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My Exhibitionist Wife


My wife Julissa, is an exhibitionist! I love it. She loves to wear revealing clothes, especially very short skirts. She usually wears garters and stockings or thigh highs. We have experimented with swinging and while we enjoyed it, found that the tease is usually the thing that we really like. I love to watch her show off to other men and for them to enjoy the view of her in her revealing clothes. She is 5'0", 32D-22-33, with a trimmed bush (usually shaved completely) and has very nice legs. She is 37 but could easily pass for 27. She has black hair and a great all-over tan.

One afternoon, I asked Julissa to join me washing the car and showing off her charms to strangers. She said sure, and put on a short sundress with a low scoop neck line that showed the tops of her tits. The skirt ended about 1 inch below her ass cheeks. I told her that it was fine for her not to help, but I would appreciate the company. It was a hot sunny day as we drove to the car wash that was very crowded with people washing and wiping down their cars. As we waited in line, I rubbed my hands up and down her tanned legs and finally reached her crotch, only to find out that she was without panties. She leaned back in the seat and let me stroke her wet slit that was completely shaven. She smiled and moaned as I slipped a finger into her and gave her a good finger fucking as we waited out turn to pull into the car wash stall. Finally it was our turn. I exited the car as Julissa reclined the seat and began to masturbate while I washed the car. She had her feet on the dashboard and was very busy playing with her clit.

This of course made it very hard to wash the car; it also made my cock very hard to watch her do this. She reached inside her dress and pulled her tits out and began to run her tongue all over her nipples and sucked them into her mouth. I love to watch her suck her own tits, and she knew the effect she was having on me. As I finally went to the rinse cycle, she got closer to cumming, and I noticed that she now had a finger in her pussy working on it feverishly, and at the same time, had one on her clit. She came to a shuddering orgasm about the same time that I finished and was getting back into the car. I gave her a bad time about teasing me like that and she laughed and said lets go dry off the car and have some fun. As we pulled the car into the drying area, I noticed that it was very crowded. Several people were drying their cars and putting stuff on their tires, etc. I finally found a place to pull in between two other cars. Both of these cars were being taken care of by guys.

One was an older guy about 50 and the other was being worked on jointly by two teenage boys. As I got out and prepared to dry the car, Julissaa hopped out and said that she would help. I welcomed the help as she grabbed a towel and started to work. It was a very windy day and I soon noticed that Julissa's short skirt blew up almost constantly. This left her panty-less ass and shaved pussy on display for the guys on both sides of us. They definitely noticed and appreciated the view! The boys were typical teenagers hooting and hollering and punching themselves, but the older guy was very cool about it and began a conversation with us, commenting on what a beautiful day it was and what a gorgeous wife I had. Julissa was bent over the hood in front of him as the wind caught her skirt and whipped it up over her bare ass. He smiled at me and said that I sure had a beautiful helper today. I agreed with him as he stared longingly at her sweet ass and exposed vulva.

She stood and said thank you to him for the compliment. He said that he would love to have a helper like that himself. About that time, Julissa squatted down between the cars on the pretense of wiping down the rims, but I could see that she had turned toward him and that her skirt was up high enough to expose her bare pussy to him, and that the folds of her pussy were gaping open and still wet from her cumming a few minutes earlier. The man finally gave up all ideas of drying his car and just leaned back against his car to watch Julissa. I can't really say I blame him, as she looked great showing off like that. It really didn't take us long to get our car finished, but I was enjoying what was going on, so I said that I was going to put Armor-all on the inside. The older gentleman said that he had forgotten his and would have to wait to do that until he got home.

Julissa replied, "Nonsense, you can use ours, in fact, I'll help you!"

With that she grabbed the bottle away from me and turned to get into his car. He was driving a Toyota Tundra, which of course is pretty high off the ground. So as she slipped past him into the driver's seat, she had to let her skirt ride way up. He immediately dropped his keys so he could squat between the cars and get a better look up her skirt as she sat with her legs apart just a few short feet from his face. He was breathing hard and had a noticeable bulge in his pants, as I did from her display. As she wiped down his dash, she bent farther and farther away from us exposing her ass again and her pussy from behind. Soon she hopped out and went to the other side of the car and got inside. The guy stayed on the driver side standing in the doorway to talk to her. When she got in and closed the door, she made sure that her skirt was completely around her ass, and in fact was around her waist exposing her gaping slit. She pretended that she didn't notice and began wiping down his dash again.

As she leaned toward him, she bent farther and farther over until she was nearly in the seat where he was standing. It took very little effort for her to maneuver her arms where she could push her tits higher into her very low scooped neckline. In fact at one point, I could see both of her nipples popping over the top. This continued for several minutes with the older guy gushing over with thanks for her helping him as she laughed and said that she was glad to show him the courtesy. I laughed to myself knowing that actually she was glad to show him her tits, pussy and ass. When she finished, she got out and climbed into our car sitting very low in her Mustang with one foot on the ground and the other in the car on the floor board. Her skirt was high around her waist and her door was open. She kept on talking to the guy and he squatted down in front of her to continue the conversation. He was telling her how beautiful she was and thanking me for allowing her to do what she did.

I said that I in fact enjoyed her little games and was glad that she did them. While we were talking, Julissa again slipped her hands to her pussy to slowly rub herself as the guy watched. He was in front of her blocking the view of anyone else, and his car was only a few feet away shielding us from interruption. She began to insert her fingers and fuck herself as he watched. Then she reached in and pulled out her very wet fingers and offered them to him to smell. He grabbed her hand and smelled them only to begin to lick her juices off of them as she smiled and leaned back farther. He let go of her fingers and moved his hand toward her pussy. He looked at me questioningly and I nodded a yes as he reached out and touched her soaking pussy. He inserted one, then two fingers into her wet pussy and began to finger-fuck her shaved vagina. In just a moment Julissa was again cumming. As the orgasm subsided, the guy thanked us over and over again for making his day.

We both laughed and admitted to him that actually, he had made our day. We then left, and on the drive home, Julissa leaned into my lap, pulled my cock out and gave me a very wet hot blowjob. I came in globs down her throat as we pulled into our driveway. Julissa exited the Mustang in our open garage with her tits popped over the top of her blouse and her skirt exposing her naked ass and pussy to our neighbors across the street. She seductively waved hello to them as she wiped my cum from her lips and sucked it off her fingers then hurried inside the house.

We live near an Air Force Base, so we've seen a lot of service men and their families in our neighborhood over the years. Julissa gets the hots for men in uniform and we had discussed her doing her part for our troops. Early one Saturday morning at dawn, we decided to walk our dog to the nearby dog park when no one was around. It was a warm September morning, and Julissa had only put on a very short sundress and sandals with no bra or panties. When she bent over only slightly or bounced her steps, she exposed her bare ass and shaved pussy. The neighborhood was sleepy quiet when we left; however, on our return, we could see our airman neighbor, Steve, washing his car in his driveway with a friend. We had previously met Steve on the 4th of July weekend at a pool-party we threw for the neighbors. Steve had brought a date, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of Julissa's tits in her Brazilian bikini. I told my wife here was her chance to get more "neighborly" with Steve.

Then I started in on her, making it more of a dare. I settled it by kissing her. "Go ahead sweetie; you can give to our men in uniform. I'll wait at home and watch from the 2nd floor window."

"Okay." She replied. "You'll be watching!" Julissa smiled her sweet, naughty sexy woman smile. "Okay, I'll go and see if they'll give me a tour of the back seat of the car."

My wife was concerned about how public she was, considering she was still wearing the skimpy, short and sexy sundress. Not to worry, it was an early Saturday morning, and other than the two airmen, we hadn't seen another person around yet that morning. She straightened her dress, let down her long dark hair, and kissed me. Julissa hugged me and strolled down the street to Steve's house. I hurried home with the dog and quickly ran up the stairs to the front bedroom window with my binoculars. The two airmen had the car radio blaring, which effectively masked the sounds of her approach. Their surprised faces gave way to smiles in the instant they appraised my wife's beautiful features. Smiling sweetly, she addressed the two young men, but I could make out no more than a word or two even with the bedroom window open. The two men were in their mid-twenties, nice looking guys with athletic builds. Steve, the taller of the two, had short hair, cut sort of military style and the other was only slightly taller than Julissa and had a shaved head. He was also the more muscular of the two.

Julissa had a very animated conversation with them for a few moments, gesturing a few times in the direction of our house, and a few times at their car. Then Steve invited her with a sweep of his arm to climb on the car. Julissa agreed and sat lightly onto the hood of the car. The two young airmen were still on the ground below her, and as she looked around, their eyes traveled up her shapely legs to her beautiful bare pussy. Julissa turned and spoke again; whereby they both fell over each other to climb up next to her. As she scooted on the hood to make room for her admirers, her dress was quickly ridden up about her hips revealing to her new friends she was deliciously naked under the dress she barely wore. Both airmen were becoming visibly aroused, as well. The guys started to grope her openly, and Julissa returned the favor by placing her hand on their bulges several times and giggling. Another short conversation ensued, and Steve slid off the hood and pulled Julissa towards the open garage area.

He pulled her dress over her head as they hurried to the side of the garage. They slipped through the side garage door into Steve's yard. I was able to still see them from my second story vantage point. I looked to the action in the yard and saw Julissa, who was now naked on her knees in front of Steve, who was also naked. Julissa was stroking his erection, smiling up at him. The other one was standing in the yard, shedding the last of his clothing. Julissa reached out her other hand to grasp his cock, while slowly engulfing Steve's in her mouth. His hands tangled in her long hair and he thrust his hips upward to meet her full lips. I was getting quite hard, now, watching my wife suck Steve' cock. The bald airman stepped up with them, and started caressing all over Julissa's body. He touched her shaved pussy; slipping a finger in, then out again to tickle her clit. His other hand gently played over her hard nipples. Julissa removed Steve's cock from her mouth to speak to the other one, and then returned to her deep throat as the other pinched and twisted her nipples harder.

Steve was audibly moaning now, his lips mouthing he was going to cum. Julissa pulled back a little, just in time to let me see his first shot fountain upward, splattering her lovely cheek and hair. Julissa tossed her hair and went down on him again, giving me an unobstructed view of her gulping down his remaining jism. My wife spent another minute seductively cleaning him off and milking his balls. Releasing him, Julissa turned to the second, and quickly she was on him, sucking his hardness into her mouth. Julissa kept brushing back her hair, as if she knew there was an audience nearby. Steve remained standing behind her, slowly stroking a half-mast erection back to attention as he watched them. In a moment, he was fully erect again. He bent down behind Julissa's pussy, and rubbed his cock against the entrance to her sweet exposed vulva. Without removing her full lips from the penis she had in her mouth, she deftly reached back and guided Steve's cock into her wet pussy.

Julissa likes to make noise when she gets fucked, and this early morning was no exception. Her cries of pleasure could easily be heard over the noise of the radio. I was glad they had moved to the yard out of sight, yet I wondered if other neighbors could have been watching from their second story windows also. The sight of my wife getting fucked from both ends was too much for me. I began masturbating as I watched the scene through my binoculars. The three naked bodies were bucking in frenzied unison, and the bald airman was obviously now cumming in Julissa's mouth as Steve was pumping furiously a moment longer, before stiffening in orgasm himself and depositing his semen into my wife's pussy. Julissa collapsed forward between the bald guy's thighs, and the other fell back against the side of the house. They all three relaxed and composed themselves, chatting quietly about what had occurred. Julissaa continued stroking both as they spoke.

Julissa turned back to Steve and put her mouth over his cock again. My wife sensuously sucked him for a minute or two, then stood up, turned away from him, reached back between her luscious thighs, and guided his cock into her pussy as she settled against his lap. His hands grasped her tiny waist as she bounced excitedly on his cock. Soon, Steve used his muscular legs to stand up, carrying my wife, still impaled on his cock, with him. He motioned for his buddy to take a seat on a pile of concrete block, and he gently nudged Julissa to lean over and start blowing the other airman while he fucked her standing up. He was using slower, measured strokes, seemingly intent on prolonging my wife's orgasmic pleasures.

Julissa was smiling, occasionally pulling her mouth from his cock to speak to one or the other. Then she got that look, the one she gets when she's close to cumming, and stopped talking. She bit her lip and rolled her eyes. Steve pumped her a little faster then with a growl, filled her with yet more of his semen.

This time, they appeared fully exhausted. The other airman reluctantly withdrew his semi-hard cock from between her beautiful lips. Julissa and her new friends remained nude for a while, chatting, and then casually began recovering their clothing and getting dressed. She hugged and passionately kissed them both, and Julissa gave a flirty wave from their driveway, and with a supremely satisfied smile, quickly walked away towards our house. Julissa was blushing at our front door, appearing embarrassed, yet excited and pleased with her performance.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

"Oh, Honey! You were terrific!"

I told her she looked like she enjoyed herself. Droplets of cum still sparkled in her dark hair, and more had dried on her cheeks, chin, and neck. She was still flushed from the ravishing I had just watched. I handed her a towel, and helped her clean up a bit. I gave Julissa a moment to excitedly recount her adventure for me.

I gave her a smile and I asked. "You really had a good time, didn't you?"

Julissa was quiet for a few moments, as if thinking. "Well, I think nobody at the airbase is going to believe them if they tell what happened with them today!"


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