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My First Love


It was late afternoon of the 7th of July 2014, we had planned to meet then after talking for 3 days or so now. He had asked me to wait at his local McDonald's'. As I arrived and parked, I texted him telling him I had arrived and moved on to sit at one of the tables. He passed by me and gestured me to come along inside the premises and order some food. The first ever words that left his mouth in this first ever meet of ours were "What do you want?" While waiting in line, he had folded a straw into a shape that looks like a spiralling flower. The first thing he had given me and up to this day I still have it kept safe with me. Once the food was ready, we proceed to walk towards his apartment.

We spoke while walking but only of matters of no importance as I find it hard to open up to new people. As we reached his room he asked if I wanted to eat first or have sex first. I recommended sex and backed up my reasoning with getting hungry after sex but honestly I was only horny and he was sexy. He agreed and we started with some light touching and kisses.

I thought it would only be fair if I expressed my slight discomfort with kissing and told him the brief story of my bad first kiss. He then taught me how to kiss and proceeded to put my lips onto his. This was the very exact moment that I fell in love. In this moment where our lips fit together, I remember thinking about how I've had many men to bed but never one of them had kissed me in such a way and made me feel like this couldn't be more right than it already was. As we got undress I remember him grunting about how he hates taking his pants off during sex because he tries so much to be sexy and the pants being hard to take off just ruins all that.

As we continued making out and getting undress till both of us were stark naked, I got on top of him propping myself up in between his legs while never losing contact of his lips on mine. He reached down to feel the size of my member and I fondly remember his reaction and expressions as he pushes my body away to get a good look at it. He was surprised to find the size as how it is. Next I remember him taking the whole girth and length of my penis in his hands and press his lips against it. He casually takes in my penis into his mouth with no slight problem. This was the first time anyone has done that to me and my best experience.

As he lie down and I follow on top of him I notice the colour and lines in his eyes and I said, "Your eyes are beautiful" He shrugged of the compliment and blushed. Fresh in my mind was the first time I entered him. As I rolled on my condom and lubed up, he was fingering himself to make way to accept my now hard and throbbing penis. This was the first time I've seen a person lube himself up in that manner and I asked, "Do you do this all the time?" to which he replied "Yes" He explained that it was the best way to get loose and reduce the pain. Once we were ready, I slowly slide my penis into his hole and He didn't say a word nor did he exclaimed in pain. Once again, this was the first time I didn't have to pull back out because my partner was in pain. I was amazed at his skills and that got me even hornier. I thrust back and forth, pounding his ass as we both moaned in excitement and ecstasy. As my hips move back and forth, I had the urge to put my tongue on his beautiful pink nipples. He moaned louder as I did and pushed me away as it was too much for him he said. I continued pounding harder and faster and as I came close, he placed both hands on my nipples. I felt something I've never felt as I climaxed and came into his ass. I left my penis in his ass for a while after that and felt the best that I have as my ejaculating penis throbs inside of him.

I pulled out and proceeded to help him by fondling his nipples and licking them as he jerks his penis off. I had never liked to put my face on a stranger's body as I felt unsecured or somewhat disgusted questioning the cleanliness of said man but I was perfectly comfortable on his body where I had my head on his chest as my tongue was on his nipples. I remember the feeling as he came and semen gushed out of him penis onto his body I have never felt so satisfied helping or watching another man climax. We cleaned up in the shower together where I kissed him under the shower, helped him washed his back and he washed mine.

He introduced me to an Australian TV Show as we sat down on his bed to eat, it was Ja'mie which was the story of a popular high school girl. The main character Ja'mie was played by a man which made it interesting. Once we were done with the food, he walk me back to McDonald's' where I had parked my car and we talked more this time as I felt comfortable around him and could open up better. I remember saying goodbye and driving off to head to the gym while thinking about the good time we had had and I knew then that I at the very least liked him a lot if not already in love.

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