tagGay MaleMy First Facefucking

My First Facefucking

byJohn Hamilton©

The following is a true story.

Ever since I became interested in guys, I've wanted their cock in my mouth. And I've fantasized about not just sucking a cock, but letting a guy use my mouth. A completely submissive facefuck. Since my divorce, I'd sucked three guys and I found two things: letting a guy suck me was a turn off and having a guy work my face, moving his cock back and forth in my mouth, was a major turn on.

So for guy number four, I hit up a guy on a male hook-up site who was a total top who only wanted oral with no reciprocation. "Perfect," I thought.

In his response to my message, he proved even more perfect for my fantasy. He liked to facefuck guys but promised to be "nice" about it. I was almost giddy. I'd watched so many porn movies with women getting cocks rammed down their throats, their head held in position as a man thrust a cock in their mouth from every angle and position possible. Oh, how I wanted to be them, the cocksucking whore on my knees being used by a dominate man. And now I would get my chance.

His next message to me asked me to call him. He was at the "Y" and we arranged to meet in 40 minutes after we both had quick showers. He said he was already horny. So after my shower, I laid on my love seat, waiting. The minutes squeezed by excruciatingly slow.

Then, finally, a knock at the door. I let him in and he flipped off the lights. Immediately, he took off his pants and exposed his soft, naked dick.

" We can do whatever you want," I said, never having had a guy go this quickly into the "action" before.

"I want you to suck my dick," he said with a smirk, putting his hand on my head and gently pushing me down to my knees.

Almost immediately I found his large, soft dick being stuffed into my mouth. His hands placed firmly on either side of my head, holding it in place as his growing cock moved back and forth inside my warm, hungry mouth. I could feel it getting harder as I sucked on it while I proceeded to undo my shirt..

Once he got hard, he pulled out for a second and I feverishly took off my cloths and he took off my glasses and laid them aside. I sat there naked, on my knees, and he took his large hard cock and gently hit me in the face with it.

"Do you like that?" he asked as he showed his power over me.

"Yes!" I replied anxiously.

Then he grabbed my head and suddenly shoved my mouth unto his crotch, his cock going down my throat. He fucked my face moving my head back and forth as he pleased, making my lips move up and down his glorious fuck tool. I put my hands behind my back cause I knew I wouldn't need them. All he needed was total control over my mouth, which he was turning into own personal pussy.

He shoved my face all the way down on his cock and I took it. He pulled out and roughly held my head against his crotch, this time pushing my mouth against his balls. I licked and sucked on them, my lower body squirming as my hard cock throbbed from being used in such a way.

He then grabbed my hair and pushed me down onto the floor in a laying position. I grinned widely. I knew what was coming next. still holding my hair he mounted my mouth shoving his cock into my mouth as I laid there with him on top of me. He then switched positions holding my face and throat in position on the floor as he fucked my mouth from a backwards angle.

He pulled me up while holding my hair and proceeded to sit on my loveseat. He put his cock back in my mouth and proceeded to pull my head up and down on it. I'd never been so turned on in my life.

He then shoved my face into his balls again. I took the balls into my mouth, working them with my tongue as he held my head in place. I could feel his legs squeeze around me as I sucked his balls. I licked and sucked them for several minutes until he got up with his cock in his hand and shot his load all over my chest, marking me with his cum.

And so ended a fantasy come true. I thanked him for it and he seemed shocked when I told him it was only my fourth time my sucking dick and first real face fucking. I hope I impressed him enough to come back for more. I can't stop thinking about his cock and my hungry pussymouth really needs to be used.

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476805/16/18

Loved it

I have only been face fucked one time and the guy apologized after he came and said he wasn't usually that rough but he got carried away. I said it was OK and it was kind of a turn on for me. When Imore...

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by Anonymous05/14/18


Loved your story, I have yet to find that guy. I want to surrender and have my face fucked. I have asked to fo it, but no one has stepped up. I have face fucked a few guys myself. I love to takemore...

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by Anonymous10/17/17

Orally bi guy

I'm still married but have discovered the joy of taking another man's cock deep into my mouth myself and have had the pleasure of sucking 10 or so loads from hard cocks since my first experiment with itmore...

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