tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me Ch. 04

My Boyfriend Likes to Expose Me Ch. 04


All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over the legal age of consent when the events took place.

Part 04 - Life gets back to normal

And it did. It took a week or so and the first week back was not good. I felt so ashamed of my behaviour in London. So much so that I even wore clothes in our apartment. Ryan slowly pulled me round and it wasn't that long before I was bouncing round our apartment totally naked.

A couple of weeks later we looked for a place to get my nipples and clit hood pierced. We managed to find one that looked clean and hygienic and was a member of the British Body Piercing Association. We made an appointment for the next Saturday afternoon. I was hoping that it would be a woman, but it wasn't. It was a big man with tattoos all over. He was quite nice actually, and very professional. I suspected that my nipples would be painful so I took a soft cotton top.

The man talked to me before hand and explained what he was going to do. After asking if I still wanted to go through with it he told me to undress and lay on the couch. I was nervous and embarrassed as hell when I was naked and getting onto the couch. Ryan was stood beside me holding my hand.

The man then told me that he'd have to inspect my nipples and clitoris to make sure that I was suitable for piercing. As he closely looked at my nipples and clit, and pulled them in all directions, I have to admit that was getting turned on. When he pulled my clit hood all over the place I could feel that I was quite wet.

Satisfied with what he saw, he again asked me to confirm that I wanted to go ahead. He then got some cotton wool and rubbed my nipples and all around my clit with some alcohol, then local anaesthetic. By the time he was ready to do it I couldn't feel a thing.

He told me that I might like to close my eyes. I did. Within a couple of minutes he told me that I could open my eyes. He was just fitting the little barbells in my nipples. I was just about to say something when he said,

"I know. The barbells with stirrups are in a little bag over there. I strongly suggest that you just wear just these little barbells until there is no pain then swap them over."

Without waiting for me to answer he moved straight to my pussy and pierced my clit hood. My eyes were open by then and I cringed as I heard the machine go through my flesh. It didn't hurt.

The barbell went in quickly then he said,

"That's it, all finished."

He gave me a tissue then looked at Ryan and said,

"Be gentle around those areas for a few days and remember to gently wash them at least twice a day. It's best if they aren't tightly covered with anything until they're properly healed."

I was surprised that there was very little bleeding, especially as those areas have a lot of blood flowing through them at times.

I got dressed while Ryan got the barbells with stirrups and paid the man.

We had a slow walk home and that night was one of only a few nights that we didn't have sex.

The wounds healed quite quickly really, and after a week or so Ryan replaced the barbells with barbells and stirrups. It was another month or so before Ryan could lead me around the room by the Stirrups without any pain.

One thing that we did start doing every Sunday was going to the big leisure centre in town. Thankfully, and much to Ryan's disappointment, swimming costumes are compulsory everywhere. When Ryan first suggested it I told him that I'd need to get a proper swimming costume, preferably an old fashioned one piece. Ryan laughed and said that there was no way that he'd let me wear one of those. His girlfriend would wear a fashionable bikini. By fashionable he meant one like the yellow one that he'd got me for Christmas – with the bottoms that his parents and brother had seen.

I was nervous as hell when we first went, I was sure that my bikini would be classed as 'inappropriate' and that I'd get thrown out. The changing rooms were cubicles in one big room, ladies at one end, family in the middle and gents at the other end. We went in a family cubicle.

Once we'd got changed we walked out to the swimming area. There were hundreds of people there. We looked round and saw quite a few girls in bikinis that were just as skimpy as mine so I relaxed a bit.

We got in the water and joined in the fun on all the rides and waves. I kept checking the top with my hands to see that my nipples were still covered and only occasionally had to make adjustments.

After a while Ryan wanted a drink so we went to our locker, got some money and went to the little café. Sitting at a table I leaned back in the chair and realised that Ryan was looking at my pussy. I looked down and remembered how see-through the thin material was and how much it moulded to the shape of my vulva and clitoris. I quickly clamped my legs together.

Ryan laughed.

I told Ryan that I'd forgotten about that and that we'd have to leave. Ryan asked me how many people I'd seen staring at me and how many complaints I'd had. I had do confess that the answer to both questions was none.

"Right then, "he said. "What's the problem?"

"But it's indecent." I said.

"That's not the word that I'd use but it's only 'indecent' if it's not covered, and your pussy is covered."

He made some good points and I dropped it.

The big slides did give me a wedgie, front and back, but the pools at the bottom are big enough for me to be able to straighten up without anyone knowing.

We didn't go the weekend that I had my piercings done. We didn't know what the chlorine would do to the wounds.

The following Sunday we went again. I only had the little barbells in. I could see the shape of them through the bikini material but only just. Ryan said that if you didn't know they were there then you wouldn't know.

The week after it was different, the barbells and stirrups were clearly visible; well the shape was. The clit hood one was the worst. It stuck out like I had a dildo sticking out of me. The bikini top wasn't that bad although once when I'd gone down one of the big slide and straightened my bottoms at the bottom, I hadn't realised that one nipple had escaped and the bikini hadn't slipped back into place because it was caught under the Stirrup.

I was so embarrassed by the whole thing that I persuaded Ryan to take me home early, even though no one had stared at me.

Ryan solved that problem for me by getting a new bikini bottom for me from the same place that the bikini came from. I was wondering what could possibly cover something like that. The only thing that I could think of was a panty liner but there was no way that I was going to wear one of those.

Ryan's solution arrived the day before we were due to go swimming again. It was a swimming skirt. My first reaction was 'No Way', but Ryan persuaded me to try it. It's only 10 inches long but it sits low on my hips and flares out. When I tried it at home it felt very much like my tennis skirt. Ryan persuaded me to try it at the leisure centre the next day. We left the bikini bottoms at home.

I felt quite decent walking out to the pool. When we jumped in and swam around it felt good to have the water rushing passed my bare pussy. When it came to get out of the water for the first time the skirt fell into place quickly and didn't cling to my skin. I felt good.

I did of course realise that it would be easy for someone to look up my skirt and see my bare pussy; I just had to be careful.

What I hadn't thought about was the slides. As soon as I started going down the first one the skirt flew up leaving all my pussy exposed. The water pounding my bare pussy felt good as well. The slide that I was on wasn't a really scary one so I could hold it down with my hands. When I told Ryan at the bottom he just told me to hold it down. Sometimes I've come off the bottom of a slide with my swimming skirt up round my waist, and had to put it straight before I've got out of the water. I don't think that anyone's noticed.

Whenever we went to the café for a drink I had to be careful whenever I sat down. Unlike the other girls who just flopped down leaving their legs open, I had to remember to cross mine or keep my hand strategically placed. Sometimes I forgot and gave someone a look at my jewellery. Whenever I saw someone looking and I realised I would get all embarrassed.

At the end of that first Sunday in my swimming skirt I decided that I preferred the skirt to the bikini bottoms. I was less embarrassed. I've worn that skirt every time that I've gone swimming in England since.

Ryan liked to fuck me in the changing cubicles there. He said that it gave him a kick knowing that strangers were just the other side of a thin wall and that I had to stifle my moans. He kept telling me to 'let it all out' but he knew that I'd try to be quiet.

The leisure centre does have a sauna, steam room and a jacuzzi, but costumes are compulsory and everyone just sits there; do we don't go there.

One evening when I was about to get us some food ready, Ryan suggested that we get a pizza delivered and that I stayed naked to take the delivery. He dared me to do it. I wasn't that happy, but I like dares and agreed.

It was just like all the stories that you read on the internet; amused delivery guy, me having to go and get the money, dropping the money, and bending over facing away from the delivery guy to pick it up. Ryan fingered me straight after I shut the door and challenged me to tell him that I hadn't enjoyed it.

I couldn't and we ended up eating cold pizza.

Another delivery that Ryan set-up without telling me was our new bed; we'd visited a couple of bed shops and Ryan had got me to try them, like we had in Ikea, (much to my embarrassment), and Ryan had arranged the delivery for early one evening. Ryan assured me that he'd be back from work before it arrived.

Round about the time that Ryan normally gets home I heard a knock on the door. Assuming that Ryan had forgotten his key – again, I flung the door open intending to surprise him with my naked body. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't Ryan but the delivery men who were early.

Just as I was about to slam the door shut Ryan stepped in front in the delivery men and said hello.

Ryan stepped in, got hold of my hand and invited the men in. Pulling me to the side, Ryan put his arm round me and held me there while these men carried the bed in – getting a good look at me as they did. Because Ryan had his arm round my shoulder so at least I could cover my bits with my hands.

Even if Ryan hadn't been holding me I couldn't have run off to the bedroom because that was where the men were taking the bed. I had to stand there while the men took the bed in and carried the old bed out.

After the men had gone Ryan gave me a big kiss and put a finger in my pussy. When he removed it he held it to my face and told me that I must have enjoyed the experience. Then he put my finger in my mouth for me to suck.

One day Ryan brought a TENS machine home from work. One of his colleagues lent it to him. I have no idea what reason Ryan gave the man for wanting it because he must have known that I wasn't pregnant. When Ryan showed it to me I hadn't a clue why Ryan would borrow such thing. Later that evening I found out.

Ryan got the machine and the box of band aids and taped the little pads to my nipples. I was scared at first as I knew that a TENS machine gives you electric shocks. I told him that I was expecting a shock something like a cattle prod. Ryan reminded me that there was no way that you could buy a machine that would give pregnant women a serious electric shock. I was also scared that my nipple jewellery might have some adverse effect on me.

I was still a little apprehensive when Ryan switched it on; and a little disappointed when I only felt a mild tingling.

"Give it time." Ryan said.

Okay, I gave it time and I suppose it did make me a little excited, but Ryan's hands and mouth do a better job.

Because of the mild tingling that it had given my nipples I wasn't worried when Ryan taped one of the pads to my clit and pushed the other up my hole.

That was more 'interesting'. But nothing compared to what I first imagined.

Job Hunting
My job hunting wasn't going well; no one seemed to be taking on new staff.

I did get a couple of short-term jobs through the agency. One was in an accountancy firm's office. It was for an admin assistant for 2 weeks. When I was talking to Ryan about what to wear I told him that I thought that maybe I should buy some knickers to wear. Ryan asked me if I was worried that someone may see up my skirt and see my bare pussy.

When I told him that I was he went and got his solution to my problem. It was a band aid. He pulled the backing off one and stuck it over my slit; it completely covered it.

"Very good, but what happens when I need to go for a pee?" I asked.

His answer was to give me the box of band aids telling me that I'd just have to remove the original one and put a new one on after I'd had a pee.

I ended up having to be very careful to make sure that no one saw up my miniskirts. I also had to wear a tube top under my lose blouses so that the shape of the barbells and stirrups wasn't visible. One day Ryan told me to take them out and not wear the tube top. I think that he wanted people to look down the top of my lose blouse and see my nipples. I don't think that anyone did see my nipples.

After the first week we had to go out and buy me some more miniskirts and blouses. Ryan wouldn't let me get any skirts longer than mid-thigh.

Apart from my wardrobe issues things went well. I quite enjoyed working there.

Oh! I never did use those band aids.

The agency got me another temporary office job. It was a really boring job and I was glad that it only lasted a couple of weeks. One of the bad things about it was that the desk that I had to use didn't have a modesty board and a couple of men that worked there could see my legs all the time. I tried to remember to cross my legs all the time but I'm sure that I must have accidentally let them look up my skirt a few times. When I went home that first night Ryan offered me the band aids again.

Art College Model
Just after that Easter Ryan got a phone call from Dan, the Art School teacher. He'd been let down by a model and wondered if I would be prepared to stand-in at the last moment. Without even asking me he said that I would and then got all the details.

I had a bit of a go at Ryan for not asking me, but he knew that I knew that I'd do it.

The job was a full day on the next Sunday. The theme was 'erotic bondage'. When Ryan told me that part I had horrible visions of me being put on a rack and stretched in 4 different directions. Ryan laughed and told me that I wouldn't get hurt. We (yes, Ryan was coming along too) had to meet Dan at the college at 8 o'clock on the Sunday morning providing that the weather was dry. I didn't understand that last bit.

What Ryan hadn't told me was that we'd be travelling in a minibus to some local woods and that they'd be tying me to some trees – naked.

I was nervous, and comforted by Ryan being there, as we climbed into the minibus. There were 8 artists, Dan, Ryan and I.

Everyone in the minibus was quite friendly and I soon relaxed. When I asked them what sort of poses I would have to do I got told that there was nothing difficult and that I'd be hanging around quite a bit.

We got to the woods and unloaded the minibus. As well as the artists easels there were a few large bags that seemed to be quite heavy. We all walked about half a mile along a path between a fence and the woods until we got to a bit of a clearing that Dan said would be just fine for what he had in mind.

The artists got their equipment ready then asked me to go with them. We got to a gap between 2 large trees where they put the bags down, opened them and pulled lots of ropes out of them. While 4 of them tied ropes to the trees, 2 others told me that it was time to get started and for me to take my clothes off.

I looked at Ryan and he nodded. He was happy for me to get naked in front of those people. Well, it was Ryan that had signed me up for.

When I was naked the 2 people who were with me proceeded to put some padded ankle and wrist cuffs on me. I was expecting them to hurt but they didn't. The cuffs were then tied to the other ends of the ropes and I was slowly pulled up in the air. The ropes attached to my wrists were over higher branches so I ended up spread eagled; in the air, hanging by my wrists.

It was then that Dan came over to inspect their work and to give his approval. While he was checking me out Dan saw my 3 barbells and stirrups. He was well pleased with them and told everyone one to make sure that they drew my jewellery as well. Just then Ryan, who had been standing quite close, got a handful of chain out of his pocket. He un-ravelled it and said to Dan,

"Would you like me to put these on Tanya? They're nipple and clit clamps."

Dan looked at them then at me then said,

"Can you keep them for the next pose please? I think that the piercings will be enough for now."

I was left hanging there for an hour. Fortunately Ryan kept coming over to me for a chat. A couple of the times he stood between me and the artists and finger fucked me for a few seconds.

Ryan also got out his phone and took a few photos of me.

By the time I was lowered to the ground my arms ached like hell. The break gave me a chance to get the blood running to my hands again.

The second pose was not so tiring for me. I was tied to a tree with my back to it. My hands were tied together behind the tree. My ankles were also tied behind the tree as far as my feet would go. At least my feet were on the ground. A rope was tied round my waist to help keep me in place.

Just when I thought that they were done. Dan said,

"One last touch; Ryan, can you put the nipple and clit clamps on please?"

Ryan did as asked, taking his time doing the clit one. Why it was necessary to finger fuck me while he did it I don't know; but I liked it.

About half way through that pose 4 young men walked along the path. As you would expect they stopped to watch the naked girl that was tied to a tree. I think that they must have changed their planned hike route because they walked passed us every 20 minutes or so for the rest of the day. I was glad that they didn't decide to come over for a closer look.

The break was welcome, and Ryan checked my back to make sure that the tree hadn't caused any damage to me.

The next pose was difficult for me. I was hauled up in the air by my ankles. I was left hanging upside down with spread legs and a ball gag in my mouth. My wrists were tied behind my back. I could feel my clit being pulled forward by the clamp and my hair was hanging down.

It wasn't long before I could feel the extra blood in my head and the lack of it in my legs. They hurt like hell. I was really glad when I was lowered down.

I was quite surprised when I was lowered down and untied. Neither Ryan nor I had thought about any lunch and it really nice to be invited to join the little picnic that came out of one of the big bags. We had a really nice chat about how things were going and how they were grateful to me for being their model.

After the break Dan told me that there was only one more pose ant that it was going to be easier, and harder. Before we did anything else Dan asked Ryan to remove the nipple and clit clamps saying that they weren't needed for the last pose.

He took me over to the fence and told me to sit slightly forward, with my back against one of the uprights. He then told me to hold my arms out along the fence bars. Two people then tied ropes to my wrist cuffs and then the other ends of the ropes to fence uprights further along the fence. It was like being tied on a cross, but sitting down.

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