tagGay MaleMy Curiosity Got Me In Trouble

My Curiosity Got Me In Trouble


I am a straight male who has never had any sexual feelings about other men. I work out at the gym on a regular basis to keep my body fit and toned, so while there I do glance over at other guys in the shower only to see how I stack up. Lately, however, I have been sort of disenchanted with the women that I have been in relationships and decided that I needed to explore expanding my horizons.

I told myself that I was only interested in meeting new male friends to hang out with and have a good time. I will admit that I had become a little bit curious about what other guys saw in other men sexually, but I was just curious...that's all. After doing some research online to find a men's only bar in my area, I decided on one that I thought suited me. I showered and shaved in getting ready to go to this bar for a few drinks. As I said earlier, my body is in good shape, so most of my clothes were chosen to show off the results of my workouts. I love knit shirts that fit tight and show off my hard pecs that are topped off with my protruding nips. Sometimes I feel like the girls that are in the freezer section of the grocery store with their nips pushing hard against their tops. Mine have been big and hard most of the time since I was a teenager. My slacks are generally tight around my butt, which has grown more muscular since my workouts include a lot of squats. Since I don't like others to see the line of my underwear through my slacks, I have started wearing men's thong underwear. You kind of get used to that piece of material always up the crack of your butt.

Now that I was clean and dressed, it was time to go to the "men's only" bar that I had chosen to satisfy my curiosity. After a short drive, I had arrived at my destination. I parked my car and walked into the place. As advertised all that I could see was men in the whole place. I found a spot at the bar and ordered a drink. After about 10 minutes of just looking around at men of all sizes and shapes talking to each other, I noticed that most of them were touching each other a lot. Off in one dark corner I even saw two guys embracing and kissing each other. It was then that I realized that this "men's only" bar was a gay bar, and I was certain that I had to leave before someone recognized me. They would think since I was in a gay bar, that then I must be gay. But then it occurred to me that if someone was in the bar that could recognize me, then they would be gay too. So I decided to stay and finish my drink.

A few minutes later someone came up behind me at the bar, touched me on the shoulder and asked if the stool next to me was taken. At first I was a little startled, but then told him that no one was sitting there and please have a seat. He was a good-looking well-built guy wearing jeans and a muscle shirt. "Hi, my name is Jake, what is your name?"

I told him that I was Andy. He asked me if I came here often, and I told him that this was my first time. That brought a sparkle to his eye and he offered to buy me a drink. I said that was nice of him and accepted. When the bartender brought our drinks, I excused myself to go to the men's room. Between the drink that I had already had and my nervousness about being in a new place, I just needed to take a piss right away.

When I returned to my seat, Jake greeted me with a big smile and we began a very interesting conversation. We talked about everything from work to sports to hobbies. I was really enjoying my new friend in this certainly a little strange environment. From time to time Jake would put his hand on mine while making a point in our conversation, but I thought nothing of it. Then he asked the question. "How long have you been out, Andy?"

Out where, I thought until I realized he thought that I was gay. I told him that I was not gay, but rather just a little curious. He said that he understood because that is how he realized that he was gay.

Just then I began to feel a little woozy. I was sure that I didn't have too much to drink, because I was only on my second. Jake asked me what was wrong and when I told him that I was a little dizzy he said that there was a virus going around that might be causing it. He said that I probably needed a little fresh air and offered to help me out to my car. When we got outside, I told him where I had parked and he brought me to it. He said that I probably should not drive while being so dizzy, so he put me in the passenger seat and then offered to drive me home. Little did I know that he meant his home and not mine. Jake settled into the driver's seat, started my car and off we went.

I must have passed out, because I don't remember riding in the car very far. When I woke up, I was in a strange place and had trouble figuring out how I got there. When I tried to rub my eyes, I discovered that I couldn't move my arms because they were over my head attached to chains hanging from a beam. Then I noticed that I was completely naked. My ankles had metal cuffs on them chained to steel eyelets in the floor. They were set about 3 feet apart. I could barely touch my toes on the concrete floor, because of how I was suspended from the beam overhead. What the hell have I gotten myself into I thought?

Then Jake came into the room. He too was naked and his muscular body glistened in the dim light. "Where the hell am I, and what have you done to me!" I screamed.

"Calm down boy or I'll have to put a gag in you." he answered. Jake told me that my dizziness was caused by a little something that he put in my drink when I went to the men's room. He told me that he was looking for someone like me for a long time, and when I showed up at the gay bar he was not going to let this opportunity slip away. He said that he was going to give me exactly what I came into the bar looking for. He told me that when he was through with me that my curiosity would certainly be satisfied.

I screamed at him again and he calmly went over to a bench where there were a lot of things that I didn't recognize and picked up a big red ball with leather straps attached. He then said that he warned me and went behind me to put this contraption on me. He tried to put the ball in my mouth, but I kept my lips closed tight. He then reached around me, grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard forcing me to yell out in pain. That allowed him to force the ball in my mouth behind my teeth. Jake then tied the leather straps behind my head keeping the ball in and holding my mouth open making any loud noise out of my mouth impossible.

"Now be a good boy Andy, because we have a lot of work to do until you are ready for my friends." What the hell did he mean, I thought? I was to find out very soon. "First we have to get rid of all of that body hair." he said. He then went over to a sink and put some water in a bowl on a little cart that he had. He also put shaving cream, a razor and some electric clippers on the cart. He wheeled it over to where I was chained and started with the clippers. As the motor hummed he started on my chest removing as much hair as he could with these clippers and then did the same thing to my arms, legs, back and pubic area.

As he clipped the hair in my pubic area, he grabbed hold of my dick to pull it out of the way. When I felt his hand around it, my dick began to get hard. "Oh boy, you like this don't you!" Jake said. I will admit that as mad and scared as I was, having him hold my dick was exciting.

As he was clipping the last of the pubic hairs around my balls, I noticed that Jake's dick was coming to life and grew to about 9 or 10 inches of hard throbbing muscle. He glanced down at his own dick and said, "Down boy, we have more work to do before you can try out our new toy."

When he had finished with the clippers he then started putting shaving cream on my body. He went though basically the same procedure removing all of the remaining hair on my chest, arms, legs and pubic area. He was very careful while shaving my pecs because he said that he didn't want to cut one of my beautiful nubs off by mistake. He also shaved all of the hair off of my butt and around my asshole. He said that his friends hated getting hair in their teeth.

When he was finished he used the water in the bowl and a small towel to wipe off all of the left over shaving cream from my body. Now other than the hair on my head and my eyebrows, I was completely hairless. He stepped back to look at his handiwork and smiled. "Now we need to do something with those nipples." he said. What was he talking about?

He again brought his little cart over to his workbench, removed the hair removing supplies from it and loaded it with some new apparatus. He then returned with the cart and a smile. He grabbed both of my nipples that stood out from my now hairless chest and pulled them hard. I winced with pain as he said that they were nice, but he was going to make them better.

He then picked up what looked like two long glass tubes from the cart with some tubing attached to them. He applied some lubricant to the flared out ends of the tubes and turned on what appeared to be an electric motor sitting on the cart. He then put the glass tubes over each of my nipples. I could feel the suction as they stuck to my pecs, and my nipples were drawn into the tubes. When the suction had reached its max, my nipples looked huge in the tubes. Jake said that after an hour or so of sucking that my nipples would be ready for piercing.

Piercing? I didn't even like to get stuck with a needle at the doctor's office, let alone having a part of my body pierced. After several hours of having my nipples sucked by this strange apparatus that Jake had hooked to me, I was beginning to like the feeling. My nipples filled the glass tubes and even had me wanting to suck on them, as I was drooling around the ball gag in my mouth.

Just then Jake walked back into my "torture chamber" and said that I was now ready for the next phase. He turned off of the pump that was attached to the tubes on my nipples and pulled them off one at a time. He quickly attached a rubber band of some type around each nipple. He said that would keep the blood in them that was making them enlarged. They were huge sticking out from my chest about ¾ of an inch.

He then reached down to the cart and used a cotton swab to put alcohol on my nipples. Boy that felt cold. He then picked up a huge needle and a cork. He grabbed my right nipple with his left hand and proceeded to carefully place the tip of the needle on the outside of it. Then with no hesitation he pushed the needle right through my nipple until it came out on the other side. Wow did that hurt.

He smiled and said, "Now we can put some handles on these puppies so that my friends can play with them." With that huge needle still in my nipple he reached down to the "parts cart" and picked up a shiny silver metal ring with a bead placed in the circumference. He removed the bead and then in one quick motion removed the needle from my right nipple and inserted the ring. He then reattached the bead on the ring, and my swollen nipple had a ring hanging from it right through the hole that Jake pierced in it. It was just throbbing from the pain. Jake then removed the rubber band around the nipple and stepped back to admire his work. Without any time to rest from this ordeal, Jake then did the same thing to my left nipple.

When he was finished he said "There, now your nipples have handles on them so that they can be pulled while you're being fucked." That was the first time that I was certain of my fate. I was destined to become a sexual toy for Jake's friends.

"Now we have only three more piercings to go before we get to the fun stuff." Where was he going to pierce me now? Jake then grabbed me by the balls again and pulled my sac down until I had tears in my eyes. He told me that he had to loosen up my ball sac before shoving needles in so he wouldn't damage my jewels. Oh my, he was going to pierce my balls. He reached again into the cart for another needle and with very little ceremony pulled the skin of my ball sac just below my dick and shoved the needle through the skin in the front. He picked up another silver ring and inserted it into the hole that the needle had made. There was some blood and pain, but not nearly as bad as when he pierced my nipples.

He then moved behind me and pulled on the skin between my ball sac and my anus. Jake then shoved the needle through this skin and put in another silver ring. He told me that these were scrotum and quiche piercings useful only for giving me pain while getting fucked. Now Jake said "Last, but not least comes your PA". Not knowing what a PA was I just had to wait to see where Jake was headed to next on my body.

To my horror he then grabbed hold of my dick and gave it a good yank. He continued to stroke it until I again became hard. "Seems like our bi-curious boy likes to have his pecker played with by another man. Could be that your are more gay than you know." Jake then reached on to the cart and got some sort of lubricant spreading it all over my piss slit. He then inserted a plastic tube right into the hole in my dick about four inches. Boy did that hurt. I am circumcised and have a large purple head on my dick.

He then said "This puppy is going to look great with a nice big ring in its mouth". Back to the cart for another needle and he placed it on the underside of my dick just below the "helmet". Then he shoved it in until it reached the tube in my euthrea. I tried to yell out in pain, but the ball gag in my mouth only let out a little whimper. Then he grabbed a large silver ring from the cart and in one smooth motion removed the needle and inserted the ring. After he attached the bead completing the circle of the ring, he said that the piercing was all completed. I was exhausted from struggling in my bonds and the pain. My naked body was covered in sweat.

Jake then stepped back to look at his work and smiled from ear to ear. His dick was hard as a rock and stood straight out from his body. He said, "It appears that my dick is getting a little impatient to sample the goods, but first we have to get your ass pussy ready for fucking." After what I had already been through I certainly didn't like the sound of that.

Jake went over to his workbench and picked up what appeared to be a man's dick with a tube and large ball attached to it. He also dipped his hand in a large jar of petroleum jelly and moved behind me. With my well-toned butt now at his mercy, he applied a generous amount of jelly to my butt hole. He then inserted one of his fingers all the way in as far as it would go. At first it hurt a lot, but as he worked it around and in and out, I became more accustomed to the feeling. Jake then inserted a second finger and repeated the same procedure. This went on for what seemed an eternity, but was actually only about 15 minutes.

Then he removed his fingers and inserted the rubber dick that he had taken from his workbench. Once he had it all the way in, he then started to squeeze the ball attached to the tube on this rubber dick. It started to grow in my butt hole stretching it larger than I ever thought imaginable. When he stopped my butt felt completely full.

Then he moved back around to the front of me and said "When I'm through, you will be able to take two dicks at the same time up your man pussy." Every 20 minutes Jake would pump the dick in my ass some more until I thought it would rip the skin around my anus. After several hours of stretching my ass pussy, Jake removed the rubber dick from my ass and began to get me ready for what was coming next.

"Well, it's time to try out my new toy!" With that said, Jake moved back behind me and put some of the lubricant dripping from my now enlarged butt hole on his large and certainly impatient erect dick. He moved closer to me until the large head of his fuck tool was pressing against my rear passage. I was both scared and excited at the same time. After all that I had been through during this thoroughly unexpected ordeal, I was about to have some of my curiosity about gay sex answered.

Jake then grabbed me by my hips with his strong hands and said "Hold on sweetheart, here it comes." He then pushed the head of his enormous dick into my virgin pucker making it spread open and close behind it holding it in. The feeling was electric. The pain was far outweighed by the feeling of another man's hot throbbing dick entering me through the opening in my ass cheeks.

I moaned into the gag in my mouth as he slowly pushed farther and farther into my hole. The pressure increased, as it seemed like his dick was as long as a telephone pole. He kept pushing into me while I was helplessly suspended from the beam above. Finally Jake made one last lunge forward and buried his dick in me until his pelvic muscles were up against my naked butt. He then started pistoning in and out of my butt hole each time slamming against my butt as he bottomed out.

I was being fucked by another man and was really beginning to love the feeling. After what seemed like a very long time and both of our bodies were covered in our own sweat, Jake pulled on my hips grinding my butt cheeks against him trying to get his dick into me as far as possible. I felt his whole body become rigid, and his dick started spewing its hot cum deep into my bowls. He pumped and pumped until I was filled to overflow with his hot cum. When he finished he pulled out his now limp dick and said "Ahhh, you are one fine piece of ass! My friends are really going to enjoy fucking you."

Now it was time to bring me to the "party room" and get me ready for his friends. He removed the metal cuffs from my ankles and replaced them with a pair of handcuffs. He then lowered me from the beam above and put another set of cuffs on my wrists behind my back. Throwing me over his shoulder he brought me to another room that had some kind of a metal table in the center of it with straps on it. He laid me down on my back on the table and attached the straps at the foot of the table to my ankles after removing the handcuffs. He then removed the cuffs on my wrists and strapped them to the top of the table.

Now I was laid on my back naked spread eagle unable to move. My nipples, my dick, my ball sac and my butt hole all hurt from the piercing and abuse that they had taken. There was still some of Jake's cum leaking out of my asshole. Jake said that I was now ready for him to invite his friends over for the "party". I just layed there wondering why I had to be curious about having sex with another man. I was about to get all of the answers that I was looking for and then some.

Jake left me bound to the table alone in the party room while he cleaned up to get ready for his friends arrival. I felt like a piece of meat on display. I was naked, pierced and bound awaiting what was to come next.

After about an hour or so the door to the room opened and Jake returned still naked, but it looked like he had showered after "testing his new toy". Right behind him started a parade of naked men, all well built and sporting large dicks. There must have been a dozen or more, all walking around me bound and helpless on this strange table. Two of his friends were black and their dicks were not only long, but also as thick around as the handle of a baseball bat.

They all started pulling on the rings in my nipples and fondling my dick and balls. "Nice touch with the piercings Jake." said one of his friends.

Jake then told everyone that the party was ready to begin. Jake moved over to what appeared to be a control panel of sorts and started turning knobs and pushing buttons. The metal "table" spread my legs wide apart and the part of the table below my butt moved away leaving my butt hole exposed. One of Jake's friends then undid the straps holding my ball gag in my mouth and removed it.

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