Her face red and covered in my cum is the most beautiful sigh I could ever see.

Suddenly we hear footsteps coming down the hallway. Quickly I pull my pants up and fasten them. Stacie quickly straightens up her outfit and wipes the cum off of her face with her sleeve. We both stand there trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

Mrs. Little comes around the corner and looks at the both of us with suspicion.

"What are you two doing!? Class started ten minutes ago. You're supposed to- oh never mind. It's okay.....uh just get to class as soon as you can." Mrs. Little quickly walks away with a big smile on her face.

Did she know what was happening? How could she have known? Stacie and I turn to each other and we both quickly see how she knew. It was pretty obvious.

"Kyle! What the fuck! Your pants are not even zipped up!" Stacie says bending down and pulling my zipper up herself.

"I don't think that was the giveaway, Stacie. I think the cum on the side of your lips is what made it pretty damn clear." I say pointing to her face.

She quickly pulls a hand mirror out of her pocket and examines her face. She moves the mirror to each side of her face and finally spots the streak of wet cum on the side of her left cheek.

"You know what, Kyle?" Stacie says wiping my cum off with her finger.

"What?" I ask readjusting my pants and shirt.

"I don't even give a fuck." She says smiling and licking the cum off her finger tip.

"Neither do I. We'll be out of this shitty school soon enough." I say putting my arm around Stacie's shoulder.

She leans her head into me as we walk to our next classes.

I'm now at home and just finished up eating dinner with my family. We always have a system setup after family dinners. I wash the dishes, Dad dries the dishes and Mom puts them and the leftovers away.

"You better enjoy these last moments with the family before you go away to college. NYU is real far away, son." My dad says calmly.

"Actually.....I won't be missing these moments because I decided to stay local for college." I say rinsing out the dish sponge.

Both my parents stop what they are doing and look at me with concern. I don't pay them any mind and just continue with my dishes.

"But....we planned all year for this. You worked so hard to get accepted and......well first of all, why?" My mom asks with her hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know. I heard there's some great education around here." I say with a shrug.

"What are you talking about, son? I'm not saying there aren't any decent schools but they aren't NYU." My dad says with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Don't worry, Dad. I thought this through." I say with a reassuring smile.

"But hey, I won't miss family dinner. You won't just see me on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a good time. Be happy." I say trying to lighten the mood.

"Why, son, why? I won't go against you. I just want to know why the sudden change?" My dad asks with concern

"Uhhh....I don't know. Maybe I have a reason to stick around. Maybe I don't want to leave just yet." I say with a smile thinking about Stacie.

"Oh I see." My Mom says with a grin turning to put more foil wrapped leftovers in the refrigerator.

"Oh, okay, well whatever you want, son." My dad says with a grin finally realizing what my mom had already realized. They know Stacie is the only real reason I would stay in this town.

It's 11:00 PM and I'm laying in bed alone without Stacie. I've grown used to holding her in my arms even thought we have only been a "thing" for a few days. The bed feels empty without her. I keep looking over next to me at the area Stacie would sleep.

Suddenly my phone vibrates and I'm relieved to see a message from Stacie.

"Hey bitch :)." I read off of my dim phone screen.

Before I can even respond I get another message from her. It's a large attached file sent along with a wink face. After about thirty seconds the file completes downloading, the attachment she sent is a seven minute long video.

I press play and Stacie wasted no time getting to the point. I see her wet pink pussy up close and periodically she pans the camera up showing her body and face. With her free hands she grabs her tit and squeezes the nipple trying to put on a show for me.

"Hey baby, I miss you and your cock. I wish you were inside me. I need you inside me." She says running her hands up and down her body.

I've gotten about five minutes into the video but am cut off by a call from Stacie.

"Hey bitch, unlock your bedroom window." She whispers through the phone. Judging by the background noise she is outside and walking towards my house.

"If you want to fuck I can just let you in through the front door. You don't have to do this scale the side of my house bullshit." I say in a loud whisper.

"It'll be romantic and shit. Just unlock you're god damn window." She says and immediately hangs up.

Still tired I get out of my bed and unlock the window. I walk over to my mirror and adjust my hair.

"Fucking Stacie." I whisper to myself.

Suddenly I hear my window slowly open up.

"Kyle! Kyle! Fucking help me! Oh God!" Stacie says in a frantic whisper.

I rush over and pull her into my room. She is wearing a black beanie, black jeans and a black tank top.

"Next time. Use the door!" I quietly announce.

"Oh shut up." Stacie says pulling her beanie off and putting it on my dresser.

I decide to take initiative this time. As she turned around I walk behind her and pull her close. I put one hand down the front of her jeans and kiss her neck. I preemptively put my hand over her mouth to cover up the loud moan. She grinds her ass against my cock.

I step back and pull her jeans and panties down in one swift pull. Stacie lays on my bed and spreads her legs open for me. I craw up the bed from the bottom until my face reaches her pussy. I look up at her and grin and look back down at her beautiful wet pussy.

"Oh come on you tease!" She says pushing my head town between her legs.

I quickly begin to devour her pussy. I attack her clit with my tongue. Stacie pants heavily and reaches down to pull her tank top off. I hold her body and legs still because she squirms around a lot from the pleasure.

"Kyle! I'm gonna cum! You're making cum! Fuck!" Stacie moans.

Stacie let's out a series of muffled moans as her upper body squirms around. She finally catches her breathe. I crawl up on top of her and give her a kiss with my mouth still wet from her pussy. She gently wraps her arms around my still clothed body and rubs her nose against mine. Her hair still smells like strawberries.

"Kyle....I want you to lay down on your back. I want to ride you this time." Stacie whispers into my ear. Hearing that causes my spine to tingle.

I roll off of her and lay down on my back. Stacie crawls on top of me and rubs her naked pussy against my cock through my sleeping shorts. I lift my arms up and she pulls my shirt off. She gets to my pants and unfastens them. I move my body to help her get them off as quickly as possible.

Stacie raises her hips and aligns her wet entrance with the tip of my cock. It's so surreal seeing my best friend I grew up with getting ready to ride my cock. She slowly lowers herself onto me and with every move I feel my cock getting deeper and deeper inside her warm pussy. Her head tilts back and her eyes close and she breaths heavy.

I'm finally all the way inside her and for a few minutes she just stays in that position with little to no movement. Just enjoying the fact that her and I are connected as one. Then suddenly she starts to rock her hips back and forth. I loud moan escapes my lips because I wasn't prepared for this pleasure. Her tits bounce and move as her hips rock.

I feel her tight pussy clenching onto my cock. Every time she cums I feel it tighten up even more. Stacie falls on top of me still keeping a consistent hip motion. I feel her perfect tits against my chest and her face press against mine. She sweetly kisses my forehead and cheek.

"I love you, Kyle, I want to be with you forever and even longer than that." Stacie whispers in my ear.

"I love you too. I want all of that." I moan back to her. I'll be cumming soon.

"I am all yours. My pussy is yours and only yours. Please cum, please cum inside me, Kyle". Stacie whispers in my ear moving her hips even faster.

I unload inside of her tight pussy. She lets out one last moan and collapses on top of me. Stacie and I stay in that position for a few more minutes with my softening cock still inside her throbbing pussy. Finally she gives me one last kiss and rolls off of me.

Stacie takes a finger and sticks it inside her and pulls it out a cum soaked finger. She puts it in her mouth and sucks on it passionately with her eyes closed. She was supposed go home after this but she the blanket over both of us and rolls over to me. Her warm warms wrap around me and soon we both drift off into sleep.

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Finally back

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