My Cowboy


I think he barely noticed me, or he just didn't want to take the time to notice me standing in the doorway. I knew that he could see me though because my body was casting a shadow in the barn as the sun peeked around me through the open barn doors. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to even acknowledge my presence, so I stepped out of the doorway just slightly so he would be able to see me more clearly. Now whether it was my imagination or not, I think his eyes widened just slightly when he realized that I was not one of the hands that worked on the ranch.

My aunt and uncle told me that there was a "sweet young boy" who sometimes visited his grandmother at the neighboring ranch and suggested that I go and "visit" for a bit today. Now knowing my aunt as well as I do, I knew she had more up her sleeve than my just visiting this boy to go riding today. And after meeting his grandmother earlier, I was beginning to think that they had this whole thing set up before I ever arrived in the great but scorching state of Texas. His grandmother had met me at the door, almost as if she knew I would be visiting today. She was a sweet woman, but there was something else about her that I couldn't quite figure out. It almost seemed as though there was a slight twinkle in her eyes when she sent me on down to the barn claiming that her grandson, Jason, would be waiting.

I was somewhat taken aback by the man standing up in the hay loft straining to see me around the rays of sun beating on his face. Jason had somehow lost his shirt during the course of the day, I suppose because of the work and the heat in the barn; unfortunately, I was having a bit of a hard time seeing him completely as he was higher up and the sun was still very bright. Maybe I can make this a little easier, I thought.

"Hey, your name Jason?" The question came out a little shaky, and I just prayed that he didn't notice the nervousness in my voice.

"Yea, and who are you?" he asked almost hesitantly.

This is just great, I thought. He's already irritated from being interrupted from his work. Like someone should be mad about having to stop working in a barn that is about two hundred degrees too hot, I thought almost sarcastically.

"You're grandmother said you'd help me saddle up a horse so I can go riding," I said slowly, wishing that he would just hurry up and get this over with. Although I enjoy meeting new people, I hate feeling like I'm bothering them when I know they are in the middle of something more important.

Fortunately for me he dropped the fork and slid down the rope hanging down from the loft. His back being to me on his way down, I could see that everything about his body was exactly as it should be. He was extremely toned and looked like he either worked out quite often or put in way too many hours forking hay up in that steamy loft.

After he reached the floor, he turned and just looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. Obviously he wasn't going to break the silence so I said, "I'm Sarah. I'm visiting my aunt and uncle on the next ranch. They don't have any horses worth riding, so they sent me over to ask if I could ride one of yours. I met your grandmother at the house, and she sent me here. You don't mind giving me a hand do you?"

I could tell this might be a little harder than I thought to get this guy to help me out, so I just tilted my head a little and gave him one of those flirty little looks that I've been told I'm so good at. Luckily it seemed to work as he started to take a little step toward me.

"Yea, no problem. Just give me a minute and I'll saddle up one of the horses for you," he said with a shrug.

If he had stepped any closer to me I probably could have licked his nose, but I definitely felt that slight little touch as his bare arm brushed up against my breasts. Although it was hot as hell in that barn, I could feel my nipples harden from that little brush of his body on mine.

Walking over to the trough that ran along the wall, he quickly stooped over and turned the water on. Now that he was much closer to me than up in that loft, I could see how gorgeous this guy actually was. Little drops of sweat were rolling down his bare back, and it struck me that he was actually very sexy. My irritation at my aunt and uncle for sending me over to this ranch was slowly dissipating as I watched him pour water over his head. Now why was I just standing there staring? It's not like I hadn't seen a dripping wet guy before. Then again, I was wondering what it would feel like to be one drop of water running down his chest and over that flat, tan stomach. Just as I was thinking where that drop of water would end of up, he blew water all over my face and chest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there," he said almost seeming embarrassed. From the look on his face, I knew that he really didn't mean to make my shirt so wet.

"No sweat, honest mistake," I said as I tried to rub a little of the wetness from my chest. "Do you always work without a shirt on?" As soon as the question was out of my mouth, I knew how stupid it must have sounded. Of course any man in his right mind would work without a shirt on while forking hay in that inferno of a barn.

"Not always," he responded, "but in the barn the heat tends to get to you after a while, so you try to minimize as much as you can so you don't pass out."

"How long have you been in here," I asked trying to take his mind off of my idiotic question.

"About an hour. I was just fixin' to take a break and move some hay to the stalls when you came in," he said.

I almost started to giggle at that thick accent of his, but something else caught my attention. Either it was my imagination or just a mirage from the Texas heat, but I honestly thought that I caught him staring at my chest. Well, I guess I couldn't blame him even if he was because for some reason the hardness my nipples developed from his touch earlier had not quite disappeared yet, and I guess the cold water that he blew on me didn't help much either.

"Well, I'm glad I didn't interrupt you. I really appreciate your help. I haven't ridden in years, and your grandmother said you had a horse that would be just right for me. I love to go riding late in the day before the sunset arrives; it's really pretty out that time of day," I said while trying to sound as sweet as possible. For some reason I still had a feeling that this guy could be a little hard headed and that a little flirting might help me out with him. Maybe, though, I shouldn't have mentioned that I hadn't ridden in years. He probably thought that I was completely clueless about horses as it was.

I followed him as he walked over to the stall and grabbed a blanket, bridle, and saddle before moving over to a light brown horse who he called Sugar. Still following close behind him, I watched as he placed the bridle in her mouth. I stepped toward the back of the stall and somewhat behind the horse.

"You really should move away from there. It might not be too safe to stand behind her," he said almost sternly.

"You aren't giving me horse to ride that isn't safe are you." I asked innocently.

"No, it's just that I don't want anything unexpected to happen and you get kicked and me be responsible for it. Sugar is very rider friendly, and you won't have any problems at all," he said with a slight grin. Obviously he was very familiar with this horse because he slowly ran one hand down her neck as he mentioned her name.

"Well, it's good to know you aren't trying to set me up to get thrown. I'd hate to have to walk all the way back in if the horse threw me or even worse, get hurt."

"I told you she's very gentle and rider friendly, but it's always smart to take precautions," he said as he began to place the saddle up on her back.

I walked back over and stood behind him, and a mental picture hit me as I thought about the water that had been running down his chest earlier. Glancing up at him, I watched intently as he expertly buckled the saddle into place. I could see the muscles move in his arms and back as he worked, and an overwhelming sensation in the pit of my stomach began to take over. I wanted so badly to reach out and let those muscles move under the tips of my fingers. A little tremor shot through my stomach, and I could barely contain my feelings for this man that I didn't even know. Seeing a little bead of sweat roll down his back ended my torment and was suddenly the sign I needed to reach out and stop that little drop from reaching his lower back.

Slowly but deliberately I put my hands low on his sides, just above his jeans. I must have startled him though because he jumped just slightly and turned around to face me. I was almost shocked by the intenseness I could see in his dark brown eyes. Again my imagination was running wild, and I thought that deep in those eyes I could see that he wanted me to touch him as badly as I had wanted to. I felt that little spark run through my belly again as the silence grew thick between us.

"You know, I really like the smell of a barn. The smell of the horses mixed with the strong smell of the hay makes me feel kind of funny. It's rather sexy actually," I said slowly and as seductively as I could muster. I am not normally very forward, especially around men that I don't know. Something, though, about this man was making me say what I usually hid deep in the back of my mind.

I was just letting my fingertips slide up and over his stomach and chest when he looked at me too seriously and said, "You know, I'm not sure who you are or if I'm just dreaming all of this, but if I'm dreaming I don't want to wake up."

Honey, I thought, you sure aren't going to wake up from anything because there is no way that I'm going to let you fall asleep today, or tonight for that matter. At that very moment, I felt him place his hands at my sides and felt him begin to bend slightly in order to kiss me. Kiss me, wow. This man, this lovely, gorgeous man was actually going to kiss me. Suddenly, and without hesitation, I felt his lips press against my own. I could taste the salt from the sweat that had been running down his face earlier. That salt though was the sweetest I had ever tasted as he deliberately let his tongue slide slowly through my slightly parted lips.

I just could not take my hands off of his chest, and I could feel his nipples harden from my touch as my own had earlier from the accidental brush of his arm. All of a sudden I felt my body being pushed slowly backward through the stall doors. A sinking sensation took the place of the excitement in my body as I felt his lips leave mine in order to shut the stall door. But then, he took my hand and led me over to a large pile of hay. As he led me over, I silently prayed that this moment in time might continue to last for the rest of my life. The sensations running through me and the feel of his lips on my own were too wonderful to be ignored and lost like a single needle in the pile of hay.

Jason grabbed a blanket and settled it into place on the hay. Again, he took my hand and led me over closer to the blanket. He was looking at me, almost as though he could see deep into my soul; somehow knowing what I needed, he leaned over and began to kiss me with an intensity that was even greater than what had taken place in the stall. He lips, his tongue, his touch were all sending wave after wave of chills and tremors over my body and I couldn't help but let my hands roam again over his chest and around to his back. His muscles felt so tense under my touch, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was from his work earlier or from the electricity that seemed to be running from the tips of my fingers into his body and back again.

At that very moment, something took over and I became a person that I rarely let anyone know. I took both of my hands, placed them firmly on his chest and pushed. He fell back onto the blanket and sunk a little down into the hay. Though I constantly worry and fret about how I look, for some reason I wanted him to see me. I wanted his eyes to digest every part of me. Although I could feel the anticipation building in my own body, I deliberately took my time in removing my shirt and bra. I could see that his eyes, along with some other parts of his body, were drinking in every inch of skin that I revealed. It's funny though how guys feel the need to be involved in everything. He started to stand, encouraging his own involvement in my undressing, but I motioned for him to stay where he was on the blanket. His legs were between my own and I saw his eyes follow my hands to the button on my shorts. Slowly, I began to unzip them. It seemed that the more clothing I removed the tighter his pants became.

I was so glad at that moment that I had worn some cute little panties that my sis had gotten me for Christmas, and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was glad too.

Standing there nearly naked in front of this stranger, I had to think hard about what I wanted to do next. I slowly moved toward him, and because he was now sitting up on the blanket, his mouth just reached the base of my belly. He kissed me then, looked up at me almost questioningly, then kissed me again.

The roof of the barn was so high up, but I couldn't help but tip my head back and look up as I felt his fingers brush against my thighs. He quickly, forcefully put his hands on my hips and pulled my body even closer to his mouth. Somewhere between his pulling me closer to him and the whisper of his breath on my thighs, he pulled my panties down and off.

Hotter than the inferno we seemed to be immersed in, I felt his tongue touch me then. The same tongue that had only moments earlier touched the lips on my face were now touching and searching the lips between my thighs. The feeling was too much. I couldn't help but put my hands on the top of his head and let his hair slide between my fingers. My clit became the focus of his endeavors and he almost attacked it with a force that made by body clinch hard and wish that that wonderful warm mouth might stay in place for hours. His attack didn't end, and the tremors running through my body only intensified as I felt his tongue move over my lips and clit. Then, when I thought it could never be better than that very moment, I felt a finger push itself deep into the depths of my wet body. I could barely contain myself and my body seemed to be wanting exactly what he seemed to want to give me. Through his hand and mouth, he seemed to be giving me more than what I had expected, and I could feel my stomach begin to tighten and begin to prepare itself for what I knew would be a wonderfully hard orgasm. I couldn't stop myself, and I almost screamed at him and pleaded for him to make me cum.

Then I felt it; that long, wonderful moment of what felt like a gush of warmth that started in the pit of my stomach and ended with my knees almost buckling beneath me. The muscles in my legs tightened and became very stiff, though I felt like falling straight over into the hay beside of him. Suddenly I felt his hands move up my body and grasp both of my nipples between his now wet fingers. When I finally had control of my body again, I looked down only to see a brown-eyed boy smiling sheepishly up at me from between my thighs.

I ran my hands through is hair slowly and said, "You know cowboy, we should really do something about that bulge in your jeans."

I took his hands in my own then and helped him to stand. I could barely help myself as I quickly leaned in and ran my tongue across his lips and let his tongue touch my own. Though I loved the taste of the salty sweetness on his lips earlier, I loved even more knowing that the taste on his lips now was me.



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