tagIncest/TabooMy Brother...My Hero Ch. 02

My Brother...My Hero Ch. 02


I want to thank everyone for their kind words. I'm glad my stories have been fun & interesting for you all! I would love to hear responses from all you ladies out there...especially since I'm writing this one from a female point of view. And please don't be shy to leave your email address...I'd love to chat with women & maybe exchange ideas!

As I sat on the bed with Chris, my mind wandered to what had just happened....I helped my brother pee...holding his dick while he did it, actually. I jerked him off...I even sucked his cock! I tasted cum and quite frankly...loved it! I have never done so many firsts in my life & here I was...doing it all with my brother! If Mom knew what we had just done, she would have killed us! Hmmm...Mom...imagine if she found out & didn't mind?...Or if she liked it so much she just had to watch us?... what would she say if she walked in right now...seeing me with Chris' cum all over my face & dripping down onto my little tits? Apparently, I was really focused on this thought because I absent mindedly began stroking my brother's cock again.

"Hey Kel?"...

"Yea Chris?"....

"I think I'm ready again...that is..if you still want to continue?"...

I looked down & realized that I was stroking my brother's cock & sort of giggled. He was hard again...no doubt from seeing his baby sister sitting there topless with his cum dripping down onto her little tits & lightly jerking him off!

I stood up & stepped away from the bed. I reached down & slowly took my panties off. As I went to toss them on the chair, I realized that they were soaked right through!

I climbed back onto the bed & slowly kissed my way up to his lips, then dove in for one very hot kiss! Our tongues swirled around in each other's mouths...Hmm..I thought...apparently, he doesn't mind the taste of his own cum. I'll have to ask about that another time, though!

We broke our kiss & stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours.


"Yea, Chris?"...

"Would you mind if I ...well...if I tasted your pussy?"...

"Not at all!" I managed to say. I climbed up his body & slowly sank my pussy down onto his waiting mouth. I felt his tongue timidly reach out & lick my slit. Then it became more & more until finally, I felt his tongue slithering around inside my hole. My pussy....My pussy! I had heard the girls talk like that before, but I always thought it was kind of crude. Plus, those girls were kind of slutty anyway...they were the first to give blowjobs & handjobs...maybe even have sex! I was so proud that I was finally earning my "Pussy" status! Of course, it was with my brother, but hey...who cares!

I felt this feeling come over me that I had never felt before. I had been touching myself for a year now, but it definitely never felt like this. When I came from masturbating before, it was a small build-up & then a quick release...just like a sneeze. This time, however, I started to feel it in my toes & slowly work it's way up my body. By the time it got to my thighs, I was crazed. The heat coming off my body could have fried an egg! I grabbed the headboard for support because I could feel the blood slowly leaving my head...making me feel a little dizzy. I was starting to reach that point...we all know that point... when Chris' tongue swiped my clit! HOLY SHIT!! My entire body bucked & it triggered the most intense orgasm I have ever had! It felt as if my body was melting out through my pussy! Involuntarily, I started to grind on his face & let loose with a scream that I thought would send the neighbors running! After cumming for what seemed like a half hour, I slowly crawled down his body & was treated to the most wonderful sight...his face was soaking wet!...There was cum all over his chin & lips...he looked like a glazed donut!..LOL...my brother..the glazed donut!...Apparently, we both loved it because as we were looking at each other, I remembered that I still had his cum all over my face!..Apparently, Chris & I are still messy eaters!

As I worked my body down his so I could look into his eyes, I didn't realize that I was backing myself down onto his now hard cock! Being as wet as I was, it wasn't until too late that I realized that he had the tip of his cock inside me.

"Chris...is that what I think it is touching my pussy?"...

"Yea, Kel...it is...but it's up to you...if you don't want to, just move back up."...

I didn't know what to do...he was my brother, but we had already broken so many rules as it was. We had no condoms...but would we ever get this chance again? I looked down at him & stared into his eyes...He looked back at me & we both silently told each other we loved each other. That was all I needed!

With a slight shift of my body, I felt his cock go further into my pussy. I couldn't believe how awesome it was feeling... that was until I moved further down. I felt a sharp pain & a bit of a tear..Oh My God!...what was that?...did I just break something? I thought. I cried out as the tear happened and looked at Chris for support.

"Don't worry about it...It was your hymen breaking from my cock going inside. It means that you are no longer a virgin...you're a sexual girl now!"

Another first! Wow...was this all really happening? I felt his cock work it's way further into my pussy..."Damn Kelly...you are so damn tight!" He's right...I AM tight! I haven't had anything inside me for my entire life...why shouldn't I be tight?

He kept going until he couldn't go any more. I sat on him...getting used to having his cock inside me. It was amazing. So smooth yet so hard at the same time. I could feel each & every vein as he slid into my wet hole. I slowly raised myself up a little then back down. I did this over & over until I was used to the feeling. I looked down at him...my brother...lying there..the look of sheer pleasure on his face. I started to move a little faster...then faster...until I was literally bouncing on his cock! I thought the bed was going to collapse from the abuse it was getting!

"You know...for someone who just lost her virginity...you seem to know what you're doing!"..

and that's when I said it!....

"That's because I love fucking my big brother's hard cock!"

I couldn't in a million years tell you where that string of obscene words came from, but apparently, it worked! My pussy started to soak itself & I got that feeling again...right in the pit of my stomach. I was so wet, I was making sloshing, squishy noises as his cock sank into me. I guess I wasn't the only one who liked what I had just said! Chris got this look on his face & I think his eyes even rolled back into his head!

"Oh My God!!..Kelly...I'm gonna cum!"..he blurted out!

"I am too...cum with me Chris...cum inside me...I want to feel it!"..again..where did my mouth pick up these words?!

I'm not sure if this happens to everyone or not, but I could actually feel his cock swell up & start to shoot inside my no-longer virgin hole! Every squirt of his hot cum seemed to push me over the edge. I sat all the way down on him so I knew he couldn't move and just came my little heart out as his hot sperm shot itself deep into my womb. I cried out as my hands clutched his chest for support. My little tits were gently rippling as my body shook from my very first penetrative orgasm.

As we both seemed to be calming down, I fell forward onto his chest & looked him in the eyes. We both had that "I'm spent" look, but neither of us made any move to separate...we both, apparently, loved how each other felt! I finally sat up & slowly slid my pussy up his cock. Now, I could feel a little pain from when he first took my virginity. We both watched as I removed my soaked pussy from his cock, and as it came off his tip, we watched as his beautiful, thick, pearly-white semen rushed out of my body and back down over his cock & his belly. I figured why wait so I leaned down & sucked it all into my mouth & cleaned my brother of all his cum. A trail of cum followed me as I went to the bathroom to wash up & get a hot washcloth for Chris. When I came out, I realized that I loved him so much. I can't figure out why...was it because he was my brother or because he looked so helpless laying there with 2 broken arms...or was it because he just took my virginity? Either way...it didn't matter. I loved him & I'm pretty sure he loved me. As I felt another thick drop of cum drip from my pussy to my thigh..I take that back...I KNOW he loves me!

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