tagIncest/TabooMy Father the Ob/Gyn : My daughter

My Father the Ob/Gyn : My daughter


My Father the Ob/Gyn : My Daughter the Pregnant Slut


My name is Dr. Smith; I am an obstetrician/gynecologist in the small town in which I reside. I have a very successful career, as I am one of only two such doctors in my town. I live in a very quaint house with my wife Mary, and one kid. My kid’s name is Virginia, age 18 who is my pride and joy. She is my pride and joy because she has always made her daddy proud. She has always been a bright student at school and in two weeks she is going away to college to someday be a doctor like her father. I will miss her dearly so I am planning to spend as much time with her as I can before she departs. As a matter of fact we are having dinner at a very exquisite restaurant tonight.

My name is Virginia. I am an 18 year old college bound student, and daughter of very wonderful parents. I especially have a close relationship with my father, because he is so successful in his career as a doctor, and I have molded my life to follow in his footsteps. But I will not be able to do that because of what I did. Now you know that girls of my age are no longer innocent, I myself being one of them. But bad luck really struck me when I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago. Sure I had gone out to parties got laid a couple times, but if I knew I would have gotten pregnant, I would have been more careful. I think the most disappointing of all was that I have let my father down. But he still doesn’t know. I am planning to tell him tonight at dinner, which I have arranged for at a very exquisite restaurant.

I arrived early to dinner coming straight from the office. Luckily I was wearing one of my best suits for this special occasion. I say special occasion because after my little girl Victoria is gone these type of dinners for her and I will be impossible. I saw her walking in to the restaurant dressed elegantly in one of her mother’s evening dresses. A beautiful dress that was cut low and split up her leg. My eyes were in awe as were the rest of the guests there.

There he is my proud father. I am so nervous, how will I reveal to him that I am not going to college? How will I tell him that his little girl has been a party slut? How will I tell him that I am pregnant? God, please help me.

“Hi, Virginia, you look beautiful.” I gasped out. “Let me pull you chair out for you.”

“Oh thanks daddy, sorry I’m late. I hope you weren’t waiting long.”

“Not at all sweetie, I’m just glad you want to spend time with your old man before you leave for college. I am so excited for you, you’re going to have so much fun in college. Have you decided on medical school after college? Have you decided on an area in medicine? No wait let me guess your going into….”

“DAD, please stop before you go on any further,” I interrupted. “There is something I have to tell you, and it might disappoint you.”

“What, what is it Victoria?” I asked nervously. “What could possibly dissa..”

“I’m not going to college,” I blurted out before he finished his sentence. “I’m pregnant and I can’t go to college,” I cried.

“What?” “What do you mean your not going to college?!!” “What do you mean you are pregnant?!!” I yelled. “Pregnant, how could you be pregnant?!!”

“Daddy please.” I warned. “Your yelling, everyone is looking over here.” “Look, I’m sorry, dad, I never meant none of this to happen, I’m sorry I let you down.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My only daughter, my pride and joy, was not going to college, and even worse she was pregnant. She was pregnant. She was out there having sex with who knows whom, lord knows how many times. I could not believe what was happening. I simply got up and left. Yes I left my daughter there at the restaurant by her self.

He just got up and left. Didn’t even say bye or anything. I was there in the middle of the room by myself, crying.


I walked in the house and went straight to my room. Looked like everyone was asleep. I unbuttoned moms dress and let it slip down my body. I grabbed my nighty and jumped into my bed with the blankets completely covering me. Then I heard the door squeak open.

“Daddy,” I shouted. “Is that you?"

“Shhhhh, no its me mom.

“Oh, mom, so I guess dad told you huh.”

“Yes, he did, and he is very disappointed in you, but he just wants the best for you.”

“I know but mom, now what am I going to do?” I cried.

“Just calm down, let’s take things one step at a time.” “ Tomorrow your dad is taking you down to his office to examine you. You need to start prenatal care as soon as possible.”

“You mean he is going to examine me himself?”

“Well, no, I am sure he’ll get his assistant to do it.” “I would send you with the other doctor but he is out of town and won’t be back for a couple of weeks, so your father is the only one. Don’t worry, he will always love you no matter what you do.”

“After mom departed the room, I stayed up for a long time. I never thought about prenatal care. I never thought about my dad being the one having to examine me and give me prenatal care. And what assistant, dad doesn’t have an assistant. Was he going to examine me himself? Was my own father going to give me a breast exam, and a pelvic exam, and whatever else gynecologists do? A chill ran up my spine as I lay there thinking about what was in store for me the next day. Slowly I fell asleep.

“Mary I don’t know what to do with that daughter of ours. She has let me down. But we have to think about her and her baby now. College will have to wait. Good, so you told her about going to the clinic tomorrow. Well good night baby, I love you too.”


I got up early and showered as I do everyday. I sat down and ate my breakfast not saying anything to my daughter sitting across from me sipping on her orange juice. We did not exchange words at all at the table. We got in the car and drove off. Trying to concentrate on driving was difficult. I mean I was on the way to my office to examine my little 18 year-old daughter. I was actually going to put my hands on her most intimate places. A chill ran up my spine. I glanced over to her as she stared out the window. She was wearing a skirt and blouse outfit as she often did. I could see her thigh a bit as the skirt had scrunched up. I was somewhat paralyzed by her soft, tan skin, imagining that I would soon be seeing more.

“Daddy watch out,” I yelled. “You almost hit that car.”

“ Oh, damn,” I cursed. “Sorry about that.”

Man what was I doing? Was I looking at my daughter? Was I getting excited about examining my daughter? I’m a professional for god’s sake. And why is she so calm? Does she know what is going to go on? Is she not worrying about it? Maybe she wants it? Oh god what am I saying. I should just stop talking to myself.

Was he looking at me? Is that why we almost crashed? Is he looking forward to examining me, his own daughter? Is that why he hasn’t said anything? No, he is my dad and a professional right?

“Look Virginia,” I said finally breaking the silence, “yes, I am disappointed in you but there is nothing I can do about that now. Important thing is to take care of yourself and the baby. I will help you in anyway I can and maybe after a couple of years you can go to college. There are still a lot of opportunities for you, but for now we have to concentrate on you and your baby’s health. Now what does the father say about this?”

“Well…….,” I squealed, “ I don’t exactly know who it is.”

I almost crashed again when she said that. I could not believe that my little girl was such a slut that she did not know whom the father was. For all I knew, she was a virgin. Not only was she not a virgin but also she was the town tramp. NO! NO! What am I saying? This is my daughter. My little baby, future doctor like her dad. I need to stop talking bad about her.

“Well here we are Virginia,” I said trying to hold back my anger from her last comment.

Well I guess he is not saying anything about the fact that I don’t know whom the father is. He opened the door and we went in. Nobody was there except my father and I, which I thought as odd.

“Daddy, where is everyone else? Where is the receptionist and the file clerk?.”

“Today is Saturday sweetie,” I laughed. “Nobody works on weekends. This is just a special circumstance for you.”

“Oh, right, Saturday,” I replied.

Now go into that room straight ahead and put on a medical robe and ill meet you in the examining room.


I walked into the examining room where my little girl lay on the examining table. Shamefully I felt my penis tingle with sensation, as I knew my daughter was naked under the robe. This was going to be harder than I thought. This is my daughter; I cannot and will not be aroused by my own daughter.

“Ok sweetie, now I know this is a bit awkward but remember that I am a professional, ok.”

“Yes dad, I know,” I lied to him. “I know you’re a professional.”

I went to her side and I put on my gloves. I was right above my daughter lying in front of me with only a thin robe covering her from my eyes. I looked down at her face and our eyes met.

“Ok Virginia, first I’m going to do a breast exam to check for abnormalities.”

“Ok, ah sure.” I squeaked nervously as my father’s hands were inches away from my breasts.

“Whaaa, Virginia what is this?” I said smiling. “Why are you wearing your bra? And your panties? I thought I told you to be totally naked?” I said while laughing a bit.

“I’m sorry dad. Its just that I was nervous, I mean you’re my dad, and your going to examine me and….”

“Shhhhh. Relax.” I assured her. “I’m a doctor and that is all ok. Don’t worry about a thing, just relax. Now, let me help you out of these clothes. Sit up for a sec.”

I could feel her reluctance as I grabbed the clip from her bra. I unhooked it and pulled her bra off her arms and finally off her chest as I laid eyes on my daughters breasts for the first time since she was a little girl. Her breasts just slightly dropped down as I removed her bra. She had beautiful firm breasts with large puffy nipples.
I quickly turned away trying not to let her know I was staring. My flushed face gave me away.

“Ok now off with the panties,” I nervously said to her as I moved around the table to where her legs were. I grabbed her panties and began pulling them down her thighs and then her legs. My fingers felt my young daughters intimate flesh as I pulled her panties down. I could not believe that my own daughter was in my chair as a patient and I was getting her naked.

I cannot believe what is going on. My stomach is so turned. I feel queasy and hot at the same time. I don’t know how to feel. My daddy has just taken my bra off and seen my breasts and nipples. He has taken off my panties and seen my shaved pussy, my most intimate part. Now I lay her with only a robe on and my own father is going to put his hands on me. Is he enjoying this? Why is his face red? Is he getting hot? Is that a bulge in his pants?

“Ok Victoria, now we can start.”

I put my gloves back on and move back over her, trying to conceal my semi-hard-on with my robe. I open her robe exposing her wonderful gleaming tits again to my once again mesmerized eyes. My hand reach for one breast hungrily and molests it thoroughly, caressing, rubbing, and pulling and squeezing at the nipple.

“You feel ok sweetie?” I ask nervously. “I am checking for bumps or abnormalities.”

“Ah yes daddy,” I respond, “how does it feel.”

Damn it. What kind of a question is that? I need to just shut up and get this over with, but if he is a professional and most importantly my dad, then why is his boner trying to escape his pants? Does he think he is fooling me by trying to hide it? I can’t believe my daddy’s hand is on my tit. He is fondling me like so many men have done before. But he is my dad, and here I am in front of him, while he plays with my breasts and my nipples, while he touches, and rubs, and pinches at it. MMMMM it feels so good.
But what am I saying. This is my dad. He is only doing his job, trying to help me out and I am taking him for granted again. He is doing his job and I’m getting off to it. I should be ashamed. But it just feels so good.

“Ok everything ok with your breasts,” I said to her reluctantly walking away from her tits. “Now its time for your pelvic.” “Ok, now just prop each leg on these plates.”

I was ashamed at myself for being rock hard, waiting desperately for my daughter to spread her legs wide for daddy. I’m supposed to be a Dr. and her father. I knew God would punish me for being aroused but I could not stand it any longer. My cock was now rock hard. My heart was beating faster. My entire body was hot.

I can’t believe he just asked me to spread my legs for him. Gosh, I am so nervous, so hot, so confused. He is my dad. I can’t spread my legs for him right in his face. But he is a doctor, so I have to. Or is it that I want to? Am I feeling aroused by all this? Do I want to spread my legs wide for daddy and show him my pink shaven pussy? I prop my legs open onto the plates. My knees so weak with nervousness and lust. I feel a slight wet surge of pre-cum exit out my pussy.

I can’t believe it. My little girl’s legs are spread wide open for me. I can see her clit, her beautiful lips, her sweet inner thighs, and my face is only feet away from her. I can even smell it. MMMMMMMMMMM it smells so delicious, so young, so, o, what?, what is this? Is that cum from her pussy? Yes it is, that’s pre-cum. Why is it there? Is she turned on? Is she horny? Does she want daddy to do something to her?

“Now Victoria I am going to feel around inside your vagina ok.”

“Yes, daddy, ok yes.”

I can’t help it, I have to touch her. I have to feel her. Let me take these gloves off so I can feel her soft pussy skin on my hands. I place two fingers on her clit and my thumb on her opening.
I run my finger through her white pre-cum. I hear a soft distant moan escape her lips. I circle her opening with my thumb and grab and pinch at her clit with my two fingers. I hear her moan again.

“Are you ok Victoria, am I hurting you,”

“No daddy, your not hurting me, it feels good, I mean fine.”

God if feels so good, my daddy’s fingers feel so good on my clit. His thumb feels so good teasing my pussy hole. Just stick it in daddy please just stick it in my pussy. I can’t stand it anymore! Is he not wearing gloves? Is my daddy fingering me? Can he see my cum? Is he turned on like me? God I cant stand it? I want my daddy. Please daddy, finger me. Oh god no what am I thinking!! What am I thinking!!!!!

She is squirming around my finger. Does she want me to finger her? My own daughter. God she is drenched. Her juice just keeps on coming. I stick my middle finger inside her deep. I hear her moan. I start moving it around her, probing and touching her inner pussy walls.

“Oh daddy?? Daddy??

“Yes sweetie”.

“How does it feel in there ah, does it ah, look good?”

“Ah, yes, baby, yes it looks fine”

“But why does it feel like that daddy?”

“Like what sweetie,” I reply as I slide another finger in and molest her clit with another.

“It just feels so good daddy, aahhh, it just feels so good, I’m sorry.”

Oh my God I can’t believe she just said that. Does she want me to finger fuck her? Does she want more? Does she want my tongue? Does she want me to fuck her?
God knows I do. Oh her young pussy feels so good.

“Don’t be sorry baby, its ok. Its almost over.”

I lose my mind, I forget where I am. I remove my fingers. I sink my face into my daughters beautiful pink shaven pussy. I eat my daughter’s pussy hungrily, licking at her clit, pulling at her clit, and circling her pussy hole with my tongue, tongue fucking her sweet pussy.

OHHHHHH yes, what is he doing. He is eating my pussy. My daddy is eating my pussy. MMMMMMMM it feels so goood. My legs are so spread for daddy. Yes, daddy. Yes don’t stop. OOOOOO it feels so good.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy how, how does it mmmmm how does it look.?”

“So far so good baby, almost done.”

“Oh ok, don’t hurry, ok, ahhhhh, owwwwwww, theres no hurry at all.”
I sit up and take my robe off to look at my daddy between my legs eating at my pussy. I grab the back of his head and push it in, directing his movement around my pussy. I arch my back and spread open wide for daddy as he dwells deep in my pussy. Mmmmmm it feels so good. My own daddy is eating my pussy. Ohhhhh, yes he has two fingers in me. He has them deep inside me poking and finger fucking my pussy. I can’t believe my daddy’s head is between my legs slurping and drinking my pussy juice. OH GOD YES!!
His lips start making their way up my abdomen, then my stomach, and finally my tits.
Mmmmmmmmmm his hot wet tongue is all over my nipples. Mmmmmmmmmm he is so hungry, sucking on my tits like a baby. Then his lips continue up and meet mine. He looks at me in the eyes and kisses me strongly and passionately. He grabs my head with his two hands and digs his tongue deep my mouth.

His belt is in front of me. I unbuckle it. It’s off. I pull down his pants. I pull down his boxers. I can feel his cock in my hand still wet from pre-cum, while he continues to kiss me.

“What are you doing baby, you playing with daddy’s cock.” I ask my daughter, shocked at the words that come out of my own mouth. “Do you want it baby, does my little girl want her daddy’s cock deep inside her?”

“Oh yes daddy, please, I want it inside me. Please.” I beg him. “Stick in me and fuck me daddy, please fuck your slut daughter.”

I cant believe this. My daddy is spreading my legs even wider. He is on top of me. He is taking off his shirt and he is naked on top of me. My own daddy is naked on top of my naked body and he is going to stick his hot cock in me. Oh I can’t wait, oh I cant. Oooowwwww,, yes owwwwwwwww. I can feel it, I can feel my daddy’s hard cock in my tight pussy. Mmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yess daddy don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.

“Oh Victoria, mmmm your pussy feels so good,” I moan as I jab my entire shaft up my daughters tight pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Owwwwwwww Gosh daddy, your cock feels so good inside me,” I scream out in pain and pleasure. “How does your little girls pussy feel daddy,”

“Oh baby it’s the best,” I reply as I ram my cock in my little girl’s pussy harder and faster. I pump my cock in and out of my little girl’s pussy, as I look at her face showing pain and pleasure at the same time. Here I am fucking the shit out of my daughter. I’m fucking her hard and fast, making her scream and cry in pure ecstasy. Mmmmm her loud howls are music to my ears, like a whore, like a little virgin being raped. I continue to bang her making her tits bounce and flop up and down. I take one of her bouncing tits in my mouth and suck it hard while the other one continues to bounce. I pull her hair back with my hand. “Whose little slut are you know huh baby. Are you daddy’s slut?”

“Oh yes daddy yes, ahhhhhh god yes, I'm your slut daddy. Does this mean you’re not mad at me anymore about college?

“No baby, I’m ok with that.” “I would much rather have you stay here with me.”
“Oh God, you feel so good you little slut. I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face.”

“NO daddy, cum in my pussy please. I want your seed inside me. Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh daddy ahhh that hurts so goood. Ahhh yes ooowwwwww. Cum inside me please.

“Here it comes baby. Her comes daddy’s seed.”

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