tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's First Sex-Fight

My Daughter's First Sex-Fight


Sarah stood at the front of the room, leaning against the ring while tying her long chestnut hair into a tight ponytail and surveying her female sex-fighting class, nodding appreciatively at her students' strong, lean bodies barely contained by their tight and colorful sports bras and shorts. She turned toward the ring and leaned down, smoothing her hands over the compact, muscular body that barely showed her 44 years and effects of two pregnancies. As she stood up, she caught a glimpse of her older daughter, the 20-year-old tall, blonde Paula, sliding into the last row of the crowded room.

Sarah smiled and strode purposefully to the back of the room. She wrapped a hand around Paula's slender yet curvy waist and stood on her toes to whisper in Paula's ear, pressing her breasts against Paula's back.

"Don't be shy, baby. Why don't you be my volunteer for this class?" She grabbed Paula's hand and dragged her in front of the class.

"Good evening ladies. We have a special treat tonight. My daughter Paula has volunteered to be my sparring partner tonight. I hope she goes easy on me!" Sarah winked at the group as she and Paula made their way in the ring. Sarah helped her daughter adjust the heavy boxing gloves before slipping on her own. Sarah turned to the class and slapped her gloves together.

"Remember, one of the most vulnerable areas is the stomach. Your opponent will go there first to quickly disable you so make sure to keep your core tight." Sarah turned quickly and slammed her fist into Paula's mid-section. The younger woman sank to her knees, holding her stomach. Sarah knelt down next her daughter and stroked her back.

"Okay, baby?" She asked. Paula nodded weakly and staggered to her feet. Sarah turned again to her students.

"Unless you're doing mixed-fighting, you really want to concentrate on a few key areas on the front of the body: the breasts, the stomach and the groin." In quick succession, Sarah punctuated her statement with a quick combination, popping Paula's perky breast from her top, adding quick hits to her rapidly-reddening stomach and finishing with a strong shot to her vagina. Paula groaned and fell to her knees again, gloved hands covering her breasts and vagina. After a few minutes, Paula got to her feet and leaned against the ropes. Sarah took off her gloves and rubbed Paula's back.

"Do you want to continue?" Sarah asked, concerned. Paula nodded and stood up uncertainly. Sarah smiled and patted her back.

"She's as tough as her mother! Okay, who wants to show me what they can do?" Sarah shouted her students. Many hands went up and Sarah turned to her daughter, motioning for Paula to choose her opponent.

"Her." Paula pointed to a young red-haired body-builder in seemingly painted-on sports bra and shorts. The red-head smiled broadly and bounced up into the ring. Sarah helped the woman put on her gloves and led her to the middle of the ring.

"Shaunie, make me look good." Sarah patted them both on their backs as she left the ring. She sat down behind the other women who had settled down to watch the demonstration. She felt her nipples harden and her face flush as she watched her daughter's lithe body bob and weave away from Shaunie's fists. Paula slammed her fist into Shaunie's stomach and followed with a quick right to her breast. Shaunie stumbled for a second, then unleashed a flurry of punches to Paula's stomach and chest. Paula turned slightly, hands trying to protect herself, and Shaunie dropped her with shot to her kidneys. Paula dropped to all fours and breathed heavily. A few of her students looked at Sarah with concern on their faces, but Sarah held up her hand and watched as Paula slammed her fist into Shaunie's crotch. Shaunie fell to her knees as Paula got shakily to her feet. She dragged Shaunie by her hair to the corner and propped her up against the turnbuckle. She worked Shaunie's body methodically, landing each punch on her chest, stomach and vagina with a loud "Bam!" Sarah felt herself getting wet as she watched her daughter pummel her opponent. Paula continued her assault, grunting as Shaunie landed hard, but half-hearted punches to her chest, stomach and vagina, but never faltered.

Finally tiring, Paula dragged Shaunie to the middle of the ring and kneeled down, bending Shaunie over her knee. She slapped Shaunie's taut stomach as Shaunie screamed. Paula then yanked Shaunie's swollen breasts from her sports bra and began massaging them. She pulled down Shaunie's shorts, exposing her smooth cunt. She pinched Shaunie's clit and rubbed it slowly as she continued massaging Shaunie's breasts. Shaunie closed her eyes in ecstasy while weakly protesting Paula's ministrations.

"No, please. Stop. Please. Ohhh, ohh, no please." Shaunie moaned as her orgasm began to build. She arched her back and moved her hips in time to Paula's strokes. As Shaunie's moans grew louder, Paula raised her fist and slammed it down on Shaunie's pussy, knocking her unconscious. She rolled Shaunie onto the canvas and raised her hands in triumph as the women jumped up and clapped wildly. Sarah stood up on shaky legs, proud of her daughter but painfully aware of her arousal at watching her daughter fight.

A few of the women rushed to help Shaunie as Paula made her way out of the ring, sweaty and exhausted, but happily accepting congratulations from her mother's students. She headed to one of the recovery rooms and poured a large glass of water from the cooler and drank it down greedily. Sarah came into the room and closed the door.

"Not bad for your first class. How are you feeling?" She asked as Paula sat down on the massage table. She handed Paula another cup of water and some ibuprofen, which Paula downed quickly.

"I think I'm okay, but the a 'fight high' is definitely wearing off." Paula answered wearily.

"Let's go ahead and check you out." Sarah stood behind Paula with cold wet washcloth. She secured Paula's wet blonde hair on top of her head with a clip and pressed the cool washcloth to the back of her neck. Paula closed her eyes and moaned softly. Paula winced slightly as Sarah helped her remove her sports bra, the fabric rubbing against her raw swollen breasts. Sarah washed Paula's back, checking for injuries as she cooled her daughter off. She helped Paula take off her shoes and shorts before removing two more cold washcloths from the mini-fridge.

"No permanent injuries, but you'll be sore tomorrow. These will keep the swelling down." Sarah said as she placed the frozen washcloths on Paula's breasts and vagina, then helped her lie face-down on the table. Paula sighed and closed her eyes as the cold soothed her pain. Sarah lightly trailed her fingertips down Paula's back as she walked to the foot of the table. She poured some lotion into her hands and began rubbing Paula's feet, moving up to her calves. Paula moaned softly and opened her legs slightly as Sarah massaged her thighs deeply, tickling her inner thighs and letting her fingertips brush against Paula's aching pussy.

"Oh Mommy, that feels so good." Paula moaned. Sarah tried to ignore her own arousal as she continued up to Paula's firm round ass, teasing Paula's asshole gently. Paula began to grind against Sarah's finger, but Sarah placed a hand on her ass to stop her.

"Just relax, baby. Let Mommy take care of you." Sarah whispered as she stroked Paula's ass. Paula settled back down. Sarah gently rubbed Paula's back and shoulders, her nipples hardening as she felt Paula melt under her touch. She moved to the head of the table and continued rubbing Paula's shoulders and back, unconsciously pressing her hard nipples against Paula's head. Paula reached up and rubbed her fingertips over Sarah hard nipples. Sarah stopped rubbing Paula's back and grabbed the table for support as Paula, eyes still closed, reached under Sarah's top and began stroking and pinching her nipples.

"Mmmm, Mommy. Do you like making your baby feel good?" Paula asked.

"Yes, baby." Sarah breathed as she closed her eyes. She enjoyed Paula's touch for a few minutes and then took a deep breath bringing her back to the present. She removed Paula's hands from her top, sucked each fingertip gently and then kissed her palm before placing her hands down by her side. She rubbed Paula's neck gently before turning her over gently. She removed the clip from Paula's hair and smoothed it down. She lightly massaged Paula's forehead and temples, stroking her face with the back of her fingertips. She leaned forward to remove the washcloth from Paula's swollen breasts. She yelped in surprise as Paula lightly bit her nipples through her top.

"Sorry, Mommy. I couldn't resist." Paula laughed.

"That's okay, baby. You just surprised Mommy." Sarah rubbed her aching breasts and smoothed down her sports bra. Paula raised herself slightly on one elbow and tugged on Sarah's top.

"Please, Mommy. Suckling would make me feel so good." Paula begged. Sarah tried to push her back down, but Paula refused to be moved. "I know it will make you feel good too, Mommy. I can tell you enjoyed watching me fight. I used to get so turned on watching your matches. I wanted to make you feel good. Just like you're making me feel good now."

"I know, baby. I did like watching you fight. I didn't realize you were so strong and capable." Sarah answered, running her thumb over Paula's nipples. Paula moaned loudly as she laid back down on the table. "Oh Mommy, don't stop. My breasts are so sore and swollen." Sarah poured lotion into her hands and continued massaging Paula's breasts as she moaned in pleasure and pain. "Oh, Mommy. Rub harder, right there. Oh yes, rub the tips of my nipples. Just the tip. Oh God, yes, there. Oh Mommy, it hurts so much, but it feels so good." Paula cried out. Sarah leaned down and sucked Paula's nipples as she took off her sports bra. She stood up and slid an arm under Paula's shoulder, holding her against her chest as she had so many times when Paula was a baby. She rested her head on top of Paula's.

"I'm sorry, baby. It's going to hurt, but I need to rub your stomach to help with circulation. If you need to, go ahead and suckle." She whispered. Paula moaned as Sarah massaged her stomach in lazy circles. As Sarah increased the pressure, Paula captured a nipple in her mouth, sucking hungrily and moaning against Sarah's breast. Sarah fought off waves of pleasure as she slid her hand down to Paula's crotch. She removed the washcloth and stroked Paula's pussy. As her fingers found where Shaunie's punches had connected, Paula gasped and let her head fall back, letting go of Sarah's nipple.

"Oh God, that's my spot. Right there, Mommy." She moaned as feelings of pleasure and pain passed through her. "Don't stop, please. Faster, harder, oh God don't stop. Ohhhh, yes, ohhhh God. Ohhhh, oh, oh. Mmmm, please Mommy, make your baby feel good. Yes, oh God, yes!!" Paula captured Sarah's nipple again and sucked hard, her loud moans vibrating against Sarah's breast. Sarah held her close and continued massaging Paula's pussy as she arched her hips and arched her back. Paula came hard, screaming and moaning, finally leaning heavily against Sarah's chest, sobbing. Sarah held her tight, rocking her and smoothing her hair. Paula's sobbing stopped and she sucked Sarah's nipple gently. Sarah laid her back down on the table and stroked her trembling body until she calmed down. Sarah laid new cold washcloths on Paula's breasts and vagina and then covered her with a warm sheet, tucking it loosely around her. She pulled her top back on and stroked Paula's hair.

"Oh Mommy. That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had." Paula said sleepily.

"I know, baby. I always had intense orgasms after a fight, especially when I won! Just rest here for a bit. Then take it easy for a few days." She kissed Paula's forehead and walked out of the room, turning off the lights and closing the door.

Sarah slipped into the bathroom and locked the door. She quickly undressed and began stroking her still-hard nipples. She stroked her clit and breasts as she leaned against the door, thinking of how her daughter's muscles tightened and bulged during the fight. She came quickly, clenching her jaw to keep from screaming. She smiled in the mirror as she washed up and re-dressed. Oh yes, Mommy would definitely be there for all of her baby's fights.

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