tagIncest/TabooMy Daddy Teaches Me the Alphabet

My Daddy Teaches Me the Alphabet


Ruthie had looked forward to this all year. The first week after school got out was father-daughter time, and since she'd turned 18 in February, this might be the last trip. Her mom stayed home and she and her dad spent the week in the mountains. Ruthie loved the mountains with its natural beauty and crisp clean air. There just wasn't a better spot for her to enjoy being with Daddy. They would fish, hike, go whitewater rafting, horseback riding, the best part was just spending time together.

She had always called him Daddy, not dad or pop or father, she always wanted to be his little girl. Just like her name was really Ruth, but he had always called her Ruthie and she wouldn't have it any other way.

They settled into their cabin, no hotel room for them. The two of them wanted a time for talking and getting close without other people. Ruthie came out of her bedroom in her white bikini and asked, "What do you think?"

As he looked, Tony swallowed hard. His daughter had grown up on him. Her long dark hair framed a pixie like face and her bright green eyes lit up. Her tanned curves next to the white of her swim suit made him look, but her barely covered breasts straining against the material made him have a whole different reaction.

Ruthie saw him staring and felt her whole body tingle. Her dad had changed into his swim trunks while she was gone. Walking over she sat on his lap and gave him a big kiss. "I love you Daddy." She laid her head on his shoulder and she felt him fidgeting.

Toni was uncomfortable. Ruthie's sitting on his lap had brought her smooth skin in contact with his. The scent of her hair as her head lay against him combined with the heat he felt between his legs was making him have a very awkward reaction.

Ruthie didn't know what to think as she felt her dad getting hard. She was turning him on and what's more, she liked it. When had these feelings started between them? She felt him through the material of their suits. She rubbed her tits against him, kissed him again, and then she hopped up, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Ruthie led him out of their cabin but not before she noticed the bulge.

Mountain flowers were different than other flowers and they usually drew in Tony's eyes as they created an alley of color around the Lake. At least they did if he looked at them, as they drove his eyes kept straying to his daughter, and her bikini. She had grown into a pretty and confidant young woman. He would fuss at himself because she was his daughter, but his eyes were still attracted to her. "What do you want to do Jet Ski or skiing?"

Ruthie pretended not to notice her daddy looking at her, "Let's rent a jet ski." Knowing her daddy was looking at her that way made her want to show off, and she would stretch a little throwing her chest out.

"Okay, two jet skis coming up."

"No Daddy --" she stared at her dad like she had never seen him before, "-- just one."

Tony looked at his daughter, "Are you all right?"

Ruthie gave him a big smile, "I'm fine Daddy," actually, she wasn't fine. She kept thinking of her dad getting turned on by her. She was his daughter and knew she should be upset or something; but she wasn't and now she wondered why it didn't bother her. All she had to do was look into his eyes as he stared at her and the tingling feeling would come back.

They got to the lake and he rented one Jet Ski, two life jackets, and a locker. Daddy and daughter had worn their swimsuits, but had brought clothes to change into. As they stuffed their things into it, Ruthie watched the look from some of the women when they saw her dad's physique. He didn't show off or anything but his muscles flexing in the sunlight made quite a sight.

The Jet Skis were at their own dock. Tony and Ruthie put on their life jackets before they got on the ski, then Tony put on the safety key strap. Tony started the engine, pushed away from the dock and they took off. This part of the lake was for the skiers; there was no swimming or fishing. That meant that they only had to watch out for others that were on jet skis, being pulled by a boat on regular skis or were in the water because they had fallen.

They had fun on the lake. Tony played a little bit with the throttle making the ski go faster and faster, he did several turns and zigzags. Father and daughter enjoyed their time together. Ruthie always smiled when he looked back at her and chatted as if nothing were out of the ordinary but she now felt odd with her arms wrapped around her daddy. The contact of her skin next to his made her feel -- things. Sitting behind him, her arms wrapped around him, her hands ached to drop lower. With her head on him she caught herself pressing her breasts into his back. Even through her life jacket it felt good.

Reluctantly they ended their afternoon. Making their way to the dock they returned the ski. Retrieving their clothes they headed for the bathrooms to change. On the trip back they rode in silence, which was unusual for them.

"Ruthie, you're not saying very much, something on your mind?"

Ruthie tried to smile, it had been a bad week, and she didn't want that to ruin their time together. "I'm fine." Tony knew crap when he heard it, but decided to let her tell him when she was ready.

They stopped and got take out on the way back. They finished eating at the cabin and went to the deck to enjoy the sunset. Tony sat on the swing and Ruthie was lying so that her head was in his lap.

Ruthie gave him a hug, "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?"

Tony started to make a joke, and then he saw that his daughter was honestly hurting. "Yes, I think you are very pretty."


Ruthie had never asked Tony questions like this. He had to careful what he said; his answer could hurt her very deeply. He placed his hand on her head, "I like your hair. You have nice long black hair worn down in a loose relaxed style," he ran his fingers through her hair, "and it feels so soft."

Ruthie grabbed his hand with hers and held it, a tear running down her cheek. What was going on? He lightly traced her eyebrows with his forefinger, "A guy could just stare forever into your green eyes."

He continued because he didn't know what was wrong, but felt that this was helping somehow. One of his fingers ran lightly over her lips, "Any man would consider himself lucky to be able to kiss you."

When she felt her dad's finger on her lips, Ruthie started to sob and couldn't stop. She held onto his hand and turned her face so it was buried in his lap. She was crying so hard her whole body shook.

He didn't say anything, he just held her. When it seemed to ease up, he softly asked, "Honey, what's wrong?"

"And that's as far as you are ever going to be able to go." She tried to stop her crying and looked up at her dad. "My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday, he said he didn't like me because..."

Tony put his hand to her mouth to stop her, "Your ex-boyfriend is an idiot."

"Daddy, do you think I'm nice," she placed his hand on her breast, "there?"

"I think you're perfect."

"How do you know?" Ruthie turned over so that she was looking up into her dad's eyes and she took his hand and placed it back on the front of her shirt. She moved his hand across her shirtfront, "Daddy, please. I fooled around with my boyfriend but there was nothing. That's why we broke up."

Tony leaned over putting his lips to hers, and gave her a gentle kiss. He pushed her off of him, stood up, and picked her up in his arms. Carrying her to his bed, he sat her down on it. Reaching down he pulled the bottom of her shirt until her bra was showing, and then took her shirt off.

The tingle had returned as Ruthie watched her dad looking at her. She reached behind her to unsnap her bra and he stopped her.

He gave her another kiss, "Just relax, and let me to do this."

Ruthie liked the feel of her dad's lips on hers. She let him fumble with her bra until he got it open and stared into his eyes to get his reaction when he saw her breasts. He could say anything, but his face would tell her the truth. Her bra dropped and she saw him smile, the tingle started to grow stronger. She sucked in her breath as she felt his fingers on her nipples. She loved having them touched and sucked.

Tony pushed her away, "Lay down."

When she had done as he asked, Ruthie looked at her dad's face as he lowered his mouth to her nipples. "Um," a soft moan escaped as she felt his lips teasing her breasts. They stayed like that for a long time and she realized that her dad was exploring her breasts not just the nipples. Her daddy's touch was gentle and slow, it was a nice change from being pawed. The tingling sensations changed to a warm shiver and slowly spread all over her body from head to toe.

Tony was sucking and playing with his daughter's breasts and had the nipples standing out proud and hard when he felt her hand on top of his. She moved his hand to between her legs and just left it there. Opening her jeans he slipped his hand under the waistband of her underwear, her soft pubic hair tickled his fingers. He guessed she liked what he had done because she was wet. As he slid his finger into her and heard another soft moan. He put his mouth to his daughter's and kissed her with more passion than before.

Ruthie parted her lips and accepted her dad's tongue into her mouth. In the back of her mind she knew her former boyfriend would never have been able to make her feel this, her dad's finger in her was making her warm sensation get hotter. Her boyfriend had said some very hurtful things and she needed reassurance that a man would want her. Her fingers found the front of her daddy and a smile spread across her face as she felt his erection. She had wanted her daddy all afternoon.

Tony straightened up and pulled his daughter's jeans and panties off of her. Her pubic hair glistened with the moisture from her being aroused.

Ruthie watched her dad as he took his shirt off and pushed his pants and underwear down. He was already hard and his cock was standing straight out. What a turn on, her dad was hot for her. Reaching up she wrapped her fingers around his penis, she squeezed it gently down toward the bottom of the shaft and moved to suck him.

Tony saw his teenage daughter look into his face as she ran her tongue over her lips getting them good and wet. Her eyes stared into his as she slightly opened her mouth and came very close to his cock. He felt her breathe on him. She was blowing on him with her hot breath!

Ruthie made sure her tongue was dripping wet, and began at the bottom of his shaft licking upwards, slowly. Turning her head sideways she pretended to take a bite of him, very gently setting her teeth into his flesh. She wet him again with her tongue and used her hand to spread the liquid around his hard cock.

Watching those big green eyes watching him Tony saw his hard cock slowly disappear past those wet lips. The feeling of her mouth on him was incredible but her enjoying it with him was almost too much.

Using one hand at the base of his cock to steady him Ruthie took her daddy into her mouth again and again as she used her free hand to explore his balls. As far as Ruthie was concerned sucking a man's penis was one of the pure joys in life, and she loved the pleasure she was giving him. The feel of a hard cock sliding into her mouth was like nothing else. Each time it almost came all of the way out she tried to get it in a little deeper on the return. Finally getting her nose into his pubic hair she let his hard cock slip out of her mouth. She smiled up at him, "Did you like that Daddy?"

Tony sighed, "Oh yeah Baby." Pushing her away from him he made her lay back, "Ruthie, I need to teach you your alphabet."

"What?" She was confused, what did he mean by that? She watched him get between her legs and then her eyes grew wide and she sucked in her breath as his tongue slid into her then brushed against her clit.

Tony chuckled, "I'm going to perform the ABC's on you." He gave her pussy lips a good lick and felt her shudder. "I start by saying the letters out loud and using my tongue to spell out the alphabet here --" he licked her vulva, "-- and here," he licked her clit.

"Ah," she sucked in her breath but an electric shock ran through Ruthie's body as she heard her daddy say the letter 'A'. He started with A and as he worked his way to Z the technique got his tongue moving in new ways, and the vibrations of his lips and breath created different sensations. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing became extremely erratic. It felt like pure ecstasy! Vibrations that were warm and wet shot through her. It felt like her dad was French kissing her clit while flicking his tongue real fast back and forth. To top it off, he was teasing her with a finger, making it move in and out of her pussy. Ruthie was having trouble breathing but managed an, "Oh Daddy!"

He was having a hard time keeping up with his teenage daughter. Her reaction to what he was doing had her moving all over the bed. He and his daughter had been coming to the mountains together for years and he never once thought about her sexually until today. Her pussy was positively dripping and he knew she was close.

She had never felt anything like this. Ruthie liked sucking cock and had even let her boyfriend cum that way, but usually she would stop so that they could fuck, but her boyfriend could never get her off.

Ruthie didn't normally do it, but she instinctively knew her dad wanted to hear her say it, "I'm cumming Daddy!" Her body tensed up and jerked uncontrollably as a series of gasps, and groans came from her. The intensity of her orgasm was mind numbing. Then her brain received a message she almost couldn't conceive, he wasn't stopping! He wasn't at the fucking 'Z'. On and on it went, him attacking her and her body reacting. Orgasm after orgasm shattered her young body. She had never experienced multiple orgasms. "No – more – please." Her daddy collapsed on the bed next to her, her body and her mind tried to rejoin. She kept reminding herself to breathe.

Tony made a pouting look, "I didn't get to the 'Z'." He grinned at her bewildered stare, "So what's your favorite letter?"

"I don't remember," she smiled weakly at him, "I guess you will have to keep teaching me." She felt him put her hand on his penis, and she gently played and explored as her brain tried to come back down to earth. She said dreamily, "If I told my girl friends about this, you would have every one of them at home all the time."

"Hum...I've never done it with more than one woman at the same time."

Ruthie gave him a dirty look and moved on top of him, throwing her leg over she straddled her daddy. Staring into his eyes, she used her hand to guide his hard cock to her pussy. As she lowered herself he slid into her. She started grinding her hips into him, pressing him into her farther and deeper. "I want you to get off in me Daddy." A nice warm feeling spread through her as his cock glided in and out of her pussy.

In and out, over and over, the feeling got a little more intense with each stroke. Tony arched his hips giving his teenage daughter what he could. Her pussy felt like it was clutching his cock. It was tight and gave the sensation of being caressed by a furnace.

Ruthie used her weight to get him to go even deeper. As she moved around she could feel his cock hitting different places inside of her.

It was great. It was awesome. It was too much and he grabbed her hips pulling her down on him, "I'm there Baby!" He shot load after load on hot cum into her young body.

"Yes, Daddy, give it all to me," feeling him throbbing inside of her. As she felt him start to get soft, she clamped her legs tight to him. Ruthie knew this was just the first time but she wasn't quite ready for it to end. "I like how you feel inside of me Daddy."

Tony smiled at her, "I love you Baby."

Finally, reluctantly, Ruthie slid off and lay next to him. Father and daughter lay wrapped in each other's arms exchanging tender kisses, "I love you too Daddy." Ruthie didn't know how this would be a part of their lives when the vacation was over, but for one week she knew she wouldn't need the other bedroom.

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