tagGay MaleMy Encounter with a Huge Dick

My Encounter with a Huge Dick


When he first turned to face my direction in the shower, I was shocked! He was an average-sized guy, fit, slim, maybe 5'11" tall. His body was mostly hairless, his butt really small. But his flaccid penis, hanging loosely, well down between his thighs, was simply enormous, at least seven or eight inches long, probably more, and thick, with an especially plump head. It looked like it belonged on someone else's body. I admit I was curious (you wouldn't be?), but tried to be discrete and not stare. I noted that he was tan all over and thought "who wouldn't hang out at nude beaches with a dick like that?"

Let me go back a little before I continue. I am a straight man, in my early thirties. Women tell me I'm good looking. I'm 6'4'', muscular, weigh 200 and work out and run very regularly to keep myself in top condition. I was a pretty good college basketball player and still compete. I travel about once every two months on my job and generally have "good luck" with women, with a couple of long-term relationships and dozens of short-term sexual adventures, including many one night romances when I am on the road. I haven't settled down yet mainly because I do still enjoy these adventures so much and I'm not ready to be tied down to one woman.

That night at the O'Hare Airport Sheraton in Chicago I'd had a very routine day of meetings. I was flying out early in the morning so I didn't mind that I was staying way out at the airport instead of downtown where all of the action is. After a good hard workout I was mostly just looking forward to dinner, a couple of drinks and going to my room early. Maybe I'd bring a woman, but that was doubtful. More likely I'd relax, masturbate for a half hour or more to a porn movie and retire for the night, my usual routine when I was alone on the road.

I confess: I check out other men when I'm in a locker room and shower! I am secure in my masculinity, so I think it is out of normal curiosity. I've been doing it since junior high, and as a "jock" I have been in hundreds of locker rooms with many thousands of men. I take a quick look at their cocks, maybe take a second peek at the bigger ones. I think just about all guys do this, though most would never admit it. But as I said, I am straight. I enjoy porn and enjoy seeing in action the big pricks the male stars have, especially when watching with a female companion, something I enjoy and do often. I'll comment, like "Wow, look at the size of that guy. You like that big cock?" But I had never even touched another man and wasn't interested.

Part of my "penis curiosity" may be that my own is somewhat unusual in terms of size. It is most often unusually small when it is flaccid, and looks even smaller on a big guy like me. But its flaccid size varies a great deal, even without a "semi" (at which time it is really big-over 6 inches). On the other hand, when I get an erection, it is well above average: 7.25 inches long and 5 around. I admit that I am self-conscious in the locker room and wish I was bigger when soft.

Back to my story: I finished my shower and walked to my locker. I found "Mr. Big" getting dressed right next to me. I noticed that like most really well-endowed men he put his undershirt and shirt on first, then his socks, his underwear and pants last. I quickly put on my boxers then my shirt before I spoke, joking that if there are two people in the locker room there seems to be a law that they will be assigned lockers right next to each other. He agreed with a little laugh. We made small talk and hit it off pretty well and decided to have a drink in the hotel bar, where we were both headed anyway.

The bar was fairly quiet. As I said earlier, downtown is where the action is and we were way out at O'Hare. I found out, would you believe it, that his name was Dick. I almost joked about it but refrained. We ended up having quite a lot in common: same politics, interest in sports and women, sense of humor. He was 38. He worked for an airline and so was able to travel a lot. We ate our dinner at the bar. I was feeling great after the workout and dinner, and had a nice little buzz from the drinks. We spoke with two women, but they were on the way out of town that night. I imagined how surprised any woman that Dick picked up must be once his pants came off!

I was about to excuse myself to go check out the pay-per-view sex flicks in my room, when Dick asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks.

"Ever go to nude beaches?"

Flustered, I stammered "not really, but I've been nude at secluded beaches with a date a few times, once with two other couples." I added that I'd liked it, especially the freedom of swimming naked.

He said he loved nude beaches and went to them whenever he could. He added that he'd just been in Martinique.

I said that he still had a great tan from it.

"Oh, you noticed?" he asked, a small smile coming to his lips. I felt "caught". He knew I'd looked!

We talked some more about beaches in general, which were our favorites and where the hottest women were. We found out we both surfed and loved it. After a while I excused myself, explaining that I had an early morning flight. Dick looked at me, smiled a bit and asked a question that nearly knocked me off my bar stool.

"Hey, Matt, want to come up to my room? "

I was stunned! What was going on? Was Dick hitting on me? I felt my face flush. "Wha, what do you mean? I mean I guess so, why not?" I replied, hardly thinking.

"You know, just to hang out, kick back, relax for a while, maybe watch some TV and have a last drink before we hit the rack."

Minutes later, as we got off the elevator and walked down the hallway to his room, I was in a state of shock, almost panic.

"What am I doing? Dick seemed perfectly normal. He liked women. Surely he wasn't gay. This must be innocent. He's just being friendly. I'm overreacting. I'll just go with the flow here." All these thoughts ran through my head. But then the image of his huge cock entered my mind! Another confession: I was excited and curious.

When we got to the room I sat in a chair while he fixed me a Black Russian from his wet bar. He asked if there was anything I wanted to watch on TV. Before I could answer, he asked: "Do you like to watch porn films? This place has X-rated, not that "R" crap you get in most hotels. O.K.? You want to pick one out?" He went to "menu" and "adult" and scrolled down the titles.

Again I was shocked, nearly speechless. There was a strange momentum building here. Unable to concentrate, I picked a title at random. It was "Fantasy Chamber". The film came on and we tried to keep a conversation going, awkward as it was. Dick talked about 2 woman he'd had sex with, together, in Martinique. They were teachers from Montreal, looking for adventure in the Islands. They'd been nude when they met, at the beach. He went into detail. A hot story! It turned me on.

"I guess they got what they were looking for" I responded, adding that I'd never been with two women at once.

The movie was getting into some very erotic scenes. We watched without speaking for several minutes. The whole scene, though bizarre, was also extremely exciting. I felt like a teenager. I felt my penis throb as it grew to a full erection in my pants. Dick got up and walked to one of the two large beds. Then he casually dropped his pants and underwear together, exposing that big cock! I couldn't believe it!

"Wait! What are you doing? I'm not, I'm…" I said.

"You're not what?" he responded, as he stepped out of his pants, unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside, then his undershirt. He stood there completely nude for a moment, then pulled back the covers and lay down on the bed.

"Gay!" I said. "I'm not gay."

"I know that. Neither am I." His matter-of-factness was remarkable. "All of us know what we like to do when we're watching sex films, now don't we? That's all I'm doing. Why don't you join me? You've got that whole bed."

His logic was unarguable. I remembered masturbating with other boys, way back in junior high. I thought "what the hell, we'll never see each other again. We don't even know each other's last names." And I again thought about that giant penis, what it would look like erect, right here in person. The thought thrilled me and moved me forward. I stripped off my clothing after pulling back the covers on the second bed. I stood with my hard-on pointing upward at a 45 degree angle.

I lay back and tried to focus on the video, stroking my dick. I usually like to take as long as possible when I masturbate, but thought for a moment about getting off quickly and getting out of this strange situation. It was quite uncomfortable, but exciting at the same time, completely new to me. I kept stealing glances over at Dick who was idly fondling his enormous member and balls with both hands. His cock had swelled, but was not yet erect. "What would that look like?" I wondered. I knew that I wanted to find out!

After about 3 or 4 minutes, I was getting more comfortable. In fact I was really getting into it and decided to relax, to go really slow, to prolong the pleasure and enjoy myself. I loved adventures, and this was certainly a kinky one: being in a hotel room beating off with a complete stranger who happened to be hung like a horse!

Then Dick spoke. "Hey Matt. Look, now don't take this wrong, but would you come over here? It seems I could use a little help."

Without thinking I was on my feet and lying down next to him, my dick as hard and throbbing as could be. "Yeah?" I asked, stupidly, still handling my penis, stroking slowly up and down. Both beds were king size so there was plenty of room for both of us and we were about a foot apart.

I stroked some more, thoroughly embarrassed but aroused as could be. The mixed emotions were actually intensifying my pleasure, but holding me back from getting to orgasm. Another couple of minutes passed. My breathing was getting heavy, my balls tightening. Dick spoke.

"Umm, would you, you know, like to touch me?" he asked, a little shyly, kind of hesitant. He managed to be non-threatening in what could have been a totally threatening situation.

I felt my face flush. I looked at Dick, then down at his dick. I slid over to get next to him. I released my dick, reached down and put my hand next to his. Silently, he took his hand from his penis, and placed it on my hand, which he then guided over to his cock. Talk about The Moment of Truth!

It felt really, really strange for a while. First of all, this was a first-time thing. Alien. I had never touched another man like this before. Second, there was the matter of his penis. The damned thing was just so big! It was much thicker and a bit longer than my throbbing full erection though still soft. I stroked it slowly up and down, squeezing as I did, the way I'd done my own so many times. After a minute or two Dick's dick began to swell, first getting longer then thicker. Now my confused, uncomfortable mixed feelings evaporated. This was really turning me on!

Soon his prick had stiffened and swelled to a full erection. It was gargantuan! Just amazing looking, sticking up from his slim frame. I put both of my large hands on it and found they only covered the shaft, leaving the broad head, as big as a small plum, sticking out completely above my upper hand. I've since then measured how wide my 2 hands are together and found they are exactly 8 inches, so he was over 10 inches! This is no exaggeration, I assure you.

For the first time, still stroking him slowly, I commented on his incredible size. He said it was 10 ½ inches. I told him it must be great to be so big. He agreed that it was great in locker rooms and at nude beaches. Both women and men were attracted to it. But he said it was actually too big in some ways. For example he'd never given anal sex (did that mean he'd gotten it?) and while most women went wild over it, others seeing it for the first time were fearful that it would hurt. Everyone loved to play with it though. I could see why!

We stopped talking and abandoned ourselves to sex. My own penis remained rock-hard even with no further touching, as stroking Dick's monster was now a total turn-on for me. I cradled his balls in my right hand while my left stroked, way up to the head, pulling his skin up and partially over it before sliding back down to the base. His balls were huge too, like two large eggs. His sac got tighter around them as his arousal increased. Pre-come began to flow from his slit.

He turned away from me for a second, to reach into his bed table. He took out a container of Astroglide and handed it to me. I didn't know what he had in mind! A little scared, I asked him. "Put it on your hands" he said. He lay back on the bed. "And if you'd like to fuck me, you can. I have condoms."

"Magnums, no doubt", I replied. "Of course" he laughed.

I thought about it, then decided to stick with the hand job, which both of us were enjoying thoroughly. This was quite enough for me, I decided. I loved anal sex with women, but…

I played with him for a long time. I watched, close up, fascinated by this unreal penis and trying different methods with my hands. With the lube, I massaged his enormous glans, from which his pre-cum now leaked freely down lubricating his entire shaft. I moved my second hand down below his balls just above his asshole, where I knew I liked to be touched so much.

It was an experience I'll never forget. His dick swelled even bigger, throbbing mightily, the head purple and shinning. I moved my second hand to the entry of his asshole and stuck one lubed fingertip in, just a little. I deliberately slowed my stroking to prolong his pleasure. Dick moaned and his breathing got heavier and heavier. He announced that he was cumming just as it began. Moaning and arching his back, thrusting his giant dick upwards, he shot an amazing load of cum in several solid jets that carried over his shoulder onto the pillow and covered his chest and belly.

His building orgasm so excited me that without even a touch I came right with him, gasping and moaning as wave after wave shook my body, ejaculating hard again and again!

His penis remained hard in my hand for a couple of minutes. I squeezed the last of the cum out, as I felt it soften. But man, did it ever stay big! This dick was just amazing.

After a few minutes of recovery, in which each of us said nothing more than "wow, was that great", Dick got up and brought me back another drink. We sipped our nightcaps and made a little small talk. Dick told me that while he was "basically straight" he was "a little bit bisexual,", that he loved the variety of being with a man now and then. He'd guessed this was a first for me. He was turned on by this and said he hoped it was as good for me as it was for him. "No doubt", I responded.

Twenty minutes later I got dressed, thanked him and went to my own room. I showered, got into bed and tossed and turned all night, restless, unable to sleep. Finally at about 4 AM I turned on the TV, found a porn flick and masturbated, cumming to a scene with a close up of a really large dick. I fell asleep then and woke at 7:00 to catch my flight.

Since that night two months ago I have had resumed my straight sex life and everything seems as it was before. But I often think about my night with Dick's dick. And I still peek when I am in a gang shower. Doesn't everyone?

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The people from the village

One evening at the YMCA while in the shower i noticed a construction worker with a huge cock. It was probably 40 or 50 inches. Without a word i got on my knees and began to suck his oversized cock. Imore...

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Big cock

I saw possibly my biggest in a steam room 5 years ago .. I’d been sitting with another guy on a Friday night and we were mutually stroking when the door opened and a smallish older guy stepped in wearingmore...

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I met a similar guy when I was a salesman .. we were both staying in a shitty hotel having concluded business for the day and we met in the run down gym , the only patrons there that night...
After wemore...

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