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My Black Transsexual Goddess


Another day in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Gosh I am bored. I walk through the corridors of the Carleton University library, yawning and stretching at the prospect of an all-nighter because my take-home midterm is due in the morning. As I make my way to my usual spot on the second floor, a wide-eyed white chick sitting in the back glances at me, as does a tomboyish African chick and a Hispanic dude. I flash them a smile, and go to my seat. Doesn't matter where I am, being Black and male never gets old. People will stare at you, no matter what. Got to love it.

My name is Trevor James Stephens, but my friends call me T.J. for short. I was born in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. My parents James and Tina Stephens are immigrants from the island of Jamaica who settled in New England. Two years ago, while visiting relatives in the town of Mississauga in the summer of 2011, I opted to stay in Canada and study at a Canadian school since they're cheaper than the colleges and universities in the U.S. I've sometimes questioned the wisdom of that decision. America has its share of problems, as evidenced by the cold shoulder President Barack Obama gets from much of the country even after beating Mitt "the great white hope" Romney and winning a second term.

Back in 2008, as a wide-eyed eighteen-year-old, I voted for that man. I still like him, even when he does things that piss me off like NOT kicking Republican ass on the Congress floor and palling around with the radical Islamist dude who's President of Egypt. I mean, women's rights are endangered in Egypt because of the new Islamist regime and Coptic Christians are persecuted daily by radical Muslims but Obama seems to have nothing but love for the bearded creep who runs Egypt. What in hell has my favorite POTUS has been drinking? These are religious lunatics who hate us!

Anyhow, as much as America has its problems, it's still leaps and bounds ahead of Canada when it comes to racial relations. Canadians are the most bigoted people I've ever seen. They smile in your face and once you're out of earshot, they make disparaging remarks about your race, your religion ( especially if you're Muslim ) and your national origins. If you confront them about it, they'll swear on their mama's grave that they're not prejudiced. Bunch of two-faced clowns. Still, I did choose to come here and start a new life for myself. It was my decision. I accept whatever consequences arise as a result of it. Things aren't so bad at Carleton University. At a school where almost half of all students are visible minorities ( that's what they call you in Canada if you're Black, Chinese, Hindu, Arab or anything other than white ), a brother like me still gets me stared at. Wonderful.

I sat down and looked at the Criminology assignment that's due Friday morning at nine. A paper on racial conflict in prison subcultures. It's ten in the evening Thursday. I need to have ten pages done, not counting the cover page, and the bibliography. So far I've got eight pages done, counting the cover page and bibliography. The professor, a lady who shall remain unnamed, is a tight-ass broad who insists that all papers handed in must be on a size twelve font, typed in the Times New Roman style. I'm more of a fan of Calibri but hey, whatever the lady wants, right? So there I was, sitting in the library and trying not to think about what I did a few hours earlier. And I was failing miserably. Alright, since I've got your attention now, I guess I'll tell you all about it.

Earlier that day, I was feeling horny and I was down to two hundred dollars in my Scotia Bank checking account. I hadn't gotten laid ever since I got dumped by Nancy Desanges, this tall and fine-looking, big-booty Haitian chick I met at the Blair Cineplex six months ago. We chatted and exchanged numbers while watching the movie The Dictator. I started hanging out with her and got to know her better. Nancy was really interesting. I didn't know that women like her existed. A Black woman who loves sports, action movies and video games, and also enjoys the company of Black men. I thought chicks like that were the stuff of myth. Most of the Black women I meet in the environs of Ottawa worship white males the way evangelical Christians worship Our Lord Jesus Christ and yet they get mad when they see a Black guy with a woman who isn't Black. Go figure.

I was feeling lonely and like I said, the money was burning a hole in my pocket, so I grabbed a copy of the Ottawa Sun newspaper and checked out the back pages. I came across a particularly interesting ad. A self-described "gorgeous Caribbean transsexual" was advertising her services. There was a website listed as well as a phone number. I checked out the website, and what I beheld amazed me. A pretty young Black woman with big tits, a curvy body, wide hips and a big round ass. Oh, and she also had a big Black dick and a nice set of balls. I feasted my eyes on the pictures of this gorgeous Black transsexual escort. It's been a while since I hooked up with a man, or a tranny for that matter. I've been playing the straight man's game since I met Nancy. I honestly thought that she and I were meant to be. Well, now I know better. And I wanted to get back to exploring my long-neglected bisexual side, thank you very much. That's why I called the gorgeous Caribbean transsexual escort known as Madame Atria and booked an in-call for that afternoon.

I went home, showered, brushed my teeth and cleaned my dick and ass thoroughly with soap and water. I put on some perfume, got dressed, grabbed some condoms and boarded the OC Transpo bus number nine leaving Vanier, where I live, for downtown Ottawa. Once at Rideau Shopping Center, I walked to the Byward Market area, stopped at an ATM to withdraw one hundred and sixty dollars, then called Madame Atria. She gave me the directions to her place, and I found myself standing in front of an old brownstone building. I called her again on my crappy FIDO Samsung Nexus phone and she answered, telling me to hit buzz six. I did, and she let me in. I walked up the stairs, almost bubbling with excitement. After months of eating pussy, sliding my dick into pussy and worshipping Black female booty, I was going back to my roots. I guess I missed the dick, y'all!

I went to the door of apartment six, and knocked. A few seconds later, someone showed up at the door. It was Madame Atria, the gorgeous Black transsexual lady from the web. She smiled at me and welcomed me inside. I found myself in a nicely decorated apartment. Madame Atria led me to the living room, and once there, we talked business. She took the money and counted it, then smiled at me and asked me what I had in mind. I smiled and told her I came over to fuck and get fucked. She smiled, and led me to the bedroom. Once there, we undressed and got down and dirty.

Madame Atria got naked, and I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous body. Now, as a bisexual man, I sometimes feel weird. I like big butts on females, and tight abs on guys. I love big boobs, a big ass and a big ass on a tranny, I'll tell you that much right now. Madame Atria was everything I liked and then some. I knelt before the sexy Black transsexual and sucked her big Black dick, fondling her nuts while going down on her. Madame Atria moaned in pleasure, and urged me to continue. I took my sweet time pleasuring her because I hadn't sucked dick in a while. I love eating pussy, don't get me wrong, but damn, some things a bisexual man just misses sometimes. I got Madame Atria nice and hard, then I rolled a condom on her thick ebony cock and lubricated it before climbing on it for the ride of a lifetime.

Madame Atria placed her hands on my hips, smiled wickedly and thrust her big cock into my ass. I screamed as she split my ass in two. I hadn't gotten fucked in the ass in a long time. Madame Atria definitely helped me make up for lost time. She pounded me, fucking me real hard. I screamed in pain and pleasure as she filled me with her thick member. While riding her, I fondled her big tits and she smiled as I licked the areolas of them big naturals of hers. I like big tits on a woman, and a tranny, as I said before. Madame Atria fucked me real good, and left me with a sore ass. As I lay on my back, trying to recover, she sucked my dick. In no time this sexy transsexual lady's dick-sucking skills got me hard as hell and I was ready to go.

Madame Atria got on all fours, shaking her big Black ass cheeks at me. My ex-girlfriend Nancy only let me fuck her ass once, and it didn't last that long before, well, she was dirty and impatient. Enough said. I had a much better experience with Madame Atria, who proved herself an experienced cock rider. I put my hands on those sexy wide hips of hers and thrust my cock into her asshole. To my surprise, her asshole was kind of tight. Later she told me she was mostly top and only bottomed for certain men. Good-looking, well-spoken and polite ones like myself. How about that? I smacked her big ass as I drilled my dick into her hole. Madame Atria wasn't big on screaming, no matter how hard I fucked her, but she was a deep moaner. I liked her powerful, passionate moans. Better a real moan than a fake scream any day, you know?

Forty five minutes later, I parted from Madame Atria's company, after properly thanking the lady for a wonderful time. I don't use escorts very often but when I do, I am always generous, patient and respectful. Always remember that you're dealing with a human being and all human beings deserve respect and some common courtesy. It works wonders on people who demand such things but don't often get them. I went back to campus, and sat down to get some homework done. While taking a coffee break, I was notified by my Yahoo account that I had lost exactly one Facebook friend and one Twitter follower. Translation? Someone removed me from their friends list. I checked and noticed that Nancy was gone from both my Facebook and my Twitter. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I am happy, healthy and free. I feel good, how about you?

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