tagLoving WivesMy Birthday Photograph

My Birthday Photograph


My name is Sue and I am 26 years old and I have been married to Bill for 2 years now and we love each other such a lot. We fell in love very quickly and only dated for about 8 weeks before he asked me to marry him and, fearful I might miss out on him if I said no, I accepted! A month later we married and quickly settled down to married life together. Bill is 32 and I certainly don't notice the age difference except that his circle of friends is much different to mine. That doesn't matter because all of his friends have accepted me right from the start and I am definitely one of the group.

I had wondered what Bill would give me for my birthday last month and when I actually got it I was totally blown away with the surprise of it all. On the Wednesday before my birthday he took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and during the meal he handed me an envelope and told me it was my present for my birthday. I wanted to open it right then but he told me to wait until we got home and then I would be able to thank him properly! I knew what he meant by that because we both expected every bit of thanks to be recognised with a wonderful fuck! We had fucked before we married but if that was supposed to be a lot of fucking it was nothing compared with what we did as soon as we were married! We fucked at every - and I mean every - opportunity and it didn't matter if we were in public or private - we just fucked because we loved each other so much!

Naturally I was very curious about this envelope and couldn't wait to get home and open it but I did manage to control myself and after we were in our bedroom and had both stripped naked ready for bed, Bill allowed me to open the envelope! I was very excited and badly wanted to fuck Bill even before I opened the envelope but when I did I wanted him all the more. The contents were several sheets of paper with the first announcing I would have my portrait photograph taken by the Elite Studio and this would include all the necessary glamour preparations to make an extremely exciting photograph! I had wanted a portrait photograph of myself for a long time and at last Bill was giving me what I wanted! We fucked right after that and I really put everything into that session just to show him how much I loved him and thanked him for his present.

An appointment had been made for the following Saturday afternoon at the Studio and the other sheets of paper in the enveloped were instructions about how to present myself at the studio! I didn't bother reading them closely but preferred to get straight into fucking my loving husband and that is what we did!

The instructions, when I read them next morning, rather surprised me. I had expected this photographic session to be just a glamour shot of probably my head and shoulders and the making up would be to my face only. The instructions told me to bring with me my sexiest underwear and several sets of them. I was also to bring my sexiest dresses and outfits to wear as well as high heeled shoes. All makeup would be provided and all I had to do was present myself with my selected clothes. When I asked Bill if he was coming with me he smiled and told me I wouldn't want him with me and he would see the finished result afterwards! I was a little surprised by his statement but shrugged my shoulders and started to think which of my sexy underwear I would take with me.

Before I arrived at the studio I had showered and shaved my legs and underarms and presented myself looking very clean and fresh which was the image I wanted to project in the portrait. The photographer was a very tall good looking man called Joe and his wife was also present because she does all the makeup. Her name was Di and they both seemed very friendly indeed. I hadn't realised before but Saturday afternoon was after hours as far as the studio was concerned because they closed at midday on Saturdays. Once I had been admitted to the studio the doors were locked and the front lights turned out and we moved to the studio at the rear of the premises.

I had brought my clothes in a carry bag and Di asked me to show her what I had brought with me. When she looked at my sexy underwear she smiled at me and said, Well, I guess it might turn your husband on with these at home but you want really sexy clothes for your portrait which other people will see!" Nothing more was said about the underwear and she moved onto the outerwear and, on inspecting some of these items, said she thought we could use some of them. She then took me into a makeup room at the side of the studio and started to make up my face. I was sitting opposite a huge mirror and could see exactly what she was doing to my face and I liked what I saw!

Perhaps I was blessed with a lovely body and I am very proud of my breasts and the rest of my figure because I certainly look good when with other women my age. Di rather suddenly asked me to remove my blouse and I couldn't understand why but did as she said. I soon found out she wanted to make up my shoulders too and she applied makeup right down to the top of my breasts as well as all of my shoulders and down my arms. Of course she did my back too. I had worn a bra although I didn't always wear one but thought for modesty sake perhaps I should at least wear some covering over my breasts. She looked at my bra covered breasts rather admiringly and then quickly took hold of the straps over my shoulders and pulled them right down over my arms saying at the same time she didn't want any strap marks. In pulling the straps down my arms this had the effect of pulling my bra off my breasts and here I was sitting in the room with my breasts bare! I immediately tried to cover my breasts with my hands but Di grabbed my hands and kept them away from my breasts. At first I was quite embarrassed sitting there naked to the waist but Di soon made me feel more comfortable when she told me how lovely my breasts looked and to add to that she started putting her makeup all over my breasts too. Di was very skilled at applying the makeup because with shading on my breasts they looked even bigger than they were and they are quite large sitting on my chest. She further enhanced the look by applying a red color to my nipples and a darker shade to my areoles and I had to admit I looked really good, looking at myself in the mirror!

I had been so carried away watching myself in the mirror it suddenly dawned on me that Di was making up my breasts and they must be thinking of taking photographs of me with my breasts bare and I couldn't allow that! I told Di she had better stop because I didn't want my breasts photographed but she told me it was part of the program my husband had bought for me! I wasn't too happy but didn't say any more about it for the time being.

Joe walked into the makeup room and suddenly I was embarrassed but again Di grabbed my hands and kept them away from my breasts and Joe came over to have a close look at them! I was blushing furiously but he just took his time and looked closely at me. He then told Di he was ready for my first shoot and with that he took me by the hand and led me into the studio. It was slightly cooler in the studio and I could feel it on my bare nipples and they hardened noticeably. Joe took me over to a chair and sat me down and then removed my bra from around my waist where it had fallen before. He then returned to his camera and started taking shots of me naked to he waist. At first I was very embarrassed but soon relaxed and let him pose me as he wished. He didn't hesitate to handle my breasts as he positioned me but again I didn't object and he then called a rest and took me over to a huge television set which lit up with pictures of me sitting there in all my glory looking really glamorous! He had used a digital camera for part of the shoot and these were the photographs I was seeing now.

He took more photographs with just my head and shoulders and then called Di back into the studio and told her we were ready to move on to the next phase! I wondered what that would be but together they walked me back to the makeup room and without any hesitation on their part, Joe held my hands as Di undid the catch on my skirt and quickly pulled it down around my ankles. I had on just my tiny panties and they didn't cover up very much particularly seeing I didn't shave my pubic hair and it looked rather wild through the almost sheer panties. Di again didn't hesitate and quickly pulled down my panties and took them off my feet! Now I was naked in front of Joe and, of course, Di but they didn't seem to take much notice of me. Joe then told Di to make up my belly and legs and she quickly began applying makeup to the rest of my body! I now knew I was going to be photographed nude and wasn't too happy about that! Once the makeup had been applied to my belly, thighs and legs I was led back into the studio where I was again posed but this time on a couch with strong lights all around me.

Again Joe posed my body to suit his desires for a good photograph and after several when I had my legs demurely closed together he came over to me and pulled my legs apart and placed one on the floor and the other on the couch! I was now absolutely open for him to look directly at my exposed cunt and now I didn't like this one bit!

He took several very closeup photographs of my hairy cunt before I called a stop and told them I just didn't want this sort of photograph but again they told me it was part of the program my husband had bought for my birthday present. I felt very sheepish and stopped protesting and just allowed them to set up the poses they wanted. They now had me lying on the couch with my legs apart and my arms over my head making my breasts look much better and making my pose almost obscene! After a lot of shots were taken they led me back into the makeup room and this time I was very surprised to see Joe getting a razor and cream and a brush ready. Without asking me about it, he began to rub the cream into my pubic bush and in no time at all he was shaving my bush off! He kept on shaving me until there just wasn't any hair left at all but now, looking in the mirror, I could see every bit of my cunt and clit was totally visible! Di applied more makeup to my cleanshaven pubic area making it look as though it had never had any hair on it at all!

Now, without a single hair on my body except for the light hair on my forearms, I was shaved clean and although I looked good it just didn't look like me. I had had my pubic hair ever since I had been a teenager and had never shaved it before!

Again I was led back into the studio and again photographs were taken on the couch and, to my embarrassment, I was again posed with my legs wide apart and now everything in my genital area was plainly visible! I was almost past caring what they did to me now and I just allowed them to pose me as they wished. I knew Bill would love these nude shots of me - he had tried on several occasions to photograph me nude at home but I wouldn't allow him to do that thinking other men might see them. Now I was lying here naked and letting a stranger photograph me and strangely I wasn't caring that they were doing this to me!

Di came over and sat with me on the couch while Joe disappeared for a while and we chatted about how much Bill would enjoy these photographs of me. She also told me there was another part of the program he had bought for me and she would be photographing me from now on while Joe did his part! I became a little alarmed at this and asked her what was happening but before she could answer Joe came back into the studio, completely naked, with his large cock sticking out in front of him! I tried to get up but Di kept me there by holding me gently and then she told me Bill had paid for me to be fucked by Joe and she would be taking a video of the act and this was Bill's last part of the present! As much as I tried to protest they wouldn't listen and while Di set up the video camera, Joe came over to me and began kissing and caressing me and against my better judgement I started to become aroused! I can become very aroused quite quickly if I am kissed and caressed in the right manner and Joe had me really going with his ministrations.

I heard Di say she was ready and suddenly Joe started to play with me much more seriously and with his hand on my cunt he pushed some fingers inside me and this really set me off. I had an orgasm just from his mouth on my nipple and his fingers in my cunt and following this orgasm, he pulled himself up and pushed his hard cock against my mouth. I knew he wanted me to suck his cock but although I didn't want to do that I just couldn't resist and opened my mouth as his cock slid in! Di was not missing a thing and moved around making sure she photographed everything. I sucked him for a while really liking what I was doing when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly positioned himself so that his cock was against my cunt lips! Much as I knew it was wrong I moved my legs even further apart and feeling my movement he pushed forward and his cock entered my cunt!

Although I had been fucked by several boys long before I had met Bill, this was the first cock which had entered me since I had married Bill and although I loved the difference in the two cocks, I knew it was wrong but didn't attempt to stop Joe! It was an incredible feeling having this hard cock which had a quite different feel to Bill's cock and this was arousing me to great heights. I didn't realise how accustomed I had become to Bill's cock so that with this new cock inside me it felt very good indeed. Admittedly having been fucked by other men before I met Bill I didn't really get to enjoy them so much because some of them were only one-night stands and was the only time they fucked me! It felt so wonderful to be fucking another man, particularly with my husband's permission and I was enjoying it to the fullest!

Once Joe had settled into a sort of rhythm he began to fuck me long and hard and I had three orgasms before he shot his load into my cunt! He cried out as he came and I felt my last orgasm flooding through my body as his cum was flooding through my cunt! When he pulled his cock out of me it was covered with his cum and my pussy juices and he stood up and presented his cock to my mouth for me to suck him clean! I really enjoyed sucking the cock which had just fucked me and all the time Di had been videoing all of it and never missed a beat!

I felt so ashamed having allowed another man other than my husband to fuck me but on the other hand I had enjoyed it very much! I began to hope my enjoyment wouldn't show on the tape but they quickly replayed the video through the television and there I was in all my glory, thoroughly enjoying being fucked by Joe!

After this I was allowed to dress and although they were very pleasant with me I knew the business part of the session was over and now I should go home! As soon as I reached home Bill greeted me at the door and hugged and kissed me and told me he loved me! He, of course, knew what I had done because he had arranged it all for me but he wanted to know how I felt about it all and did I still love him! Of course I loved him and told him I hadn't expected he would allow another man to fuck me but because he did I had enjoyed being fucked so much I wanted to do it again! He laughed and I laughed with him but somehow we both knew we would do something like this again! We had been kissing and caressing each other for about 30 minutes and although I wanted to break away and shower to get rid of Joe's cum inside me, Bill wasn't letting me go and kept on hugging me tightly. Next thing the doorbell rang and Bill jumped up and answered it. The courier at the door handed Bill a package for which he had to sign and then Bill closed the door and came back over to me and kissed me some more!

Bill then walked me into the lounge room and opened the package which, as I had guessed, contained a video cassette! Bill pushed the tape into the video player and almost immediately my face and then my body appeared on the screen! I must admit I had no idea how long Joe had fucked me but when we watched the video right through to its end it lasted for just under 45 minutes and I could hardly believe we had fucked for that long! In addition there was the vision of me posing before he fucked me and these photographs looked beautiful!

We were holding each other passionately while the video was playing and kept on kissing and feeling each other as Joe and I went through our paces on the screen but as soon as it was finished Bill rewound it and we watched it again! I must say I got really turned on watching the way Joe had fucked me and I was so horny I just wanted to have my shower and then fuck my husband Bill. Bill, on the other hand, had other ideas! As soon as we had finished the second viewing of the video, he began stripping me and, as my clothes were taken off, Bill really admired my body because most of the makeup was still on my body and made me look really good. When he removed my panties which were very wet indeed - partly from Joe's cum and partly from my excitement watching the video - he couldn't stop admiring my bald cunt telling me although he loved the hair he also loved the lack of it! It gave him a much clearer picture of my cunt now and he loved to look at it! Then, although I had a cuntfull of cum from Joe, Bill pushed his very hard cock right into me and we fucked making it perhaps the best fuck we had ever had! It was really something to get fucked by another man with my husband's approval and I loved it! It was also great to be able to fuck my husband so soon after the other fuck! Yes, I am sure we will be doing this again and not to far away too! I certainly want to do it again and I also know Bill wants it too - I wonder if he will use Joe again or perhaps I will have a different cock to fuck me! Either way, I don't mind so long as I get fucked with my husband's permission!

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