My Best Friends Father Ch. 01


Mr P saved me. Making an embarrassed "ahem" he turned and faced the sink, hiding the fact that a bigger bulge was starting to develop in his briefs. It kind of snapped me out of my daze. I smiled weakly at no one in particular and finished my drink, this time being careful not to spill.

"Okay, I'm off to bed then Mr P, I'm exhausted." I told him putting my glass back in the dish rack, breathing deeply as I stood close to him and taking in his scent. It was the heady, rugged scent of a man, a scent that was entirely different to the smell of a boy like my last boyfriend. I nearly caved in and threw myself at him, but I controlled myself. I walked down the hall and into my bedroom. My breathing was heavy and fast, my nipples were hard and the ache between my legs was near undeniable.

I tore off my top, while I kicked off my boots. Stripping off my jeans and panties in one go, I threw myself on the bed and vented my frustration into the pillows, screaming all the air out of my lungs. But still the arousal loomed. I couldn't deny it any longer, I needed some relief. I turned over onto my back and with a small moan I let my fingers start exploring my body. My hands glided along my chest, stroking over my breasts and nipples, I pinched at their hardened tips, whimpering in pleasure at the small amount of pain which preceded it. My hands moved lower until finally they were where they wanted to be.

Stroking my clit, I dipped my fingers deeper, wetting their tips in my flowing juices and then bringing them back to circle and tease my pussy. Even in the throes of my ecstasy filled masturbation; I heard Mr P's light footsteps on the tiled floor as he padded down the hall. It seemed they paused at my door, and I groaned a little louder than I thought I would, thinking about Mr P standing on the other side of my unlocked door, listening to me masturbate, knowing that he had only to turn the handle and walk in to see me fingering myself while I thought about him. What would he do then? Would he turn around and walk out or would he stand at the end of my bed and watch me as I touched myself. Maybe he would crawl up from the foot of my bed and let his tongue take over from my fingers!

Oh dear the thought of it all only served to fuel my desire and fan the flames higher. I groaned again, harder, as I drove two fingers deep inside my pussy, my other hand working its way along the curve of my ass to my puckered opening. The juices of my pussy dribbled down along the crack to lubricate my tight little puckered opening and I gently eased a finger inside my ass. I groaned again, my eyes rolling up into my head at the pleasure I felt.

I think then I heard Mr P's door close behind him as he went into his room. His door was directly across from mine! How easy would it be for me to get up and walk in there? Sneak into his bed; get him while his guard is down? Make it near impossible for him to say no to me? Sneak in under the covers and work my way up until his hard cock was right near my mouth and I could suck on it like a lollipop! I felt my climax building, the ache reaching its peak as my fingers worked frantically on my pussy and asshole. I groaned and whimpered and imagined all manner of nasty things I could do to Mr P and he to me, until finally I creamed all over my fingers! Pulses of orgasm travelled over my skin, my hips shook and my toes twitched from the unadulterated pleasure.

I fell into a deep sleep seconds later, exhaustion finally taking its toll, and I knew no more.

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