tagIncest/TabooMy Family: Mom Rides the Servant

My Family: Mom Rides the Servant


As I have already written in my last story that my mom was a very hungry woman who could never do without a long pole inside her hole, it was not new or difficult for me to believe what I saw a few days after I turned 18 and I was in my 12th grade.

It was a winter morning and I had returned from school a lot earlier and finding no one in the rooms I went straight up to the roof. Just as I was going to enter the roof I heard mom and our servant boy Babu speaking. Babu was a village boy who worked for us for the last two months. He was about 19 but as he was a village boy he was very simple. He always called my mom Ma . He was in his half pants and mom was sitting on a mattress spread on the floor in the sun wearing her nighty. She wanted a massage from him and was directing him how to do it.

I watched as mom first gave her arms for him to massage. It was soon over and he moved on to her legs upto the knees. Mom lefted her legs and spreading them she gave them for massage. Her nighty had already fallen to one side and I could see upto her thighs. I knew Babu could also see and he must be getting a kick watching mom display herself. Soon mom got up and untied her robe and let it fall. I saw that mom was wearing one of her skimpy bra and panties. The bra was very low cut and almost left nothing to imagination. The panty was a red lacy one through which I could see her tufts of pubic mound peeking. Mom smiled and turned on her belly and told him to massage her back and bottom. Babu took some oil in his palms and started to rub mom's back. He reached her bra strap and quickly went over it and then continued with her lower back. Soon he reached mom's panty and again skipping that part he went to massage her soft thighs.

Mom said, "Why don't you oil where the strap is. I will open it", and saying this mom reached behind and quickly undid the hooks. The bra came off and I could see her tits peeking out from the sides. Babu reached there and massaged some oil there.

He asked as he reached her panty, "Ma shall put oil on your bottom too? It seems dry." (Ma ami tomar pachate tel malish kore debo ki? Shukno lagche.).

Mom said, "Ok pull down my panty and rub oil on the buns. Rub them well. Last time you left them unoiled."(Thik ache amar panty ta nabiye de ar pachar dabna duto te bhalo kore malish kor. Ager din tel lagash ni.)

To my surprise Babu pulled down mom's panty and mom lifted her hips to help him. Babu started to rub oil on her bums. He massaged the back of her thighs well and then moved his hands over mom's tight ass. He rubbed some oil on the ass cheeks and then separating the cheeks he reached her tight puckered hole and touched it with his finger. He tickled it a bit and then slowly started to move his finger on mom's asshole.

Mom said, "You idiot what are you doing? Don't play with my hole like that put your finger inside and rub the oil in." (Ae bokachoda, ki korchis amar poder phutki ta nie. Taratari poder bhetor tor angul ta dhukiye tel laga.)

Babu quickly followed her order by parting her cheeks well so that her hole was prominently displayed and then slowly inserted his finger inside. I saw Babu's finger moving inside her hole slowly and then he had his whole finger inside. Mom squirmed in pleasure as his long, slender finger went inside her asshole. Babu was now slowly putting his finger in and withdrawing giving mom pleasure. He continued this for five minutes before mom stopped him.

Now mom turned on her back and held for his viewing pleasure her pussy open. Babu was staring at mom's pussy hungrily and mom was teasing him more. Mom removed her bra entirely and said, "Babu dear now come up and massage my bubbies. Look they are looking at you with their black eyes on top seeking some love from you. Come dear, oil my bubbies well so that they look beautiful." (Babu amar ebar amar mena gulo te tel malish kore de. Dekh amar menar chokh gulo kamon kore tor dike takie ache tor hater ador pabar jonno. Ae baba ektu amar mai gulo malish kore oder aro shundor kore de.)

Saying this mom put her fingers on her nips and pinched them and smiled.

I watched mom's big white globes go up and down fast as she was excited by the touch of a young stud. Mom's nipples were almost erect and the aureoles looked so inviting that I myself wanted to barge in and start sucking on them. Her cunt was also at display though she had closed her thighs so that I could see only her rich dark forest of jet black hair which was neatly trimmed. It was a perfect triangle and I wondered how she managed to dress her mound so well. It was a real pleasure watching her forest. Babu was feasting his eyes on her naked glory and I was feeling jealous at the lucky bastard.

Babu went near mom's boobs and slowly put his hands on them. He started to feel her massive tits and played with them as he pleased. He was pressing them like soft balls and mom was smiling. He roamed his hands freely on her tits and then tickled her nips. They were starting to grow out. He continued playing with her titties with his one hand while with his other hand he was pinching her nipples. Then he took the oil and spread it evenly over his palms and put them on mom's boobs. He started at the centre of her tits and spread out over the rest of her globes. He was massaging her boobs so well that mom was already holding him to steady herself. He brought his fingers to her nipples and flicked at them for sometime. The nips were as erect as two thumbs that stuck out sorely from mom's biggies. Now I saw mom slowly creeping her one hand towards Babu's pants and then she placed it over his cock. She put her hand there and slowly rubbed it up and down and then she grabbed it. He was busy massaging mom's tits and mom was busy massaging his cock.

Mom said, "Honey now please do a milk shake for me" and saying that she lifted her body slightly. I thought that may be mom wanted to have a milk shake. So I was surprised when Babu quickly moved his hands on her tits and grabbing them he started to shake them so violently that I thought that her boobs would tear out from her chest. He kept shaking mom's tits for some more time after which mom lied down again and thanked him.

She pressed his cock once tightly and smilingly said, "Now dear why don't you massage my thighs."

Babu smiled and changed his position and came near her thighs. He slowly put his hands on her thighs and massaged them. He said, "Ma please open your thighs so that I can massage the inside as well." (Ma tomar thigh gulo khule dhauro jate ami bhetore tell agate pari.).

Mom quickly parted her legs and he spread them further so that he had wide access to her cunt. I could mom's cunny in all its glory as she was spread eagled on the mattress. Her rich jungle was all for Babu and his cock which must be aching by now with all the teasing for the last half an hour.

He massaged her thighs and then slowly took his fingers near her cunt hole and brushed his fingers against her fur. Mom was looking at him and smiling. Babu seemed a bit flushed to be so near her entrance. Mom said, "Put some oil on my muff." (Ae amar jhant gulo te tel laga.)

Babu reached for mom's muff and massaged oil on her rich forest making them shine. Then he brushed his fingers on mom's outer lips and mom shivered in pleasure. He was slowly getting bolder and now he was openly rubbing his fingers on mom's outer lips. Mom had closed her eyes and Babu continued with his game. He slowly and lovingly parted mom's hair from her lips and spread the cunt lips wide. He put one finger near her inner lip when mom opened her eyes and asked, "What are you looking at honey? Is it beautiful? Do you like it? You like it very much isn't it? OK so what are you waiting for. Do something to me that will please me. put your finger inside and do me some favour." (ki dekhcho shona amar gud tor shundor lagche to? Amar gud dekhte tumi khoob bhalobasho tai na? ta wait korchis keno ne amar gude tor angul dukhiye diye amake aram de haramjada chele. Amar gude agun lagiye diyechis tui ebar gude anguli kore amake aram de.).

Babu smiled at her and at once put his one finger in and then slowly eased another finger inside mom's pussy. Now he was looking very happy to be able to finger fuck a sexy whore like my mom. He started to push his finger inside and then withdraw it almost totally. He was sitting with his back to mom and so mom had access to his ass. Mom quickly grabbed his ass and pulled down the elastic band of his pants to reveal his tight ass. As he started to play his fingers inside ma's pussy ma massaged his ass. Then I saw mom slowly easing her one finger inside Babu's ass. She had her finger inside him when I saw Babu reach mom's pussy with his other hand and massage mom's clit. Mom jumped up in pleasure and tightly rammed her finger inside Babu's asshole. Now Babu was moving his fingers inside mom very fast and I knew mom was going to have her climax anytime. Soon I saw that mom could no longer hold back and she threw up her legs as she had a nice climax.

Mom stayed there like that for a few minutes more and then told Babu to wipe her pussy well. Babu took a small wet towel and did as asked. Now mom said, " You are such a nice boy now let us go to the bed and I will help you relieve yourself."

I could not believe my ears that mom was going to fuck Babu. Mom picked up her towel and wrapping it around her she went to her bedroom with Babu in the tow. Once in the bedroom mom looked at Babu and told him to lie down. Babu complied and said, "ma will you keep on your towel. You look so beautiful without it." (Ma tumi ki towel ta khulbe? Khule puro langto hoe jao na. tomake amar langto hoe dekhte khoob bhalo lage. Tomar langto shorir ta ki shundor.).

Ma laughed and said, "Oh my! you love to see your Ma naked. You want to see your ma's naked beauty. Don't you? You naughty boy. Come I will show you my naked beauty and also feed you." (Oh ma tui tor make langto kore dekhte bhalo bashis..ki dushtu chele re baba. Ae baba ami toke langto hoe dekhachhi ar toke amar shorir take nie khete ar khelte debo.)

Babu was already lying on the bed and mom slowly took off her towel so reveal her naked body to Babu's hungry eyes. He ogled at her sexy body. Mom smiled and slowly lied down on the bed beside him and moved her hands on his chest and then slowly took her hand below till it reached his pants. Mom felt through his pants and pressed his cock which was still sleeping. She then inserted her hand inside his pants and started to fondle his cock and balls. Mom smiled and said, " What have you got hidden inside here son? It feels so nice and warm to the touch. Can I see it honey? Please let mamma see it and love it."

Babu giggled and said, "Oh ma it is for you only and you can do what ever you want to do with it. Please play with it like you always do. It feels so nice whenever you do that ma."

Mom chuckled and pulled down his pants and slowly brought out to her eyes and mine also his flaccid cock. I was amazed to see it. It was a long pole that was long even in its flaccid state. It must be around five inches and very thick. Below it hung a very big sack that seemed to be full of rich cream for my mom to drink and take inside her hole. Mom shook the cock well and Babu smiled. A big drop of pre cum had appeared on its head and mom put her tongue on the slit and quickly slurped it up. Babu moaned.

Slowly mom shifted her body towards Babu's legs and soon she had his flaccid cock near her mouth. She looked up at Babu and saw that he was smiling at her. Mom winked at him and he put his hands on mom's head and said, "Ma why don't you take it in your mouth and give your son some pleasure? Drink my cream you whore momma." (Ma amar lauda take mukhe nie khao to tahole amar darun lagbe. Nijer cheler bara chuse raush ber kore dao khanki ma amar.)

Mom said, "what do you want me to take in my mouth Babu, tell me." (Tor ki amar mukhe dhokate chaas re Babu baul amake shona.).

Babu blushed and said, " My cock , I want you to suck my cock ma." (Tumi amar bara ta choso ma. Nijer cheler bara cuse raush khao).

Mom smiled and said, "You are such a naughty little boy wanting your ma to suck your cock and drink your cream. I will teach you a lesson today to be so horny. Now I will drink all your cream." (Tui khoob haramjada chele to nijer make dhon chuste bolchis ar maal kheteo bolchis. Dara madachod ami aj toke shikkha dobo amake die bara chosanor jonno. Aj ami tor bara r shob maal kheye nebo. Ne bara take kelie dhor ar bichi gulo amake de. Tor bichi gulo te prochur maal jome ache amar pet bhorar jonno. ).

Saying this mom started to lick his tip with slow flicks of her tongue. As it was still only half erect mom took it in her palms and rubbed it between them to make it erect. Soon mom had a long, strong pole in her hands that was at least 9 inches in length and very wide too. Mom smiled at her handiwork and Babu too smiled. Mom then started to lick its head and then flicked the skin down to reveal the wide head. Mom held the meat in her hand and started to suck it sideways first putting little bites over the length of it. With her other had she reached to his sack and massaged it. Slowly she changed her tactic and now she was eating his cock lengthwise. She had his tip in her mouth and I could see her slowly and carefully chewing the tip and the eye. She was putting her teeth marks over his cock head. I was thrilled at mom's expertise and was very jealous about how lucky Babu was.

Babu was moaning loudly and he had mom's hair in his hands. After some more biting his cock mom took the length in her mouth. First she took only half of it and then slowly she took the whole length of it inside her. She was deep throating his meat and rubbing the tip to her palate. With each rub Babu jerked in bed as he got the thrill of an expert woman deep throating his cock. I watched as mom started to bob her head up and down on his cock and now was giving him a steady blowjob. Her head bobbed up and down while with her other hand she kept massaging his balls. Slowly Babu reached for mom's ass and started to pull her to him. Mom left his tool for a moment and placed her each leg on each side of Babu and now they were in a 69 position with mom sucking his cock and Babu having his head buried between mom's glorious thighs.

Mom said, "Eat momma's cream pie sonny." (Mar gud ta chuse die dhonyo kor nijer make. Choso shona amar gud ta choso. Chuse chuse amake hor kore de.)

I saw Babu had stretched mom's thighs open wide enough for two people to eat her muff at a time. He had his fingers on mom's cunt lips. He was prying her lips open for sucking her. he eased one finger inside mom's pussy and started to rub her hole. Mom was meanwhile busy eating Babu's long pole to her heart's content. He slowly eased two more fingers into mom's cunt and then spread her lips wide. He slowly took his face to mom's pussy and licked the lips first and then sucked them. Soon he was eating out mom like an expert with his head pressed hard to mom's beaver. He must have started to play with her clit as soon mom started to sway her hips wildly and could no longer keep her mouth on Babu's cock.

She cursed out loudly, "You mother fucker what are you doing to my hole? It's burning the fuck out of me. eat me.....ohhhh." (Ae shala madachod chele amar guder phuto nie ki korchis? Amar gud ta jolche agune....amar gud ta chos....choose amake mauja de haramjada.)

I knew mom was going to cum soon. She somehow managed to return to her cock sucking and Babu kept his job. He was now steadily fucking mom with his tongue as I watched him move his head in and out of mom's thighs. A few more minutes and mom got up and reversing herself she lowered her ass on Babu's face and gave him her muff to eat.

Babu quickly grabbed her big hanging tits and started to eat her snatch. He was sucking her lips and then inserted his tongue inside mom's snatch. Mom quivered in pleasure. Mom pressed his face more to her pussy and Babu kept playing with her tits, juggling them. He slowly shifted his hands to mom's ass and massaged her buns. Mom took her boobs in her hands and played with them, tickling her nipples and pressing them in her fingers.

Suddenly I saw mom press her snatch fiercely to Babu's face and I knew that she must have cum. She slowly got off him and smiling at him said, " Oh my dear sonny, you are such a nice man that you gave me so much pleasure. Now honey lie quietly and let momma ride your cock and satisfy her hole fire. Come honey I will ride your dickie now. But first dear momma wants to show you that you did a good sucking of her hole." (Oh ki bhalo chele amar, amake kauto anondo dilo amar gud chuse. Amar guder raush ta mon bhore kheyechis to? Nao shona ami tomar gud chosa ta khoob khushi hoechi. Ebar tui tor pa duto chorie sho ar bichi gulo jhuliye de ami tor bichi gulo kheye tor bara te chore shukh korbo).

Saying this mom moved down to his balls and licked them first. Slowly she started to chew at them and soon she had his balls in her mouth, sucking them and pulling at them. With her other hand she jacked his cock rapidly. Babu was in heaven and he said, " Ma if you don't stop I will cum in your hands and then your little hole will remain hungry. So ma ride me now. I want to cum inside your lower hole." (Ma tumi chosa na thamale amar maal tomar mukhe khoshe jab ear tokhon tomar gud shanty pabe na. tumi ebar amar bara take nijer gude niye amader dujon ke anondo dao.).

Mom laughed and slowly left his balls and lowered herself on his long erection. I watched as mom took the entire 9 inches of fuck meat inside her pussy. She rested for a few moments after taking in his length. Slowly she started to ride his cock. As she rode him, her titties swayed and jumped in air. Babu got them in his hands and massaged them and played with the stiff nipples. Mom was now going steadily and she looked like she was going to cum again any moment. She had thrown her head back and eyes closed. She was having a real nice fuck. Babu reached up and pulled mom's boobs to his face and mom opened her eyes and brought her tits near him so that he could suck them as she sucked his cock with her cunt lips. Babu was sucking her tits like a hungry child and massaging them wildly.

Mom smiled and said, "Yes dear eat my boobs. They are just for you my mother fucker son.eat them well. Press them and milk them honey for your slut mom." (shona amar mai gulo ke bhalo kore khao to. Ogulo tor moto madachod cheler jonno. Amar mai gulo uposhi na thake. Oder tipr tipe doodh berk ore de.)

Mom's pace was now a very rapid one and she was panting and groaning. Babu too was moaning loudly and suddenly he froze. I could very well understand that he was shooting his cum deep inside my mom's belly. Mom clenched her teeth and kept pumping furiously for a few more minutes and then she too had her climax as she stiffened up a bit and then slowly lied on Babu's chest.

She kept staring at Babu for a few minutes and Babu played with her tits and then slowly she got off him. His soft cock plopped out of her pussy and mom looked at it and took it in her hands and lovingly kissed it and then licked it clean. She finally lied down on the bed beside him and they kissed.

I looked at myself and saw that I had cum in my pants without even rubbing myself.

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