tagIncest/TabooMy Brother & His Friends

My Brother & His Friends


My older brother is a huge druggie and the towns biggest drug dealer. I was home from college for the summer. He caught me in his room looking to pinch some of his stash. He knew what I was doing and was pissed, but the told me he would get me high so we sat and smoked a big joint together. I was pretty wasted and mellow when my brother handed me a pill and told me to swallow it. I just shrugged and swallowed it down. A few minutes later I was lying on his bed and flying high. I felt my brother next to me rubbing my back and arms. He slid his hands up under my shirt. I felt him touch my breasts and jumped from the sensation... my head was foggy but my body was getting aroused.

My brother pulled up my shirt and began sucking and pulling on my hard nipples with his teeth. The pleasure was intense and I felt my hips move around. My brother wasted no time getting me undressed. It felt like his hands and mouth were everywhere.

Soon, I felt him push himself into me, there was some fuzzy pain or pulling then hot burning warmth. My brothers cock filled me up stretching me open as he thrust himself fully inside me. He began fucking me wildly, I felt him pound into me, my body was being pushed into the bed. I felt unbelievable, like my body was vibrating. He fucked me harder and harder, then I came just as he began bucking and shooting his load inside me. I was barely conscious from being so high and fucked so hard. I must have fell asleep cause I woke up in the dark.

My brother and I never talked about what happened, until a few weeks later, I went down to his room in the basement and asked him if I could have some pot, (I wanted to get high with some girlfriends that night).

He told me that I would have to pay for it. I said that I didn't have any money and he told me I work it off. He said to come back later that night and he would get for me and he would tell me what I had to do to earn it.

Later that night I went down to my brother room and he was in there with some of his friends. The room was filled with smoke and I got lightheaded just walking in. They all greeted me warmly and told me to sit down and get high with them. I sat down and smoked and drank vodka cooler. We smoked for a while and someone passed me a tray with some lines of coke, I never did it before but thought what the heck and snorted first one then a second line. I was feeling pretty good, when my brother came by and handed me a pill, he told me to swallow it... I was pretty high as it was but he insisted and so down it went.

I heard my brother say, she's ready, and I felt myself being pulled toward his bed. There were hands allover my body. As I was led to the bed, someone was pulling at my clothes. When I reached the bed, my shirt was pulled over my bed and and I was laid on the bed. Someone then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down over my hips. I was now naked and all the guys were around me. I was being rubbed and my nipples were being tugged and sucked. I felt hands and mouths all over me. I heard my brother say it was time to pay up.

Someone started licking and fingering my wet pussy. My body felt amazing, I wasn't aware that 6 guys were around my naked body touching and fondling me.

My moans were stifled by a cock that was by my lips, I heard someone say, "open up and suck" I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around a hard thick cock. I sucked away as he fucked my mouth. I began to buck and the tongue on my clit. I came in a heavy wave of heat and vibes. As I came I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth, and the owner began to pound my mouth and moan. He game in big spurts into my throat. I gagged a bit but managed to swallow the whole load.

This cock was replaced by another cock, and I also felt a hard cock enter my dripping pussy. I fucked and sucked what seemed like endless cocks.

I was rolled on top of a guy who was lying on his back I straddled his cock and rode him like a wild woman. I felt someone push me forward and my ass was spread open. I felt someone in back of me pushing him self into my ass. It was my brother. He pushed himself into me and held it for a while. I still had a cock in my pussy and I could feel it pushing in and out of me. My brother started to slowly fuck my ass, soon he sped up and was matching the thrusts of the cock pushing in and out of my pussy. I was moaning and crying out, when a cock was pushed into my mouth. I suck and fucked hard, my whole body was one big electric current. I felt my self explode with waves and waves of sensation. I shuddered and spasmed and come in a wet gush.

The guys began to get real hot, they all pumped me harder and harder and the all came one by one. My whole body was filled with come. I don't know how long this lasted. The guys fucked me till they were burnt out.

I never made it out with my friends that night. Since then I have bartered with my brother a number of times. He seems to have a lot of friends...

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Did not like the way it was written.

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