tagGay MaleMy First Encounter with Mature Men

My First Encounter with Mature Men


I was sitting at the bar of the local gay pub having a drink by myself when he walked in and ordered a drink. I didn't really notice him at first because I was brooding about my boyfriend. I was sure he was seeing someone else. I was pissed off with him and was considering fucking a couple of his friends so when the guy standing next to me said hello I looked up and smiled widely. He was tall and quite good looking so when he asked if anyone was sitting on the stool beside me I shook my head and invited him to sit down. While he was waiting for his drink to arrive I took the opportunity to check him out properly. He looked to be about fifty years old and obviously took care of himself. He was tall with salt and pepper hair and clear blue eyes. He was dressed casually but well, and I instantly found him attractive. I had often fantasised about older men and wondered if I should try to seduce him. He was more than twice my age and I hoped for a moment that he liked guys young enough to be his son.

His drink arrived and he sat down and introduced himself as Dave. We shook hands and I told him my name was Doug. We seemed to hit it off straight away and before long we had moved to a quiet table at the back of the pub to talk and laugh. After a few more drinks I asked Dave if he wanted to go outside and smoke a joint. He grinned and nodded his head so we headed outside. After a couple of tokes I was completely smashed and when I looked at Dave I saw that he was really stoned too. We just grinned stupidly at each other and went back into the pub. We noticed a small booth in a dark corner was now empty so we bought our drinks and sat there.

The buzz from the pot and booze was starting to make me horny and the muscle in my pants began to tingle when I thought about the nice bulge I had noticed in Dave's pants earlier. There was a disc jockey playing some cool music and Dave asked me to dance. The first couple of songs were a little fast and I was about to sit down when a slow ballad started and Dave put his arm around my waist. I stepped closer and put my arms around him and we began to dance in time to the music. I felt Dave's hands slide down down my body to cup my buttocks and pull me tight against him as we moved to the beat of the song. I found all this extremely arousing and I pulled his head towards mine so I could kiss him. My lips found his and I opened my mouth for his probing tongue. I kissed him back passionately and began rubbing my crutch up and down against his, while our hungry tongues searched each other's mouth's. His hot wet kisses were making me so horny I could have fucked him right there on the dance floor. Luckily the song finished and we stopped kissing and went to finish our drinks.

Dave sat down and this time I sat beside him. I asked him to tell me a little more about himself, hoping that he would tell me that he was single and lived nearby. I was in luck. He shared an apartment with a friend a short walk from the pub. When I asked if his housemate was his boyfriend he said no, although, he did say they fucked each other from time to time. When he asked me about myself I told him that I lived with my partner Steve, but I was sure that he was having an affair. I explained that I had gone out tonight to get drunk and hopefully find some of Steve's friends. If I'd found any I was going to be their slut for the night, and they could use me any way they wanted. When they had finished with me I would go home and tell Steve that I had spent the previous night sucking and fucking his mates.

By way of a response Dave reached between my legs and began stroking me through my jeans. He then leaned toward me and said that I could tell Steve that a handsome older stranger had picked me up at the pub and fucked me for hours if I wanted. I looked at Dave with a cheeky grin on my face and asked if he knew anyone like that. He just squeezed my growing penis gently and kissed me deeply. After enjoying his eager tongue and soft lips for a couple of minutes I broke off his kiss and asked him breathlessly to take me home and fuck me. Dave didn't need to be asked twice and led me from the pub by the hand.

It took longer than anticipated to reach Dave's place because we kept stopping to kiss and stroke each other. Anyway, we finally arrived and were soon making out on the couch. I was so fucking turned on that all I could think of was getting Dave's cock out of his pants and into my mouth. I had been stroking and massaging it through the material of his pants since we had our first kiss back at the pub and now I wanted it in the flesh. I pulled my lips from Dave's and asked him to stand up in front of me. He stood facing me and this enabled me to cup his arse in my hands and pull his crutch to my face. I kissed and rubbed the growing bulge between his legs as I undid his pants and tugged them down to his knees. I reached into Dave's undies to free his cock and gasped out loud at the size of it. I thought it was a good size when I had felt it earlier but now I had it out, I was amazed. It was about nine inches long and so thick I couldn't close my fingers around it. His shaft was curved upwards slightly and sitting on top of it was a large purple head. His cock throbbed in my hands while the musky aroma of male genitals filled my nostrils as I leant forward to lick up a big glob of precum leaking from the slit.

I was just about take the beautifully fleshy mushroomed shaped knob into my wet mouth when the front door opened and in walked Dave's housemate. When we were introduced I learned his name was Greg. He was about Dave's age and quite good looking too. After some polite small talk Greg excused himself and went to his room and I returned to Dave's meaty cock. One hand was quickly wrapped around his thick shaft while the other cupped his massive balls. At first I only just managed to fit the head and a few inches of his shaft into my mouth. I began sucking and licking Dave's lovely knob as I tugged and stroked his cock. I thought he was fully hard before but his cock seemed to get even harder as I jerked and slurped and sucked him off. I was soon rewarded as large amounts of his bitter sweet precum leaked into my mouth. I moaned and whimpered as I lapped at his juicy pole. It didn't take very long before Dave started to thrust upwards into my sucking mouth. That meant he wasn't far from shooting his load and I intended to swallow every yummy drop. I worked his cock like a wanton slut as I tried to coax the spunk from his heavy and hopefully full balls into my mouth.

Suddenly Dave began to twitch and jerk and I knew he was about cum. I quickly clamped my lips around his purple knob and pulled him off into my hungry mouth and I began moaning softly as I jerked and sucked his cock. I was desperate to eat his spunk and went crazy with my lips, mouth, tongue and hands. I began to think that I might not be able to make him cum when he started to shake and tremble. His thick cock swelled even more and he groaned loudly as the first thick stream of his cum spurted into the back of my mouth. I quickly gulped it down as a second blast of hot creamy spunk filled my mouth. I sucked and swallowed and sucked and swallowed as Dave's gorgeous cock kept shooting copious amounts of tasty spoof down my throat. His semen was so delicious I wanted him to keep pumping it into my mouth forever, but sadly when his lovely cock started to go soft I let it slip from my lips. His cum was so hot and thick I kept sucking licking and kissing his wonderful cock making sure I'd gotten every last drop.

My own cock was still stiff as a board and throbbed in my pants. I desperately wanted to come but not just yet. I wanted Dave hard again and I had an idea how to do both at the same time. I moved up his body, pulled his face to mine and kissed him hard. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth and hoped that he could taste his own cock. I was so turned on by now I was sure I would cum in my pants unless I stopped kissing him. I reluctantly pulled my lips away and asked Dave to take me to his bed.

We undressed, got into bed and started kissing again. I reached down between his legs to fondle him while my tongue explored his mouth. Dave soon stopped kissing me and started to move down my body. I knew what he wanted to do but I had other things in mind so I had to stop him. I was pretty sure that as soon as my cock entered his mouth I'd blow my load, but I wanted to cum all over his cock and balls so I could lick it all up and make him hard again. To achieve this I knelt between his legs and started to jerk off. I felt my balls start to tighten almost immediately and thirty seconds later my cock started spurting hot semen all over Dave's crutch and coating his genitals with my spunk. Well, not just on his genitals. It was everywhere. Cum was on his chest and stomach and all over the inside of his thighs. Thick ropes of spunk had covered his cock and balls and dripped onto the sheets. I gave Dave a quick kiss before I started licking my jizz from his body. I began with his chest and then moved to his stomach. By the time I'd reached his cock it was starting to swell and when I'd finished licking his balls clean he was completely hard again. That was just what I wanted. I had left some cum on the inside of his thigh and I scooped it up and used it as lube on my anus. I took his cock into my mouth again and started to give him a sloppy blowjob. When it was slippery and wet with my saliva I straddled him and guided the fleshy head of his cock towards my arse.

It really was a big thick cock and I wasn't sure I could take it all. But that sure wasn't going to stop me trying. I lent forward and kissed Dave while I lowered myself onto his cock. I felt his knob push against my hole and I gasped out loud as it entered me. At first I thought it was going to split me in two so I stayed absolutely still. A minute later I felt my anal passage loosen a little so I took a deep breath and lowered myself slowly onto it. His cock slipped into me bit by bit until my arse cheeks touched his pubes. Dave moaned in ecstasy and told me how hot and tight my arse felt. I was pleased that he was enjoying me but hoped he would stretch me open a bit more before fucking me properly.

Dave must have sensed what I wanted because he lay still at first and allowed me to raise and lower myself at my own pace. I was loving the feel of such an incredible cock sliding in and out of me so it wasn't long before my tempo increased and Dave began thrusting his hips up to meet me. I have never been stuffed so full of cock before and the pleasure I was feeling was unbelievable. My arse was now nicely stretched and I wanted to be fucked hard and deep. I climbed off him and got on my hands and knees while Dave got behind me and quickly slid the full length of his man meat into me. I cried out in lust and begged Dave to fuck me hard. He didn't reply but started to pump his cock into me harder and faster. I was in heaven and when his balls started slapping against the inside of my thighs I nearly passed out. I had never felt more full of hard cock and could only whimper as Dave slammed into me deeply and started to ram his cock up me even harder and faster. I knew what was coming and waited for it eagerly. I didn't have to wait long. Dave suddenly grunted and I felt a huge stream of hot spunk spurt deep into my arse. I pushed back onto him as hard as I could as his jerking cock filled my hungry hole with semen. I felt his wonderfully hot cum coating my insides completely. I thought he was never going to stop blowing up me but eventually his ejactulations slowed and finally stopped. Dave collapsed against my back while his cock went soft inside me and finally slipped out. He let out a soft satisfied sigh and rolled onto his side. I lay face down on his bed panting as his spunk slowly leaked out of my arse which was stretched wide by his huge cock. Dave then took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly and I drifted off to sleep happily snuggled against his chest.

I woke some time later needing a piss so I slipped out of bed and headed to the toilet. I finished relieving myself but rather than getting back into bed with Dave, I went to Greg's room. The door was open and I went in to find Greg sleeping soundly. I tiptoed over to his bed and got in beside him. I snuggled up to him and began kissing his neck softly. He let out a sleepy murmur and rubbed back against me so I reached around and began gently fondling him. He gave another low murmur and rolled over to face me. I moved closer and my lips found his. He opened his mouth for my tongue and kissed me back hotly as my tongue pushed into his. He slowly became fully awake and smiled at me. I smiled back and kissed him again but with more passion this time. My hand and fingers were doing their job and Greg's cock was responding nicely to my nimble ministrations. My own cock was already stiff and I realised that I hadn't cum earlier when Dave had fucked me. I wondered if that was the reason I found myself in Greg's bed with his dick in my hand and his tongue in my mouth. Or maybe it was just because I'm a fucking slut. Although, I realised one thing for sure, Steve could fuck off. One cock would never be enough for me anymore.

I went back to fondling Greg's now fully erect cock. It wasn't as long or thick as Dave's but it was a good sized circumcised dick with a great helmet shaped knob on top of a curved shaft. His balls hung low and looked like they would produce plenty of spunk. I broke off our kiss and moved down between his legs. I loved the musky smell of men on heat and Greg was no different. I opened my mouth and his cock slipped easily between my lips. His meat had a fresh nutty taste which I quite liked. I really love cocks and whenever I suck a guy off for the first time I make sure he remembers it. Now it was Greg's turn and I told him I would suck him dry but my arse was too tender for cock after being totally reamed out by Dave. He simply smiled and I went back to sucking him off. Because his dick was not as large as Dave's I could fit more of it in my mouth. I sucked and licked and slurped and kissed and sucked on Greg's cock. I cupped his balls in one hand while I stroked him into my mouth with the other. I felt so slutty being between the legs of a man I'd only just met, especially after getting out of the bed of another man I'd only known a few hours. The mere thought of it made me so aroused I almost shot my load there and then.

It was the first time I realised that I could quite easily become a total cum whore. I sucked Greg with renewed enthusiasm and I knew he was really enjoying it because he started to moan more loudly and raised and lowered his hips in time to my bobbing head. The taste of his cock was so nice I knew his cum was going to be delicious. All I had to do was get it out of his nuts and into my mouth. I set to my enjoyable task with a greater sense of determination and was quickly rewarded. Greg's movements became more erratic and jerky and he took hold of my head and held it tightly. I felt him start to shake all over while his balls tightened and his cock swelled. He was panting and moaning, and cried out loudly as his orgasm crashed over him. His hips bucked upwards and a huge blast of cum shot into my mouth. It was thick and hot and slid easily down my throat. Greg pulled back a little and quickly flooded my mouth with another spurt of hot creamy spunk. I swallowed it and sucked hungrily on the spongy purple head of his cock. I can't explain how good it made me feel to empty Greg's heavy balls of every drop of his lovely semen. I kept sucking until I was sure I had got it all and kissed the head before slipping out of his bed and going back to Dave's room. I climbed back into bed with Dave and snuggled against his warm back. I drifted off to sleep happy and content.

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