tagIncest/TabooMy Drunk Sister

My Drunk Sister


My older sister is a fat, drunken loser.

She lost another job because of her drinking, got evicted from her apartment and wound up moving back into the trailer with me and our parents. She's sleeping on the couch in the living room and drinking a box of wine every other day.

But it turns out I am worse.

The other night we were watching TV together on the couch. I was sitting at her feet while she sprawled out under a blanket (she insists on keeping the AC running even though it's not even summer yet). It was late and I was rubbing her feet because she'd begged me to and after her 4th or 5th glass of wine and my second (we're talking about a big water glass here) she passed out before the movie ended. The movie had some really hot scenes in it which caused me to pitch a serious tent in the shorts I was wearing and for whatever reason I started to wank my cock right there on the couch with her next to me using the lotion I'd been using to rub her feet.

She moved and I was afraid she was going to wake up and catch me, but she just started snoring lightly. Her movement had pushed her foot against my hard dick! Between the wine and my horny teenage hormones I didn't stop, I put more lotion on my hands and start rubbing her foot some more only this time using my cock as well as my fingers. I remember pressing the head of my cock with my thumb hard against the arch of her foot in slow little circles that was just driving me wild. I wound up cumming on and in between her toes. I didn't have a rag other than the blanket handy so I just massaged my cum and the lotion into her feet.

I sat there wondering what the hell I had just done, I kept idly rubbing her feet and she didn't seem to notice a thing. I tried calling her name softly and then more loudly but she was totally passed out. Between the cum and all the lotion her feet and my hands were completely saturated so I started massaging up her calf to use the excess lotion. At this point she was laying on her back and her knees were splayed apart and her feet in my lap. Apparently I am a real pervert because I kept working my hand slowly up her legs, folding the blanket back just enough so that I could see what I was doing.

She had the softest skin on the inside of her thighs, pale white and smooth as silk except for at the very top up close to her crotch where it seemed to rub against her other thigh making it darker and rougher. If she had somehow come to at this point there's no way I could explain what I was doing with my hand on her inner thigh and my cock starting to get hard again, but apparently franzia makes good stuff because she just lay there snoring with her legs spread and her perverted little brother touching her while he rubbed his exposed cock against her feet.

I didn't stop at her thighs. I ran my fingers over the outside of her panties, this orange pinkish shade, the farthest thing you could imagine from sexy. But the first time I ran my knuckles over the gusset between her thighs you could have used my cock to cut diamonds. I tried to feel her pussy lips through the fabric with my finger tip but she's such a fat sow she's just got a fold there with a little ridge at the top under her hair. As I sat there I ran my thumb up and down her cunt through those ugly panties with my left hand while I slowly wanked my prick against her feet with my right. I finally got up the courage to slip my fingers inside through the leg holes. Her pussy was just as soft as her thighs but covered with hair. I started trying to pull her open with my finger and thumb but I couldn't get my hand in enough through the leg hole. I pulled my hand out and tried to come in from the top but her rolls of belly fat completely covered the tops of her panties.

I reached around to the side of her hips and snaked my fingers into the elastic waist and started pulling it away from her and sliding my hand inside her panties. I finally got it to where my hand was coming down from on top and I could just reach her cunt but not enough to actually get to her lips. I should have let myself cum touching her through her panties but I'd gotten obsessed with pulling her open. I let got of my cock and worked one hand in from her right leg while working the other hand in from her left. God, I can only imagine the heart attack my mom might have had if she'd come out to get a drink of water right then and found her teenage boy with his cock hanging out and both hands in the panties of her no-good daughter. Using my fingers I got her opened up and could feel her inner lips and the little bump of her clit. I left my left hand in there, running my thumb up and down her pussy lips and started wanking my cock again with my right. All the manipulation I'd been doing must have worked because she started to get wet. That sticky feeling on her soft inner lips is the most erotic thing I've ever felt. I desperately wanted to put my mouth on her and taste it but had to suffice with sucking the taste of it off my thumb. I put my hand back and was starting to work a finger inside her when I came in a way I have never come before, I swear I was this close to passing out.

But after that second cum the guilt and shame snapped in. I couldn't believe what a perverted, lecherous, scumbag piece of shit I was. I wiped my cum on her feet again, of course at this point it was all over the blanket and my t-shirt as well. I turned off the TV, made sure she was tucked in, kissed her on the cheek and went to bed.

I've tried to put it behind me and not think about it but every time I masturbate my mind keeps going back to that night. to the feel of her feet, her thighs, and especially her pussy. I fantasize about peeping in on her when she is masturbating on the couch, a couple of times I have walked by the couch at night when everyone's asleep and lifted up the blanket to see her panty clad ass.

I'm a sick little pervert. I know what I did was wrong but I want it again. I want more, I want to feel her without her panties, I want to lick her, I want to fuck her. And I want her to reciprocate.

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