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My Cocksucking Mom


I am 18 years old and often think about girls from my college when I masturbate. All the girls from college would wear low cut tops and very short skirts which were more like a belt than a skirt. Some would wear hold ups others would go bare legged. It would always get me so horny watching them that when I got home I would to go straight to my room and masturbate while thinking about them bending over and showing me there skimpy panties and thongs.

Today was yet another very hot day and it was only the start of the summer. The teasing the girls were doing had my cock as stiff as an iron bar. I headed home early that day as I skipped the last two classes of the day as I could not concentrate on what was being said by the teachers anyway. All I could think of was watching the girls bending over and thinking how good it would feel to rip there panties off and fuck there brains out.

As I walked in the front door I could hear music playing from upstairs. It sounded like my sister Ria was home from work early today as well. Ria is 20, has deep blue eyes and has red hair down to the middle of her back. She stands at 5' 6" and carries a few pounds more than she would like but she still has a great pair of tits, they are 38D according to the ticket on the bra I found one day in the clothes hamper.

Mom was always home as she didn't work, her name is Carol, she is 38 yrs old and stands at 5' 8" un height and weighs in at about 130 lbs and is a 36C in the bra department. She has shoulder length black hair and brown eyes and works out at least twice a week at the local gym and always has all the guys drooling over her including me.

Oh my name is Eric and I am 6' tall with short brown hair blue eyes and about 180lbs. And since I saw Ria and mom out back trying to get an all over suntan about a month ago I have been as horny as hell around them both. Now where was I, oh yeah I had just walked in the front door and could here music playing. I thought I would be able to make it to my room before being caught with my pants tenting out in front of me. I got to within 3 feet of my bedroom door when I heard my mom calling me.

"Eric? Is that you? Come here I need a word with you."

"Yeah it's me! Can we talk later?" I yelled back to mom.

"It wont take long I just need your opinion on something." mom called back.

"Oh ok mom! Where are you?"

"In my bedroom" she answered.

Which meant that it was Ria in the bathroom having a shower by the sounds of it. As I walk towards mom's bedroom with my cock still as hard as fuck in my pants I wondered how the hell I was going to hide it from her. As I walked into her bedroom I tried to hide the fact that my 8" dick was about to burst through my pants by grabbing Ria's towel that was hanging over the top of the bathroom door and holding it in front of my crotch.

Mom was looking herself in the mirror on her wardrobe door and was only wearing her black lacy bra and matching lacy thong that showed me a great view of moms ass.

"Hi honey, how was school?" my mom asked.

I didn't know what to say as I was so stunned by how she looked.

"Eh, err, it was ok I guess" I managed to stutter back at her.

"Well that's good. So Eric what do you think about my new bra and thong set?"

Mom walked around the room and posing for me which only made my hard-on twitch and begin to throb. She looked fantastic in her black underwear, black stockings would have topped it off perfectly though. Her breasts looked so big and the bra didn't hide them very well. It looked like her tits were going to fall out of it.

"Well... you look..." Was I could say, I just looked at her sexy body.

"Does your mom look sexy in her new bra and thongs?"

"Oh god yes. You look fucking amazing in them mom" I blurted out!

"I do, don't I Eric" she said gazing at herself in the mirror again.

"Mom I think you look as hotter than any of the girls at college"

My dick was trying to rip through my pants by now. All I wanted to do was tear her bra and thong off and fuck her silly. What the fuck was I thinking about, this was my mom! Ok thinking about Ria this way was one thing but thinking about mom like this was something else. But I must admit she looked so fucking hot that I would have fucked her if she had asked me to. Just then I heard Ria calling out from the bathroom.

"Mom did you take my towel?"

"So what you doing with your sisters towel Eric?" mom questioned me.

I noticed that mom was now looking my crotch area.

"Are you hiding something there Eric?"

"Err... What do you mean mom?" I asked.

"Well you look a little flushed there, are you ok?"

Just then Ria came stumbling into mom's room totally naked as she didn't know I was home yet. She didn't see me as I was behind mom's bedroom door and I got a great view of her bare ass.

"Nice ass sis I called out"

"What the fuck" was all Ria got our as she spun around to look at who was there.

It was like this was all a dream, mom stood there in her bar and thong and now my sister standing there totally naked in front of me. Her nipples were at least a good half inch long and the area around them was a dark pink and about the size of a silver dollar. She had shaved off all her pussy hair apart from a little strip above her clit which looked like an arrow pointing to her honey pot.

"Holy fuck" was all that she could say as she threw herself on the bed belly down to cover herself.

All I did was stand there with a huge smile on my face and my tongue hanging out like a hungry wolf. I walked over next to mom who was still standing there with a little smile on her face and a wicked look in her eye. I couldn't take my eyes off Ria, there she was naked on the bed in front of me and mom and all I wanted to do was take her breasts in my hands and suck them.

Mom had noticed that I had a huge bulge in my pants as my hands had dropped and the towel no longer hid my hard-on.

"Eric did I do that or was it Ria?" mom asked pointing her finger at my pants.

"Holy fuck mom, look at the size of that monster Eric's got in his pants" Ria called out.

"Well do you think we should do something to fix it?" mom asked Ria.

"What do you think we should do?" Ria asked mom.

"I don't know Ria"

"Well I do have some ideas" Ria beamed back at mom.

"Would you like mom to take your hard cock in her mouth and suck it for you Eric?"

"Y-yes...fuck I would love it" I stuttered.

"If you ask for it nicely maybe mom will do it for ya" Rai almost screamed out!

"P-please mom... will you suck my cock?"

Mom didn't know what to do so, she just stood there frozen to the spot. Ria sat up on the bed not even covering up anymore she had a glazed look in her eyes now. All I could do was stare at her tits and those big nipples that pointed right out at me as if asking me to suck on them. The words barely came out of Ria's mouth when mom placed her hand on my chest and started to tug at my t-shirt.

The look in mom's eyes was the same lust crazed look that was on my sisters eyes. Ria moved to the edge of the bed as mom turned me to face her and pulled my t-shirt clean off me in one go. Ria reached her hand out towards my crotch and began gently rubbing my my throbbing man meat threw my pants. Moms hand was now running over my bare chest and down onto my stomach, I couldn't believe what mom and Ria were doing and what Ria was asking.

Mom kneeled in front of me and began to unzip and pull my pants down. My hard dick was just inches from mom's face as Ria continued to rub and stroke my cock.

"Oh Eric your dick is so big! It's bigger than your fathers!" moaned as my pants and boxers were pulled down to my ankles in one swift movement. Mom stroked my cock for the first time as she and Ria both wrapped there hands around my prick. Then mom started to lick it all over as Ria began to lick my balls. I was in heaven. Inch by inch mom took my big 8 inch dick in to her pretty mouth. I was finding out that mom was an expert of sucking cock and almost came in her mouth there and then.

Ria played with my balls while mom deep throated my dick. The sound that came from all the sucking and licking was amazing.

"Mmm.. my sons big cock taste so sweet" mom moaned out as she took my cock momentarily out of her mouth.

I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't, my mom was sucking my cock as my sister licked and suck my balls into her mouth. I wondered how much longer I could last before I came in mom's mouth and all over her beautiful face.

"I bet your cum tastes even better, cum for mommy, please?" mom begged.

Mom sucked my dick furiously and I still couldn't believe it was all so real. Mom was now playing with her nipples as she sucked on my cock. As I looked down Ria was right between my legs and had positioned herself right in front of mom. As my sister let my balls slip from her mouth she looked straight at mom's big bouncy tits and latched her mouth onto mom's left nipple and began to suck for all she was worth.

"Oh fucking hell yes" mom screamed out as she took me out of her mouth.

Mom had now moved to a sitting position in front of Ria as I stood there watching them. As they moved closer to each other they moved there legs so that they could get close to each other as there tits met and they were pussy to pussy. I couldn't believe they were fucking each other in front of me. As they kissed there tongues met and danced together as they explored each others mouth.

Mom grabbed the double headed dildo which was laying just under the bed and pushed half of it straight up inside Ria's dripping cunt in one thrust. Then pulled herself on to the other end of it as she moved closer to my sister's cunt. I was now starting to feel a little neglected as mom and Ria broke there kiss and moaned as they both fucked the dildo that they shared between there hot dripping cunts.

Mom and Ria didn't last long as they both came over the double headed dildo. As mom pulled the big rubber cock from there drenched pussy's and threw across the room. I stood over them both while masturbating to the site of them fucking that big rubber dick and I was starting to feel that I was close to coming.

"Mom! ahh! Mom, I'm coming!" I yelled.

"Come in my mouth Eric, I want to taste my sons sperm!"

Mom began to stoke my now dripping cock as she took me back into her mouth and I was ready to come. Both mom and Ria were still fucking each other and Ria had mom's tit back in her mouth

"Aaah! Mom here I come!"

My spunk began to shoot out of my cock jet after jet straight into my moms open mouth. Mom tried to swallowed every last drop of it. But as her body began to stiffen and Ria screamed out they both began to cum all over each others pussy as I came in mom's mouth.

"Oh fuck yesssss, I'm cummmmiiinnnggg mom" Ria screamed as her orgasm began to rip through her.

"Oh fuck yes, suck it, swallow my cum you fucking bitch" I shouted at mom as I came in her mouth and all over her face.

As mom bucked her pussy against Ria's, my cock came away from her mouth and my cum went all over Ria's tits and belly. All my sister could do was buck back against mom as I stood there cumming all over both of them.

After I finished cumming I dropped to the floor beside my mom and sister as they began to come down from there orgasms. We all lay there, basking in our after glow. Mom reached her hand out and took my semi hard cock back into her mouth and kept sucking until my dick went soft.

"What did you think son, was mom a good cock sucker?" she asked.

"God. Your the best cock sucker that I know, mom. It felt so great!"

"OK now go and get cleaned up you two before your father gets home"

"And don't tell anyone about this, either of you ok?""

"Ok mom, we promise." we both said at the same time.

Ria wrapped her towel back around her and headed back to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. I pulled my pants back up and looked my sexy mother before I left the room. When I got to my room I heard my dad come home.

"Holy shit, dads home" I said to myself as I shut my bedroom door behind me!

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Spelling counts

Your cocksucking mom sucks more than your writing!

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Miserable BS Story

It's soooo phony that it's not even fun to read. At least make some semblance of reality in your stories!

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