tagLoving WivesMy Dirty Little Wife Ch. 08

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 08


We got home from running our errands, and she went upstairs to get out of work clothes and into something more comfortable. I headed towards the TV and put on some porn because I was horny, and stripped down to my boxers. She came back down dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, and laughed at my general insatiable horniness. She sat next to me and we watched some porn together.

Sometimes the porn works, sometimes it doesn't. I didn't hold out high hopes tonight just because of everything that had been going on, but was pleasantly surprised mid way through the flick to catch a glimpse of her playing with her breasts under her t-shirt. My eyes wandered back and forth between the movie and her covert actions. "Maybe you could pull up your shirt a little to let me have a look,' I said, wanting to know exactly what she was doing under there. She responded by whipping the shirt off over her head and discarding it on the floor nearby.

She resumed playing with her tits, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, occasionally raising her breasts to her mouth to suck and lick her nipples. I was paying less and less attention to the movie, and more and more to my gorgeous, seductive, sexy wife. She caught my gaze, smiled at me, and then leaned across the couch to me, pushing me back so I was laying down pressed against the side. She grabbed hold of my erect cock, and started to stroke it, causing me to moan uncontrollably. It didn't take long for her lust and oral obsession to take over, and she pulled my cock out and licked around the head of it before swallowing it down.

"That's it. That's a good little cocksucker," I said, loving the sensation of her warm mouth sliding up and down on my cock. She pulled her head up, and went back to licking my head, before she eventually stopped even that and hovered, mouth agape, right above my cock. I thrust my hips up, and she greedily slurped my cock into her mouth. When I withdrew, she again just sat there, waiting.

I grabbed behind her head and forced her head down at the same time I lifted my hips up again. She gagged slightly as the cock invaded her, but by my second thrust she was accustomed to it, and went back to sucking on me hard as I kept bucking my hips up, forcing my cock into her mouth . "You like it when I fuck your mouth, don't you you little slut? That's good, because I like fucking your mouth. God you're a good cock sucker. Are you ready to swallow my load?"

I wasn't sure what "Harrumph" meant, but was too far along to care. Her hand tightened its grip on my shaft, and a few thrusts later I started pumping her mouth full of cum. She did her best to swallow my entire load, but some remnants trickled out of her mouth, and as she settled back into her seat to watch more of the movie, she picked up her discarded t-shirt and used that as a towel to wipe off her face.

Settled back into her seat, she still couldn't leave her breasts alone. I watched and waited, knowing she was very horny and wanting her to continue to simmer until she blew. The movie got to a particularly hot DP scene, and that was apparently her breaking point. She stood up, moved to the middle of the couch, leaned down, and cleared off the oversized coffee table from all our junk with a sweep of her arm, forcing everything off over the side and onto the floor. She wriggled out of her sweats, and leaned over onto the table, facing the TV, with her assed raised up in front of me.

She looked back and gave me a smile, and went back to watching the movie. I could see her hand underneath her body rubbing her clit and sometimes dipping a finger or two into her glistening vagina. As the scene picked up in intensity, and the female on screen started taking both guys as once, I noticed her ass a little higher in the air, and one of her hands reached around to spread her ass open, giving me a great view of her puckered pink asshole.

I leaned a little closer to the three dimensional show in front of me, and could make out her moaning over the soundtrack of the movie. I leaned in and gave her a quick smack on her rear end, causing her to tense up, rub her pussy faster, and moan loader. I got a glob of spit on my finger, and using the other hand to grab her other cheek and really spread her wide, I applied the saliva at her anal entrance and started to rub my finger in her hole. He ass lifted up a little more, and she looked back at me again, offering me encouragement.

I applied more saliva, and worked my finger inside of her. She started to moan louder, and was now bucking her body, moving herself backwards, impaling herself on my finger, buried deep in her ass. She kept up her motion, and brought herself to the brink of an orgasm. Suddenly, she got up off the table, my finger still in her ass and went back onto the couch, leaning over the edge facing away from me. "I want you to fuck me now."

I leaned over her, pulled my finger out, and proceeded to spit on her asshole, getting it nice and wet and lubricating it with my fingers getting it ready for me. All of the attention her puckered hole was getting was turning her on incredibly, and she kept moaning, asking me to fuck her.

Finally convinced she was ready, I moved up behind her, one knee bent on the couch, one leg extended to the floor. My cock head at her entrance, she begged me to enter. I gave a slow steady push and met no resistance, and kept going and going until I was deep inside of her. She kept telling me how good it felt, and that she wanted more. I started to rock back and forth, stretching and filling her, knowing she wanted me to fuck her hard.

I was pounding into her ass, and she was moaning and calling out my name. Her hand was between her thighs as she furiously rubbed her clit as I buried my cock in her ass. Soon I was a grunting, sweaty mess, and released my seed deep into her ass, pushing her over the edge and causing her to erupt in a massive anal orgasm. We tried to catch our breath, but found it difficult. I finally had the strength to pull out, and collapsed back on my side of the couch. We settled in to watch more of our movie. We drank a few more beers, and she finally announced, "Let's go to bed. I want you to fuck me again."

She headed upstairs to get ready, and I cleaned up our mess. When I got upstairs, she was dressed in a new nightgown. It wasn't really lingerie, just a cotton number from Target or something, but it looked really cute on her, coming down to mid thigh and clinging to her curves in all the right spots. "You're boobs look amazing in that," I complimented her as I crawled into bed next to her.

I leaned in to kiss her, and run my hand all over her body, raising up her nightgown and exposing her pussy. My hand rubbed her clit, and I nipped at her nipples through the thin material. I start to lower my head down between her legs, ready to taste the delicious sweetness I have been cultivating for the past few hours, but her frantic hands stop me. "Don't," she said, "I just want you to fuck me."

She pulled me up to kiss her, and then placed her hands on my shoulders, forcing me to lay down on the bed. She climbed on top of me and used her hand to guide my hard cock into the slippery wetness of her pussy. She sank down with a satisfied sigh. "Oh yeah, this is what I need," she said as she started bounce up and down on my cock. My hands reached up and moved the material covering her breasts out of the way so I could play with them. I grasped her breasts and squeezed her nipples, even lifting myself off of the bed to be able to suck on them.

She kept bouncing, riding me, shoving my hard cock deep into her pussy. "God I love the way you fuck me," she said, "I love how good you fill all my holes. You came in my mouth already, and then in my ass. I love that I can have you fuck all my holes in one night. Fuck, cum in my pussy now. Fill my last hole with your cum" Her hand now on my chest for balance, she stopped talking as her orgasm overtook her. "Yeessss!!!" I started to buck my hips, slamming into her even harder. The pressure of her entire length stroking hard up and down my shaft caused me to lose control and pump her pussy full of cum. She collapsed on top of me, and we kissed for a while.

"I really like this new nightgown," I told her , before she slid off of me and we drifted off to sleep.

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