tagNovels and NovellasMy Career Ch. 05

My Career Ch. 05


The following Tuesday, Jamie called and said she would be a bit late for our appointment since there was a final inspection issue at her new shop. Later that evening, she knocked on the door and I walked over to let her in. As she entered, I could tell that she was upset so I asked, "Are you OK? You look angry."

"Sorry, yes I am. I am really pissed with that damn building inspector. That asshole has demanded that we relocate some of the electrical outlets farther away from the washbasins. That is going to cost hundreds of dollars. Seems like a new building code requirement went into effect last week and our dumb ass electrician didn't know about it. This is the last time I will use one of Linda's boy friends for construction work. The only good thing is that the total project cost is under budget and we have the money set aside for contingencies."

This was the first time I saw Jamie upset. The little woman had a temper.

"Well, come on in and have a seat. I have some Cokes in the back if you want one."

"Thanks. I would. I just can't believe how much shit you have to put up with to build a business in this town."

We walked together into my office and I opened the small fridge and pulled out two cans.

"Have a seat."

Jamie sat in a visitor's chair next to my desk. I found the church key and opened the cans. I could tell she was starting to relax as she sipped the Coke.

I said, "I just had my first referral come in. She was so impressed that she made a follow-up appointment."

Jamie responded, "Congratulations, you are off and running. Anybody I know?

"You know I will never tell you that. What happens here is nobody's business except the customer's.

"You're right. I'm just curious. By the way, I also want to make another appointment."

"So Robert was pleased?"

She laughed and responded, "He was out of his mind all week. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the new sensitivity I had to his touch and we screwed two or three times every night and at least once each morning before he went to work. We were worse than newly weds."

Now I laughed. "So you want a touch-up, do you?" She did not miss my meaning.

"Yes I do, you dirty little boy. How about we do it Thursday evening?"

"I have another client then, how about Thursday afternoon. I will close the shop early, so around 4pm would work."

"I can do that. The electrician will be at my shop anyway so I will need to be out of his way. Let's talk about something more pleasant. I have been thinking about a business plan for you. You want to hear it?"

"Of course."

"Well, the overall plan is to transition your shop into one dedicated to women's grooming. Not hairdressing, nails or makeup-just personal grooming. You have a talent that appeals to the secret interests and desires of a lot of women. You are quiet, considerate, professional and talented with both a razor and your hands. You never take your cock out of your pants and you don't talk out of place. Women will not see you as someone trying to get into their panties or get your kicks fondling them. That is important, as we women do not want to be victims.

Ladies, including me, need your shaving skills and we love your attention to our bodies in the process. Just thinking about you rubbing my pussy and ass with that warm oil gets my juices flowing. And I think I am typical."

She continued, "I checked with some long-time girl friends about this trend in grooming. One of them had tried to shave her pussy. She cut herself several times and it caused razor burn all over her cunt. So instead of having an enjoyable sexual encounter with her husband, it was really painful. I then described for her just a snippet of my experience with you and she was really intrigued. I think you may hear from her soon. Her name is Barb.

So there is a market, maybe small now, but certainly growing. In a town this big and with the focus on sex like we see everyday, I think you will be on the leading edge of a new cultural demand."

She was exactly right.

Over the next few years, my business boomed. I remodeled the shop with proper tables for shaves and massages. I upgraded the lighting so I could eliminate the need for the spots. The new restroom was a work of art with a bidet as well as an elongated toilet. It had large mirrors (one full length one on the back of the door) with makeup lighting and chairs that were like those used in dressing rooms for the stars. With Jamie's help, I added a lot of amenities and toiletries that a lady might need in the restroom. Once my clients learned about the mirrors, they often brought a small bag of their makeup so they could do a touch up before leaving.

I also added a sound system to play the latest hits and romantic songs from Sinatra and others. I sold special soothing oils and powders for the ladies to use on their freshly shaved areas to help avoid any irritation and ingrown hairs.

Jamie assured me that the overall effect of this remodeling would create a comfortable haven for ladies and enhance their experience. She was here very often to help with the little design details that she thought would be appreciated. One of her best ideas was to always have fresh flowers in the shop and ladies' room. I received hundreds of comments about the beautiful flowers over the years.

I really got to know Jamie well and we became very good friends and confidants. She continued having me shave her every two or three weeks. She gradually taught me all about those erogenous zones that women have and how a woman reacts with attention to them. The mentoring included many very open and honest discussions about women and how they think and react to situations. I had never realized how women often see themselves as victims and how they suffer when the men they love demean their efforts. She had committed early on that she would help me prepare for the time that special lady entered my life. She did that and more.

Jamie even invested in the business and became a minority shareholder. She believed in me and I certainly believed in her.

Each day, I would arrive at the shop around 7:00am and prepare for my first appointment an hour later. Each appointment was for one hour but I allowed a second hour for any unforeseen delays. My day did not normally end until 9:00pm but there were usually breaks when no one was scheduled.

During my career, I shaved and induced intense orgasms in nearly a thousand different women. Even today, I cannot tell you for sure that I knew their real names. Everything was on a first-name basis and it worked. An upset husband or lover never accosted me so the clients evidently kept my existence to themselves.

I learned each woman's erogenous zones and what got their juices flowing. Their average age was about 30, give or take a year. But I also had some 60 year olds who were still very sexually active and in reasonably good shape. I saw and worked around every size and shape of pussy and ass that you can imagine. I could create or trim a landing strip in my sleep.

The clients I groomed really enjoyed sex and came for the attention I gave them as much as for the hair removal. Over the years, I only remember a dozen or so who did not have orgasms as I worked. Even they went away very pleased but I never knew why they were different. It's not like I could ask them "Why didn't you have an orgasm when I was vibrating your clit and vagina and ass hole?" I still wonder about that.

To my surprise, there were many who wanted me to finger fuck their vaginas and rectums and I was always willing to accommodate them. I became a world expert on G-spots and how to start raging orgasms and squirting. The clients and I had a lot of fun together and they rewarded me with a great career and all the money I needed.

Only one time was there an accidental client overlap. A lady forgot her appointment time and showed up an hour early. It turned out not to be a big deal. The two clients knew each other and had actually talked about this shop and me many times. I learned later that there was an underground ladies society called "Mark's Angels" that many of my clients had joined. That came from my pet name for many of the ladies who I called angels. Like Shelley said, there are no secrets in LA.

The odd thing is that I never set a price for my work. I let the clients decide how much they were comfortable paying. Some would pay $50 but others would pay $200 or more. It was all in cash.

Both Shelley and Cathy became repeat clients and were here dozens of times. Shelley was always the proper lady and more reserved than most women. But she loved the feel of my hands on her pussy and ass and her orgasms were quiet but intense.

Cathy was always full of energy, craving full body massages and the three or four very interesting orgasms that resulted. My goodness, that gorgeous lady had exciting orgasms. She could squirt a pint. Even after she was married, Cathy returned every two or three weeks for a "refreshment" as she called it.

They referred many of their friends and their friends referred friends until my schedule was booked. I had to plan far ahead for any vacations or for any time off.

One might ask, "Did it ever get boring?" I can honestly say, "no".

Every two hours a very interesting woman would come into my little world. She would take her clothes off, as if it was perfectly normal; then spread her legs and have me shave her pussy and ass. Many times, the client asked me to shave their legs which I also enjoyed doing.

The clients and I got to know each other on many different levels and I admired them all. Most became dear friends who discussed literally everything in their lives with me. In fact, they probably confided in me more than in their psychiatrist, priest or doctor. I just hope I was never the root cause of their psychiatric treatment!

What was there to be bored with?

During all those years, my cock never left my pants and I never kissed a client or initiated an inappropriate touch. But I had many clients who wanted to pleasure me like I pleasured them and openly said so. I always told them how flattered I was with their offer but declined for one reason or another. They respected that.

I admit that I rarely had a boner to the degree that I did early on. It occasionally happened, especially with the 19-21 year olds just getting comfortable around men. They were so cute and wide-eyed when they experienced their first earth shattering orgasm in my shop. Many of them told me it was the first one they ever had with a man. Most of them became regulars.

I had my share of well-known movie stars come in but they were treated just like the other ladies. No pretenses or egos are allowed in my shop while they have their legs spread at a 90-degree angle.

There were also a number of porn stars that became clients. Much to my surprise, these ladies enjoyed my handiwork as much as anyone. I had just assumed that with all the professional sex they had on camera, that they did not crave it off the camera. I was totally wrong and learned that many of them had never had an orgasm in front of the camera. It was all acting. In my shop, they had real, bone shaking, mind blowing orgasms and they loved it. I learned a lot about the porn business from them and may write about it later. Many of them remained friends even today.

I will also say that Cathy and Shelley had the two most memorable bodies I ever saw. Others were also beautiful and stylish with great personalities; but these two ladies led the pack.

There were a couple of other major events that happened and I will tell you about those now, as I conclude this narrative.

In 1971, I got a call early one morning from Linda, the business partner of Jamie. She was crying hysterically but was gradually able to tell me that there had been an accident at the docks and that Jamie's husband had been killed. I was devastated. I thought my heart would burst.

After staring at the wall for several minutes, I realized that I had clients coming soon. I called and, fortunately, was able to reach all of the ones due in that morning. I was able to reschedule them because of a "family emergency."

As I drove to Jamie's home, I really struggled thinking about what to say or how to say it. She had become my best friend and advisor over the last 10 years. This was a tragedy that was just beyond anything I could imagine.

There were several cars in the driveway when I arrived. After knocking, I was allowed entry by a lady I did not know. Jamie saw me and came running. She was crying so hard that her whole body was shaking. She literally threw herself into my arms and we hugged for what seemed like two minutes. We both cried.

As we slowly parted, I used my fingers to wipe the tears from her eyes. She smiled and said, "I knew you would come as soon as you heard. Thank you."

She took my hand and walked me over to meet her father and mother, Robert's parents and several of the brothers and sisters.

I think they were confused since no one had heard of me or knew how I fit into Robert and Jamie's life. They were relieved when Jamie told them I was an old friend and was a barber. They assumed I was Robert's barber.

I stayed only for an hour or so, bid farewell to everyone and walked with Jamie to my car. "Mark, there were only two men in my life who were the source of my happiness. Now one of them is gone. You are the other one. Thank you for being here for me." We hugged and cried again.

The funeral home was packed. A ton of Robert's co-workers and dock management came as well as most of Jamie's customers and their husbands. A few weeks later, I learned that the dock management and the union lawyers negotiated a very large financial settlement for Jamie, which she really deserved.

We continued to talk by phone and she came to the shop just to visit as her schedule allowed. It was a very difficult time of mourning.

About two months or so after the funeral, I called Jamie at her shop and asked if we could have dinner. For all the years that I shaved her, we had never actually had a meal together. Isn't it odd that a man could know every little dimple, crease or mole on her pussy and ass like the back of his hand but did not even know what kind of food she liked?

Jamie accepted. We picked Saturday night and chose a new Italian restaurant that was close. At the appointed hour, I went to her house and she was more than ready. Her new dress was beautiful and it complemented her skin color. Her eyes were as interesting and mischievous as always. I could see that she was recovering. In the car, she was quite talkative and told me all about her business and how well it was doing. Neither of us mentioned Robert as that did not seem to be the time or place.

We had a wonderful meal and chatted about all the little things we could think of. Jamie reached over and took my hand several times as we talked. This continued for two hours through several courses, as only the real Italians know how to serve. The food was delicious and so was the conversation. I dreamed of her all night.

This was followed by three other dates and many phone calls. During this time, I learned many things about Jamie. She was from Oklahoma and grew up on a ranch. Her mother was born in Spain but came to Dallas with her parents. Her grandfather was a petroleum engineer. At least, I know now how she got such beautiful skin.

One afternoon, Jamie called the shop. When I answered, she shocked me by requesting an appointment. Oh shit – has she found someone else? This really hurt; but I confirmed one for the next evening and we said our goodbyes.

All I could think of was what I may have done wrong. Maybe I should have expressed my true love for her by now; but I was concerned about whether or not it had been long enough since Robert died. I was devastated. Did my effort at being "proper" kill my chances with Jamie?

The next day, I was a walking zombie as I went through all the appointments. Several of my clients noticed that something was wrong and I shared only that my girlfriend and I just broke up. They were very sympathetic and offered to introduce me to some of their unattached friends and even daughters. I am not sure how that would work: me dating, maybe marrying, the daughter of a woman whose pussy and ass I was shaving and massaging.

At the appointed hour, I was a nervous wreck. To my surprise, when Jamie arrived she was all happy and bouncy like nothing had happened. She reached to hug me but immediately sensed that something was wrong.

"Mark, has something happened? Why are you so down and depressed?"

"Oh, it's nothing."

"I was thinking you would be glad to see me."

I replied, "I am always happy to see you, but why come now? Are you planning to see someone else? You never came unless you had a big session planned with Robert."

"Silly! I am doing this for you. It is time we take our relationship to the next level and I want the experience to be the best it can be for you."

The weight of the world just fell off my shoulders. Tears came to my eyes and we hugged and kissed with passion and tenderness. She cried and so did I.

We gradually went to my office and continued to kiss and hug and talk like giddy teenagers. I revealed my long time affection and even love for her but how I was helpless to do anything about it. She confirmed what I suspected, that she loved me and that love had been growing since the time we met. But her husband came first and she was loyal to him.

"Bobby was the dearest partner and sweetest lover who was always there to support me through everything. He was totally dedicated to me and only me. It is a shame that we could not have children as I've now lost all of him. But God is good; He provides a new door when old ones close. You are holding open my new door, Mark, and I am ready to walk through it with you."

"Jamie, we have had a close personal and working relationship over the years but I always wanted more. I wanted us to be united as one. I silently worshiped you and fantasized every time you came in. I wanted my whole body to be the cause of all the excitement you experienced here, not just my hands. You've given me a new life; and I love you more than life itself."

She stood and took my hand. We walked out to the worktable where she unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off. Her fingers grasped the belt buckle and undid it to slide my trousers down. Then Jamie surprised me by wrapping her arms around me and slipping them into my undershorts to grab my butt cheeks. She whispered, "You've been handling my ass all these years, now I have yours in hand. Get up on the table, big boy, and I will show you how I cut hair."

My eyes must have shown how startled I was. "Jamie, you are NOT going to use a razor on me, are you?"

"Not tonight, anyway. I am going to trim all the hair off of your balls and from around your cock with that damned little trimmer you have been using on me. Don't worry, I won't clip anything important." Her smile was amazing and did put me at ease. But then she added "You don't have any hair in your butt crack, do you?"

"If I do, I am going to keep it. Understand?"

"We will see. But for now, shuck off those shorts and let me get busy, buster."

When I dropped them and my cock emerged, she cracked, "Where is your real cock?"

"Damn Jamie, I know it is not XL size but it is in good working condition."

She laughed and replied, "I am just kidding you, Mark. Your cock will do nicely. Now get on the table and lie back on those pillows and stuff this one under your ass like you always tell me."

While I lay there, she took oil and rubbed it up and down my shaft. The warmth of her hand, combined with the sure knowledge of what would happen later, worked quickly. Fully erect in less than 20 seconds.

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