My Fantasy


I'm home alone, the dogs have just been put to bed, and my beer is gone. I head downstairs to fold the last load of clothes from a day of house work. I'm feeling the effects of the six pack I just drank, and I drop most of the socks I pull out of the dryer. I hear a loud tap tap tap and I turn to see two guys standing at my door. I stare at them for a moment as the guy who knocked waves his hands motioning me their way.

I'm a pre-op FtM, just starting hormones, and I pass fairly well, so I square out my shoulders and head to the door. I try to ask what they want through the glass, but the man cups his ear and motions to the door handle. I pull off the chain to the door and turn the handle, only too late realizing my mistake.

The two men force the door open knocking me back. Once inside they grab me and force me against the wall. The first man, tall and muscular with dark brown hair and brown eyes, produces a rope from his back pocket and ties my hands together. The second man, just as muscular but a few inches shorter and blonde, forces my feet apart and yanks my sweats down to my ankles. They laugh as my ass is exposed to them. The brown haired man slaps my ass cheeks, alternating which side, and I grunt at each hit. He hits me once with all his strength and I yell in pain. The blonde shoves a rag from his pocket in mouth and tapes it in place.

"You'll take everything we've got, and you'll like it bitch. And you'll call me master," the brown haired man says as he slaps my tender butt. I squeak against me gag and he slaps me again. " What did say?" he slaps me again. "You like it." He slaps me again and I suppress another groan. "Good," he says and slaps me once more.

I'm spun around and I see the blonde has unpacked a duffle bag of ropes and toys. I am forced out of my sweats and my shirt is cut off. I'm naked, gagged, and bruised. The two men proceed to tie my legs spread apart by placing a long bar between my ankles. They connect a rope from the bar to my hands and force me into a bent over position. The blonde begins slapping my breasts, pinching my nipples. The other man picks up a vibrator wand and puts it against my clit and then laughs.

"You're wet. And this nice big clit of yours is so swollen." He shoves a finger inside of my pussy and pumps his hand hard and fast. I grunt and try to wiggle away but my bonds and the two men keep me in place. He pulls his fingers out and rubs them over my nose and face before turning the vibrator on.

It's not long before I'm on the verge of coming, and I moan against my gag. Suddenly the vibrator is removed and I squirm in disappointment, but before I can imagine what's coming next a huge hard cock is shoved in my soaking pussy. The man who told me to call him master begins pumping his hips in long slow strokes. His dick fills me completely with each thrust and then almost comes out. I cry out as my cunt is pounded, and Master laughs at my building desire. His thrusts become quicker and quicker until I can hardly stand it.

My moans are getting louder, and once again on the edge of orgasm he stops. The blonde lifts me off the ground and drops me unceremoniously on my back. Then I see the hook in the ceiling. The blonde attaches a chain to it, and then attaches the bar to the chain. I'm now suspended in the air with just enough space between me and the floor for the blonde to lay beneath me. I feel something drip onto my asshole and a finger rubs in what must be lube. The blonde places the tip of his cock on my asshole and rubs the lube onto his dick. I'm unable to protest but I try rocking myself in my bonds.

A hand slaps my pussy, my stomach, my breasts. The Master grabs my face and makes eye contact with me. "What did I say? Stop struggling or I'll whip you." I shake my head and he slaps my breasts before pinching my nipple and twisting it. I cringe in pain and shake my head again. This time he slaps my breasts and the blonde slaps my still sensitive ass cheeks. I whimper against my gag and feel my nipple twist between his fingers again. This time I nod and a tear rolls down my cheek. The Master lets my nipple go and wipes away the tear. "Good, now open your ass for him."

I relax as much as I can and the blonde puts his dick head to my asshole again. He slides in slowly as I grunt. I hear him moan and whisper how tight I am. He continues his slow movements as he starts to fuck my ass. My eyes are squeezed shut so I am caught off guard when the Master shoves himself roughly back into my pussy. I feel so full, with a huge cock in each hole. I hear the buzz of the vibrator just before it hits my clit and I arch my back.

They are both fucking me hard and fast now, and they are grunting in pleasure. I suddenly feel myself getting close and I realize even my sore ass is beginning to feel good. I moan and whine against my gag, and the blonde slaps my ass. Master slaps my breasts a few times and then I'm coming, and then I'm squirting all over the two men. They both laugh and keep fucking me. I'm squirming and shaking as my sensitive pussy is pounded. Master pulls out and I gasp air through my nostrils. The blonde continues to fuck my ass and I feel my cum leaking out of my pussy.

Master is pinching my nipples and smiling down at me. "You enjoyed that very much I see." He rubs my squirt over his chest and then onto mine. I nod, still breathing hard and a moan breaks through my lips because my butt is still being fucked nice and hard. Master slaps my breasts and then comes to my face to slap me with his dick.

The blonde suddenly pulls out of my ass and I can feel myself gaping. They both stand over me, Master's dick on my face and the blonde slapping and fondling my breasts.

I moan and grunt as they abuse my body and face. The blonde kneels down and begins sucking my clit, sliding a finger in my pussy. He finger fucks me hard and fast, his finger tips stimulating my g-spot. It's not long before I'm coming again and once again squirting, this time all over the blondes face. I am left trembling and weak as the blonde returns to his position under me and starts fucking my ass again.

Master returns to my pussy, rubbing my clit with his thumb. They are fucking me harder and faster than before. I cum again, covering Master's cock with my juices. But this time neither of them stops. I rock and squirm as much as I can, my over stimulated clit still being rubbed, my over sensitive holes being pounded. I'm gasping for air, my body is shaking uncontrollably, and both men are slapping me all over.

After what seems like hours the blonde begins grunting loudly and with once hard thrust I feel his hot sperm fill my ass. Master cums just after but they both keep their throbbing cocks inside of me.

Master leans over me and pinches my nipples before sucking them into his mouth and playing with them with his tongue. I moan and arch my back. The blonde pulls out of me and now I feel empty. Master keeps playing with my nipples as the blonde walks back to the duffle bag. When he comes back he reaches under me and I feel something fill my asshole. It's a butt plug, and once he has it completely inside of me the blonde slaps my ass a couple of times and leaves.

Master slides out of me then, and I feel his cum and mine leak out of my pussy and over the butt plug. Master comes to me and takes the gag out of my mouth. He kisses me deeply, and then forces my mouth open so that he can put his cum covered cock in my mouth. He pushes it in till I gag and then slaps my face with it.

"Good. You're a good fuck. We might be back." He unties my hands and I drop to the floor. I'm too tired to move, and just to be sure my shame is complete Master slides a vibrator into my pussy and puts it on high. My pussy is at just the right angle for the toy not to fall out, and both men laugh as they close the door behind them.

A few minutes later I'm coming again, and my clenching pussy forces the vibrator out along with a small bit of squirt.

It's another long while before I can make myself move so that I can untie my feet. I crawl upstairs and fill the bath tub with hot water. As I soak in the bath I smile and hope the two men return. And perhaps they will stay longer and do more.

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