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My First FFM


My girlfriend, P, was about five foot four, with shoulder length black hair that was (naturally) lightly curled. She was slim, with tits like juicy apples, a taut belly and a wonderful arse that you just wanted to sink your teeth into.

The why's and wherefore's of how we got to here in this memoir aren't really important, but suffice it to say that we were at P's flat. We'd been messing around - and this was a couple of weeks after the rimjob incident, which she'd obviously shared with someone else - and she took me into her bedroom and got her handcuffs out.

"Kinky," I said.

She pushed me back against the wall, her hands cupping my cock and balls and kissed me. I reached behind her, pulled her skirt up and grabbed her arse. It felt warm and hard. I pulled her panties aside and ran my finger up and down her arse crack.

Her tongue pressed into my mouth as her hands unzipped me and slipped into my shorts, playing with my balls through my pants. She undid the shorts and pushed them down.

"Get on the bed."

I laid down, pulling my shorts and pants off and kicking my socks off. She pulled my T-shirt over my head and laid on me. I put my wrists against the metal headboard and she clipped the handcuffs on me, spreading my arms wide.

Smiling at my being defenceless, she pushed herself down my body and licked my cock and balls as she passed them. She knelt between my legs and pulled her T-shirt off, freeing her beautiful boobs.

"Let me suck them," I said.

"Oh no," she said and sat down, kicking off her trainers and socks and pulling her panties and shorts down. She dropped them all on the floor and sat back and I put my feet on her tits. She dipped her head and sucked my right big toe into her mouth, which felt amazing. I closed my eyes as she sucked hard on it, teased it with her teeth and licked around it. She reached forward and rubbed my balls and I opened my eyes, to see her with my toe in her mouth, her cheeks sucked in, smiling, her eyes bright.

"I love you," I said.

She let my big toe go with a slurp. "I know. Now I need to do something."


She got off the bed and came over to the bedside table and took a square of silk out of the drawer. "I'm just going to cover you over for a moment, whilst I do my stuff."

I thought she meant cover my straining cock, but she dropped the square over my face. Whilst I could still breathe easily, I couldn't see a thing and I listened alertly for any sound. I could feel my cock twitching, waiting for her to touch me, but then I heard her soft footsteps leave the room. That didn't make any sense. I seemed to lie there for ages, but it was probably less than a minute before I heard more soft footprints. She was coming back. My cock got hard again, waiting for her.

Then. Was that two sets of footsteps, two sets of breathing? Could that really be happening? We'd talked a lot about a threesome, both mmf and ffm - I wasn't overly keen on mmf, but P kept telling me she was bi-curious. I heard a floorboard squeak. Perhaps she'd covered me up because she'd brought a man in. I tried to shake the silk off, but it wouldn't move.

I felt a hand on my belly, cool and soft, P's hand. It trailed down, ran through my pubic hair and grasped my cock firmly, wanking me slowly.

Something brushed the tip of it and it took me a moment or two to realise that it was hair. Then I felt warm breath. Then the head of my cock was enveloped in warm dampness and a tongue was working its magic.

"Oh God," I said and everything stopped.

I felt the side of the bed go down slightly as someone got on and then I saw a shape through the silk. Someone was positioning themselves over me. The shape got closer, filling my vision and then I felt the body. The silk square was pulled away and I was staring straight at a cunt - it was P. She settled herself on my face and I instantly stuck me tongue out, licking her lips and around her clit-hood. She moved backwards and forwards on me, drenching my nose, lips and chin with her pussy juice. I kept licking her, pressing my tongue as far into her as I could get it, sucking on her clit as that slid over me.

She laid on me, her tits pressing against my lower chest and grabbed my cock again. As she started to wank it, the mouth came back and sucked me in deep, the lips pressing over her hand and pulling it tighter to me. I'd never felt anything like it and, between the sopping cunt that was working my face and the hand, lips and tongue working my cock, I thought I was going to come there and then. I opened my mouth, to tell them to take it easy, but just got more pussy-juice, which I lapped up.

But P always reckoned she knew when I was coming and suddenly my cock was left alone. She didn't stop moving though, but got faster. She rode my face until she came, shuddering against me and then she got up.

My face was slick with pussy juice and she cleared my eyes for me and then licked my cheeks. The bed sank on the other side and another tongue cleaned the right side of my face. I turned my head and R smiled at me.

R was P's friend, who we sometimes babysat for. She was in her mid-twenties, taller than P, with straight blonde hair that went to her shoulders. She had big tits, a nicely rounded belly and a great arse. I've fancied her for ages and now, it seemed, I would be getting my chance. Perhaps P had told her about my rimjob the other day at her house. Perhaps the thought of that going on in her bathroom had made her horny - had she laid in bed that night, frigging herself at the thought of it? Me thinking about her made my cock twitch and I wanted my hands free now, to touch both of these lovely ladies, to make them come more than they ever believed possible.

"Hi Morg," she said. Her lips were slick with P's pussy juice. She leaned over and kissed me, her tongue pressing deep. P, on the other side, began to nibble on my neck. I strained against the handcuffs, but they didn't budge.

Both women stopped and leaned over me, R's big tits brushing my face. I reached for her nipples, flicking my tongue over them. Right above me, they kissed, their tongues working each other, saliva mixing with the pussy juice and dripping onto me as I sucked and nibbled and licked R's gorgeous tits. Slowly, they came down and suddenly I was kissing two women at once, tongues everywhere.

"Mmm," said P, sitting back and wiping her mouth, "that was fucking gorgeous. Now, I think we need to give R an orgasm, don't you?"

"Yes," she said and I echoed her. "Whatever you want," I said.

R grinned at P and climbed on top of me, kneeling with her knees on either side of my head. She gripped the bedhead and leaned forward, her pendulous breasts dangling above me, enticing me. P climbed on me as well, her pubic hair tickling my belly and she reached around R, playing with her clit. R moaned and moved her pelvis forward and I buried my tongue into her sweet smelling snatch. I found it amazing, just how different and yet similar their tastes were. P was the best, without a doubt, but both of them were fucking lovely.

R began to move herself, thrusting up and down, her breasts swaying and slapping against her. I made my tongue a hard little dart, moving it from side to side, her supple lips moving under both of our ministrations. P was furiously rubbing her clit, her fingers brushing my nose as she did. With her spare hand, she reached back and stroked my balls.

I gasped and so did R. She moved quicker, pushing down on me harder, making me go deeper. P's fingers were just a blur now but I could tell it wouldn't be long. R's breath was coming in quick, shallow gulps now and her moaning was getting louder. She tried to keep moving at the same speed, I pushed harder to penetrate her with my tongue and P flicked their bean quicker and quicker, ignoring my balls to prop herself against her friend.

R came with a howl, sliding her groin back to my chest and flopping down, her breasts on my face. I quickly found a nipple and sucked hard on it, making her groan again.

Soon, both women got off me and I licked my lips. The pussy juice tasted wonderful and, what was better, I didn't know whose was whose.

"Doesn't he look sweet there, all tied up with his chin glistening?" asked P.

R stood behind her, cupping her apple breasts and kissing her shoulder. "He sure does. Makes me think about that rimjob you were talking to me about."

"Me too," said P, smiling and pointing at my cock as it twitched.

I wanted them to untie me now, to let me caress and stroke them, to let me fuck them. But I knew that I probably wouldn't get the chance. This was their turn, I understood that now. If I wanted to fuck them both, on my terms, it would have to be another time.

"Do you reckon he'd like it again?" asked R.

"Ask him," said P.

"Well," asked R, "would you? Would you like me to tongue your arse out, like you just did to my pussy? Would you like me to stick my tongue in there, to fuck you there?"

"Yes," I said, "yes I would."

P laughed and reached for something under the bed. "I thought you might," she said and pulled out a sofa cushion. She got me to lift my bum off the bed, put the cushion under me and pushed me down onto it. The cushion was hard, keeping my arse a good six inches off the bed.

"Perfect," she said.

R got onto the bed, between my feet. She bent right down, her tits draped over my shin and licked my toes. "You're hot, you really are."

"Thanks," I said, genuinely pleased. I've had the horn for R since I met her and now she wanted to lick my arse. I'd already had the pleasure of tonguing her and seeing her tits slap her chest, but now it was only going to get better.

She rubbed her hands up my legs, my cock twitching all the time. She tongued the underside of my balls, making me jump and my cock leak some pre-cum onto my belly. She tongued the sides of my balls, the crease of my leg and then the underside of my cock. I felt her fingers on the sides of my legs, her nails gently scratching the skin.

She licked her finger thoroughly and slowly, gently, slid it into my arse. My cock twitched and P caught up, holding it firmly at the root of the shaft. She lifted her right leg and rested it over my chest, her foot against my chin. I tilted my head down and licked and sucked her toes. She giggled, stretching her toes wide, allowing me more space to move. As I gave her a toe-job, she leaned forward and began to tongue the head of my cock, working in and around my japs eye.

R moved her finger quicker and then I felt her tongue and warm breath on my perineum. Her tongue worked down and I felt her spit run on her finger and into my arse. Then her tongue was on me, licking around her finger, making it wetter and penetrate deeper. P began to wank me, still flicking my japs eye as I carried on licking her sweet, petite toes.

"I think he's ready," said R.

"Excellent," said P. She gently pulled her foot away, turned around and climbed on top of me, sliding her wet cunt over my rock hard cock. She smiled at me, leaned down and kissed me. I could taste myself, her and R all at the same time and my head was, by now, buzzing with all of this. It was too much to take in, too much to enjoy all at once.

P lifted herself up slightly. "Lift your legs," she said.

"Eh?" I didn't want to lift my legs, I wanted to fuck her.

"Legs," she said and raised them up, then climbed over and sat on me so that my legs were against her shoulders, her legs entwined around mine. She rubbed herself against me and then R pulled my cock from under her and sucked me hard into her mouth. After a few moments, she slid me out, spat on me and ran her hands all over my dick.

"I think it's wet enough," she laughed.

"I'm wet enough," laughed P and she lowered herself down.

R didn't let go of my cock, holding it up for her friend to impale herself on and kept up with some small wanking moments. When P was full, R twirled her fingers around my balls a few times and then touched my arse, nearly shooting me through the wall.

With the position that I was in, my arse was fully exposed and vulnerable. R kept licking it and it felt like I was going to come there and then. She tickled around my arsehole with her fingers, as her tongue kept up its pressing ministrations.

P moved on me and I wanted, desperately, to be freed from the cuffs so that I could play with her tits and belly, could pull her down to kiss me.

I heard the buzzing moments before I felt it.

Whilst I'd be concentrating on P, R had moved slightly on the bed and now she was back in position. I felt something cool and smooth touch my arse.

"What?" I said, but P quietened me by leaning down and kissing me and I lost myself in the moment of fucking her.

I felt something push against my arse. It felt like the tip of P's dildo. R spat on me, worked the spit in with her finger and then slowly pushed the dildo into me.

P kept moving, thrusting harder and faster, rippling her pussy muscles around my cock. I was straining against the cuffs now, desperate to touch her and R.

R pushed the dildo in further. It felt like it was ripping me apart - it's only one of the slimline models - but it felt wonderful at the same time. R was licking my balls now, P was fucking me and I was getting arse-fucked.

It was all too much. All of that foreplay, the three different things going on now and I couldn't hold back any longer.

P let me slip out and was around in seconds, pushing her cunt into my face. Without thinking, I began to lap at her, drinking down her juice. She grabbed my cock and started to wank it. I felt her tongue at the tip and then another tongue, working on the underside. In my minds eye - how I wish I could have seen it - they were both blowing me.

I came and it felt like torrents. P kept wanking me until I had to beg her to stop.

Finally she did.

"Fucking hell," I said, "that was brilliant."

R leaned over P and licked her arsehole and smiled at me. She undid the handcuffs.

"Oh Morg, that's only the beginning."

And she was right.

The three of us laid on the bed, with R on her back to my right, my arm around her shoulders, my fingers playing with her breast. P was to my left, on her side, huddled in close to me.

"So what do we do next?" asked P. It must have been half an hour or so later - I was just getting to that nice stage where you're horny but tired and not at all unhappy to feel like it.

"I don't know," I said. I hadn't known what the hell was going on before, so why should I now?

"I've never been restrained," said R quietly.

That excited me, enough to make P say, "Somebody likes that," and stroke my cock.

"Really?" said R. She rolled over, her hand brushing my cock and really setting it off. I got hard within seconds. "My God, you did like it."

She began to gently stroke my cock and kissed my cheek.

"So what did you want?" asked P.

"I don't know," R giggled. "Just kind of do me, you know. I've never asked before, because I've never trusted anyone enough."

P slipped out of my grasp and stood up. "Right," she barked, "off the bed."

I quickly got up and R went to as well, but P was on her, as if they were going to fuck, pushing her arms down. R went to say something and P kissed her, hard, cutting her off.

I stood and watched them, amazed.

R got into the kiss and stopped struggling, stroking P's back and sides instead. I got onto the bed between R's legs. P was holding them apart with her feet and I could see R's juicy cunt, still looking slick. P's cunt was splayed open by her position and looked as inviting as ever.

I laid down and slid forward, so that I was almost on top of R's groin. I licked my right middle finger and slid that slowly into P's cunt and I heard her gasp. Then I licked R's clit, which was sticking out from its hood and looked like it wanted the attention.

She gasped as well and then I felt movement and heard the click of the cuffs.

"Now I've got you, my bitch," said P.

She moved away from my finger and I looked up, to see what was going on.

P slid around on R's belly and pushed back. Quickly, I heard slurping and realised that she'd pushed her cunt into R's face. P winked at me, licked her fingers and started to play with R's clit as I sucked and licked her. I dove down, across her perineum and into her arse, which tasted sweeter than I'd imagined it would.

I licked back up and could feel the speed that P was wanking her off at through her lips. Her cunt was almost vibrating with the movement and R was gasping and groaning, but still slurping. P let out a little cry and I stuck my finger deep into R's cunt.

When she came, it felt like she was going to buck P off.

I stopped, but P kept up with gentle movements, R begging her to stop, her body still bucking. Finally she did and got off her, kneeing by her side.

I got to my knees. P looked excited as fuck, her face bright, her chest red with pleasure.

R looked brilliant. Her ripe tits were flushed, the nipples huge and red. She was still breathing heavily, her chin and lips glistening with P's pussy juice. Her cunt lips were splayed open still, slick with juice and saliva, her clit looking red and angry.

"Did you like that?" said P.

"Fucking loved it."

"Good. How does it feel that you can't touch us?"

"Weird, but good."

"Morg, squat over her face."

I didn't need asking twice. Playfully, R tried to bit me as I put my feet on either side of her head, wondering how I was going to get my cock in her mouth.

"Oh no," said P. "We need you to build your strength back up to fuck the both of us later. Squat over her, tease her, perhaps let her suck your balls or something, but don't let her make you cum."

"Oh please," said R, in a whiny, giggly voice.

"No," scolded P, trying to hold back her smile.

I squatted down and heard the cuffs clank against the headboard, as R tried to reach for me. I knew how that felt!

"Not fair," she moaned.

I squatted further, until I could feel her hot breath on my scrotum. A couple of inches further and the tip of her tongue was on my perineum. I moved back and down, slightly and then my balls were resting on her tongue. R lost no time tonguing them into her mouth, her lips closing over them. I moaned and P looked at me. She nodded her head and I looked down at R's juicy tips and grabbed them, teasing and tweaking the nipples with my thumbs.

R let out a long, deep moan that vibrated through my balls.

I looked at P as she laid flat on the bed between R's legs. Holding her pussy open, she delved into her cunt with abandon, slurping away and flicking R's clit furiously.

R got into it, moving her body as best she could to push herself onto P's face, each movement tugging on my balls and making me groan. Her tits felt wonderful, moving in my hands and the whole scene was too much to take in. If I looked down, I could see R's tits and belly. Furhter up and I could see P going down on her friend like she was a born cunt-licker. If I looked behind me, I could see R's hands chained to the headboard. It didn't matter where I looked, I was slap bang in the middle of my own porn film.

P came up for breath, her chin slick. "Come and help me," she said.

I slid forward, R letting my balls go with a slurp and pressed my cock against her chest. P moved down slightly, tonguing deep into R's cunt, so that I could work on her clit. And I did. The hood was back, her bud red and inflamed, covered in a mix of pussy juice and P's spit. I added to it, savouring the taste, rolling her clit with my tongue and biting it gently.

P slid two fingers into R's sopping cunt and moved them in and out rapidly. She slid another in and then another, until all four were in at once. R was almost screaming with pleasure now and I watched P finger-fucking her as I licked and sucked her clit.

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