tagLoving WivesMy First Cuckold Experience

My First Cuckold Experience


It all started with me deciding to be completely honest with my fiancé. To many that may not sound like a Herculean task, but like many men I have some secret desires that aren't normally trotted out around anybody at all.

They would instead stay where they belong, between me and my incognito chrome tabs.

However, this woman was more special to me than anyone in my entire life, and I wanted to at least try to be open and honest.

I already knew she wasn't a square. That was clear from the first night we met. She ended up in my bed, and didn't leave for days.

So I did what I am always told I'm supposed to. I was honest. I told her what makes me tick.

And she didn't even blink.

Not when we got to talking about all of the kinks and taboos that would send most people running for the hills, and not when I got to what is the most exciting thing for me in the world.

Power exchange.

I love to be completely in control of a woman. To bend her to my will. To make her beg for me. I like to hurt her. Make her take it for me. The kind of play where you need a safe word, and everyone is walking tenderly the next morning.

But that wasn't about to happen with her, for the most part. She does like to be fucked, and told what to do in bed, but without any of the accessories that act like spices to good meals.

And that is entirely fine. Because I have made many meals of many women with nearly all the combinations of spices my little heart has ever desired.

Without straining the metaphor too much further, the reason I am ok to be served a meal sans the spices I generally prefer, is that there is another flavor that I have longed for.

My power exchange fantasies don't only include treating women badly. I want to feel controlled as well.

On the surface of it, there was no reason to think that my love would indulge this fantasy of mine, but we stumbled on something one evening.

"What do you think of involving other people in our sex life?" I asked her as we lay in bed watching some of her favorite gang bang porn.

(As an aside to the gentlemen who may be reading this. Women who watch gang bang porn do not, as a rule, wish to have dozens of smelly foreign cocks poke at them willy nilly from odd angles. Just as when we watch the sickest stuff we choose in our own incognito browsers, it doesn't mean we want to head down to Mexico and actually take part in that donkey show.)

To get back to the question at hand. Adding people to our sex life is not as much of a long shot as it may seem from my description of my love. She has been with multiple partners in the past, which is a great story on it's own. However, all of these fun games where not with partners of hers. She was the Third in these trysts.

So when I asked about including other people, she said, "I don't know," very quickly. The way she does when her real aim is to move on to another topic without committing to a particular stance on the one at hand.

When she could tell I wasn't going to be easily moved from the issue she said, "Maybe. With the right person."

Now her brow was furrowing which was a good sign. This meant she was actually giving it some thought. Then she perked up.

"There is my friend Tim."

Tim was a friend of hers for the last decade who had an open marriage, was bisexual, and had been hitting on her for years. They never got to consummate their lust for one another mostly because of timing.

Her goal I think in mentioning him, may have been to get me to protest, which would shut down the issue. But I was intrigued.

"What about him," I said, my throat drying up a bit.

"I think it would be fun. But I can't imagine you being with someone else. So we can't do that."

Now my cock got hard instantly.

We talked for hours that night about power exchange and how much of a turn on it would be for her to have the ability to sex outside of our relationship while I was confined to just her.

I could tell she was getting excited for the prospect. I certainly was as well.


Suffice it to say, it wasn't hard for her to convince him. He had wanted her for years, and thought that her meeting me and getting engaged meant that he'd never get a chance at her.

So in a fog, I coordinated schedules, plans, and mostly shepherded this entire thing along.

He'd stay in the guest room for 3 days at the end of the month.

The first night I would join them, and after that it was up to her how we would proceed.

It was an excruciating three weeks. I went from being thrilled and excited to insecure and anxious. But leading up to the time for them to be together we had never had so much sex. I'd never felt closer to her, and she'd never been so confident and sexy.

Things started to get real three days before he came to stay with us.

He and I had been chatting online quite a bit and we had decided that I would abstain from having sex with her for three days before he showed up. To make sure she was ready for him.

This was my idea. A not so subtle offering to the man that would temporarily usurp my place inside my love. The man who would fuck her with a cock much larger than mine and reach places inside of her I never could.

It still makes me hard to think about that.


The day he arrived everyone was really on edge. She was so nervous she got these little red splotches on her neck that embarrassed her. Her hand was shaking when she poured the wine for our light dinner.

They made small talk about their jobs, and I drank whiskey and tried to look like I wasn't both terrified and completely rock hard.

This was it.

I made a point of clearing the table while they chatted. They attempted to bring me into the conversation, but I kept deflecting. I didn't want her to have a reason to look away from him.

I asked them if they wanted another drink and they both said yes. As I was walking into the kitchen I heard her laugh. As I turned around to look at them I saw him leaning over to whisper in her ear, and his hand was on her thigh and rising higher.

I made sure to give them plenty of time as I freshened their drinks. And as I walked back into the dining room I saw them kissing. His hand was around her neck and he was pulling her close to him. When she heard me sit down the glasses she pulled away quickly until I smiled at her, letting her know I approved.

I continued to fuss around as much as possible to let them get comfortable.

"Do you guys want to sit on the couch?" I asked, when I couldn't conceivably have made the task of clearing the table last any longer at all.

I could tell she wasn't yet ready to head upstairs, and while Tim was raring to go, he followed my lead. He and I had spoken about the need for this to happen at her pace, so that she didn't retreat from the situation.

So then we commenced with watching reruns on netflix for an hour. This was an important part of the evening as it allowed her the freedom to get closer and closer to Tim without being overt, and it allowed both him and I to rub on her body to get her comfortable.

Then, of course, there was the wine. I took it upon myself to keep everyone refilled, and they took it upon themselves to entwine closer and closer on the couch each time I left the room.

Then, without warning, he said,

"Let's go upstairs."

"Yes," she said. Without even looking in my direction.

I almost came in my pants.

He led her to our bed, and she hesitated and looked back at me searching for my approval which I gave telepathically, in the way that only people in love can do.

They made out some more, as he and I undressed her together.

I made my way down to her pussy and began licking it while they continued to make out.

Then he said, "I want to fuck your tits, while he is getting you ready for my cock."

I moaned into her pussy as she lay back and squeezed her tits together.


This was something we had spoken about before.

In the weeks after we first discussed this we had tried to include him from time to time in our sex life as a bit of a dry run.

In general I spend a lot of time between her legs at night, and normally she watches porn or closes her eyes to focus on the feeling of my tongue.

But sometimes, with plenty of encouragement from me and a couple glasses of wine, she'd chat with him online.

His requests escalated quickly to requesting pictures of me between her legs and my cock inside of her.

In one of these chat sessions he mentioned something they had apparently discussed on multiple occasions in the past.

Fucking her tits.

She has amazing tits. I love to play with them, and on the odd lazy Sunday when we shower together they end up always being the cleanest part of her body.

I love the way they look when I'm on top fucking her, and how they feel when I grab them when im between her legs licking her.

She also does something amazing when she is blowing me. When I get close she will sometimes jerk me off and rub my cock on them.


And now Tim is going to fuck her tits. Something he can do because he has a very large dick. As I am between her legs licking her pussy he straddles her stomach.

I can't see much at this point but her pussy, his ass in front of me.

I feel the bed start to rock as he begins to move.

"Fuck yes. I've wanted this for so long E. I'm going to fuck you so good tonight."

She whispers something in reply that I don't catch.

This goes on for awhile. I don't know for how long. She is moaning and squirming and the bed is rocking.

I continue to serve her pussy.

Then he says something that pulls me out of my head.

"Is she ready for me? Did you get her wet enough for my dick?"

The authority in his voice made me want to cum right there. Here is man that knows E for much longer than me. Who has fantasized with her about fucking for years. Who has a dick much larger than mine.

Who is making sure I prepared her well enough so he could fuck her in my bed.

"Yes she is."

"Do you want me to fuck your fiancé?

"Yes I do."


In a daze I did just that.

"I'm so ready for this E. I've wanted this for so long."

"Mmmhmmm" was her response. She was not usually very vocal in bed, but I think right now she was so horny she might not have been able to form any actual words.

I'd never seen her so turned on.

He climbed between her legs and slowly entered her while looking into her eyes.

The look on her face is something I can't describe and something i have never seen there before.

Her first orgasm happened within few minutes. She writhed and moaned in a way that made her seem a stranger.

I was watching all of this sitting on the bed having been preempted from between her legs, and I could see in her face when she remembered I was there.

She opened her eyes and beckoned me over to her. I got up and walked over to her side of the bed, taking off my clothes in the process.

Up until now I'd been fully clothed as everyone else was naked.

She took my cock in her hand and I stood next to the bed.

"Is he fucking your pussy so good baby?"

"Mmhmmm," she said as I brought my cock to her lips.

The feeling of her moaning on my cock while he was inside of her was toe curling. Knowing that it was his dick that made her moan on mine was electric.

As she got close to cumming for the second time, she released my dick and closed her eyes to focus on her orgasm. She pulled away slightly from his cock as waves of pleasure overcame her. It was becoming too much for her.

After she settled down a little from that he began to fuck her slowly. After awhile he pulled out of her pussy, looked at me as said, "Spread her legs wide for me."

He could have done this himself, but I could tell that having me participate in him using her was turning him on, which was turning her on.

So without a word I climbed back onto the bed and held her legs up wide to display her pussy for him lewdly. He smiled as he entered her again. She reached to grab my dick as he was fucking her.

After a while he started to fuck her faster. Each thrust was met with a groan from E. and she came again, shaking her head back and forth.

When she came down to earth he flipped her over onto her hands and knees and entered her again.

Doggy style was her favorite position. I was looking forward to seeing her get ducked from behind.

She began moaning immediately and he begin slapping her ass.

It was amazing to see his handprints show up on her ass as he slapped it.

That brought it home to me again that this man was usurping me in my own home. In my own bed.

With my woman.

It's her cock that she was cumming on.

It's his cock that would cum inside of her.

I could tell he was getting close as he began fucking her faster and faster. I saw her push against the wall to get his cock even deeper inside of her.

Then with a grunt he plunged his dick deep inside of her and began to cum.

As they twitched together I could see his ass flexing as spurt after spurt of his cum was no doubt filling her.

She loves the feeling of me cumming inside of her.

I can only imagine the feeling she is having of a cock that big filling her up in a way i never could.

After it was over, she laid on her back and he lay on his beside her, where I usually lay.

"Clean it up," she said, looking into my eyes.

I've never been so close to cumming without being touched in my life.

I looked at him and he grinned.

And so I moved closer to her pussy. It was puffy and pink and I could see a little bit of his cum already beginning to slide out of it.

I lowered my head and began to lick it up.

The taste was pretty familiar. About half of the time I licked up my own cum from her pussy after we fucked.

"Fuck yes," Tim almost growled. I could see him getting a hard on again as I cleaned his cum from my fiancé's pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore and I had to be inside of her.

"Can I fuck you baby?" I asked.

"I want you inside of me," she said.

I climbed between her legs and fucked her.

It felt very strange.

I'd never had sex in front of someone before, and her pussy felt a lot different.

I could tell for sure they he had been inside of her.

"He fucked you so good honey."

"Yes he did. Are you going to cum for me?"


Tim was lazily grabbing her tit while stroking his hardening cock.

He put his finger up to her mouth and she closed her eyes as she closed her mouth on it and began to suck.

And I came. So fucking hard. It was the best orgasm of my life. It felt like i emptied into her for an eternity.

The next couple hours was more of the same. Both he and I concentrated on making her feel as amazing as we could.

We took breaks in between to send me off for drinks or just chat about what we had done.

She sucked both of our cocks back and forth for awhile.

We eventually both came inside of her again, and again I cleaned it up by licking her pussy clean.

Eventually he bid us goodnight and left to stay In his room.

I held her tightly as we drifted off to sleep.


I was awoken a little before dawn to feeling someone get into the bed. I assumed it was E, coming back from the bathroom. I rolled over to drape my arm around her waist and saw that it was in fact Tim.

I froze in the middle of rolling over from my back to my stomach.

She was still naked from the night before, and sound asleep. He pulled the sheet off her body and rolled her onto her back. She spread her legs without opening her eyes.

I could see that she was half asleep and assumed it was me between her legs. She didn't realize her mistake until he began to enter her. Her eyes opened wide.

He entered her slowly and fucked her leisurely for a long time. I was taken aback by the liberties he had taken by just coming into our room and fucking my sleeping fiancé without so much as a word.

He just took it as though it was his. And for the next few days, it seemed like it was.

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Been there

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enjoyed it

thanks for writing and posting

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Love to do Cleanup YUM YUM YUM

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