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My Evening All Alone


Hello my dear friends. Yes, I know it's been months since I last shared a story with you. But trust me, raising a toddler isn't easy. Not that the little one can walk (heck she runs everywhere) I feel like it's a constant game of catch up. Been very tired lately, but couldn't help enjoy a lovely evening I had alone this past weekend. I had such a relaxing and erotic time, I couldn't help but feel like I should share it with you.


My husband's travel schedule has been worse than usual the past few months, so finding the time to be alone together has been difficult at times. Trying to take care of the home with the baby, all while we have some exterior work done to our home can make for long, tiring days. This weekend, instead, hubbie gave me the most unlikely of presents that a woman can truly appreciate...a weekend alone. He took the baby for the weekend to visit his parents, giving me a day and a half of quiet time to relax, do some shopping and just be myself.

Rather than bore you with all of the mundane stuff I did Saturday (the shopping, jogging, and a nice long, hot shower), I thought I might give you a glimpse into my special activities I did Saturday evening. It has been some time since I thought of planning a special evening alone just to pleasure my senses, but tonight seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.

Drying myself off with a huge towel, I thought about how I could make this evening special for myself. Having chatted with someone during the week online, my thoughts kept turning to the vision of embracing and kissing another woman's body - something I've always dreamt of, but been to afraid to explore. Imagining our bodies intertwined, her long and hair and mine, our sheer clothes barely separating our flesh all brought excitement to me.

It was that inspiration that led me as I strolled over to my closet. My hair still drying in the towel, I went towards the drawers to look for just the right attire to enjoy this evening of solitude with. Normally, I would be happy in a long shirt or flannel, but I wanted to entice my senses. Tonight would be something special for just me. I wanted to feel beautiful inside and out, and knew of the perfect choice to do that.

Reaching towards the back of the drawer, I found my white merry widow, strapless sheer and embroidered - the one I wore on my wedding day and evening. I rummaged through the drawers to find the garter clips for the corset, and a pair of sheer stockings to attach them to. Going back to the bathroom, I take out the hair dryer to finish blow-drying it soft and straight. Unwrapping my body from the towel, I couldn't help notice how cold the May evening was. I quickly flipped on the heat lamp to warm the room.

After I finished with my hair, I slipped into my evening's attire. Reaching around to hook the stockings to the garters, I bumped into the main bathroom switch, leaving only the red glow of the heat lamp illuminating the room. As I turned to reach for the switch, I saw myself in the mirror, adorned by the warm red glow and was excited at the look of my body in the dim light. I thought it was crazy, but decided to spend my evening in my master bathroom, illuminated just by the glow of the heat lamp, plus a small scented candle I keep by my tub. I dabbed a few drops of Obsession - my favorite fragrance - on a few special spots and knew the evening was mine to savor.

I leave my hair down, skimming down my back, reaching past halfway. I love the feeling of my hair caressing the mounds of my breasts, so sensitive there that even a slight breeze feels so good. I feel my nipples growing harder, as I watch in the mirror, thinking how it would feel to be in a room alone with another woman.

In the mirror, I can see my breathing accelerating. Breasts round, nipples erect. I run my hands along the sheer nylon covering my legs and the lace wrapping my body - it only draws me more into the mood. A warm stirring starts to build inside me. Pulling at the nipples, my clit feels it. Rolling between my fingers, not letting go of the nipples. I can't help but writhe. So much pleasure, and my pussy can tell. As I role one nipple, and periodically pinch and pull. Mmmmm, this feels sooo good.

I look into the mirror, imagining the woman I'm touching is another, excited by the thought of experiencing such erotic pleasure. Visualizing what it would be like to touch another woman this way, and how it would be to have a woman touch me that way. All of these thoughts and visions, they're driving me to such a state of wonderful pleasure and I want more.

More of her, more of me, more of watching my own body. My legs start to spread, wanting my warm touch, only the sounds of my own faint whispers fill the room. I never slipped the panties on, so nothing separates my long red fingernails from finding their sweet spot.

Fingers spreading my juices up towards my clit. Already so warm and moist inside, I can't help but touch. My god baby, how I wish that was a woman's tongue. I prod that entrance, my pussy tight and wet, feels so good. I want more. I want a cock to fill it, to stretch it and touch me deep inside. I am quickly falling into a state of ecstasy and don't care if I had a woman or a man with me now...I only want to be fulfilled. The thought makes my pussy throb. The way I'm feeling now, imagining having a cock sliding in and out of my pussy, slowly at first mmmm but faster and harder, the way I like it.

My breath increases and my heart races as I make my decision. I close my eyes once more, and allow my fingertips to rub rhythmically against my clit in mesmerizing circles. This sends surges of pleasure through me. I quiver with lust, my arousal making me weak, and lay on the cold tile floor. It sends shivers through my body, but all I want now is to feel the sensation of my body exploding...for now I care about nothing else.

I move so that my left hand palms a breast, while my right continues to work erotic magic on my sweet spot. As if transfixed, my eyes slip open and stare at my flushed face in the full length mirror. Not daring to touch myself directly anymore, I slide my fingers off my clit and into my lips, wet and wanting. My pussy quivers, sending throbs of arousal through me. The sensation is almost like sex, yet with an edge of teasing, not satisfaction. I begin to wonder if I could stop myself now.

Squirming beneath my sensual ministrations, I force myself to a sitting position and peer into the mirror. I want to see what my lover sees when he brings me to climax. My legs open as my fingers pump in and out a little faster. My shapely rear grinds against the tile floor and my eyes fight to stay open. I muster the strength to stand and gaze at my entire body in the mirror.

I gasp and feel my entire body quiver in response. My free hand finds a nipple and squeezes, increasing the sensation to almost irresistible levels. On shaky legs I repeat the movements again and again, my swollen, eager lips and buzzing clit letting me know that they can take little more. My orgasm begins to build deep inside my body. I shiver almost continually now, my eyes fighting to remain open. The urge to collapse onto the floor is strong, I strain to keep my balance and remain standing.

Sweat glistens across my upper arms, as the heat of my blood causes my body to flush with more and more warmth. Faster and faster I move, my slippery fingertips running in circles across my feverish, pulsing clit. The soft inner wetness of my pussy increases and I moan again, eyes fluttering. I watch myself draw ever closer to total release, marveling at the incredible sensations that are sweeping through my entire body.

I go up on tiptoe as I cum, the incredible climax raging through my nearly helpless body. I am able to feel the inner walls of my pussy contract and release. My clit throbs and pulses and all strength drain from me as my orgasm erupts. I reach one arm out and brace myself against the wall, fighting the feminine weakness that spreads through me like wildfire. I moan and gasp, unable to keep silent as the unbelievable wave of ecstasy flows outward from my pussy to every part of me. My body, weak from the experience, gives in to gravity, as I lay on the cold floor.

After what seems an eternity, I sigh as the orgasm recedes into beautiful afterglow. I pause another moment, taking one last look at my weak, fulfilled body in the mirror, then rise. On wobbly legs I reach the bed and sit. It wouldn't be until the light of dawn that I would awaken from my evening of sensations.

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