tagLoving WivesMy Fiancee Takes An Older Man

My Fiancee Takes An Older Man


I lay under the duvet and watched my fiancée stride naked into the bedroom, her body fresh from a bath. She approached her drawer of sexy underwear and peered inside. Her figure was insanely gorgeous. It never ceased to amaze me how fantastic she looked without clothes on. She was slim with a voluptuous ass that I could always compare with the most stunning models in the world. Her legs were beautiful, her waist tight and her tits small and perky. She hated me calling them small, often threatening to save for a boob job, but they were perfect for fitting in my mouth. She was 31, more than 2 and a half years older than myself.

"I wonder what I should wear," she said, turning to face me with her hands on hips.

Her pussy was shaven bald. That was something she had obviously done in the bath and without my prior knowledge. I loved it in all kinds of fashion, bald, hairy or cropped. She had a habit of taking the whole lot off when she intended to be naughty.

She pulled out a pair of boy shorts and slipped them up her legs until they were clinging to her hips and accentuating that magnificent rear.

"Do you remember that guy on the internet bought me these?"

I was erect. Her history of male admirers on the web was something we rarely talked about anymore. She had never met any of them, but she had plenty of fun and there were times when rewards were arriving through the post on an almost daily basis.

"You may masturbate over me," she said, eyeing me through the mirror. "But do not come."

I needed to wank, badly. She had enforced a sex ban for the last few days, saying she was saving herself. That I was not the man she was saving herself for sent shock waves to my loins.

"What about these?" She was holding up the skimpiest of g-strings with a pink garter attached.

I nodded, almost begging for her to wear them. I had tried to touch her several times that week, but each time I was dismissed and teased that her body temporarily belonged to someone else and only when that someone else had enjoyed the pleasure of it would it be returned to me. She enjoyed teasing me and I was addicted to it. She rarely wore lingerie for me anymore, but she was certain she would for him. "I'm going to be for him everything you wish I'd be for you," she had promised.

We had a great relationship. An understanding one which few could appreciate or emulate. We could never say either of us had been unfaithful because everything we had ever done had been either with the others approval or so small it wasn't worth the hassle. We had occasionally swung with another couple. The girls sometimes did things together, my fiancée once even going as far as to 69 with the wife. We had few rules. If one of us went out we could pull another person, but only if no one we knew was there. We didn't often socialise outside of our home town and so it was on only a few occasions either of us had kissed someone else in our 6 years together. It was more something that we knew and had never played with. Once on a holiday we had been drinking too much wine and I was speaking to a woman, who confided she was a lesbian. I soon had my other half joining us and before long they were kissing. They kissed for most of the night and eventually disappeared into the ladies toilets for forty minutes. I was jealous only that I didn't get to watch, but loved the fact my fiancée had finally gone all the way with another woman.

"Is this cute?" she asked, giving a twirl.

"Very. You should put on your matching stockings."

She paused, then clasped the g-string with her fingers and pulled it off. "I've got a better idea." She looked at me, a devilish smile on her face. "You're going to hate me when you see this." She disappeared to the spare bedroom.

The man she was dressing for was the husband of the couple we had a habit of swinging with. He had told me of his desires for my fiancée for years, and she had often fantasised about having him to herself for a night. It was only since the couple's relationship had hit a particular rocky patch, of which we were not even sure of the depths or facts, that she and he had begun texting on a regular basis. They only did it during the day and often when both were at work. I got to read the messages and the arousal was tremendous. There was never a hint of jealousy, as this was one of my all-time greatest fantasies. What was happening was open and with permission. Occasionally my fiancée, and only very recently, had experimented with humiliating me about him. It was not something I had thought I would enjoy, but each time was mild and in the heat of the moment. My cock always grew to its hardest so it wasn't easy to deny my own enjoyment.

"I'm doing this for you as well," she had insisted earlier in the week when they made the final arrangements. We agreed certain rules and then she offered her darkest requirement. "You have to let me do this."

"Tell me what it is first."

"I might want a few minutes alone with him at some stage in the evening."

"To do what?"

She looked at like I was an idiot.

"Okay," I agreed. "That should be okay." My cock was pulsating. It was more than okay.

"I'll let you know if and when the time comes," she added.

She entered the bedroom, barking a reminder that I was not allowed to come. My eyes darted to her outfit. Her cruelty was mesmerising. My favourite outfit, which I often begged her to wear for me. A fantasy she rarely indulged.

"This is what I'm wearing tonight," she said. "And that's final."

She admired herself in the mirror. Her purple basque corset, black stockings and suspenders and a g-string. There was a matching thong for the corset which she evidently decided wasn't revealing enough. The g-string was cleverly worn over the suspenders for easy removal. She completed the look with a pair of the sluttiest red heels, which she had only ever worn once. I was jealous. It had finally been achieved. I pleaded with her to jerk me off.

She laughed at me. "I'm not yours and I'm not cheating on him." She came to the bed and pulled back the duvet, her eyes on my fingers wrapped around my shaft. "If you dare come..." There was a silent threat. "I'll not be happy." Her words promised a punishment of more depth if I dared.

I couldn't help myself, the sight of her and the thoughts of the night ahead overwhelming. I came hard and in front of her. She watched each spurt, smiling.

"You can't say you weren't warned," she said, and turned on her heel. She picked up a short denim skirt and black cardigan. "Just something to wear over my lingerie... For a bit."

As my orgasm subsided, I became clouded with doubts about what was to happen later that evening. I put it down to the fact I had just masturbated to a climax and that sooner or later my arousal would return. I noticed the smile on my fiancée's face as she gave the mirror a final glance. She was looking forward to the evening ahead.

The front door was knocked at 7:45pm. She had told him to be there at 8 and we suspected we had an unwelcome visitor.

"Whoever it is, get rid of them," she said. "I don't want anyone to see me in this skirt." She hid in the kitchen. "Except him." She giggled.

I opened the front door and it was our guest, eager and early. Sixteen years older than my fiancée, he was well-dressed, smiling and mannered as he handed me a bottle of wine. I welcomed him into the living room and told her who it was.

She entered the room, blushing, and they kissed on the cheek. The awkwardness had arrived and I believed we were all grateful when I was pouring the first of the glasses of wine. We had more bottles in the fridge and I expected there to be plenty drank before the night was out.

I had deliberately laid the remote controls and a newspaper on one of the sofas, indicating it was my seat and leaving them to sit together on the other. They made small talk together, him and I talked about the day's football results, she poured herself more wine, there were a few jokes. No one mentioned his wife, despite the fact we wondered if they were no longer together. The atmosphere began to change and she soon had her hand on his knee, her red nails dazzling under the light.

I took the initiative to leave them alone and excused myself for the toilet. I took my time climbing the stairs, a distant memory of the first night of our swinging as a foursome flashing before my eyes. We had been drunk and played a stripping game. All four of us were finally naked, giving each other dares, but I badly needed to piss. So I went upstairs, took time to clean my cock at the sink as his wife had been crudely declaring her need to suck it. I perhaps took five minutes, nervous and trying desperately to pull myself hard again. I was young, nervous and alien to the world we had entered. When I entered the living room, my girlfriend, as she was at the time, was on her hands and knees, sucking his cock like a porn star. The wife was next to them, watching and encouraging her. She stopped only when she realised I had sat down.

I pissed, stopped, pissed some more and flushed. I washed my hands thoroughly. If something was going to happen perhaps it was best I left them for as long as possible. The night was still young and if they were feeling half as nervous as I was a few more drinks were going to be in order.

I headed back down the stairs and opened the door. They were sitting together, doing nothing. My fiancée leaned forward and set down her glass. I sat down and made a comment about a referee's decision in the early kick-off. When I looked up they were kissing.

After only a few seconds they stopped and he reached quickly for the wine, pouring both him and her more. They drank, giggled and she made the next move, putting her arms around his neck and meeting his mouth in the middle. Their tongues entwined, there was a clear smile on her face, occasional moans and lots of kisses. This lasted much, much longer and I was straining in my trousers. The sight of my fiancée enjoying another man's tongue in her mouth was one of the most erotic moments of my life. I had no woman there to enjoy, no partner of his to swap with. I was not part of the equation and this was both different and exciting.

She came up for air after a few minutes and took another drink. He rubbed her leg, his fingers finding her stocking tops. She smiled to me, and I returned it. He had eyes only for her. She spread her legs for him and his hands travelled further up, under the skirt. She moaned the moment he began rubbing the outside of her g-string. I moved closer for a better look.

She ordered me to fetch her mobile phone, which appeared to surprise both him and I. He must have stopped touching her as her fingers suddenly wrapped around his arm and pulled him to her pussy.

"Get me my mobile... Now."

I was confused, but she was insistent and I had no reason to disobey her.

"Touch it like it belongs to you," I heard her say to him as I entered the kitchen.

When I brought the mobile back to the room they were kissing again, her g-string was pulled to the side and he had inserted a finger. Her eyes were shut and neither of them took any notice of me standing there with the mobile in my outstretched arm. I was ignored for what must have been at least 2 minutes while he manipulated her most delicious of inner sanctums. I had been reduced to a mere servant, forced the indignity of watching my wife-to-be have another man give her the pleasure she had refused to permit me for a week. But it was what I wanted. To watch another man with her.

"Thank you," she said, taking the mobile. Her fingers searched for something, appearing to scroll downwards, until she hit a button and put the phone to her ears. "Hello, I'd like to order a taxi."

Him and I looked at each other as she called out the name of the local pub. We thought this was to be a kinky night in. What was she planning? The frustration on his face may even have outstripped my own. She ended the call.

"Don't stop fingering me," she told him, and melted when he complied. They were kissing again within seconds.

She rubbed his crotch as I asked her why she had ordered us a taxi.

She giggled, then moaned as his fingers worked her into a frenzy.

"Why have you ordered us a taxi?" I demanded, her ignorance affecting my tone.

She kissed him harder and nibbled on his lower lip.

I sighed. She was in complete control and nothing I said, whether in defiance or subservience would change her behaviour.

The kiss was broken and she looked at me. "The taxi isn't for us, baby." She squeezed his cock through his trousers at the final word, teasing me with a phrase she usually reserved for me in private. "Its for you." She stood up and found the zip of her denim skirt. "I am going to fuck my boyfriend and I don't want you around when I do it."

My insides crashed together. Butterflies in my stomach became fireworks in my chest. My heart pounded. There were no words of protest on my lips. The room was amok with betrayal, with punishment, with sex.

She pulled her skirt down and revealed that g-string clad ass in all its glory. I may as well have been foaming at the mouth. She had managed to transform my desires from wanting to watch him have his way with her to wanting her for myself. And I knew there was no way that was going to happen. She straddled him right before me, her ass a vision. Jealousy pumped through my veins like it hadn't threatened to in years. His hands were all over her backside, they were kissing again and she was rubbing herself up and down on his crotch. His erection was poking through his trousers and she glided her pussy over it with expert precision.

"I can't wait for you to fuck me when he leaves," she told him.

"I will, I'll fuck you really hard," he replied.

I was desperate to see what would happen next. I couldn't leave. I just couldn't. Then it struck me. This was a set-up. I was supposed to fall for it. She hadn't ordered a taxi at all. It was just to turn me on. It was working. I needed to stroke my dick more than ever. She was into him like an animal in heat. The way she was kissing him suggested she had been waiting for this man all her life. I was irrelevant to her.

"I need your cock," she said. "I wish that taxi would hurry up."

I smiled. Every part of her effort for the evening was perfect. The elaborate hoax all the more thrilling because it had been her creation and for a few minutes I had believed it.

A horn triple-blasted outside.

"Oh, about time," she said.

My eyes went from her to the curtains and back again.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

She was dry-humping him and I was almost certain she whispered into his ear. My heart was beating faster and I had no choice but to peek out the window. There was indeed a taxi sitting at the end of the driveway.

"You really did book a taxi for me?"

She sighed, her frustration clear. "Yes. Now get out. This is your punishment." She rubbed his cock through his trousers and smiled. "Tonight I really do belong to him."

"Oh yes," he said, and gave her ass a playful spank and a squeeze.

To see him taking charge of her, my fiancée, was another step I hadn't planned. Yet there I was standing at the door, struggling to leave, and yet knowing that I would do whatever she wanted. I stared. I wanted her to let me stay, or at least compromise and tell me to wait upstairs for a while. She whispered. Definitely this time. He looked at me, then whispered something back to her, his hands on her waist now in a complete display of ownership.

She turned her head to me, her eyes erotic and devilish. "You can... Leave... Now."


"Go. Have a few drinks and unwind. He wants me to himself and what he wants he gets." She kissed him and didn't look at me again. "He's the man of the house when he's here." Their lips met again. "Aren't you?" she asked him.

"Yes I am," he said, and his hands travelled to her ass cheeks, mauling her flesh.

I was staring.

"Get out," she said, louder. "And take a good mental image of this with you."

I was reluctant, almost terrified to leave, but her tone insisted this was what she wanted. And badly. I found the handle of the door and opened it. As I entered the hall I allowed the living room door to gently close over behind me, watching her in his arms one last time.

I heard her call out before it shut, "Don't forget to lock the front door. Unless you don't mind someone walking in and catching another man fucking your wife-to-be."

I went to a different pub than the one the taxi was ordered for. One where I was less likely to bump into someone I knew. I knew my mind would never focus on any conversation and I wanted to be left alone. Such thoughts I had going through my mind. That image she had planted.

I ordered a pint of beer and found a table. I took out my phone and set it before me. I watched it like a hawk, hoping to receive a text or a call about what was happening. My cock was hard within seconds. I contemplated texting my fiancée, writing out several beginnings but neither finishing nor sending anything. I was fortunate when a gorgeous barmaid came to lift my empty glass and asked if I wanted the same again. A trip to the bar was something I couldn't possibly achieve.

The clock on the phone told me I had been away for over half an hour. It would take no longer than that to drink a second beer. How long was I supposed to be away for?

"There you go," said the barmaid.

I gave her the precise change and watched her tight ass as she walked back to the bar. She was anywhere between 18 and 21. Every man's eyes were on her. I thought of my fiancée, and wondered what was happening to her right at that moment. Another man's eyes were on her, of that I was certain. The blood surged to my cock and I downed a good mouthful of my pint.

My phone lit up. 1 message received. There was a catapult of excitement in my stomach. My fingers raced to unlock and read.

"Fuck sake," I complained aloud.

A simple network standard text to inform me I was now benefiting from- I hit delete without reading anymore. The tease was the best and worst part of the excitement. It certainly added to the roller coaster of emotions. My jealousy was alive and well. I was not thrilled that my girl, my woman, my slut – oh now it was true more than ever – was with someone else and I wasn't there to watch. My cock was hurting, struggling for release. I fixed myself as best I could under the table, hoping not to draw unnecessary attention.

I finished the second beer and wondered whether I should leave. She hadn't told me how I would know when to return. What if they were finished and she expected me home earlier than this? What if I turned up and she was furious at my interruption? I could handle that.

I stood up and held my mobile in front of my crotch. It would look like I was going outside to make a phone call, and it would hide my erection. Which was when I decided what to do next.

There were no taxis available for another hour, I was told. I asked was there anyway I could share a taxi with someone leaving the pub in the next hour. The woman on the end of the line checked. There was none booked to go or come from where I was. I hung up. My frustration only added to my arousal. There was music pumping from the pub. A group of three sexy, young women walked towards me in short skirts and knee-high boots. One of them smiled as they passed. I considered that they would make for a welcome distraction. Then I thought of my fiancée, conjuring an image of her getting fucked doggy style.

I started the walk home. Twenty minutes or so it would take.

When I got home it had been raining heavily for the last 5 minutes. I put my key in the door. But it wouldn't open. I tried again. It became clear that someone had locked it from the inside and left the key in. My jealousy stirred to new heights, this humiliation bordering upon insulting. Whatever was happening inside she didn't want me barging in.

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