tagLesbian SexMy First Lesbian Experience!!

My First Lesbian Experience!!


Miss. Mims is the principal at Rowlett High School. Miss. Mims's first name is Michelle, and she loves to be with one particular woman. The woman's name is Lauren. Lauren is a Biology teacher for 9th grade. Michelle and Lauren have been seeing each other for two months. No one at Rowlett High School knows anything about these two ladies.

On September 4, 2001, Michelle and Lauren meet each other for breakfast before school starts. It is 7:45a.m. right now. Lauren says to Michelle, "Miss. Mims I'm really horny right now, can you help me please?"

Michelle replies, "Sorry Miss. McIntosh, I can't help you until after schools over this afternoon, I say around 4:00p.m. Everyone should be out of the school building by then. Can you please wait until then?"

Lauren replies, "Ok I have no choice, but to wait until then." (Michelle's office door is shut, and there are no windows in her office.) Lauren asks, "Well Miss. Mims, since I have to wait until this afternoon, can I at least get one kiss from your soft, luscious lips?" Michelle shakes her head yes. Lauren walks up to Michelle, and kisses her lips very gently, and now Lauren backs away from Michelle, (just in case somebody walks in Michelle's office unexpectically, just to cover their butts.)

Michelle says, "Lauren, your classroom at 4:00p.m. this afternoon, me and you alone."

Lauren asks, "Ok, but will I see you before then?"

Michelle replies, "Yes I'm sitting in your classroom your last period."

Lauren says, "Ok see you last period then honey, I can't wait until then." And Lauren walks out of Michelle's office and to her classroom.

All day long, the only thing that Lauren could think about was Michelle and her after school, in her classroom. At 3:00p.m. Miss. Mims walks into Miss. McIntosh's Biology class, and takes a seat in the very back of the classroom. Since all Lauren could think about, was this afternoon, all day; Lauren can't take her eyes off of Michelle. Lauren loves to just look at Michelle all the time. Michelle looks like a Barbie Doll. She has long blonde hair, (down to her nice plump, round ass,) she has a perfect smooth body, she weighs 130lbs. with no fat whatsoever, on her body, she is also muscular, and she has 44DD breasts, (that stay perky and firm.) All Miss. McIntosh's students are all working on their six weeks tests; So Lauren don't have to worry about any of her students, catching her lusting over Miss. Mims.

Michelle is wearing a half skirt that is loose on her legs, (EASY ACCESS!!!) She isn't wearing any panties hose or panties. Michelle wants to tease Lauren a little bit. Where Lauren is sitting at, she is directly in front of Michelle, but across the classroom; So Lauren can see straight up Michelle's skirt. But Michelle can't see Lauren's bottom half of her body, because the desk is closed up in the front. Lauren is wearing a half skirt, too that is lose on her legs. And she is also not wearing panty hose or panties.

Michelle is looking at Lauren, and watching Lauren's face expressions. Lauren's face expressions are saying, "Spread your legs open, so I can see that hairless, pretty pink pussy." Michelle pulls her skirt up over her knees, and spreads her legs open about a foot and a half; (Just enough so Lauren can see her pussy.) Michelle leans back in the desk, she's sitting in, and spreads her legs open a little more. Michelle moves her right and down between her legs, and slowly spreads her pussy lips open for Lauren to see. Lauren's sitting at her desk, still steadily watching Michelle playing with her pussy, across the classroom. Lauren lays her hand s in her lap, under the desk. (Nobody can see under it, but her.) Lauren pulls her skirt up over her knees, and rubs her hands and fingers all around her hot, wet pussy. Michelle and Lauren keep watching each other for another five or six minutes. (The whole reason that Miss. Mims is sitting in on Miss. McIntosh's last class, is so Michelle can tease Lauren a little bit.) Now it's 3:20p.m. school let's out in five minutes. Michelle covers herself back up, and she gets up and walks over to Lauren's desk. Michelle bends down to Lauren's height, and she slyly runs one of her fingers underneath Lauren's nose, for Lauren to smell Michelle's pussy juices. Michelle says, "I'll be right outside the classroom door, waiting on 4:00p.m., but I don't think I can wait until then. So as soon as all your students are out of the classroom, I'm going to come in here, and we're going to lock the door, and out something over the window on the door, so no one can look in."

Lauren replies, "Ok, that works for me." Now Michelle walks out of the classroom.

At exactly 3:25p.m. the final bell rang. Miss. McIntosh dismissed her class, and all the students hurried out of the classroom into the hallways. Lauren walks out in the hallway, and motions for Michelle to come back into the classroom, and now Lauren walks back in the classroom, and grabs a blanket out of her desk drawer. Michelle is now in the classroom, and the door is shut and locked. Lauren covers the window with her blanket quickly.

Lauren walks up to Michelle and says, "That really turned me on when you started playing with your pussy in the room with the students. You know one of them could have turned around, and seen you, at anytime?"

Michelle replies, "Yes, your right. But no one did see me, but you. I've had this planned all day. I only sat in on your class, because I wanted to tease you, and that's what I did. No harm was done. So now let's have some fun all over this classroom, including your desk. That way everyday, when you sit there you can replay in your head what we do on it. This will always make you think of me all day, everyday." Lauren smiles at Michelle, but doesn't say anything.

Lauren slides her half skirt down over her hips, and down her sexy ass legs. (Lauren has long auburn hair down to her ass, she weighs 125lbs. she also has a perfect body, and 38DD breasts.) Michelle slides her skirt down over her hips, and down her legs to the floor. (Now they are both completely naked.) Michelle walks up to Lauren, and she gently and slowly starts caressing Lauren's beautiful breasts. As her hands are caressing Lauren's breasts, Michelle starts passionately kissing Lauren's irresistible lips. Michelle pulls out of the kiss and she grabs Lauren's hand and leads her to her desk. Once at the desk, Lauren takes Michelle's hand, and helps her onto the desk. (Lauren cleared everything off her desk during her last class, so there would be nothing on it for this.)

Once on top of the desk, Michelle positions herself long ways. Michelle now scoots her ass to the edge of the desk, and props her feet up on the edge of the desk. She leans back onto her elbows, (that way she can see everything Lauren does.) Lauren squats down in front of Michelle. Lauren says, "Oh yes, I love the sight of your pretty pink pussy. And I especially love to eat your pretty pink pussy." At this time, Lauren digs her face in Michelle's pussy. Lauren starts slowly flickering her tongue on Michelle's clitoris. Michelle starts moaning. Lauren slowly licks the skin around the clitoris, and down to her pussy hole. Once at Michelle's pussy hole, Lauren slowly slides her tongue in and out, in and out of it.

Michelle moans, and somewhat softly says, "Oh Lauren, that feels so good, after the longest day I have had. The only thing, that got me through this day was me daydreaming about right now, here with you, just the two of us in your classroom doing what we have been wanting to do for a long time now."

Lauren slides her tongue out of Michelle's wet pussy hole and replies, "This is the only thing that has kept me going, too. You know I have been fantasizing about you where you're at right now, in this same position. So now let's continue to make the fantasizing and daydreaming reality." Michelle looks down at Lauren and smiles, and nods her head up and down for yes

Lauren looks straight ahead, (which is right in Michelle's pretty pink pussy,) and smiles. Lauren slowly slides two fingers inside of Michelle's wet pussy hole. She slides her two fingers in and out, in and out. Lauren slowly stands up, while slowly standing up Lauren has her other hand slowly rubbing up Michelle's sexy ass stomach, up to her breasts. Lauren starts caressing Michelle's beautiful full breasts, one at a time. Lauren is still fingering Michelle's hot pussy, while caressing one breast, and Lauren leans her head up to Michelle's other breast, and slowly licks and kisses her nipple. Michelle moans and says, "Oh yeah Lauren, you know how I like it. Go ahead, and slide your third finger in my pussy, like you want to. You know I like it." So Lauren, slowly slides a third finger inside Michelle's pussy, with the two that were already in there. Lauren starts to finger Michelle's pussy a little faster, in and out, in and out. Lauren lick's all over Michelle's breasts, (every inch of the 40DD breasts.) Michelle pulls Lauren's face up to her face, and starts passionately kissing Lauren's soft, sexy lips. Lauren pulls her three fingers out of Michelle's really hot, wet, pretty pink pussy.

Michelle tells Lauren, "Now bring those three fingers up here to my mouth; I want to suck all my hot juices off your fingers, because you know I love the taste of my pussy." So Lauren sticks the three fingers that were in Michelle's pussy, into Michelle's mouth. Michelle starts slowly, but quickly sucking her juices off of Lauren's fingers. Once Michelle gets all her pussy flavor off of Lauren's three fingers.

Michelle asks, "Hey Sexy, do you by any chance have any of your toys here right now?"

Lauren relies, "Miss. Mims you should know me by now. I always carry at least two different dildos with me, especially when I'm around you."

Michelle asks, "Ok, Miss. McIntosh, where do you have them hidden at?"

Lauren quickly replies, "Now Miss. Mims, you know that's for me to know, and for you to find out soon enough."

Michelle looks at Lauren in her eyes and says, "My sexy ass baby, are you going to let me find out where you have them anytime soon?"

Lauren smiles, and takes one of Michelle hands, and leads her off Lauren's desk and over to one of the big lab tables. Once at the table, Michelle picks up Lauren by the waist, and sits her on top of it. Once Lauren was on top of it, Lauren asks, "Miss. Mims, would you be so kind and generous, to hand me that box on that stool right there next to this table?"

Michelle answers with, "Yes Miss. McIntosh, I would love to hand you that box." Michelle walks over to the stool and picks up the box and shakes it just a little bit to hear what is inside it. What she heard, sounded like two or three toys clanging together.

Michelle asks, "Did I just find out where your toys are hidden at?"

Lauren replies, "No you didn't find out where my toys are, I just asked you to hand me the box, now didn't I. My toys are not in the box, but there is something, or a couple of something's in there for you."

Michelle says, "Ok, well show me what you have in the box for me." And now Michelle sets the box on the Lab table, next to Lauren. Lauren opens the box up, and puts her hand inside it, and she pulls out two items; One item is a neon pink 5 inch round, 10 inch long rubber dildo. (You know one of the dildos, that feels like a real cock.) Along with the dildo is a small bottle of Watermelon flavor lubricant gel.

Lauren sets both items on the lab table, and reaches her hand back into the box and pulls out two more items; A rubber beaded piece that goes over the top of the dildo, (a beaded anal probe;) and a double headed neon green rubber 5 inch round, 12 inch long dildo. Michelle asks, "Is there anything else in the box?" Lauren replies, "One more thing is in there. Are you ready to see it?"

Michelle says, "Hell yes, let me see it." Lauren puts her hand down into the box one last time, and pulls out a 4 inch round, 9 inch long strap-on dildo, (this one was a chocolate brown color.)

Lauren says, "I want to strap this one on in awhile, and I want you to get down on your knees, and suck this dildo, like it is a real rock hard cock that you want inside your pussy right now. But like I said, that is for in awhile, not for right now." Now Lauren sets the strap-on dildo on the table with everything else.

Lauren asks, "So are you ready to get this thing started or what?"

Michelle replies, "Hell yeah, I'm ready to."

Michelle carefully, climbs on top of the table, and lays down next to Lauren and Michelle leans over to Lauren, and starts kissing her lips. (Michelle doesn't realize right now, that Lauren is grabbing the neon pink dildo.) Lauren pulls away from Michelle and says, "Instead of you eating my pussy, I want you to slowly suck on this 5 inch round, 10 inch long dildo, like you would suck a real rock hard cock, while I watch you." Michelle shakes her head yes in agreement. Lauren opens the bottle of Watermelon lubricant gel, and pours a little on the dildo, and rubs the gel all over every inch of it. Michelle lays there watching Lauren, and licking her lips. (Michelle is ready to suck on the dildo.) After Lauren's done, she slowly moves the neon pink dildo up to Michelle's mouth. Michelle opens her mouth as wide as she can, and Lauren inserts the dildo into Michelle's mouth.

Lauren says, "Oh yes Michelle, deep throat all 10 inches. You look good sucking that neon pink cock. Keep on sucking, while I watch." So Michelle grabs the dildo, and keeps sucking on it like she would a real cock. Lauren lays back and watches Michelle's mouth, the dildo sliding in all the way to the rim, and out all the way to the head, in and out. Lauren quickly grabs the lubricant gel and the double headed dildo. Lauren squirts some gel on one end, and rubs the gel all over that one end. Still watching Michelle suck on the neon pink dildo, Lauren slowly slides the one end of the double headed dildo into her own hot pussy.

Lauren moans and says, "Oh yeah, keep sucking that cock, it looks so good in your mouth." So Michelle starts sucking the dildo a little faster, in and out, in and out. So Lauren starts fucking herself a little faster with the double headed dildo.

Lauren suddenly, stops fucking herself, and pulls the dildo out of her pussy. Lauren once again, grabs the Watermelon flavor lubricant gel and pours some more gel on the other end of the of the double head, and rubs the gel all over it. Lauren now gets up, and moves her pussy closer to Michelle's hot, wet pussy. Lauren lays down to where her pussy is almost touching Michelle's pussy. Michelle opens her legs wide open, giving Lauren full access to her dripping wet pussy. Lauren slowly slides one end into Michelle's pussy hole, and now Lauren slides the other end into her own pussy. (Lauren is mainly fucking Michelle's pussy with one head, while just keeping the other end inside her own pussy. Lauren wants to see Michelle get off first, before herself.) Lauren asks, "Do you like that?" Michelle shows how much she likes it, by sucking the neon pink dildo faster and faster. Now Lauren starts sliding the one side of the dildo into Michelle's pussy faster. After fucking Michelle's soaked hot pussy for a couple of minutes, Lauren pulls the double headed dildo out of her and Michelle's pussy, and throws it down on the floor.

Lauren grabs the 4 inch round, 9 inch long brown strap-on dildo, and straps it on her body tight. Lauren says, "Ok you can stop sucking on that dildo, and get down there and suck on this 4 inch round, 9 inch ling cock of mine." Michelle now pulls the neon pink dildo out of her mouth, and throws it down on the floor. Lauren stands up on the lab table on her knees, right in front of Michelle's face and mouth. Michelle opens her mouth, and Lauren slowly slides the strap-on dildo, down Michelle's mouth and throat, all 9 inches to the rim. Michelle now starts sucking on Lauren's cock, (dildo,) faster and faster. The more Michelle sucks on the strap-on dildo, the more Lauren is wanting to fuck Michelle's pussy with it. Lauren states, "Oh yeah, Michelle suck my cock, let me know how much and how bad you want me to fuck your pussy." As Lauren finishes her statement, Michelle takes it out of her mouth, and gets in Doggy style position, (on her hands and knees, with her ass up in the air.) So Lauren slides the 4 inch round, 9 inch long dildo into Michelle's sopping wet pussy, all the way down to the rim.

Michelle exclaims, "Oh Lauren, I want you to fuck me as fast and as hard as you can! Make me cum all over you!!" So at this moment, Lauren slams the strap-on dildo, deep down in Michelle's pussy.

Lauren exclaims, "I want to rape your pussy! Do you want me to rape your pussy?"

Michelle exclaims, "OH YES, RAPE ME LAUREN!!!! RAPE ME LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER RAPED ME BEFORE!!!!" So Lauren rapes Michelle's hot pussy for about 4 minutes, and all of a sudden Michelle exclaims, "OH LAUREN, I'M FIXING TO CUM!!!!"

Lauren exclaims, "OH MICHELLE, CUM ALL OVER THE STRAP-ON, AND ME!!! I'M CUMMING WITH YOU!!" At that exact moment, Michelle and Lauren cums together. Michelle cums all over the strap-on, and Lauren cums all down her pussy and legs.


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