tagLetters & TranscriptsMy Dream About You

My Dream About You


I wanted to write and tell you of a dream I had last night. I'd gone to bed exhausted and barely woke up when my alarm went off this morning. It's surprising that I remember it! I never remember my dreams. Seeing as how the dream was about me and you, I thought I should share it. I think one of the biggest surprises for me was how detailed everything seemed - you, your house, little things - how could I dream those things in such detail when we've never even met? It was quite a moving dream, really.

The first event I recall was me arriving at your place to hang out for a while. I'd brought my dog, a boxer, with me (yes, I know I don't really have a dog), so we tied him up out back with your German Shepard. Then we went inside and were sitting in the living room floor, watching TV and talking. The dogs began barking before long, wanting to get lose and play. We laughed as you joked about your dog going crazy and humping my dog. The running joke seemed to be about how horny your shepard always was and how he seemed to try to mount anything that moved. I commented that my dog wouldn't like it too much, and you jumped on your hands and knees, imitating the bark of a pissed off dog. Yea, it looked stupid, but I laughed cause it was also funny. Then you began pumping your hips and howling, mimicking your own dog and...I don't know, it was something other than funny at that second. All I wanted at that moment was for you to fuck me.

I know how much you enjoy it when I come up with new and different ways to show you just how much I want you to fuck me, so I rose from the pillow I'd been sitting on to kneel beside you. You were still chuckling, but stopped as you saw me lean forward while pulling my skirt up over my bottom. I gathered the material around my waist, then reached for my panties. When they were around my knees, using my fingers, I opened and exposed myself to you, and quietly asked over my shoulder, 'Will you please fuck my pussy?'

Hearing the low growl that was your response, I knew we were in for a great afternoon. You placed your hands on my ass and leaned over to kiss me high up on my right cheek. The next one came lower, closer to where the back of my thigh joined with my butt, and finally I felt your mouth on my lips. I moaned lightly as you sucked my clit quickly into your mouth. Unquestioningly, I opened my knees further and tilted my hips to give you better access. You removed your mouth just as quickly, however, and replaced it with two fingers. One of the things I always adored about being with you was how you used your fingers before taking me.

You wasted no time manipulating your fingers in my pussy to get me off in less than a minute. Not pausing or letting up, you slid a third finger in and proceeded to fuck me with your hand while I came 5 or 6 times on my hands and knees in your living room floor.

After I was sufficiently sex-crazed, you grasped my long, auburn hair with one hand and pulled my head back, to whisper in my ear, 'You really want it bad, today, don't you?' I love it when you talk to me that way, so I moaned an affirmative response. Continuing, you said, 'Well, I think we're almost ready, aren't we? But isn't there something I should do before I fuck you?'

'Yes, yes, yes, yes,' I pleaded. 'Please will you spank me before you fuck me?' At that exact moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to feel your hand smacking my ass while your hand pulled my hair and my pussy waited to be penetrated. Moving behind me, you pulled my hair so my back was arched and my face pointed up towards the ceiling. I could feel your hard cock against my thigh and I pushed my hips backwards in anticipation. Suddenly, your free hand came cracking down on my butt-cheek. More slaps reigned down in quick succession, stinging and warming my ass. I was moaning and begging wantonly, uncontrollably for you to fuck me, hard, now, please, just put your cock inside me!

Finally, you obliged. Slowly, you ceased spanking me and loosened up on my hair a bit. I felt you pressing the head of your hard cock against my slit. You love teasing me, so you slowly slid up and down the length of my pussy, rubbing hard and quickly over my clit. I was almost crying I wanted it so badly. Finally, with no warning you slammed fully into me. Both of your hands went to my hips, so you could fuck me as hard as you wanted. I lay my forehead on the floor and simply squealed with delight as you began fucking me with such intensity that I didn't think you'd have stopped, even if I'd begged you to. Your fingers bit cruelly into the flesh of my hips as your cock drove in and out of me. I was coming like crazy, both of us wet with it.

It went on like that for some time, until both our knees were rubbed raw from the carpet. We laughed at the burn on my right knee momentarily, then you sat, and pulled me to straddle your still erect cock. I climbed on, sliding you into me so I could ride you. We both love that position; me because I can have it exactly as I want, and you because you love to watch me just go insane. I always feel so embarrassed when you laugh at me for throwing my arm in the air, but that never seems to stop it from happening. I lose all capacity for rational thought when your cock is inside me, I admit it. Finally, I am becoming exhausted, and you lift me off you so we can finish.

Pulling my head to your lap, I grin because finishing you with my mouth is my favorite way to end things. As I swallowed the length of you, I could smell and taste myself and you. Your hands in my hair guided the pace and within a couple minutes you were pulling me back so you could come on my chest. As we collapsed together in a pile of sweaty limbs, I giggled through the hazy afterglow.

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