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My Best Friend's Ex


Never sleep with your best friend's ex-boyfriend, it's an unwritten rule somewhere like you'll go to hell if you betray her. Well, I think with every rule there's an exception. Before I go into any details, let me introduce myself. My name is Lindsey, I'm a 23-year-old sometimes clueless but most of the time smart, quite attractive red head. I enjoy just about anything and everything that will bring some excitement into my life because I'm one of those people that insist on taking what life has to offer instead of sitting on the sidelines. I'm spunky, I have many friends, I can be a party animal but know when to get serious. I think that's why people love me so much, I'm contagious…but in a good way!

I've had my fair share of relationships in the past, my experience would best be described from the lyrics of a one Beach Boys song...ahem...don't pass out when you hear my awful voice now you have to read the rest of my story...'round 'round get around I get around! Yeah, get around wooohoowooo! Thank you, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress.

So now that I've made a total fool of myself, let's get down to business. None of my previous relationship have been the if-you-leave-me-I'll-be-sad-and-depressed-forever type. As an addendum to that rule I mentioned at the beginning, I don't think it's too awful of me to sleep with my best friends ex if the circumstances were she dumped him for no good reason. I happened to like him hanging around, we got along great, always messing around having fun (not that kind of messing, I can see where YOUR mind is!).

His name is Edison, Ed for short. I don't know quite why he was named that, probably because his parents had a thing for Thomas Edison. Who knows but that's not the point, the point is the moment I met Ed, I knew there was something special about him. He's just your all-American cutie with short brown wavy hair, awesome build, 6'2' with glasses (trust me, ladies, he looks hot with them on) and the sexiest baby blues. Can I mention that he has the most unbelievably impeccable taste in clothes without saying he's gay? I mean I know it's hard to believe but it's true, I don't have an explanation for it myself.

Ever since they've started dating I've had the opportunity a few times to hang out with them and I never did like the way she treated him. I love my best friend, Amy, to death but she has no sense when it comes to the etiquette of dating. Ya right like I know it myself but I've been in enough relationships to realize that the person you're dating should be treated with respect and you should accept his qualities as well as his faults. Amy had a tiny problem with that, I've seen her a couple of times trying to change Ed's imperfections. I think this might be a good time to admit that I've had my pretty little eyes on him for awhile. I never did anything to pursue it while they were together only because I don't want to hurt Amy, plus having some sweet fantasies to fire up your imagination is just the thing everyone needs.

I've spent countless nights in my bed having fantasies that Ed was there with me having the hottest, most mind-blowing sex we've ever had. Those night fantasies always made my pussy so wet and my clit ache non-stop. I would be so hot I'd have to turn my fan on just to cool my tingling, flaming skin. I know that my hand isn't Ed's cock by any means but it would be the only thing I had around that I could satisfy myself with. So I would just lay there and masturbate to the images floating through my mind of Ed sucking my nipples, running his tongue across my breasts, his hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit, invading my mouth with his ravaging kisses, then him deep inside me. I always came at about the moment where he'd be fucking me like crazy and he'd be moaning my name over and over again saying he was going to come. When I orgasmed, my body would shake and shudder from the sheer pleasure I would feel. You never know what a good fantasy will do to multiply your orgasm by 100, I would have to muffle my screams with a pillow.

Amy would tell me of their love-making sessions and I knew I couldn't do anything but grin and bear it, meanwhile I'd be screaming inside about how I wanted her to shut up already before I slap her. Now I know that's harsh but I wanted this man and I was jealous, how would you feel if some bimbo was telling you about her sex-fests with the man of your dreams...doesn't go over so well does it? Ok ok, I know Amy is my best friend and that I should be nice about it but I can't help it!

Well they dated for a few months before Amy realized that Ed wasn't right for her. My theory is she knew she couldn't change him (that's right, baby, you stay the way you are!) and so she'd just be wasting her time. During their relationship Ed and I formed a friendship of sorts, we would always talk, even if Amy wasn't there. We came to know each other pretty well, I really formed a bond with him. Some people say that they have soulmates. I believe in them. I think Ed is mine, he always made my heart race when he was around and I got fidgety. I never get fidgety around men!

Even though Ed and Amy didn't have the most serious of relationships, I still think both of them were pretty blue about it, only because it was another relationship under their belt they couldn't make last. I think the grace period on trying to get your best friends ex into your bed is a month. It's a good solid time, isn't it? Not that I make a habit of it, this would be the first time for me. Amy's been around probably more than I have so I don't think it will be difficult for her to find someone else to be a transitional man for her. Of course I still talked to Ed on the phone during that month, I would have missed him too much. Amy didn't know about these conversations, it's a strictly need-to-know basis.

Which brings me to the present. I'm horny as hell, I have not dated in two months, have not had sex in four. I have been waiting for Ed. I didn't know if it would actually happen but I was sure as hell going to try. Now would be the perfect time to call Ed and reel him in with my charm. I was planning on calling him to see if he'd be interested in coming over for some movie, popcorn, and beer action. I live in an apartment, Amy lives in the same building but she was going out tonight with some friends of ours to check the scene. Now let's see what I can do about ending this platonic relationship Ed and I have going...

I checked myself in the mirror before calling him, I wanted to make sure I looked ok (I don't know why, we women just do that). The phone rang a few times before he picked up.

"'Lo?" he said.

"Ed? It's Lindsey, sorry for bothering you...were you sleeping?"

"Oh hi, Lindsey. No I was just laying on the couch thinking about stuff. So what's up, this is a surprise," he said

The small butterflies in my stomach now somehow grew to overwhelming size. I put a hand to my tummy telling myself to be calm, be cool, this is Ed you're talking to.

"Well, I'm bored basically and I thought of you. I was wondering if you're not doing anything you could come over and we can hang out. Like watch some movies an pig out." I felt the urge to tell him what I said next. So I did. "I actually miss you, I miss seeing you, I want to know what's going on in your life."

I closed my eyes imagining his face. I started to get that warm feeling throughout my entire body.

"Sure," he said. "That sounds like fun, I could use some time away from here, my roommate is starting to bug the shit out of me. I'll be over in a little bit."

A huge smile came over my face as relief that he accepted her offer made my heart speed up. We said our good byes and I started to get ready for the night ahead. It was hot out so I had my windows closed and the air on. My shades were mostly drawn shut. Ed already knows how much I love candles so he won't think anything of it if I light a few to set the mood. I didn't know what to do first! I went to my bedroom and threw some stuff that was on my floor in the closet, then I made my bed as best as I could, and then lit a few candles in there.

I had on ratty old clothes so I stripped down to my bare nakedness and rifled through my closet. I switched from one foot to the other while deciding what to wear. I opted for a pair of very short khaki shorts (I always thought they accentuated my legs) and a black tank top that ended just above the waistband of my shorts. Of course it helped that I was tan all over and it made me look delicious even more. I went to my vanity and took the clip out of my hair and let it fall over my shoulders. I brushed it, ran my fingers through it a few times, decided I looked good then started to the kitchen to make some snacks. While walking through the living room I put on a Miles Davis CD to help calm me, not to mention he's the god of creating the music of love.

Hmm…what to make, such hard decisions. I was bent over the fridge looking for something to make when I heard a little shuffle behind me. I swung around forgetting the door was right there and I smacked my forehead against it.


"Oh, Lindsey I'm so sorry for scaring you!" Ed said as he came toward me.

I was still bent over with my hand to my forehead. I stood up slowly and he was standing right there in front of me with a look of obvious concern on his face. "Are you alright? Do you need some ice? Do you need to sit down? I knocked a couple of times but you didn't answer so I just let myself in and then I heard you in here so I came to let you know I was here and to see if you needed help," he said.

He moved my hand away from my sore forehead and pushed me over to the chair at the table and motioned me to sit down. He got fairly close to me to check out my forehead. I could feel the heat emanate from him and the cologne he had on was breathtaking. I closed my eyes a moment and took a deep breath of him. It took everything I had to stifle a moan when he gently touched my forehead with his hands. God, his hands were soft, I could feel his fingertips butterfly over my small bump.

"Nothing too bad, just a red bump. All it needs is ice and a little TLC," he said.

He went over to the fridge and got some ice from the freezer then wrapped it in a washcloth. He brought it over and set it lightly on my bump. I flinched a second before I started to feel the cold radiate to it and I relaxed a bit. He was standing too close to me. This scene would look pg-rated to people just now tuning in but just his being so near to me caused my heart to thump and my pussy to tingle. God how I wanted this man. How many times have I said that now? I do! The front of his pants was right in front of my face so I could see the slight bulge. I wanted to reach up with my hand and touch it. I wanted to unzip his pants and take him in my mouth and taste him. I could feel my pussy ache just from the thoughts that raced through my mind and I knew I needed distance before I did something totally drastic that would just scare him away.

I leaned back in the chair and I looked up at him. "It's feeling better now, thank you," I smiled, mind you a little flirtatiously. He stepped back and put the ice in the sink. "Good, I'm glad. See? Now it's not so noticeable."

There was a slight moment of silence before I couldn't stand it anymore so I got up and said, "Uh...why don't you go into the living room and pick a movie and I'll be just a few minutes in here, I'll whip up some snacks and bevy-s."

"Ok, don't make me wait too long or I'll have to start a search party," he winked then left the kitchen.

I leaned against the counter a few moments trying to collect myself and I started talking to myself. In my head, not out loud because that's just weird. I've wanted Ed for a long time but tonight my reactions and feelings toward him just seemed intensified. My body was on fire for him and all I wanted to do was go in the living room, tear off his clothes, and have my way with him right there on the couch! Just the thought of me being so bold brought an evil sort of grin on my face. I ran my hand up my stomach to cup my breast. Tonight, I thought, he will be the one devouring me, loving me, calling out my name when he releases himself into me. My hand slid down my body into my shorts to touch my flaming hot wetness just for a second. I leaned my head back and tried not to moan as my finger rubbed over my swollen clit. Tonight he will know no other woman except me, he will not think about any other woman except me, I will rock his world and treat him right like Amy should have.

I got a bag of popcorn and thew it in the microwave for a few minutes. I got a couple of beers out of the fridge and poured them into some frosty mugs that resided in my freezer. I had made a batch of brownies the other day so I put a couple of them on a plate to take out. Yes, I love junk food, how did you ever guess? After the popcorn was done I dumped it in a bowl. I got the mugs of beer and took them out to the living room where I found Ed sitting on the couch making himself comfortable. He looked at me as I came toward him and smiled. I had to smile back his smile was just too cute to ignore. Miles still played softly in the background.

"Freshly brewed beer right out of my basement I spent hours laboring over it," I said.

Ed chuckled at my little joke and said, "Well I'll be sure not to miss one drop...boy you must be tired from all that work."

"Nah I'm superwoman I can handle anything. I just have to grab the popcorn and the brownies I'll be right back," I said. I turned to move to the kitchen. I made sure to put my most sexiest walk to the test just in case he was looking. I happened to turn around a second to see, I just had to look. He saw me looking at him and turned his head quickly away but not before I could see him bluntly looking at my ass. I smiled inwardly giving myself a pat on the back. Maybe this night will go exactly like I had planned after all, I thought.

I grabbed the popcorn and brownies and doubled back to the living room. "So what are we watching, The Sound of Music," I asked?

"No as a matter of fact it's The Lion King," he said.

"One of my favorites, I watch it almost every day," I said.

"Well you'll be disappointed because I picked Friday the 13th," he said.

"OoooOOoo, a scary one. Sweet!"

I sat down next to him on the couch and I put my feel on the table. I used the remote to turn the stereo off. The only light source in the room was the candles burning. Just the scene for a scary movie or a little love action. I wiggled my toes, my toe ring shining in the candlelight. "Start the movie up, Ed, I'm ready," I said.

"Ok, here we go!"

We both leaned back into the couch sipping our beers and eating the popcorn out of the bowl that sat between us. The movie started up. I love scary movies even the cheezy cheez-it ones. They give me a laugh. I thought of Friday the 13th as a mixture of both. As the movie went on, I sneaked peaks at Ed and admired him for a few moments. He was so handsome and sweet. It's Amy's loss and my gain, I thought. I went back to the TV and I reached for the bowl keeping my eyes on the screen. I touched another human hand. Ed's hand. He had been grabbing for it the same time as me. I felt an electrical current go through my system at the touch. I kept my hand there a moment and I stared at our hands touching. I finally looked up at him as I had noticed he had kept his hand there too. He was looking at me in a strange way. Did he have the same thoughts I was having?

"Uhh...sorry, go ahead," he said taking his hand away.

Suddenly I didn't want any more popcorn. I wanted one thing now more than ever. Should I wait? Should I go for it? I kept my eyes on the TV as I thought about this stuff. I sighed inside. I'm 23, I'm an adult I should be handling this situation better.

I put the popcorn on the table and slide over to the next cushion until I was sitting right beside him. "This movie is kind of scary, do you mind if I sit here with you?"

He seemed kind of tense as he looked at me a moment. "Sure, I don't mind." He put his arm on the back of the couch behind my head as if to invite me.

"Thanks," I said. I looked up at him and smiled, I could feel my body thrumming and my heart speeding up. I leaned in a little closer.

After awhile we got so comfortable I had leaned into him with my head on his shoulder and he had his arm around me. This is where I belonged, where he belonged. I turned my head into his chest a little bit and breathed his scent. I had my hand resting on the side of his stomach. I was so into the moment I had my eyes closed as I kept smelling him (I could never get enough of that), my hand moved of it's own accord as I ran it over his stomach and up toward his chest.

By this time I'm sure he was wondering what the hell was going on. I couldn't blame him, after all this woman who was supposed to be his friend was feeling on him and practically panting like a cat in heat. I opened up my eyes and had the nerve to look up at him. Our faces were inches apart. He was staring down at me, with a look in his eyes. I could have gotten lost in them. It was like he was just as caught up in the moment as I was.

"Ed," I said. He said nothing but just kept staring at me, the movie playing in the background, although I think both of us were done watching it.

My view is if he didn't say anything to object, then I was allowed to do what I did next. I leaned up until I was equal with him. We stared into each other eyes for what seemed like eons. I felt like we knew what the other was thinking without even saying anything. He knew what I wanted and I knew that he would not stop me. I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. My breasts pushed up against his chest and I heard his quick intake of breath. I brushed my lips against his and he didn't do anything for a moment. Finally he brought his hands up to the small of my back. I kissed him more firmly and I closed my eyes. Our lips parted at the same time and it just seemed to click. Our lips and tongues met in unison like it was the most natural thing. My body started to throb and it only increased as the minutes went by. My hands locked around his neck as we continued kissing. His hands moved up my back under my tank top. I didn't have a bra on and he noticed that. Tingles started where his hands met my back and traveled the whole length of my body.

God, what a good kisser he was. I didn't think there was anything about him I would change, he was perfect to me the way he was. Suddenly, I had to be closer to him. I got up on my knees, our mouths still entwined. I brought my leg over his lap and I sat on top of him on the couch. The movie was totally forgotten. Our mouths parted and I looked at him.

"Ed, I am telling you right now. I want you like I've never wanted anyone in my life. You are one of the greatest people I have ever met and it hurt me to sit back and watch Amy try to change you. I've dreamed about you even when you and Amy were together, I was crazy jealous when she told me about the times you two slept together. The reason I invited you over tonight was to show you how much I want you and that you will find a great woman who will treat you the way you deserve. Please stay the night with me, I want to make love to you."

I had my arms around his neck and my face was close to his as I told him that. His eyes were locked on my the whole time as mine were to his. I straddled his lap and I started to rub my body back and forth on him. He groaned and closed his eyes a moment. His hands were still sitting on my back right above my ass. I could feel him grow in his jeans as I continued my sensuous movements.

"Lindsey, Lindsey, what are you doing to me," he said.

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