tagLoving WivesMy Blindfolded Fuck

My Blindfolded Fuck


This is my true experience. We met at the age of 12 on the very first day of school. Martin fell in love with me at first sight it took me a little longer being a very shy innocent young girl. Boys were really of no interest to me. In any event we were married at 21 and now at the age of 35 with two children I was extremely happy.

About 10 months ago during sex Martin whispered in my ear "you have only ever been with me, would you like to experience another man entering you before you die?" I was shocked and had never thought about such a thing but immediately I began to feel a tingle in my pussy I had not felt for a long time. I became so wet at the thought of another man wanting me, taking me, wondering what it would be like having another mans cock enter me.

I started to shudder and began to feel a wave of pleasure come over my stomach and started to come really hard. My pussy was contracting hard, my legs shook and I pulled Martin into my hips to imagine another man fucking me hard, pushing against my quim. After I felt shocked and ashamed and Martin knew it had turned me on but I denied it had any real effect, but I knew he could see through me. I remember that night so well even now 10 months later. We spoke about it a few more times after and I told Martin I would never want to do that, I feared it would change things between us and I was scared of that. When really all the time it was on my mind.

I would be at home alone and find myself day dreaming about another man taking me and feel the tingle well up in my cunt and the juices starting to soak my knickers. On many occasions I would sit on the sofa and pull off my jeans and let my hand slide into my damp knickers and explore my clit and slide down my slit. I could feel my clit get bigger and tighten as I began to come. I started to moan loudly with pleasure and imagine in my mind the feeling of another cock pushing into my tight cunt as it swelled around my lovers moist wet cock.

I opened my eyes to find Martin looking at me! He had come home for lunch and had his mouth wide open. He did not say a word just fucked me like a wild animal and I loved the feeling of being used and feeling dirty. After he asked me what had been going on and naturally I tried to say nothing but he knew what I had been playing in out with another man in my mind. That was last week Friday 10th October 2003.

On Saturday (18th October2003) Martin said we were going out and got the children to be looked after by the grand parents. We had a nice time and he got me quite drunk. He spoke to me and told me how he wanted me to have another man and said I thought I should consider this.

I felt relaxed and without thinking said I wanted to. Martin smiled and said I had been in denial and he was right he knew me better than I knew myself but lately I was finding out. He suggested we went home and went to bed and take advantage of the children being away for the night. I was feeling horny again and the tingle was beginning so I readily agreed.

We rushed home and arrived at about 11.00 PM and Martin led me to the bedroom. He led me upstairs and suggested we do something a little different. I agreed, the alcohol taking away all my inhabitations. Martin slowly undressed me and dropped my dress onto the floor.

Already my mind was with another man, I was picturing this fit young man erect in front of me imagining his hot wet tipped cock softly tapping on my flat stomach. Leaving wet patches as it stuck me. I have always been slim (a size 10) and his cock was dwarfing my lower body and I was wondering how it would feel as he slid this huge tool into my little pussy.

Martin opened the drawer and pulled out a blindfold and slid it over my eyes. He then led me onto the bed and tied me to the headboard. I was feeling submissive and did not struggle. I was lying on my back with my arms behind me. Martin said to relax and to stay calm and he would be right back.

I heard him go downstairs and I thought I heard the front door open and close softly. I heard noises but could not tell what they were and then heard Martin in the room. I was completely naked on the bed and felt a hand touch my breast. I jumped as it felt different.

My breathing suddenly raced and my heart jumped and began to pound. I felt such a fool and totally scared realising it was not my husbands touch. The hands started to explore my body and caress my breasts. I cried out not to touch me to get Martin but the man continued. I did not want this.

He whispered in my ear "sshhhhhhh". I started to cry and felt the bed drop as this man climbed on. I felt him move to the bottom of the bed where my feet were and felt a strong grip on my ankles. I tried to kick but he was so very strong. He slid his hands up my legs to my knees and began to force open my legs. I felt so exposed to this man. He then lay down on top of me and I could fell his erect cock come down on my body and crush my stomach. This penis felt so powerful and hard and so big I gasped inwards at its presence on me. I was still scared but felt my pussy suddenly tingle like it had never done before.

I could tell it was wet and completely lubricated as I felt it trickle onto my arse. The man lifted himself and began to suck my now erect nipple and I had totally given myself to him. I moaned as he began to softly touch me and stroke the sides of my slim body from my shoulders to my hips. He was strong and he stopped at my hips and lifted them to him. I gasped as I felt his cock touch my cunt for the first time. I felt a coldness on my tummy and realised it was where his wet cock had been resting. There was an area just covering above my navel of his cock juice. I felt so aroused at this point as I felt the end of his penis push into my pussy slit and slid down the length of my clit to the opening of my cunt.

He felt so big and I then felt him gently begin to push his cock into me. I felt my pussy hole begin to open at the weight of this enormous cock. He just kept pushing and I seemed to open up more and more to him. I had never been with another man and this act alone started to make me come harder than I had ever come in a long time. I felt the cavity in my cunt contract in on itself and my womb pulling up to my stomach as waves of pleasure washed over my naked body.

I slid his cock deep into me and he filled me like nothing I could describe. The pleasure of it I cannot describe. He then lay on my body and I wrapped my legs around him and I asked him to take me slowly. He moved his face to mine and put his mouth to mine and I eagerly accepted it. He then began to fuck me. He pulled himself out of me to the tip of his cock and then pushed himself back into me. I was still tight to him and could fell my pussy hole being forced open. There was no pain just a satisfaction I had never felt before. He began to fuck me harder and I must have got used to his size as my cunt had slackened now as I fully allowed him to take me.

This was no more than 30 seconds after I had first come as I began to climax all over again (a complete first for one as I normally only come once). The wave of pleasure was nothing like I had ever felt. This time he was fully filling me as my cunt contracted hard on his cock.

His mouth was closed on mine and I was kissing this man as much as I could. I just wanted to give him a part of me that I had never given my husband. I wanted to completely give myself. I pulled from his mouth and begged him to release my arms which he did by untying my wrists. All the time this fit man fucked me and I started to come again. With my new freedom I began to explore his hard tight body. My hands were all over him and pulling his arse toward me. I could feel his balls banging against the entrance of my arse and I loved it.

No more than 3 minutes had passed and I had had two further orgasms. I then noticed my lover began to moan and suddenly became frightened, He was going to come and I was not using any protection. I was unable to stop him, I could not ask him to pull out of me as I did not want him to. I wanted his rich cum in my cunt more than anything pregnancy or not. I felt him begin to push hard into me and it began to hurt in a nice way as he banged me. I did not know where Martin was and suddenly wondered if he was watching.

This aroused me more and I wondered how I could look at him ever again. At that point I felt my lovers cock ram hard into me and he started to moan. I felt a hot wad of cum hit the back of the inside of my pussy. This triggered a climax better than all the rest. I felt like I could not breathe and again felt the inside of me pull him into me as all that cum was sucked into my womb. I do not know how long it lasted I lost track of time. I became away of his erection going and he pulled himself out of me and got off my body. He knelt over and kissed me and whispered in my ear I was a great fuck and hoped he could fuck me again.

I felt so used and dirty and I just loved it. He had completely satisfied me sexually. I never took the mask off as I heard him leave the bedroom. I heard the door close and sat up pulling the mask off. I leant forward and looked at my pussy. It was covered in come and it was dripping down onto my arse hole.

My legs were shaking and I felt exhausted. Martin come in and looked at me and smiled and asked whether I was OK. I did not say a word. He then fucked me harder than he had ever done and although it was different it was better.

I love my husband and he loves me, I realised he knew me better than myself. We have not done anything since as it only happened last weekend. It certainly spiced up our love making we have fucked every night since. This is a true story and I had to get it down to get it off my chest. I hope it helps you.

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