tagGay MaleMy First Gloryhole Ch. 01

My First Gloryhole Ch. 01


Growing up in a small town in the northern Midwest, I had not experienced a lot of gay sexual action. I was actually not gay, but had always been curious about what it would be like to be with another man and suck his cock.

When I was 18 in high school I had an oral sex session with one of my friends from the drama club (I know what you're thinking...but, I am actually a Jock Type, an injury forced me to miss a season from fall sports, and to get out of the house and meet chicks, I joined the drama club for one year).

Anyway, my friend from drama and I had thrown a Xmas party and after all the girls left we got to talking about sex and he told me he was gay. One thing led to another and before I knew we had each other's cock in our mouths, in a 69 in the middle of his living room. He finished me off, but I panicked and left before he finished. That was my only gay experience until I left home and went to college the following fall, though I had begun to fantasize more and more about sucking cock.

When I got to college, things were going pretty well. I had made a bunch of new friends and we hung out and partied a lot. One day we were flipping through some porno mags in the dorms, talking about how hot the girls were, when one of the guys mentioned that there was an adult bookstore in town and we should run over there and get some new porn. In the car on the way there, we all admitted that we had never been to a store like that (most of us were just barely 18 years old), and we did not know what to expect.

When we arrived, man, what a dive! We walked in and the place was just filthy inside and out. The walls were yellow with cigarette smoke; the floors were old worn out institutional-type tile that was grey from the years of traffic on it. Inside the store were racks and racks and racks of dildoes, rubber pussies, various odds and ends sex toys, and the freakiest skin mags you could ever want to see.

What a shocker for a small town kid like me! I loved it! The magazines were divided into areas of the store based on their content, you know soft core here, hard core there, gay in the corner, bondage up front, etc. We all walked around the store perusing the magazines, carefully avoiding the gay ones! I learned a lot about my buddies (the perverts), based on what section they spent the longest time in. Finally, the group decided it was time to get going (having bought nothing) when one of the guys pointed down a hallway and asked if anyone knew what was back that way.

None of us had been down the hall, so as a herd, we all went back. What we found was a series of narrow doors, all right next to one another on both sides of the hall.

One of the guys opened a door and said "Hey, there's a TV in here!"

We all opened a different door and saw that there were TVs in each little room, along with a chair, a roll of paper towels, and a waste basket. Mounted on the wall next to the TV was a box like you see on the sides of the little plastic cars and ponies that are always outside of Department stores, you know the ones where you put in a quarter and a kid can ride the merry-go-round for a minute. Anyway, we all dug down in our pockets until everyone had a quarter, then went into the booths and dropped in the quarter. Immediately my TV screen lit up and I could see a well hung black guy railing away on a pretty white woman. There was enough light in the booth that I could now see a remote control mounted next to the TV. I pushed the button and surfed through the channels and I saw every kind of porno ever made. Gay, straight, she-male, inter-racial, fatties, it had all of them. I found I paused longer on the gay ones than anything else. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I could see that there was light coming into my booth from the booth next to me. I looked over and saw a hole about 4 inches across cut into the wall at about waist level.

"That's weird," I thought "why would someone put a hole there?"

Then the reason for the hole hit me!!!

Before long, my quarter's worth of porn was over and we all left the store talking about how "gross" the peep shows were.

"Did you see the hole so fags can suck cock?"

"Fucking fags..."

"That's just wrong..."

I chimed in too, but I knew in the back of my head that I would be going back. As soon as we got back to the dorms, I told the guys I was going over to my girlfriend's dorm. Then I got in my car and went right back to the porn store, making a stop at the laundry mat for quarters (I hadn't figured out that they would make change at the store).

I parked in the back of the store and went in, noticing that were more cars in the lot. I walked right back to the peep show booths. I walked into the one on the end, sat down, and dropped a quarter into the machine. I switched the channels until I found a movie with two hot guys sucking each other's cock, and I began to rub myself through my pants. I noticed that my hands were cold and I was nervous about what I was doing, and it took awhile for my cock to get hard. Just as I was unzipping my pants to haul out my half cock I heard a door open down the hall, then a shadow passed over the hole in the booth next to me and then I saw it go dark as the door closed. I then heard a bunch of quarters drop into the machine and the light from the TV lit the hole back up. I reached up and dropped a few more quarters into my machine and then I quietly leaned over and peeked through the hole.

I could see, from the waist down, a man standing there wearing jeans and a light jacket. He was obviously fit because there was no belly stretching the t-shirt under his open jacket. He flipped through the channels until he found what he wanted, then just unbuckled his pants and let them drop to his ankles. His cock was already half hard and I could see it push against the front of his grey boxer-briefs. He began to rub his cock through the briefs and it grew harder, soon he pushed his underwear down with his pants and stood there stroking his now fully erect cock. It was beautiful! His cock was probably 7 inches long, arrow-straight, and uncircumcised. When he rolled the foreskin back to reveal a perfectly shaped cock head I could see that it was ever so slightly upturned. His cock stood out from his blond pubic hair pointed slightly up towards his belly.

He stood there playing with his cock for a few moments, sliding the foreskin back and forth over the head, then he turned it directly towards the hole where I was peeking in. He shook it right at me a couple of times then stepped up to the hole in the wall and shoved his dick right into the hole. I pulled back for a second, scared of what to do, and then I hesitantly reached out and took his cock in my hand. It was fantastic. This was only the second cock, other than my own that I had ever touched. It felt wonderful, bigger than my own. The shaft was rigid, like steel, but yet soft and rubbery all at once. The skin on the cock slid back and forth a lot more than it did on my own circumcised prick.

I just sat there and stroked my hand up and down on this strangers cock. That cock which belonged to a man whose face I had never even seen. I just stroked it, lost in my own euphoria, when I heard a harsh whisper say "suck it, man."

Well, now I had come to the moment of truth. Without any hesitation, I leaned forward and engulfed the end of his cock with my mouth. God it felt big! I worked my mouth around and around the head of his cock, darting my tongue inside and around the foreskin as I listened to him moan through the thin wall. Then I pulled the foreskin all the way back, so that the spongy-firm mushroom cap was all the way exposed.

I bobbed my face up and down twisting my head from side to side as I worked that cock like a man possessed. I sucked and slurped and face fucked him with gusto.

Then, I heard whisper harshly "That's it man, but less teeth." (Hey, I was new to this).

So, I wrapped my lips back around my teeth like I had seen my girlfriend do, got my lips really wet, and went back to bobbing up and down on the fat cock pointing at me through a hole in the wall. I worked up a mouthful of spit and spat it into my palm, and I then started using my hand to stroke up and down the thick hard shaft of the cock while I bobbed on the head.

I was in heaven, and I wanted this moment to go on forever but without warning, I felt the head of that prick swell up in the back of my mouth and with a muffled grunt through the stall wall, the stranger started Cumming...RIGHT IN MY MOUTH!!! Oh god, my mouth filled with a load of hot, slightly salty and sweet tasting cum.

As I kept bobbing my mouth and stroking my hand on his cock, I could feel my own load churning in my balls. Before he shot his last blast, I was cumming too. Without even realizing it, I had been using my other hand to jack my cock. I moaned and grunted and blasted a huge load of cum right onto my boots. As I swallowed down that load of hot cum, the guy pulled his own cock out of my mouth and hand and into his own stall. I watched as he used a paper towel to clean up his cock, and then stuffed it into his pants, still half hard. Then he opened the door and left. I sat there for a few minutes, catching my breath, then straightened myself up and headed out of the booth.

As I walked past the counter, the 20-something guy who was working behind the counter (someone who I would suck and be sucked by several times in the future) smiled a kind of funny, lopsided grin at me.

"You missed some." He said, and pointed at my feet.

I looked down to see that my work boots had several blasts of my milky white cum sitting right on the toes. I mumbled something at the guy and walked out of the store...swearing I would never be back. That promise held up for only about two weeks. But that's another story

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by Anonymous

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by Rwa476805/16/18

Great story

I loved your story, it included two of my favorite things
Cocksuckers and beginners. I am fairly new at cocksucker myself and really enjoy doing it. I get a lot of my pleasure from this website readingmore...

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by Anonymous04/18/18


This took my back to my first time. Instead of ABS though I know a guy who knows a guy of a different place. First time trying and turned out I was natural at it (or so I was told.) That was when I beganmore...

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