My Fantasy


I want to get fucked by two men at the same time while my boyfriend watches from the corner. I like it hard, fast and rough. I want him to see them take me, use me, and make me cum. I want to see him jerk himself off to them using my body. I want the men to take control and fuck me like a complete whore --- a sex toy, used only for their pleasure.

I want them to force me onto my knees in front of them and abuse my mouth. I want both dicks in my face, fighting for my mouth's attention. I want them to slap my face with their hard cocks, hold my head in place while they fuck my throat and I want them to stroke themselves while they wait between turns. I want them to berate me, call me names and treat me like a slave. I want them to show my boyfriend exactly what they're doing and tell him what a slut I am, and how good my mouth feels.

I want to hear them groan and tell me what they like. I want them to swear and whisper as my tongue and lips please their throbbing cocks as they slide in and out of my wet mouth. I want their hands on my tits, reaching down to rub my clit while I suck them off. I'm getting wet and ready for their cocks, my juices dripping down onto my pussy lips. I want to watch my boyfriend's eyes as he stares at them fucking my face and I want to see his cock jerk and grow as he gets turned on and horny.

Then I want them to take turns fucking my hot, wet little pussy. I want a hard cock inside me from behind while the other continues to fuck my mouth. I'd even like a finger or two in my ass, to fill me completely. I want them both to call me a dirty little slut. I want my boyfriend's head to roll back as he watches, closing his eyes every now and again while he strokes his big, throbbing cock from the corner of the room.

As my tight pussy convulses with my first orgasm, I want them to switch places so I can taste myself on his dick and the second guy can fuck my pussy next. I want one to pick me up in his strong arms and position me so that I'm sitting on his dick, straddling his body, dangling my big natural tits over his mouth as he fucks his cock up into me. The other man will stand in front of me, pushing his cock into my mouth and telling me to rub and suck his balls. I want the man inside me to hold me up, keeping me still and pound his cock into my willing, sucking pussy, making me squirt my juices all over his cock, balls and the fucking bed. I want my boyfriend to tell me how filthy he thinks I am.

As I squirt all over his body, I want his dick to plunge in and out of me completely, teasing my tight, soaking wet pussy, making me beg for him to fuck me hard. I want the man in front of me to move behind me and push my body over to rest on the man underneath me. The man underneath will move in and out of my pussy slowly, kissing my neck and holding my hands behind my back while the other places his dick at the entrance of my ass.

I want the second dick to push slowly into my asshole, which has been teased by fingers and has been waiting to be fucked this whole time. I love a big, nasty dick in my ass. When it slides in, I want him to stop, keeping his dick inserted as much as possible while the man underneath me fucks my pussy as hard as he can. The feeling of being so full of dick is incredible and I want it to last as long as possible. I love when I feel their balls slap between them with the force of their thrusts into my holes and their needy hands groping and pinching my body wherever they want. I want bruises and I want to feel the pain the next day. I want to hear my boyfriend's panting as he strokes, his cock, almost ready to cum.

Getting fucked like this makes my pussy soaking wet. I squirt as I cum again and again, drenching both dicks with my creamy wetness. I want them to fill me with cum, so I can feel it drip out of me for the rest of the day. As I tell them to cum inside me, they lose control and the guy in my pussy unloads in several long, hard spurts. The man in my ass cums only seconds later, filling my asshole with his jizz. The man moves off of me and the man underneath pushes me off him harshly.

Getting up, they stand over me, slapping my pussy between my spent, open thighs and tell me again that I'm a fucking whore. I love the slap of a palm against my pussy after I cum, because my skin is so sensitive and raw from being fucked so good and hard. The slaps bring me to orgasm once more when the other man pinches my nipples and thrusts his cock, covered in his cum and my pussy juices into my mouth for me to clean off. Groaning as my tongue bathes his cock with saliva, I cum again for his buddy.

I want them to invite my boyfriend over to us. I want him to stand over me, stroking his cock, so close to cumming. I want to get up on my knees and lick his balls, looking up into his eyes and begging him to cover my face with cum. I want him to shove his thumb into my mouth, stroking his cock while I suck his finger, then replace it with his dick. He holds my face still and thrusts deeply, reaching my throat and making me gag and making my eyes water and tears fall down my face. With no mercy, and the other men rubbing and pinching my nipples and clit, I want him to cum into my mouth and over my face.

When we're done, I want to see him smile, lean down and kiss me and tell me I'm a good little whore.

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by jre12309/01/17

I want that also.

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